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Article, Chapter, or Book Title:  Assessment of the critical factors affecting the porosity of roller compacted ribbons and the feasibility of using NIR chemical imaging to evaluate the porosity distribution
Author(s):  Lim H, Dave VS, Kidder L, Lewis EN, Fahmy R, and Hoag SW
Year:  2011
Journal Abbrev, Book Title, or Conference:  International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Journal Full Name:  International Journal of Pharmaceutics
Volume:  410
Start Page:  1
End Page:  8
Key Words:  porosity, density, roller-compaction, roller-compacted ribbon, feed screw speed, roller pressure, roller speed, quality by design, NIR-CI, NIR chemical imaging
Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to assess the porosity variation of roller-compacted ribbons made using different process parameters. The usefulness of near-infrared chemical imaging (NIR-CI) to evaluate porosity variations was also examined. Ribbons of neat microcrystalline cellulose were compacted using a range of roll pressures, roll speeds, and feed screw speeds. Ribbon porosity decreased as roller pressure increased with the exception of ribbons produced by the combination of high roll speed and low feed screw speed. In these ribbons, increasing roller pressure increased ribbon porosity. Lower roller speed was found to produce ribbons with lower porosity; as the roller speed increased, porosity increased. Increased feed screw speed decreased ribbon porosity at higher roller speed while it slightly increased the ribbon porosity at lower roller speed. A simple linear regression model showed NIR-CI was able to predict the ribbon porosity with a correlation of 0.9258. NIR-CI is able to characterize differences in porosity as a function of position on the ribbon where regions with lower porosity show higher absorbance. Nevertheless, NIR-CI can show sinusoidal variation in intensities along the roller compacted ribbon among all settings studied.