Corneal Abrasion Injuries
MedSun: Newsletter #44, January 2010

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority

Corneal abrasion is the most common ocular injury occurring in the perioperative period. Most of the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority reports (81%) were recognized in the perioperative setting. However, 19% of the reports occurred in diverse care areas such as the medical intensive care unit, the emergency department, on telemetry floors, in radiation oncology, and in labor and delivery wards, leading to the conclusion that all staff should be able to quickly identify, report, and treat corneal abrasions. The lack of information about corneal abrasions prevents the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority from making new insights about this problem. Reports that are more detailed might be helpful in determining how and why these injuries occur.

Additional Information:

Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority. Corneal Abrasion Injuries. December 2009.

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