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Total number of orphan drug designation decisions that resulted in orphan designation in the month

Dictionary: Review: The review of an application (original or amended) that is completed and the decision rendered during the indicated month. The decision can be (1) the designation is given, (2) the designation is denied, or (3) the designation decision is on hold awaiting further information from the sponsor.

Orphan Designation: The sponsor’s product, which is described in the designation application along with the rare disease or condition the product treats, meets the regulatory criteria for an orphan designation, which allows the sponsor to take advantage of special incentives provided by the 1983 Orphan Drug Act and subsequent amendments.

Information is current as of December 31, 2014.

Fiscal Year - 2012

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Oct 2011N/A14
Nov 2011N/A8
Dec 2011N/A17
Jan 2012N/A8
Feb 2012N/A17
Mar 2012N/A22
Apr 2012N/A11
May 2012N/A8
Jun 2012N/A14
Jul 2012N/A31
Aug 2012N/A9
Sep 2012N/A25

FY 2012 Total: 184


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