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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall Philips MX 16Slice CT Scanner System

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 Class 2 Recall
Philips MX 16Slice CT Scanner System
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Date Posted February 28, 2013
Recall Status1 Terminated on December 03, 2013
Recall Number Z-0899-2013
Recall Event ID 64389
Premarket Notification
510(K) Number
Product Classification System, X-Ray, Tomography, Computed - Product Code JAK
Product Philips MX 16-Slice CT Scanner System, a whole-body computed tomography X-ray system.
Code Information System Code #, 728131, Serial #: EP16E090001, EP16E090002, EP16E090003, EP16E090004, EP16E090006, EP16E090007, EP16E090008, EP16E090009, EP16E090010, EP16E090011, EP16E090012,EP16E090013, EP16E090015, EP16E100001, EP16E100004, EP16E100006, EP16E100008, EP16E100010, EP16E100011, EP16E100012, EP16E100013, EP16E100015, EP16E100016, EP16E100017, EP16E100018, EP16E100019, EP16E100020, EP16E100021, EP16E100022, EP16E100023, EP16E100024, EP16E100025, EP16E100026, EP16E100027, EP16E100028, EP16E100029, EP16E100030, EP16E100031, EP16E100032, EP16E100033, EP16E100034, EP16E100035, EP16E100036, EP16E100037, EP16E100038, EP16E100039, EP16E100041, EP16E100043, EP16E100044, EP16E100045, EP16E100046, EP16E100047, EP16E100048, EP16E100049, EP16E100051, EP16E100052, EP16E100055, EP16E100056, EP16E100057, EP16E100058, EP16E100059, EP16E100060, EP16E100061, EP16E100062, EP16E100063, EP16E100067, EP16E100069, EP16E100070, EP16E100071, EP16E100072, EP16E100073, EP16E100074, EP16E100075, EP16E100076, EP16E100077, EP16E100078, EP16E100079, EP16E100080, EP16E100081, EP16E100082, EP16E100083, EP16E100084, EP16E100085, EP16E100086, EP16E100087, EP16E100088, EP16E100090, EP16E100091, EP16E100092, EP16E100093, EP16E100094, EP16E100095, EP16E100096, EP16E100099, EP16E100100, EP16E100101, EP16E100102, EP16E100103, EP16E100105, EP16E100106, EP16E100107, EP16E100108, EP16E100109, EP16E100110, EP16E100111, EP16E100112, EP16E100113, EP16E110003, EP16E110005, EP16E110006, EP16E110007, EP16E110008, EP16E110009, EP16E110011, EP16E110012, EP16E110013, EP16E110014, EP16E110015, EP16E110017, EP16E110018, EP16E110019, EP16E110020, EP16E110021, EP16E110023, EP16E110024, EP16E110025, EP16E110026, EP16E110027, EP16E110028, EP16E110029, EP16E110030, EP16E110031, EP16E110032, EP16E110033, EP16E110034, EP16E110035, EP16E110037, EP16E110038, EP16E110039, EP16E110042, EP16E110043, EP16E110044, EP16E110045, EP16E110046, EP16E110047, EP16E110048, EP16E110049, EP16E110050, EP16E110051, EP16E110052, EP16E110054, EP16E110055, EP16E110056, EP16E110057, EP16E110058, EP16E110060, EP16E110062, EP16E110063, EP16E110064, EP16E110067, EP16E110069, EP16E110070, EP16E110074, EP16E110075, EP16E110077, EP16E110078, EP16E110080, EP16E110083, EP16E110084, EP16E110085, EP16E110089, EP16E110090, EP16E110091, EP16E110092, EP16E110093, EP16E110095, EP16E110096, EP16E110097, EP16E110099, EP16E110100, EP16E110101, EP16E110102, EP16E110104, EP16E110105, EP16E110106, EP16E110107, EP16E110108, EP16E110109, EP16E110110, EP16E110111, EP16E110115, EP16E110117, EP16E110118, EP16E110119, EP16E120003, EP16E120004, EP16E120005, EP16E120006, EP16E120007, EP16E120008, EP16E120009, EP16E120010, EP16E120011, EP16E120013, EP16E120014, EP16E120015, EP16E120016, EP16E120017, EP16E120019, EP16E120021, EP16E120023, EP16E120024, EP16E120025, EP16E120026, EP16E120027, EP16E120029, EP16E120030, EP16E120031, EP16E120032, EP16E120033, EP16E120034, EP16E120035, EP16E120036, EP16E120037, EP16E120039, EP16E120040, EP16E120041, EP16E120042, EP16E120043, EP16E120044, EP16E120045, EP16E120046, EP16E120047, EP16E120048, EP16E120050, EP16E120051, EP16E120052, EP16E120055, EP16E120056, EP16E120058, EP16E120059, EP16E120060, EP16E120061, EP16E120063, EP16E120065, EP16E120067, EP16E120068, EP16E120070, EP16E120071, EP16E120072, EP16E120074, EP16E120075, EP16E120076, EP16E120078, EP16E120081, EP16E120083, EP16E120088, EP16E120089, EP16EB110003, EP16EB110004, EP16EB110005, EP16EB110006, P16C080001, P16C080002, P16C100001, P16C100002, P16C100003, P16C100004, P16C100005, P16C100007, P16C100008, P16C100009, P16C100010, P16C100011, P16C100012, P16C100013, P16C100014, P16C100015, P16C100017, P16C100018, P16C110001, P16C110002, P16C110003, P16C110004, P16C110005, P16C110006, P16C110007, P16C110008, P16C110011, P16C110012, P16C110013, P16C110014, P16C110015, P16C110016, P16C110017, P16C110018, P16C110019, P16C110020, P16C110021, P16C110022, P16C110023, P16C110024, P16C110025, P16C110026, P16C110027, P16C110028, P16C110029, P16C110030, P16C110031, P16C110032, P16C110033, P16C110034, P16C110035, P16C110036, P16C110037, P16C120001, P16C120002, P16C120003, P16C120006, P16C120007, P16C120008, P16C120009, P16C120011, P16C120012, P16C120014, P16C120016, P16C120017, P16C120018, P16C120019, P16C120020, P16C120021, P16C120022, P16C120023, P16C120024, P16C120025, P16C120026, P16C120027, P16C120029, P16C120030, P16E080007, P16E080008, P16E090002, P16E090003, P16E090004, P16E090005, P16E090006, P16E090008, P16E090009, P16E090010, P16E090011, P16E090012, P16E090013, P16E090014, P16E090015, P16E090016, P16E090017, P16E090018, P16E090019, P16E090020, P16E090021, P16E090024, P16E090025, P16E090026, P16E090027, P16E090028, P16EF80010, P16EM08003, P16EM09002, P16EM09003, P16EM09004 System Code #, 728132, Serial #: EP16E100005, EP16E100007, EP16E110066, EP16ER100003, EP16ER100004, EP16ER100005, EP16ER100007, EP16ER100008, EP16ER110003, EP16ER110004, EP16ER110005, EP16ER110006, EP16ER110007, EP16ER110008, EP16ER110009, EP16ER110010, EP16ER110011, EP16ER110012, EP16ER110013, EP16ER110014, EP16ER110015, EP16ER110016, EP16ER110017, EP16ER110018, EP16ER110019, EP16ER110020, EP16ER110021, EP16ER110022, EP16ER110023, EP16ER120005, EP16ER120006, EP16ER120007, EP16ER120008, EP16ER120009, EP16ER120010, EP16ER120011, EP16ER120012, EP16ER120013, EP16ER120015, EP16ER120016 , EP16ER120017, EP16ER120018
Recalling Firm/
Philips Medical Systems (Cleveland) Inc
595 Miner Rd
Cleveland, Ohio 44143-2131
For Additional Information Contact Chester McCoy
800-722-9377 Ext. 5
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
The four screws that secure the patient table top to the carrier became loose, which caused the table top to detach.
Action Philips Healthcare sent an Urgent - Medical Device Correction letter dated December 14, 2012, to all affected customers. The letter identified the product, the problem, and the action to be taken by the customer. Customers were instructed to have BioMedical Engineering personnel inspect the patient table top screws that secure it to the carrier. Customers were instructed that If it is found that the table top screws are improperly seated, they should stop using the system and contact their local Philips Field Service Engineer for repair. A Philips Field Service Engineer will schedule a time to inspect and repair all the affected systems. For further information customers were instructed to contact their Philips Healthcare Customer Care Solutions Center at 1-800-722-9377 and follow the recorded menu option to reach a Customer Solutions. For questions regarding this recall call 800-722-9377, ext 5.
Quantity in Commerce 412 Units
Distribution Worldwide Distribution - USA including AL, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MS, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, PR and VA.
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = JAK and Original Applicant = PHILIPS MEDICAL SYSTEMS(CLEVELAND), INC.