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Number of contacts with foreign regulators to discuss scientific, ethical or safety issues related to pediatrics in the month

Dictionary: Pediatric studies are usually global given the limited number of sick children, particularly those afflicted with chronic disease. Given the global nature of pediatric trials, it is critical that FDA expand its global outreach to include other regulatory entities that oversee pediatric trials. International scientific communication and collaboration will enhance the safety, ethics and scientific rigor of pediatric studies, thus preventing children from becoming a commodity on the global market for economic gain.

A "contact" refers to written or oral communication between FDA and foreign regulators on matters involving pediatric issues. E-mail is an example of written communication and a teleconference, as oral communication.

Information is current as of December 31, 2014.

Fiscal Year - 2010

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TimeTargetNumber of Contacts
Oct 2009N/A8
Nov 2009N/A13
Dec 2009N/A10
Jan 2010N/A11
Feb 2010N/A10
Mar 2010N/A6
Apr 2010N/A14
May 2010N/A8
Jun 2010N/A16
Jul 2010N/A7
Aug 2010N/A18
Sep 2010N/A17

FY 2010 Total: 138

No submeasures applicable for this time period.


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