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Total number of individual visitors to the Consumer Updates webpage on FDA.gov each month

Dictionary: Consumer Updates are timely articles, videos and slide shows that contain practical safety, wellness, and disease-prevention information for consumers. Consumer Updates empower consumers to make informed health-related decisions for themselves and their families. This output measure pertains to the quantity of Consumer Updates posted each month on FDA’s Web site.

Fiscal Year - 2010

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Oct 2009N/A245,377
Nov 2009N/A207,084
Dec 2009N/A172,759
Jan 2010N/A171,505
Feb 2010N/A161,542
Mar 2010N/A197,654
Apr 2010N/A266,124
May 2010N/A327,639
Jun 2010N/A297,151
Jul 2010N/A266,833
Aug 2010N/A279,275
Sep 2010N/A293,056

FY 2010 Total: 2,885,999


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