FDA Safety Communication: Stolen Covidien Surgical Stapler Reloads
MedSun: Newsletter #85, June 2013

FDA Safety Communication

The FDA is issuing this communication to inform you that the Covidien Endo GIA Articulating 60-3.5 Surgical Stapler Reloads with lot number N3B0165LX were stolen from the manufacturer before they were sterilized. Although these devices were packaged and labeled as sterile, they are not sterile. The FDA is aware that some of these stolen and unsterile products have been offered for sale. The only way to identify the stolen, unsterile products is to check the reference code and the lot number on every box of Covidien Surgical Stapler Reloads prior to use.

Additional Information:

FDA Safety Communication: Stolen Covidien Surgical Stapler Reloads. FDA MedWatch Safety Alert. May 7, 2013.

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