Recall - Firm Press Release: Millar Instruments, Inc. Issues a Recall of Millar Mikro-Tip Angiographic Catheter, Model SPC-454D and SPC-454F
MedSun: Newsletter #59, April 2011

Recall - Firm Press Release

Millar Instruments, Inc., is issuing a worldwide recall of 1,080 units of its Human Use High Injection Angiographic Catheter. The Angiographic Catheter, Models SPC-454D and SPC-454F, found to contain particulate debris within the catheter lumen, which potentially could result in embolization of foreign debris to tissues, vasculature, and organs, potentially causing myocardial infarction, stroke, limb ischemia, and /or death.

Additional Information:

Recall – Firm Press Release. Millar Instruments, Inc. Issues a Recall of Millar-Mikro-Tip Angiographic Catheter. March 21, 2011.

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