Clostridium difficile: Navigating the testing options for diagnosis
MedSun: Newsletter #52, September 2010

AACC Clinical Laboratory News

The diagnosis of CDI remains difficult, and there is no one best test that fits everyone's needs. With new testing methods, epidemic strains, evolving epidemiology and ever growing economic constraints, it is challenging to know which assay to use. EIA alone is often the least expensive option. Two-step algorithms with GDH as the front-end test work well in low-prevalence populations. Molecular tests appear to be more sensitive than non-molecular tests, but the cost is prohibitive for many laboratories. The choice for an individual laboratory should be based on careful evaluation of a selected test in your unique setting.

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AACC Clinical Laboratory News. Clostridium difficile: Navigating the testing options for diagnosis. July 2010.

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