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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

CVM Publications - Detail

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TITLE:  Agroterrorism - Agricultural infrastructure vulnerability
AUTHORS:  von Bredow J;Myers M;Wagner D;Valdes JJ;Loomis L;Zamani K;
YEAR:  1999
JOURNAL FULL:  Food and Agricultural Security
VOLUME:  894
END PAGE:  180
KEYWORDS:  Animal Feed;Antibodies;Food;Food Contamination;IDENTIFICATION;
ABSTRACT:  The intentional contamination of animal feed to reduce the availability of animal-derived human food or to infect human populations is seldom mentioned, but animal feed could be an easy target for bioterrorists, The period of delay between the contamination of the animal feed and adulteration of the human food product provides an additional degree of uncertainty about the source of the contamination and minimizes the possibility of apprehending the terrorist, The less obvious and more natural the source of biological contamination, the greater the likelihood that the animal feed contamination will be mistaken as a natural phenomenon. However, the problems related to managing natural food contamination and intentional food contamination remain the same. Rapid testing and separation of contaminated feed are important steps, followed by the more specific identification of the contaminant to determine the source of adulteration and/or the possibility of decontamination, At this time identification of the bioagents is dependent on the availability of antibody-specific test systems. The rapid development of specific antibodies for the development of sensitive and specific test kits is the key to identifying contamination and dealing effectively with the disposal or decontamination of the animal feed and, ultimately, preventing the contamination of animal-derived human food products
AFFILIATIONS:  US FDA, Ctr Vet Med, Res Off, Laurel, MD 20708 USAUSA, Chem & Biol Def, Edgewood Res Dev & Engn Ctr, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD 21100 USANew Horizons Diagnost Corp, Dev & Engn, Columbia, MD 21045 USAPentagon, Off Director Def Res & Engn, Washington, DC 20301 USA