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Median number of hours to resolve Severity One outages which occurred within the month (1)

Dictionary: The Office of Information Management and Technology provides and manages information technology (IT) and other related services to ensure FDA can carry out its mission of promoting and protecting public health in an efficient, effective, productive, and timely manner. One of the ways OIM ensures that FDA employees are able to sustain a high level of productivity is to resolve IT related issues as quickly as possible. Severity One outages are defined as a global failure where work is halted or a potential halt of work for multiple customers on a floor, building or entire Center. OIM tracks the number of Severity One outages that are received during the month and the median number of hours it took for OIM to resolve the issue. OIM strives to reduce the number of hours it takes to resolve Severity One outages and return services to our customers.

Fiscal Year - 2012

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Oct 201132
Nov 201132.5
Dec 201131.8
Jan 201232
Feb 201232.8
Mar 201234.6
Apr 201235.8
May 201231.7
Jun 201237.4
Jul 201232.1
Aug 201231.9
Sep 20123TBD


  • (1) An outage is resolved when the applicable service ticket is closed.

Number of Severity One outages reported in the month

Fiscal Year - 2012

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Oct 2011N/A53
Nov 2011N/A44
Dec 2011N/A57
Jan 2012N/A40
Feb 2012N/A48
Mar 2012N/A68
Apr 2012N/A53
May 2012N/A54
Jun 2012N/A72
Jul 2012N/A86
Aug 2012N/A78
Sep 2012N/ATBD

FY 2012 Overall: 653


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