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NADA Number: 042-888

Proprietary Name Banminth® (5.66 g)
Strongid® (5.66 g)
Sponsor Zoetis Inc.
Sponsor Address 333 Portage St.
Kalamazoo, MI    49007
Ingredients Pyrantel Tartrate
Species (Class) EQUIDS (Horse, not for meat production)
EQUIDS (Pony, not for food)
Routes of Administration Per Os
Dosage Form Top dressing in feed
Dispensing Status OTC
Patent Number (Expiration Date) 3644624 (No Expiration Date)
Dosage Amount,
& Limitations

520.2045 Pyrantel tartrate pellets.

Specifications: Pyrantel tartrate pellets colt and horse wormer contains 1.25 percent pyrantel tartrate.

Conditions of use:

Horses (and ponies)

Amount: It is administered as a single dose at 12.5 milligrams of pyrantel tartrate per 2.2 pounds of body weight mixed with the usual grain ration.

Indications: For the removal and control of infections from the following mature parasites: Large strongyles (Strongylus vulgaris, Strongylus edentatus, Strongylus equinus), small strongyles (Trichonema species, Triodontophorus), pinworms (Oxyuris) and large roundworms (Parascaris).

Limitations: It is recommended that severely debilitated animals not be treated with this drug. Do not use in horses or colts (fillies) intended for food.


Pyrantel Tartrate: Tolerances are established for residues of pyrantel tartrate in edible tissues of swine as follows:

a. 10 parts per million in liver and kidney. b. 1 part per million in muscle.