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Percent of FDA advisory committee member positions vacant at the end of the month

Dictionary: Access to state-of-the-art, scientific expert advice to support agency decision making processes is imperative to the FDA advisory committee process. Having the fewest vacancies on our committees allows the agency to have ready access to those experts and supports the ability of FDA to meet its public health mission. For more information about FDA advisory committees, please visit http://www.fda.gov/AdvisoryCommittees/default.htm

Information is current as of September 30, 2014.

Fiscal Year - All

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TimeTargetPercent Vacant Positions
Oct 20091033
Nov 20091036
Dec 200910TBD
Jan 201010TBD
Feb 20101035
Mar 20101036
Apr 20101034
May 20101033
Jun 20101031
Jul 20101035
Aug 20101029
Sep 20101026
Oct 20101025
Nov 20101023
Dec 20101023
Jan 20111025
Feb 20111023
Mar 20111023
Apr 20111022
May 20111020
Jun 20111020
Jul 20111023
Aug 20111021
Sep 20111020
Oct 20111019
Nov 20111024
Dec 20111022
Jan 20121023
Feb 20121020
Mar 20121019
Apr 20121017
May 20121017
Jun 20121018
Jul 20121022
Aug 20121022
Sep 20121022
Oct 20121020
Nov 20121020
Dec 20121020
Jan 20131020
Feb 20131021
Mar 20131022
Apr 20131021
May 20131022
Jun 20131023
Jul 20131022
Aug 20131016
Sep 20131014
Oct 20131014
Nov 20131013
Dec 20131013
Jan 20141014
Feb 20141015
Mar 20141017
Apr 20141016
May 20141015
Jun 20141016
Jul 20141017
Aug 20141018
Sep 20141017

Number of FDA advisory committee member positions vacant at the end of the month

Fiscal Year - All
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TimeTargetVacant Positions
Oct 2009N/A199
Nov 2009N/A219
Dec 2009N/ATBD
Jan 2010N/ATBD
Feb 2010N/A213
Mar 2010N/A216
Apr 2010N/A209
May 2010N/A199
Jun 2010N/A189
Jul 2010N/A210
Aug 2010N/A177
Sep 2010N/A157
Oct 2010N/A155
Nov 2010N/A141
Dec 2010N/A140
Jan 2011N/A151
Feb 2011N/A139
Mar 2011N/A138
Apr 2011N/A133
May 2011N/A121
Jun 2011N/A120
Jul 2011N/A139
Aug 2011N/A130
Sep 2011N/A124
Oct 2011N/A118
Nov 2011N/A149
Dec 2011N/A137
Jan 2012N/A145
Feb 2012N/A126
Mar 2012N/A120
Apr 2012N/A110
May 2012N/A106
Jun 2012N/A117
Jul 2012N/A141
Aug 2012N/A137
Sep 2012N/A137
Oct 2012N/A126
Nov 2012N/A124
Dec 2012N/A129
Jan 2013N/A129
Feb 2013N/A130
Mar 2013N/A137
Apr 2013N/A136
May 2013N/A139
Jun 2013N/A146
Jul 2013N/A137
Aug 2013N/A99
Sep 2013N/A89
Oct 2013N/A86
Nov 2013N/A78
Dec 2013N/A79
Jan 2014N/A87
Feb 2014N/A90
Mar 2014N/A103
Apr 2014N/A94
May 2014N/A92
Jun 2014N/A96
Jul 2014N/A101
Aug 2014N/A107
Sep 2014N/A100

Total number of FDA advisory committee member positions at the end of the month

Fiscal Year - All
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Oct 2009N/A608
Nov 2009N/A608
Dec 2009N/ATBD
Jan 2010N/ATBD
Feb 2010N/A608
Mar 2010N/A608
Apr 2010N/A608
May 2010N/A608
Jun 2010N/A608
Jul 2010N/A608
Aug 2010N/A608
Sep 2010N/A608
Oct 2010N/A608
Nov 2010N/A608
Dec 2010N/A608
Jan 2011N/A608
Feb 2011N/A608
Mar 2011N/A608
Apr 2011N/A608
May 2011N/A608
Jun 2011N/A608
Jul 2011N/A608
Aug 2011N/A621
Sep 2011N/A621
Oct 2011N/A621
Nov 2011N/A621
Dec 2011N/A621
Jan 2012N/A621
Feb 2012N/A621
Mar 2012N/A621
Apr 2012N/A634
May 2012N/A634
Jun 2012N/A634
Jul 2012N/A634
Aug 2012N/A634
Sep 2012N/A634
Oct 2012N/A634
Nov 2012N/A634
Dec 2012N/A634
Jan 2013N/A634
Feb 2013N/A634
Mar 2013N/A634
Apr 2013N/A634
May 2013N/A634
Jun 2013N/A634
Jul 2013N/A634
Aug 2013N/A634
Sep 2013N/A620
Oct 2013N/A620
Nov 2013N/A620
Dec 2013N/A620
Jan 2014N/A620
Feb 2014N/A607
Mar 2014N/A605
Apr 2014N/A605
May 2014N/A605
Jun 2014N/A599
Jul 2014N/A595
Aug 2014N/A595
Sep 2014N/A595


  • CVM's Advisory Committee was terminated on September 30, 2013.


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