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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of July 25, 2012

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Event Detail

Event ID 39464
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm The American National Red Cross - Southern Region
City Douglasville
State GA
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2004-12-03
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern GA, AR

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced Washed 03FQ26098, 03GZ60333, 03GZ60422, 03LJ30937, 03KJ11915, 03FQ37815, 03GJ81099, 03L64530, 03FR58322, 03FQ36757, 03GF09106, 03GR75278, 03LN35780, 03FQ37298 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 14 units B-1255-12
Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced 03GF09638, 03KY26020, 03GR75452, 03LR78190, 03GX32055, 03GE05381, 03GQ87695, 03GC18947, 03GF12818, 03LL25898, 03GL62942, 03FL91574, 03KM30429, 03KY25409, 03GH64329, 03GL73320, 03FG31338, 03FJ70500, 03LJ23148, 03LJ23217, 03GT66134, 03FY06824, 03GH64892, 03FY06823, 03GR72270, 03E43717, 03LE16311, 03KM28453, 03FQ27072, 03FJ11128, 03KP28513, 03V32203, 03GJ79944, 03GF01631, 03FH23337, 03L54792, 03S25584, 03K27768, 03GG04059, 03FH24839, 03GT70020, 03KM30430, 03GT70025, 03LM16445, 03KJ11370, 03KM30456, 03FQ35775, 03FG39429, 03LE20853, 03GH64075, 03FF76439, 03FJ76769, 03FQ35518, 03GT69736, 03KM30380, 03FQ35606, 03E47636, 03E48286, 03GG09770, 03GQ82682, 03GZ58315, 03KY25342, 03GG09868, 03GZ58590, 03FQ36089, 03GN48838, 03GZ58659, 03E48676, 03GX30829, 03S28920, 03GG10241, 03FX40681, 03LJ29658, 03FL00183, 03LE20834, 03FJ76729, 03FJ76966, 03LX28894, 03GZ58097, 03H31070, 03KQ31017, 03L64496, 03V34751, 03GP10755, 03GF86033, 03LH08302, 03KM24130, 03GF85987, 16LR54121, 03GP44080, 03GP43221, 03LX21097, 03GS57193, 03GC08585, 03LG19142, 03FG24447, 03GQ64568, 16KC22130, 03KK27110, 03KP21685, 03GQ82836, 03GX30664, 03FX40959, 03GX30635, 03FX40949, 03GY35781, 03GX30641, 03LX28947, 03FJ77403, 03LE21738, 03GS63661, 03FY06515, 03GS63645, 03FG40360, 03KY25536, 03GK80882, 03LL41732, 03LL41742, 03GG09872, 03GR74740, 03G27884, 03GX30649, 03R32421, 03GH64355, 03FQ37915, 03KY26275, 03GQ85184, 03FQ37868, 03L65670. 03GM62217, 03LE23629, 03GJ81154, 03H32097, 03GM62225, 03LR76749, 03FM18376, 03KK37727, 03LG26828, 03GM62110, 03LG26770, 03LG26771, 03K31294, 03FY06702, 03GT70664, 03GZ60449, 03LW36501, 03KC26909, 03L65662, 03FQ38057, 03GW36446, 03FJ78266, 03S29481, 03FQ40965, 03GT55262, 03FQ37945, 03FF77607, 03FQ37550, 03LR76321, 03GK81899, 03GG11566, 03GC18474, 03KF17165, 03GK82108, 03GH64930, 03LC27010, 03FG42470, 03FQ37834, 03K31869, 03FV90732, 03GZ60451, 03GZ60471, 03GR75363, 03LC26975, 03L65036, 03FF77822, 03FJ78284, 03GH65022, 03FJ78306, 03FJ78301, 03FJ78296, 03G28488, 03FQ38140, 03KJ11976, 03GT71136, 03GJ81164, 03GG11805, 03GT71155, 03GT71133, 03LE24038, 03E50104, 03GZ60535, 03LE24167, 03FL01091, 03LE24102, 03GR75335, 03L65284, 03KY26265, 03GG11423, 03H32028, 03GG11634, 03FQ37689, 03K31367, 03GZ60117, 03LS27451, 03LX30283, 03LN36427, 03LG27001, 03GG12120, 03GT71135, 03LJ31019, 03LX29872, 03FV90751, 03FJ78292, 03FJ78318, 03KP31537, 03L65048, 03GG11411, 03LE24147, 03GW36944, 03LN36609, 03LE25326, 03GS64937, 03GS64848, 03FJ79138, 03GK82919, 03K32256, 03GK82898, 03V35055, 03GT71472, 03FJ78583, 03GN49751, 03LX30248, 03L66221, 03LW36773, 03FQ38723, 03GG12405, 03GQ86198, 03LJ31502, 03FJ79033, 03LC27227, 03FQ38660, 03LE24871, 03GG12240, 03GP61707, 03LS27864, 03GW36741, 03LR77362, 03R33804, 03FJ78964, 03FQ38282, 03FJ78570, 03FJ78492, 03KH30488, 03LX30098, 03GS64802, 03KC27137, 03LM17067, 03GC18717, 03FJ79053, 03LR77369, 03GS64815, 03E50794, 03LG27326, 03LE24855, 03GK82612, 03GR75593, 03GZ61291, 03GN49761, 03S29907, 03GT71121, 03K31892, 03GK82209, 03LS27911, 03GT71590, 03LX30226, 03FL01253, 03GQ86249, 03GF11546, 03GK82124, 03FX41054, 03LN36515, 03LX30279, 03KK38553, 03FQ38706, 03R33772, 03FJ78996, 03GF1142, 03LR77368, 03GS64742, 03KP32068, 03LJ31305, 03GT71446, 03FX41162, 03E50663, 03GR75673, 03GG12433, 03GQ85906, 03GF10909, 03FG42823, 03GP61447, 03LX30115, 03GZ61280, 03LE24619, 03FJ78866, 03GF11088, 03G28740, 03FJ78771, 03FY06917, 93LG27120, 03H32207, 03GM62275, 03LE24142, 03L65849, 03GF09720, 03LR76395, 03L65847, 03GP61108, 03GH65005, 03FY06875, 03FJ78454, 03LF31041, 03GR75415, 03FG42484, 03GF10166, 03GZ60608, 03LM16943, 03KY26290, 03GN49709, 03LR77036, 03FG42629, 03FM18672, 03GZ61479, 03FJ78970, 03FV90841, 03GG12280, 03LJ31422, 03LX29841, 03GF11145, 03GT71381, 03GF11170, 03GT71141, 03R33679, 03GC18665, 03FQ38595, 03FQ38593, 03LE24857, 03GF11305, 03LE24856, 03FQ38610, 03GK82559, 03GP61457, 03GL75763, 03FJ78689, 03FG42686, 03GS64675, 03GG11935, 03V35015, 03L66209, 03KY26352, 03GF11074, 03LW36648, 03GF10302, 03GG12219, 03FQ37842, 03LE24483, 03FY06897, 03LF30999, 03LE24864, 03FX41043, 03GF11301, 03GT71497, 03LN36431, 03GK82883, 03FJ79351, 03LW36893, 03LR77491, 03GR75689, 03GH65165, 03FG42640, 03FQ25835, 03GJ79656, 03KC25279, 03GR72240, 03KP28567, 03LJ25406, 03FX39539, 03LJ25500, 03GW32710, 03FQ27985, 03LX26658, 03K28271, 03FJ72650, 03LW33873, 03E43652, 03L55979, 03LC24484, 03FQ28136, 03K27919, 03L54234, 03LG23790, 03GF00619, 03LE21554, 03L63594, 03GF08278, 03H31293, 03GF08262, 03GF08558, 03LG26301, 03GF08605, 03LM16520, 03GW35565, 03FV89908, 03FF76717, 03LJ29756, 03FG40544, 03GP60246, 03GP60245, 03LF25792, 03LL46667, 03GN43306, 03GQ67729, 03GN43300, 03GQ67760, 03LC21525, 03LH09256, 03GG95828, 03GN43916, 03GN43914, 03GN43786, 03GG97474, 03LX23665, 03FR54719, 03GW29555, 03LL47423, 03L47609, 03FL97988, 03GN43846, 03FJ76761, 03LW35575, 03LR75959, 03GP60262, 03GP60274, 03GQ82785, 03GF08030, 03GK81033, 03KP31286, 03FW84868, 03LL48236, 03LS20426, 03FL97435, 03GW29387, 03GW29384, 03FV83275, 03FG27833, 03LM12005, 03LN28823, 03KP26876, 03GF92936, 03FV83041, 03FV83075, 03GZ44162, 03FG27733, 03GQ69794, 03K23760, 03FG27732, 03GF93167, 03GC11957, 03GC12401, 03FF72387, 03LL49996, 03GS60240, 03GY32372, 03FG28019, 03GW29767, 03FQ23681, 03LE11227, 03GF93696, 03LL49800, 03GZ46003, 03LL50267, 03LR73350, 03FM14244, 03GS61211, 03GC13675, 03LS22133, 03KE23441, 03GN45366, 03GC13674, 03KF15948, 03LG22392, 03K25928, 03KK31571, 03FV84703, 03KT11759, 12GS57098, 03GF96650, 03LS21747, 03FH21935, 19FZ12596, 19GF63002, 03LG23204, 03LF28471, 03GF97887, 03KT12164, 03LC23228, 03GQ83036, 03GT69962, 03FW88976, 03GG02808, 03FJ69417, 03LN31072, 03LX25654, 03KK32411, 03GT64838, 03R28166, 03GZ47626, 03GZ47473, 03V30869, 03LM14266, 03KP27774, 03LX24208, 03LW31855, 03GC13112, 03G23077, 03L49862, 03LL52445, 03GH61052, 03LC22483, 03LM13686, 03GG99108, 03GW30094, 03GJ78588, 03LN29523, 03GC14160, 03GG02036, 03GL73196, 03GZ48677, 03LM14753, 03GT65778, 03GH61733, 03FV85907, 03GC14263, 03V31539, 03GH61801, 03FX38138, 03FG30931, 03GK76061, 03LW32784, 03FQ25722, 03GW31814, 03LC26621, 03GZ58607, 03GM61694, 03FM17827, 03LX29144, 03FQ35993, 03FF77496, 03GM61976, 03GC18365, 03FH25022, 03GS56764, 03FV79480, 03LC19889, 03GS56769, 03GN41368, 03FF70314, 03FR51905, 03GS56600, 03KJ08534, 03LL39797, 03GP42505, 03FV79324, 03FH18922, 03KF16875, 03R32027, 03LS26182, 03LE20713, 03E47921, 03LE20713, 03E47901, 03LE20652, 03LE20692, 03LE20711, 03LE20707, 03GQ82162, 03R31849, 03S28366, 03LG25799, 03FJ76736, 03KP31132, 03FQ35538, 0FFJ76737, 03FW88982, 03FW88980, 03FJ76764, 03GX30383, 03GC17822, 03LC26373, 03GZ57658, 03GN48763, 03L63171, 03R32149, 03FG39321, 03LE20952, 03H30982, 03FX40639, 03GW35016, 03GK80057, 03LC26087, 03GS63707, 03GG09565, 03GR74584, 03LE20936, 03GQ82436, 03LM16334, 03FF76442, 03GR74538, 03FX40900, 03LE20884, 03GQ82345, 03GP59995, 03FG39420, 03LX28802, 03GX30381, 03GC17767, 03GG09749, 03KY25205, 03LG26147, 03GT69905, 03S28648, 03L63403, 03S28680, 03LC26179, 03KE26102, 03R32121, 03LN34753, 03LM16303, 03GS63722, 03FQ35383, 03GP59517, 03GX30463, 03KJ10947, 03FX40618, 03GG08952, 03LC25896, 03FG37934, 03V34209, 03LE19772, 03GG08665, 03FQ35030, 03GF06558, 03GW35184, 03FQ34430, 03GF07166, 03FL00094, 03FG38970, 03FJ76445, 03LG25927, 03LX28664, 03FX40840, 03GK80102, 03FG38809, 93GF06841, 03LG25841, 03LC26103, 03KK36666, 03LN34553, 03FR57825, 03LC26152, 03LC26153, 03FQ35138, 03FY06438, 03FJ76187, 03GT69479, 03FL00181, 03FY06442, 03GF06978, 03L60244, 03LE19047, 03GG08571, 03GW36391, 03GW36391, 03GL75540, 03V34194, 03FL99738, 03FX40484, 93LE19264, 03GF05621, 03GF05706, 03H30021, 03GH62800, 19GH61146, 03FV88718, 03GZ55697, 03FG37310, 03GF04940, 03LW35013, 03GF05389, 03GF02099, 03FM16447, 03H29692, 03FW87476, 03FQ29501, 03GQ76888, 03LC24500, 03KT13685, 03LJ26271, 03LX27079, 03L56881, 03GQ77774, 03LJ26345, 03KE24695, 03GR72956, 03FG35337, 03GF02302, 03LW34397, 03K29010, 19V08963, 03GF02303, 03KP31307, 03FR58037, 03H31174, 03GC18109, 03LC26714, 03GN49068, 03FV90004, 03LM16481, 03FR58345, 03GR74898, 03LN35181, 03LC26556, 03FV90043, 03LS26781, 03GF08658, 03FJ77755, 03GQ83726, 03LS26812, 03FQ36226, 03GG10401, 03FM17967, 03S28976, 03GK81347, 03GK81388, 03FR58341, 03V34759, 03FQ36499, 03V34772, 03LE22222, 03FQ36485, 03FQ36482, 03H31218, 03GZ58495, 03GS64043, 03FQ37102, 03FQ37103, 03GZ59545, 03KQ31257, 03L64908, 03LE23045, 03GZ59479, 03FQ36881, 03LJ30357, 03L43345, 03GE04095, 03LL46731, 03V28691, 03R25552, 03GF89790, 03GG94049, 03FL96663, 03KT10631, 03E33604, 03G20140, 03LJ16493, 03GN43012, 03LJ17429, 03FH20565, 03KM25519, 03GG93110, 03KM24523, 03KQ26603, 03L42934, 03LL44293, 03L43260, 16GQ08292, 16LX53857, 03GC08806, 03GF86918, 03FG24700, 03FG24671, 03GF86242, 03GC08806, 03GF86918, 03LR71005, 03LE09356, 03KC23111, 03GQ67596, 03GS59013, 03L44970, 03GZ41761, 03GT62035, 03GT62028, 03KM25949, 03LR71869, 03KP24164, 03KP24161, 03KP24153, 03KM25945, 03KP24163, 03KE22261, 03FL90976, 03E23146, 03GR60367, 03LG14756, 03GS51057, 03K16617, 03LM94716, 03LC14566, 03LR64587, 03LF16335, 03GT53953, 03V23648, 03GT53716, 03GH52790, 03LC15285, 03GG79211, 03GP41221, 03GT54266, 03GT54243, 03LF16945, 03LC15556, 03V23878, 03FH13548, 03GK63322, 03KY11261, 03GL62287, 03LM95612, 03L27544, 03L27563, 03GC02163, 03L27524, 03LL25659, 03GH53218, 03GF73560, 03KP14497, 03H17127, 03KF13012, 03KY11650, 03GH53825, 03GX22323, 03LC15920, 03GH54077, 03GR61698, 03GN38663, 03GJ74383, 03GT55262, 03KP15048, 03L28890, 03LM96947, 03LL28625, 03LM97400, 03LL28580, 03GR61849, 03FL92010, 03KJ05705, 03FV72537, 03LL27275, 03KF13373, 03LF18554, 03GJ74803, 03GZ29270, 03GF75449, 03GJ74765, 03KQ19240, 03LG15392, 03KJ06355, 03KJ06354, 03LM97374, 03FX30548, 03FH14968, 03LC16881, 03S15570, 03LH05947, 03LC17024, 03LM97992, 03GL64895, 03FX30862, 03FX31009, 03FX31680, 03FX31662, 03GZ29671, 03LM97989, 012L64628, 012FV09758, 012FJ17822, 03LR66426, 03GZ31612, 03R21577, 03GQ56952, 03LG16557, 03GL66343, 03GL66369, 03GZ32140, 03LH06768, 03GF78787, 03LL32868, 03G14543, 03LL34056, 03GT57518, 03FL93377, 03GT57549, 03LR68149, 03GT57588, 03GR63765, 03GR63777, 03LL34944, 03LL34989, 03GF80490, 03KP18620, 03LR68218, 03LC17958, 03GT57385, 03GF79325, 03LX18899, 03KP18224, 03GG86458, 03FV77588, 03FH17794, 03LC18903, 03GG88680, 03V26406, 03H20883, 03K20038, 03G16920, 03S20020, 03FH18937, 03GT59767, 03GT59761, 03GZ37501, 03KP20678, 03FW83455, 03L39099, 03L39123, 03E30177, 03LG18250, 03GG89607, 03GG89630, 03GT59579, 03KY14753, 03LL40117, 03FR52101, 03GG10310, 03FQ36194, 03GT70373, 03FJ77832, 03GM61801, 03GF08592, 03FM17977, 03LE22097, 03G27903, 03GM61692, 03GP60473, 03GS64055, 12FX84927, 03GK81175, 03GH64510, 03GT70374, 03GH64513, 03GW35675, 03FJ77693, 03FQ36320, 93FJ77767, 03KK37038, 03FQ36418, 03FG40781, 03FJ77856, 03FQ36166, 03GR75039, 03LG26476, 03GF08665, 03GZ58718, 03KK36920, 03LN35387, 03FJ77970, 03KJ11644, 03FQ36389, 03KY25746, 03FY06615, 03H31439, 03LE22162, 03LM16656, 03GQ84130, 12K01955, 03LE22454, 03LF30503, 03GQ84146, 03LG26618, 03FG40982, 03GF09113, 03LX29442, 03GG10669, 03S29117, 03LN35522, 03KK37175, 03S29157, 03GK81483, 03KQ31227, 03LE22736, 03GQ84252, 03GQ84226, 03E49369, 03K31249, 03GZ59287, 03FQ36479, 03FH25127, 03K31270, 03K31251, 03FH25004, 03FV90162, 03R32930, 03L64642, 03FV90188, 03KQ31157, 03FV90154, 03FQ36371, 03LW36041, 03KH30199, 03LE22543, 03FH25126, 03FQ36510, 03S29313, 03GF09369, 03S29395, 03FH25121, 03LG26638, 03KY25946, 03KJ11775, 03GF09346, 03GK81630, 03GZ59730, 03LE23284, 03GP60659, 03GS64279, 03GZ59747, 03KM30576, 03GK81138, 03E49586, 03LJ30050, 03LE23091, 03L64906, 03S29345, 03KH30262, 03GM61718, 03LS26784, 03GF08443, 03KY25666, 03GQ83464, 93FL00535, 03FQ36357, 03GF08943, 03L64410, 03GG10422, 03GH64513, 03LF30553, 03LE22219, 03LS26868, 03KH30159, 03GF08118, 03GF08846, 03FY06616, 03KJ11518, 03L64453, 03LJ30069, 03LN35370, 03E49124, 03GG10540, 03FQ36442, 03GN49263, 03GZ58837, 03LX29331, 03S29206, 03GK81387, 03LG26623, 03GT70573, 03GT70599, 03LJ30101, 03GH64592, 03GQ83707, 03H31388, 03KK37085, 03LE23389, 03GW36123, 03E49766, 03GX31472, 03GT69960, 03KK37551, 03FG41475, 03S29426, 03GZ59743, 03LF30520, 03FM18017, 03GF09076, 03FV90268, 03LE23396, 03GG11298, 03FF77780, 03GF10062, 03FJ77949, 03FF77415, 03S29323, 03GP60616, 03GR75108, 03KY25995, 03GZ59799, 03LX29618, 03KP31548, 03E49875, 03GH64795, 03V34844, 03GP60746, 03GZ59886, 03GZ59969, 03GM62053, 03LE23634, 03KM30854, 03FF77556, 03GP60906, 03KK37830, 03LN35719, 03GX31474, 03KY26140, 03FF77688, 03GQ84664, 03KY26147, 03K31666, 03GG11193, 03GK81747, 03LN35602, 03LX29665, 03KM30802, 03GE05186, 03GT70802, 03KY26019, 03FQ37222, 03FY06803, 03LC27080, 03H31804, 03GG11150, 03GH64873, 03LN35796, 03GW36070, 03L64740, 03LS27330, 03LW36380, 03GR75365, 03LX29593, 03FG41009, 03GL75519, 03LE26641, 03GR76663, 03LG27924, 03FJ78947, 03GZ62024, 03LE26395, 03E51626, 03KE26963, 03GZ62923, 03KC27423, 03GG12846, 03FQ40429, 03GC19255, 03GC19129, 03FX41322, 03KY26799, 03FF78162, 03FQ41114, 03R34754, 03LJ32535, 03GQ87523, 12FT31106, 12LW96003, 12LW95993, 12FW28149, 03GF12612, 03GZ64035, 03GG13685, 03GF12688, 03FY07123, 03LC27402, 03KE26746, 03L67712, 03GG12986, 03GQ87755, 12LW95997, 03GX32031, 03LN36879, 03LX30575, 03GW37612, 03LX30710, 03GX83265, 03FQ38974, 03FY07105, 03GF12475, 03GF13578, 03FG43630, 03GP62664, 03K32476, 03GK83298, 03FY07271, 03GH65002, 03LJ31208, 03L67929, 03FG43872, 03KF17375, 03GL76134, 03LX28906, 03GF07667, 03GX30343, 03GR76627, 03K32654, 03FQ40705, 03FQ40965, 03G30286, 03FQ39578, 03LS28152, 03LM17305, 03H32665, 03E51657, 03KK38998, 03FL01551, 03L67868, 03GZ62881, 03G29398, 03FQ40407, 03GG13696, 03FG44786, 03LC28012, 03K32654, 03LE24152, 03FG30911, 03FG39791, 03GP56565, 03L57585, 03LR70982 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 1244 units B-1252-12
Red Blood Cells Rejuvenated Deglycerolized 116L93565 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 1 unit B-1262-12
Red Blood Cells (Apheresis) Leukocytes Reduced Irradiated 03GC17653 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 1 unit B-1261-12
Red Blood Cells Deglycerolized 1723916683, 01GG51833, 1661214568, 17KS00548, 03LX29384 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 5 units B-1260-12
Red Blood Cells Frozen 03GS62958, 03H19479 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 2 units B-1259-12
Red Blood Cells Washed 03L65716, 03GK66506, 03GZ34517, 03FF68869 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 4 units B-1258-12
Red Blood Cells (Apheresis) Irradiated 03GQ85121, 03L65870, 03GQ85078, 03FG39664 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 4 units B-1257-12
Red Blood Cells (Apheresis) Leukocytes Reduced 03G27624, 11GY34647, 03GQ85121, 03GQ85170, 03GQ85172, 03GQ85177, 03L65065, 03P52879, 03P52879, 03FG42459, 03L65870, 03P52824, 03L63593, 03FG39664, 03LS27057, 03LS27057, 03P52004, 03FH25008, 03FG41042, 03FG41411, 03GQ85138, 03GQ85138 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 22 units B-1256-12
Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced Irradiated 03FX40937, 03GZ58285, 03GP60292, 03KP31104, 03LN35475, 03E31964, 03LL42936, 03GQ64812, 03GQ64853, 03LM06932, 03LM06955, 03LM06939, 03KM30783, 03FJ78190, 03GZ60200, 03LG26883, 03GG11501, 03GC18533, 03LW36472, 03GQ85104, 03GS64808, 03GG12396, 03GM62356, 03FM18696, 03GH65126, 03GG12024, 03H32298, 03V35068, 03GP61483, 03LN36542, 03KK38669, 03FM18695, 03LN36338, 03GF10273, 03GY36394, 03GP61083, 03GY36474, 03GY36481, 03GT71418, 03GF11109, 03GG11962, 03GZ61268, 03LW36683, 03FM18552, 03FM18564, 03V30437, 03GZ46278, 03GF94284, 03KM26923, 03LN29189, 03GZ48681, 03KM28111, 03KE25986, 03GF04636, 03FW87722, 03FM18062, 03KM30529, 03LC20617, 03GJ72873, 03GY26074, 03LF17223, 03KK37509, 03LN35692, 03LX29294, 03LW36239 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 65 units B-1254-12
Red Blood Cells Degylcerolized Leukocytes Reduced 03H32073, 03FX36704 Class III Blood products, in which phenotype testing was performed incorrectly, were distributed. 2 units B-1253-12