Hospitals "Going Green"
MedSun: Newsletter #14, May 2007

“Going green” is making its mark on the health care industry as increasing numbers of hospitals and other health care facilities take on green initiatives as their contributions to protecting the environment along with safeguarding their patients. The vast majority of hospitals planning new construction are doing so under the guidance of green building criteria, and already-existing facilities are retrofitting systems to increase energy efficiency and confront environmental issues. Others concerns being addressed include food safety, recycling and waste reduction, and indoor air quality.

Premier, Inc., the largest health care alliance in the United States dedicated to improving patient outcomes while safely reducing the cost of care, has through its Safety Institute chronicled the progress of the green movement in the Nation’s hospitals and other healing facilities. Instead of its regular monthly publication of Premier Safety Share, in April 2007, Premier distributed Premier Green Link, an e-mail newsletter highlighting many of the green health care initiatives that intersect with patient safety.

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