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Foods Program Resource Tracking

Description: Evaluate and align total CFSAN resources to the strategic public health and "One Mission, One Program" initiative goals of the unified FDA Foods Program.

Accomplishment: The Resource Reporting System Via Project (RSVP) is a management oversight tool that allows CFSAN to track and oversee FTE time against the Center’s strategic program areas and sub-activities. This information is critical in providing the data that informs a wide variety of strategic public health decision-making and allows for tracking specific program areas as needed (e.g. FTE resources dedicated to emergency events, such as food borne illness outbreaks or the recent Gulf Oil Spill). A review of the RSVP data for the prior fiscal year allows the Center to validate planned versus actual use of FTE resources and identify trends in allocation of staff time against critical program areas. These trends allow management to improve strategic planning to achieve our public health mission for subsequent fiscal years.

During this key project, CFSAN conducted an analysis to align FY 2009-FY 2011 resources to the White House Food Safety Working Group Goals. CFSAN updated the RSVP codes to align with the 17 FDA Foods Program “One Mission, One Program” priority areas. New codes were also added to track implementation efforts for the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), as well as resources expended for the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami recovery. The RSVP code lists and handbook were updated to reflect the new code structure and provide guidance to users on how to code one’s time. Training sessions were provided to CFSAN employees, including a presentation at the CFSAN New Employee Orientation. A semi-annual user access review was conducted in March 2011 to review and correct access levels for all 853 RSVP users. The updated system has been fully implemented at CFSAN.

Milestone DescriptionMilestone DateMilestone StatusMilestone Completion Date

A. Align CFSAN FY2009-FY2011 budget resources to White House Food Safety Working Group Goals


Completed 11/29/2009

B. Assess current CFSAN resource-tracking system against the 17 FDA Foods Program "One Mission, One Program" priority areas


Completed 2/5/2010

C. Align FY2009 full-time equivalents (FTEs) and $ actuals to the 17 FDA Foods Program "One Mission, One Program" priority areas


Completed 3/11/2010

D. Update CFSAN resource-tracking system code structure to reflect Foods Program priority areas


Completed 11/15/2010

E. Train CFSAN staff on updated resource-tracking system


Completed 3/25/2011

F. Implement updated resource-tracking system at CFSAN


Completed 3/30/2011

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