All FDA Websites are being redesigned, MedSun too!
MedSun: Newsletter #37, June 2009

All websites including our MedSun newsletter-based website will be changing! This redesign is part of an ongoing initiative which aims to improve the "look and feel" of all FDA websites. These enhancements will help our audiences find relevant information the FDA provides to consumers, to health professionals, as well as to industry representatives.

The MedSun website still provides you with:

*Monthly homepage updates to include:

Articles geared for general and for Subnetwork audiences that address device issues which have an impact on patient safety.
MedSun Subnetworks are designed to collect and share information about adverse events from specific clinical areas with high-risk products. For more information see the ‘About MedSun’ section.

Highlighted Reports which represent a cross section of device-related events submitted by MedSun reporters.

Medical Device Problem Summaries to include medical device problems summarized from de-identified reports received by MedSun hospitals.

Device Problem Reports received in the past 30 days from access date. Reports are organized by general device category and further organized by device type.

*Access to Educational Materials which may be used to educate staff about Adverse Event reporting and how to recognize reportable events.

*MedSun newsletter content
This page provides you the option to access the current newsletter issue, see a complete listing of newsletter content within the following Newsletter sections: "Medical Device Problem Summaries” and "MedSun in Action," or "Search Newsletter Archives" to seek past MedSun Newsletter content for topics of interest.

*Access to de-identified MedSun Reports
These device reports capture a wide range of experiences ranging from deaths and serious injuries to malfunctions, close calls, and potential for harm events associated with the use of medical devices. No patient or user facility identifiers are included.

MedSun Newsletters are available at