Providers' Treatment of Medical Errors Wrongly Charged to Medicare, Lawsuit Alleges
MedSun: Newsletter #5, June 2006

Lawsuits in several States have been filed over allegations that a number of hospitals improperly billed Medicare for treatment of illnesses or injuries that resulted from medical errors. The story was reported on the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Web site, also reports that Mark McClellan, administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), said that Medicare should not have to reimburse hospitals for treatment of injuries or illnesses caused by 27 categories of medical errors or so-called “never events.” This listing of medical errors was developed by the National Quality Forum with support from CMS. For complete details about “never events,” which CMS describes as serious and costly errors in the provision of health care services that should never happen, go to the CMS Web site.

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