The Device Safety Exchange Is Expanding
MedSun: Newsletter #11, January 2007

For the first time, Device Safety Exchange (DS-X) Web site access is expanding to allow non-MedSun Representatives at MedSun facilities to participate. New participants will be issued a password that will provide them access to the DS-X Web site, but not to the MedSun Reporting Site.

The DS-X Web site provides a forum for discussing device safety-related questions and sharing device safety success stories across the MedSun community. The Web site affords the opportunity to submit, as well as reply to and comment on, stories and questions.

Some examples of recent questions posted to the DS-X site are:
• What are the Top 10 device problems reported to FDA? In the answer to this question, a spreadsheet outlines the top reported device problems for each of the past 4 years.
• What is the risk associated with the use of cell phones in the hospital environment? In the answer to this question, multiple respondents share their view of the problem and offer suggestions for mitigating it.

If you know of an interested party at your facility who would like access to this resource, please contact us at

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