Steris System 1 Processor: FDA Notice and Recommendations
MedSun: Newsletter #44, January 2010

FDA MedWatch Safety Alert

FDA notified healthcare facility administrators and infection control healthcare professionals of important information regarding the regulatory status of the STERIS System 1 Processor (SS1) used in surgical and endoscopy suites for reprocessing, i.e., sterilizing or disinfecting, medical devices. STERIS has significantly modified the SS1 and FDA has not approved or cleared this modified product. Thus, FDA has not determined whether the SS1 is safe or effective for its labeled claims, including claims that it sterilizes medical devices. FDA recommends that if a facility has an acceptable alternative to the SS1 to meet sterilization and disinfection needs, the facility should transition to that alternative as soon as possible to ensure continued patient safety. If an acceptable alternative to the SS1 is not available, the facility should promptly assess its patient-care needs and sterilization and disinfection requirements and take steps to obtain legally-marketed substitutes for the SS1.

Additional Information:

FDA MedWatch Safety Alert. Steris System 1 Processor: FDA Notice and Recommendations. December 3, 2009.

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