Mission Hospital Receives Ernest Amory Codman Award
MedSun: Newsletter #33, February 2009

Mission Hospital, a MedSun site in Mission Viejo, California, was named a 2008 recipient of the 12th annual Ernest Amory Codman Award by The Joint Commission. The hospital was recognized for its initiative to improve care for seriously ill patients in the emergency department or on medical-surgical floors rather than in the intensive care unit (ICU). The program uses a specialized nurse-driven rapid response team to reduce deaths associated with non-ICU cardiac/respiratory arrests by bringing the necessary staff to the patient’s bedside.

Named for the physician regarded in health care as the “father of outcomes measurement,” the award showcases the effective use of performance measurement by health care organizations to improve the quality and safety of health care. It was presented in November during The Joint Commission and Joint Commission Resources Annual Conference on Quality and Safety in Chicago.

According to a statement released by The Joint Commission and Mission Hospital describing the winning program, the initiative is especially relevant given the national trend in which seriously ill inpatients are at greater risk of mortality when they occupy medical-surgical beds or are held in emergency departments because of a shortage of ICU or telemetry beds. After reviewing 2 years of data, Mission Hospital’s Resuscitation Committee determined that better awareness of and attention to the risk of cardiac/respiratory arrests for non-ICU patients could reduce the number of incidents along with mortality rates. Among the achievements of the program were a decrease in cardiac or respiratory arrests outside the hospital’s ICU from 36 to 16 during a 1-year period, and a decrease in the associated mortality rate for floor code patients from 62 percent to 23 percent.

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