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Medical Device and Radiation-Emitting Product Recall Process Improvement Project

Description: The overall objective of this project is to enhance public health by improving the efficiency and clarity of the medical device and radiation-emitting product recall process. More specifically, this project aims to:

  • Improve recall classification timeliness to ensure FDA classifies recalls in a timely manner. Recall classifications (Class I, II, or III) indicate the relative degree of public health risk due to device malfunction, and are critical for determining the appropriate communication, corrective action plan and termination of the recall; and
  • Improve recall clarity as it relates to stakeholder responsibilities and communication with healthcare professionals and the public throughout the process.

    Accomplishment: This key project is complete. CDRH improved the medical device recall process which decreased processing times and improved communications by streamlining the process, analyzing data and clarifying our recall-related duties. 19 improvement strategies were identified and implemented in 2012 resulting in the elimination of backlogs and delays. A CDRH screening process improved timeliness. Outreach to industry was improved through the development and public posting of the recall notification letter template, the recall press release template, and industry training modules. The recall process improvements implemented as a part of this project resulted in an 89% increase in the meeting of recall classification timeframes since internal tracking began in FY 2010.

Milestone DescriptionMilestone DateMilestone StatusMilestone Completion Date

A. Assess existing recall process and determine the scope of the recall improvement project


Completed 11/15/2010

B. Create and staff teams to address identified areas for improvement


Completed 12/8/2010

C. Prioritize improvement project components and develop preliminary action plans with timelines, milestones, and deliverables


Completed 2/1/2011

D. Select 2 strategies to improve recall classification or clarity


Completed 3/31/2011

E. Complete training and begin implementation of 2 strategies


Completed 7/29/2011

F. Select a third strategy to improve recall classification or clarity


Completed 8/31/2011

G. Assess FY2011 recall timeliness and effect of new strategy implementation


Completed 12/31/2011

H. Initiate work on 3 to 5 additional strategies to improve recall classification or clarity


Completed 12/31/2011

I. Implement one strategy


Completed 3/31/2012

J. Implement 1 additional strategy


Completed 6/30/2012

K. Assess mid year FY2012 recall timeliness and effect of new strategy implementation


Completed 7/31/2012

L. Select two additional strategies to implement


Completed 7/31/2012

M. Implement selected strategies


Completed 12/3/2012

N. Assess recall improvement needs


Completed 12/17/2012

Key Projects Legend

Milestone StatusDefinition
Not Yet StartedWork for specific milestone has not yet been started.
CompletedMilestone and/or overall project is completed.
On TrackMilestone - On track for completion by milestone deadline. Quarter status - Project is on track for completion based on overall milestone status.
On HoldMilestone - On hold, but deadline for completion has not passed. Quarter status - Project is on hold, based on overall milestone status.
DelayedMilestone - Delayed as it has not been completed and deadline has passed. Quarter status - Project is delayed based on overall milestone status.


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