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Informatics Pilot

Description: The purpose of this project is to potentially find a common information technology based tool/platform for the U.S. and Canada to share information on imports/exports. The goal is to have a faster notification between FDA and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) when violative products are identified. This project will review and compare informatics tools/platforms and systems currently used or under development in FDA and CFIA, their advantages and shortcomings; gain an understanding of the algorithms underlying these systems; and explore the potential compatibility and interoperability of systems for sharing information (e.g., laboratory results; tracking mechanisms such as e-certification; foreign exporter/establishment registration systems; foreign inspections and audits) to enhance control of imports. The working group should also consider tools, systems and information standards for sharing information and data elements assessed under the pilot project on comparability of food safety control systems. This project has the potential to mitigate the harmful effects of violative products on public health by ensuring that food safety related information is exchanged more quickly between FDA and the CFIA.

OIP’s key projects are ongoing but will no longer be tracked in FDA-TRACK. Going forward, on a rotating schedule, the Foreign Offices will summarize their efforts related to outreach, technical assistance, capacity-building, relationship-building, etc. during the Quarterly FDA-TRACK Briefing. The notes from their reports will be documented in the Quarterly Briefing Summary on the FDA-TRACK webpage.

Briefing Status: COMPLETED

Prior Briefing Status: ON TRACK

Milestone DescriptionMilestone DateMilestone StatusMilestone Completion Date

A. Hold an internal FDA meeting to discuss the appropriate individuals to be involved with the project


Completed 3/24/2011

B. Face-to-Face meeting with CFIA to draft/develop an information sharing framework



Completed 6/7/2011

C. Hold a teleconference to have an open discussion about the outcomes from the June 7th face-to-face meeting. Discuss the draft Information Sharing Discussion Paper and move forward to a potential new confidential arrangement to collaborate with HC, CFIA, and also PHAC.



Completed 7/18/2011

D. Plan face-to-face meeting in Washington, D.C. to share potential decisions/outcomes from the working group meeting(s) and present a plan for moving forward (1)



E. Develop a common information technology based tool/platform to share information between the U.S. and Canada on imports/exports to expedite response time to public health issues (1)




  • (1) Milestones were not completed while this project was tracked in FDA-TRACK.

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CompletedMilestone and/or overall project is completed.
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