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Number of external presentations to societies, consortia, industry, and government organizations in the month

Dictionary: External presentations provide a wide variety of stakeholders a source of professional, unbiased information about the nation and worldwide function of the Office of Regulatory Affairs and the FDA. Through the information shared with these audiences, the details of agency tactics and strategies serve to further educate numerous elements of American society on the efforts of ORA and FDA to further the nation’s public health.

Information is current as of May 20, 2015.

Fiscal Year - 2015

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Oct 2014N/A63
Nov 2014N/A28
Dec 2014N/A15
Jan 2015N/A15
Feb 2015N/A26
Mar 2015N/A51
Apr 2015N/ATBD
May 2015N/ATBD
Jun 2015N/ATBD
Jul 2015N/ATBD
Aug 2015N/ATBD
Sep 2015N/ATBD

FY 2015 YTD: 198


  • Tracking of this measure began in April 2013


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