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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Medical Device Recalls

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Date Classified to: 11/26/2015
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Biatain Super Non-Adhesive, Catalog number 46300, 10 pcs, REF 0463001400. Country of Origin:HU. B... 3 Oct-24-2014 Coloplast Manufacturing US, LLC
Omni Micro-electrode/reference electrode for cobas b221 analyzer. The Roche Diagnostics Omni S An... 3 Oct-10-2014 Roche Diagnostics Operations, Inc.
ENVOY 500 AST Reagent Kit, reference Model/Catalog 55255, for Envoy 500. Intended Use of the P... 3 Oct-02-2014 ELITech Clinical Systems SAS
Stago IVD, Liquid Anti-Xa, NDC 3607450003116. The STA - Liquid Anti-Xa kits are intended for use ... 3 Sep-16-2014 Diagnostica Stago, Inc.
JBAIDS Instrument System Software version The JBAIDS instrument is a portable thermocyc... 3 Sep-15-2014 Biofire Defense
LINEAR 7.5 FR. 40cc IAB Catheter Maquet Getinge Group 3 Sep-03-2014 Datascope Corporation
Verigene CYP2C19 Nucleic Acid Test (CYP2C19 Test). Each CYP2C19 kit consists of 20 Verigene CYP2C19... 3 Aug-28-2014 Nanosphere, Inc.
BD Multi Check CD4 Low Control Catalog No. 340916 is intended as a complete process control for imm... 3 Aug-14-2014 BD Biosciences, Systems & Reagents
Radiomat M+ NIF 14 x 17; Radiomat SG 14 x 17 NIF; RX-B 8 x 10 in./IBF-004355; Radiomat B+ NIF 14 x 1... 3 Aug-10-2014 AGFA Healthcare Corp.
Agfa Digital Radiography X-Ray System DX-D 100 Product Usage: Is indicated for use in providing ... 3 Aug-10-2014 AGFA Healthcare Corp.

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