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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Class 2 Device Recall IMPACT

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 Class 2 Recall
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Date Posted December 15, 2009
Recall Status1 Terminated on May 23, 2012
Recall Number Z-0509-2010
Recall Event ID 53495
Premarket Notification
510(K) Numbers
K931009  K983373 
Product Classification Catheter, Angioplasty, Peripheral, Transluminal - Product Code LIT
Product IMPACT Catheters, Balloon Dilatation and Esophageal Dilatation Catheter, Model Number 307, STERILE, Rx only --- Common/Usual Name: PTA and Esophageal Catheter --- Manufactured for: B. Braun Interventional Systems Inc., 824 Twelfth Avenue Bethlehem, PA18018 --- Manufactured by: NuMED, Inc. 2880 Main Street, Hopkinton, NY 12965 --- The Impact catheter is packaged in a straight sheath and then heat sealed in two Tyvek pouches. The inner pouch is the one that is deteriorating when exposed to the sunlight. The outer pouch retains its seal so the sterility is not compromised. --- 510 K931009 - Device Listing #D003206 and 510 K983373 - Device Listing # D003212, Class II device.
Code Information All Impact catheters distributed between 10/01/2004 and 9/23/2009 are affected: Lot numbers IM-0843, IM-0893, IM-0894, IM-0895, IM-0896, IM-0897, IM-0898, IM-0899, IM-0900, IM-0901, IM-0902, IM-0903, IM-0904, IM-0905, IM-0906, IM-0907, IM-0908, IM-0909, IM-0910, IM-0914, IM-0775, IM-0788, IM-0807, IM-0817, IM-0823, IM-0827, IM-0843, IM-0845, IM-0846, IM-0852, IM-0857, IM-0868, IM-0869, IM-0890, IM-0891, IM-0912, IM-0915, IM-0916, IM-0917, IM-0918, IM-0919, IM-0920, IM-0921, IM-0922, IM-0923, IM-0924, IM-0925, IM-0926, IM-0927, IM-0943, IM-0944, IM-0945, IM-0946, IM-0644, IM-0793, IM-0814, IM-0849, IM-0884, IM-0928, IM-0929, IM-0930, IM-0931, IM-0932, IM-0933, IM-0934, IM-0935, IM-0936, IM-0937, IM-0938, IM-0939, IM-0940, IM-0941, IM-0942, IM-0644, IM-0854, IM-0855, IM-0866, IM-0878, IM-0889, IM-0905, IM-0924, IM-0947, IM-0948, IM-0949, IM-0950, IM-0951, IM-0952, IM-0953, IM-0954, IM-0955, IM-0956, IM-0957, IM-0958, IM-0959, IM-0960, IM-0961, IM-0962, IM-0963, IM-0964, IM-0644, IM-0831, IM-0851, IM-0864, IM-0876, IM-0887, IM-0902, IM-0933, IM-0935, IM-0937, IM-0965, IM-0966, IM-0967, IM-0968, IM-0969, IM-0970, IM-0971, IM-0829, IM-0895, IM-0897, IM-0898, IM-0917, IM-0918, IM-0931, IM-0949, IM-0972, IM-0973, IM-0974, IM-0975, IM-0976, IM-0977, IM-0978, IM-0986, IM-0979, IM-0980, IM-0981, IM-0982, IM-0983, IM-0984, IM-0985, IM-0882, IM-0915, IM-0928, IM-0945, IM-0951, IM-0954, IM-0967, IM-1002, IM-1003, IM-0987, IM-0988, IM-0989, IM-0990, IM-0991, IM-0992, IM-0993, IM-0994, IM-0995, IM-0996, IM-0997, IM-0998, IM-0999, IM-1000, IM-1001, IM-0913, IM-0941, IM-1004, IM-1005, IM-1006, IM-1007, IM-1008, IM-1009, IM-1010, IM-1011, IM-1012, IM-1013, IM-1014, IM-1015, IM-1016, IM-0926, IM-0972, IM-1017, IM-1018, IM-0963, IM-0965, IM-1019, IM-0861, IM-0896, IM-0987, IM-1004, IM-1020, IM-1021, IM-1022, IM-1023, IM-1024, IM-1025, IM-1026, IM-1029, IM-1027, IM-1028, IM-1030, IM-1031, IM-1032, IM-1033, IM-1034, IM-1035, IM-0850, IM-0877, IM-0883, IM-0896, IM-0929, IM-0952, IM-0959, IM-0969, IM-0976, IM-0980, IM-1037, IM-1038, IM-1039, IM-1040, IM-1041, IM-1042, IM-1043, IM-1044, IM-0777, IM-0790, IM-0892, IM-0909, IM-0942, IM-0988, IM-1019, IM-1021, IM-0885, IM-0907, IM-0940, IM-0957, IM-0971, IM-0977, IM-0993, IM-1028, IM-1033, IM-1054, IM-1055, IM-1056, IM-1057, IM-1058, IM-0772, IM-0826, IM-0832, IM-0865, IM-0867, IM-0871, IM-0894, IM-0911, IM-0923, IM-0939, IM-0948, IM-0970, IM-0975, IM-0991, IM-1024, IM-1059, IM-1060, IM-1061, IM-1062, IM-1063, IM-1064, IM-1065, IM-1066, IM-0899, IM-0943, IM-1045, IM-0824, IM-0955, IM-0989, IM-1026, IM-1048, IM-1050, IM-1052, IM-1049, IM-1046, IM-1047, IM-1051, IM-1053, IM-0862, IM-0875, IM-0908, IM-0914, IM-0927, IM-0944, IM-0946, IM-0973, IM-1000, IM-1013, IM-1017, IM-1020, IM-1023, IM-1031, IM-1037, IM-1045, IM-1064, IM-1065, IM-1067, IM-1068, IM-1069, IM-1070, IM-1071, IM-1072, IM-1073, IM-1074, IM-1075, IM-0982, IM-1020, IM-1043, IM-1060, IM-1066, IM-1076, IM-1077, IM-1078, IM-1079, IM-1080, IM-1081, 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Recalling Firm/
Numed Inc
2880 Main Street /Rt 11b
Hopkinton, New York 12965
For Additional Information Contact Ms. Nichelle LaFlesh
Manufacturer Reason
for Recall
The firm received a complaint from the sole direct account that while performing an inventory review it was observed that the packaging of the IMPACT catheter was cracked and deteriorating. The product was still in its packaging and never used. The customer referred to it as looking like "paint crackle." The risk is that for continued sterility to be assured, the packaging must remain intact.
FDA Determined
Cause 2
DESIGN: Labeling Design
Action An informal e-mail was sent to B. Braun to give them notice not to distribute any Impact devices until further notice. This was followed up by a formal URGENT MEDICAL DEVICE RECALL letter (dated 9/24/09) to the sole consignee. The products are to be returned to the manufacturer, including any products further distributed. Customer questions should be directed to the recall contact (replace " AT " with @) nlaflesh ATnumedusa.com.
Quantity in Commerce 7,367 units domestically
Distribution One distributor in Pennsylvania
Total Product Life Cycle TPLC Device Report

1 For details about termination of a recall see Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21 §7.55
2 Per FDA policy, recall cause determinations are subject to modification up to the point of termination of the recall.
510(K) Database 510(K)s with Product Code = LIT and Original Applicant = B. BRAUN/MCGAW
510(K)s with Product Code = LIT and Original Applicant = NUMED, INC.