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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Premarket Approval (PMA)

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Applicant: MEDTRONIC INC Product Code: LWS Decision Date to 10/13/2015
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ENTRUST, VIRTUOSO, INTRINSIC, MARQUIS, M medtronic inc. P980016 S547 10/07/2015
SPRINT QUATTRO SECURE S MRI SURESCAN AND medtronic inc. P920015 S151 09/11/2015
EVERA MRI XT DR, XT VR, S DR, S VR SURES medtronic inc. P980016 S536 09/11/2015
EVERA S DR .S VR, XT DR, XT VR ICD'S, MA medtronic inc. P980016 S546 09/09/2015
EVERA S DR,SVR, XT DR.XT VR ICD'S; MAXIM medtronic inc. P980016 S543 08/20/2015
EVERA S DR ICD, S VR ICD; EVERA XT DR IC medtronic inc. P980016 S542 08/19/2015
GEM, JEWEL, MICRO JEWEL, JEWEL PLUS, MIC medtronic inc. P900061 S136 08/17/2015
PCD medtronic inc. P920015 S159 08/17/2015
ENTRUST, GEMFAMILY, INTRINSCI, MARGUIS, medtronic inc. P980016 S541 08/17/2015
JEWEL AF, GEM III AT medtronic inc. P980050 S101 08/17/2015

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