FDA and Partners Working to Prevent Surgical Fires
MedSun: Newsletter #68, January 2012

FDA Consumer Update

Surgical fires are fires that occur in, on or around a patient who is undergoing a medical or surgical procedure. In 2011, FDA and its partners launched the "Preventing Surgical Fires" initiative to: increase awareness of factors that contribute to surgical fires, disseminate surgical fire prevention tools, and promote the adoption of risk reduction practices throughout the healthcare community. This FDA Consumer Update provides information about how surgical fire events can happen, how to reduce their risk, as well as two stories from a patient and healthcare professional, respectively.

Additional Information:

FDA Consumer Update. FDA and Partners Working to Prevent Surgical Fires. December 9, 2011.

Preventing Surgical Fires - Collaborating to Reduce Preventable Harm. FDA Safe Use Initiative. October 13, 2011.

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