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Average number of days to certify a batch of color additives during the month

Dictionary: The law requires that certain color additives be tested and certified by FDA before they can be used in foods, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, and pet foods. The Color Certification Program tests each and every batch of these color additives, which come from more than 31 domestic and foreign manufacturers. It is estimated that there is only a two week supply of color between FDA certification laboratories and manufacturers of finished products for purchase by U.S. consumers. FDA continues to strive for accurate and timely testing to ensure that this flow of safe certified color additives is not interrupted.

Information is current as of December 31, 2012.

Fiscal Year - 2013

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Oct 2012N/A2.97
Nov 2012N/A3.12
Dec 2012N/A3.64
Jan 2013N/ATBD
Feb 2013N/ATBD
Mar 2013N/ATBD
Apr 2013N/ATBD
May 2013N/ATBD
Jun 2013N/ATBD
Jul 2013N/ATBD
Aug 2013N/ATBD
Sep 2013N/ATBD

FY 2013 YTD: 3.2


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