Our Patient Just Died from a Medical Error: What Next?
MedSun: Newsletter #57, February 2011

SafetyShare newsletter, Premier healthcare alliance

Every day these clinical adverse events occur within our healthcare system and cause physical and psychological harm to our patients, families, staff, the community and organizations. In the crisis that emerges, positively or negatively, the organization displays its understanding of its culture of safety, the role of the board of trustees and executive leadership; advanced planning for such an event; the balanced prioritization of the needs of the patient, family, staff and organization; and how actions immediately and over time bring empathy, support, resolution, learning and improvement. The risk of not responding to adverse events quickly and effectively are huge, and include loss of trust, no learning or improvement, the sending of mixed messages about what is really important to an organization, increased likelihood for regulatory action or lawsuits, and challenges by the media.

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Premier SafetyShare. Our Patient Just Died from a Medical Error: What Next? January 11, 2011.

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