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International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) Annual Meeting

Description: The ICCR is an international group of cosmetics regulatory health authorities from Canada, the European Union, Japan, and the United States. The goal of this multilateral framework, namely to maintain the highest level of global consumer protection while minimizing barriers to international trade, is aligned with FDA’s leadership role in developing international standards that also reflect the consumer protection expectations of the U.S. consumer. This year, FDA will host hold a public meeting to solicit stakeholder input in advance of the annual meeting of the ICCR, host the annual meeting of the ICCR regulatory health authorities, and coordinate the development and communication of public information regarding ICCR activities.

Accomplishment: OCAC chaired ICCR in 2012, hosting the sixth annual meeting (ICCR-6) in Rockville, MD, July 10-13. Topics included alternative (non-animal) test method validation, in-silico prediction models for safety assessment, nanomaterials, trace impurities, endocrine disruptors, and allergens. As in previous years, there were sessions that allowed for participation by the trade association partners of the four principal jurisdictions. This year’s meeting also featured an open forum for non-governmental organizations to present their perspectives and proposals for new agenda items, and a regulators’ forum for representatives from Australia, Brazil, China, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea, with their corresponding trade association partners. In preparation for this year’s ICCR meeting, a U.S. public meeting was held on May 15 to allow for transparency of process and presentation of perspectives from consumer advocates and other stakeholders. As chair, OCAC coordinated ICCR documentation, publishing "International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR-6), Outcomes of the Meeting Held July 10-13, 2012" and the ICCR report, "Applicability of Animal Testing Alternatives in Regulatory Frameworks within ICCR Regions" (see links below). OCAC completed all goals on or ahead of schedule.

Milestone DescriptionMilestone DateMilestone StatusMilestone Completion Date

A. Publish Federal Register notice announcing the meeting


Completed 3/9/2012

B. Hold Public Meeting on May 15, 2012 (Federal Register notice announcing the meeting was published on schedule, March 9, 2012)


Completed 5/15/2012

C. Hold International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation Meeting -6


Completed 7/13/2012

D. Provide technical documents to ICCR regulators for review


Completed 7/17/2012

E. Publish outcomes of International Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation -6 meeting


Completed 7/24/2012

F. Participate in major post-ICCR Teleconference


Completed 10/14/2012

G. Finalize and post ICCR documents agreed upon by ICCR steering committee


Completed 10/14/2012

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CompletedMilestone and/or overall project is completed.
On TrackMilestone - On track for completion by milestone deadline. Quarter status - Project is on track for completion based on overall milestone status.
On HoldMilestone - On hold, but deadline for completion has not passed. Quarter status - Project is on hold, based on overall milestone status.
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