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Average number of MedSun reports submitted per hospital during the month

Dictionary: Medical Product Safety Network (MedSun) is an adverse event reporting network of 350 hospitals established to facilitate the identification, comprehension, and resolution of adverse events due to problems with the use of medical devices. Participants use an Internet-based system that is designed to be an easy and secure way to report adverse medical device events. MedSun is an invaluable tool that aids in identifying unexpected side effects of devices that were not observed during the premarket testing, and in identifying an increase in the number of expected problems. This measure is an indicator of whether participating sites are effectively submitting reports.

Fiscal Year - 2010

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Oct 2009N/A2.9
Nov 2009N/A2.6
Dec 2009N/A3.4
Jan 2010N/A2.6
Feb 2010N/A2.5
Mar 2010N/A3.2
Apr 2010N/A2.8
May 2010N/A3.5
Jun 2010N/A2.8
Jul 2010N/A2.9
Aug 2010N/A2.9
Sep 2010N/A3.0

Number of MedSun reports submitted during the month

Fiscal Year - 2010
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Oct 2009N/A273
Nov 2009N/A242
Dec 2009N/A334
Jan 2010N/A226
Feb 2010N/A226
Mar 2010N/A360
Apr 2010N/A366
May 2010N/A360
Jun 2010N/A318
Jul 2010N/A335
Aug 2010N/A387
Sep 2010N/A451

Number of MedSun hospitals that submitted reports during the month

Fiscal Year - 2010
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Oct 2009N/A94
Nov 2009N/A93
Dec 2009N/A98
Jan 2010N/A87
Feb 2010N/A91
Mar 2010N/A111
Apr 2010N/A130
May 2010N/A102
Jun 2010N/A115
Jul 2010N/A116
Aug 2010N/A133
Sep 2010N/A151


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