Information about Luer Misconnections
MedSun: Newsletter #58, March 2011

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Patient injuries and deaths have occurred when different device delivery systems are mistakenly connected to each other. These errors are often facilitated by fittings called Luer connectors, which can allow different systems to be easily, but erroneously, connected. FDA has taken various actions to help educate healthcare professionals about these dangerous misconnections.

Additional Information:

FDA Medical Device Safety. Luer Misconnections. May 12, 2009.

FDA MedSun. Luer Connector Misconnections: Under-Recognized but Potentially Dangerous Events – Complete Webcast Transcript

FDA Patient Safety News (video). More Patient Deaths from Luer Misconnections. October 2007.

FDA Medical Device Safety. Reduce and Report – Enteral Feeding Tube Misconnections. November 2010.

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