Cordis CROSSOVER Sheath Introducer - Recall
MedSun: Newsletter #43, December 2009

FDA MedWatch Safety Alert

Cordis and FDA notified healthcare professionals of a nationwide recall of all lots of the CROSSOVER Sheath Introducer. The recall was due to stretching or fracture of the sheath during use. In the event of a device fracture, separated segments of the device can embolize downstream in the bloodstream and impede blood flow distal to the point where it lodges, resulting in ischemia or infarct to the distal extremity. Since this device is coil reinforced, any separation of the cannula has the potential to expose portions of the coil creating the potential for vessel dissection or perforation. Unplanned open surgery may be required to remove the retained segments or control bleeding.

Additional Information:

FDA MedWatch Safety Alert. Cordis CROSSOVER Sheath Introducer – Recall. October 30, 2009.

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