Venous Air Emboli and Automatic Contrast Media Injectors
MedSun: Newsletter #32, January 2009

Several reports have been submitted to PA-PSRS in which intravascular air emboli occurred with the use of automatic contrast media injectors during CT scans. If the device is not at fault there are several things that can be done to address the risk of air emboli with automatic contrast injectors. These include adequate training for healthcare professionals, having contrast injector procedures readily available to staff, and developing protocols to promote compliance.

You may read a recent MedSun report with this device in the clinical environment online available under Additional Information below

Additional Information:

Venous Air Emboli and Automatic Contrast Media Injectors. Pennsylvania Patient Safety Authority – Patient Safety Reporting System (PSRS) Patient Safety Advisory. Volume 1, Number 4. December 2004.

MedSun report – Stellant injector contrast – November 10, 2008

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