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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of August 29, 2012

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Event Detail

Event ID 40870
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm American National Red Cross (The)
City Oakland
State CA
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2005-10-19
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Blood products were released for distribution to consignees located in CA.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced Frozen 084FT80048, 084FT80056, 084K59787, 084Q14901, 084T20919 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 5 B-2294-12
Red Blood Cells Deglycerolized Leukocytes Reduced 084FT72445, 084FT74945, 084FT75422, 084FT76207, 084FT76466, 084FT76787, 084FT79582, 084J88571, 084K56474, 084K57952, 084KM45730, 084KM47908, 084KM47958, 084LP37808, 084LP39576, 084LP39785, 084LP40062, 084Q13430, 084Q14912, 084Q18636, 084Q18827, 084T16406, 084T16514, 084T17835, 084T18403, 084T22494, 084T23219, 084W62702, 084W62726, 084W64387, 084W65869 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 31 B-2293-12
Red Blood Cells Deglycerolized Leukocytes Reduced 084FT82947, 084FT83618, 084J96023, 084J96301, 084J97023, 084J98141, 084K55016, 084K58706, 084K60043, 084K60194, 084K62037, 084K62556, 084KM48320, 084Q13262, 084Q13611, 084Q13772, 084Q15707, 084Q17490, 084Q20457, 084Q22541, 084T21666, 084T21812, 084T21893, 084T22978, 084W62556, 084W62563, 084W66330, 084W69575, 084Z84745, 084Z86429, 084Z88735, 084Z90229 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 32 B-2292-12
Red Blood Cells Deglycerolized Leukocytes Reduced 021KC66135, 084FT77211, 084FT78046, 084FT81909, 084J90862, 084J93534, 084KM43545, 084LP37814, 084Q20379 084T15992 084T18414 084T21858 084Z84403 084Z88455 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 14 B-2291-12
Red Blood Cells 084LT31329, P-2; 084LT31329, P-I; 084LT31600, P-1; 084LT31600, P-2 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 4 B-2290-12
Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced 006GG69748, 006LM40904, 006LQ64474, 084FT72355, 084FT72408, 084FT73012, 084FT73025, 084FT73593, 084FT73801, 084FT73906, 084FT73920, 084FT73945, 084FT73954, 084FT74138, 084FT74145, 084FT74193, 084FT74371, 084FT74399, 084FT74407, 084FT74422, 084FT74426, 084FT74476, 084FT74486, 084FT74491, 084FT74494, 084FT74505, 084FT74507, 084FT74508, 084FT74512, 084FT74520, 084FT74544, 084FT74574, 084FT74638, 084FT74642, 084FT74650, 084FT74692, 084FT74704, 084FT74780, 084FT74831, 084FT74928, 084FT74935, 084FT74936, 084FT74958, 084FT75074, 084FT75138, 084FT75166, 084FT75212, 084FT75218, 084FT75241, 084FT75248, 084FT75275, 084FT75439, 084FT75465, 084FT75551, 084FT75572, 084FT75708, 084FT75884, 084FT75885, 084FT75946, 084FT75962, 084FT76060, 084FT76101, 084FT76218, 084FT76222, 084FT76278, 084FT76284, 084FT76318, 084FT76373, 084FT76448, 084FT76449, 084FT76465, 084FT76468, 084FT76578, 084FT76593, 084FT76921, 084FT77010, 084FT77029, 084FT77040, 084FT77045, 084FT77196, 084FT77201, 084FT77206, 084FT77208, 084FT77293, 084FT77510, 084FT77517, 084FT77536, 084FT77665, 084FT77698, 084FT77710, 084FT77738, 084FT77786, 084FT77811, 084FT77874, 084FT77884, 084FT77920, 084FT77960, 084FT77961, 084FT78017, 084FT78129, 084FT78257, 084FT78260, 084FT78264, 084FT78477, 084FT78597, 084FT78651, 084FT78959, 084FT78993, 084FT79026, 084FT79067, 084FT79073, 084FT79159, 084FT79160, 084FT79174, 084FT79193, 084FT79200, 084FT79214, 084FT79225, 084FT79234, 084FT79238, 084FT79246, 084FT79250, 084FT79253, 084FT79263, 084FT79265, 084FT79352, 084FT79354, 084FT79355, 084FT79366, 084FT79412, 084FT79417, 084FT79421, 084FT79439, 084FT79562, 084FT79583, 084FT79629, 084FT79655, 084FT79656, 084FT79668, 084FT79697, 084FT79704, 084FT79755, 084FT79833, 084FT79850, 084FT79851, 084FT79863, 084FT79880, 084FT79921, 084FT79955, 084FT79958, 084FT79963, 084FT80033, 084FT80036, 084FT80068, 084FT80075, 084FT80110, 084FT80143, 084FT80202, 084FT80212, 084FT80266, 084FT80367, 084FT80372, 084FT80520, 084FT80537, 084FT80546, 084FT80552, 084FT80553, 084FT80569, 084FT80572, 084FT80603, 084FT80628, 084FT80646, 084FT80659, 084FT80800, 084FT80813, 084FT80847, 084FT80865, 084FT81370, 084FT81371, 084FT81378, 084FT81629, 084FT81638, 084FT81720, 084FT81734, 084FT81898, 084FT81901, 084FT82092, 084FT82129, 084FT82166, 084FT82277, 084FT82282, 084FT82300, 084FT82302, 084FT82329, 084FT82341, 084FT82358, 084FT82389, 084FT82392, 084FT82445, 084FT82571, 084FT82593, 084FT82597, 084FT82651, 084FT82838, 084FT82893, 084FT83121, 084FT83127, 084FT83196, 084FT83234, 084FT83252, 084FT83284, 084FT83308, 084FT83853, 084FT83855, 084J86693, 084J87149, 084J87259, 084J87282, 084J87960, 084J88272, 084J88293, 084J88295, 084J88305, 084J88593, 084J88599, 084J89073, 084J89077, 084J89160, 084J89184, 084J89521, 084J89808, 084J89818, 084J89831, 084J89854, 084J89911, 084J89925, 084J89977, 084J90032, 084J90238, 084J90242, 084J90479, 084J90771, 084J90887, 084J90951, 084J90962, 084J90988, 084J90989, 084J90992, 084J91019, 084J91041, 084J91051, 084J91055, 084J91071, 084J91091, 084J92205, 084J92441, 084J92444, 084J92571, 084J92598, 084J92606, 084J92607, 084J92636, 084J92638, 084J92700, 084J92781, 084J92868, 084J92871, 084J92897, 084J92902, 084J92904, 084J93108, 084J93196, 084J93212, 084J93336, 084J93419, 084J93421, 084J93480, 084J93546, 084J93557, 084J93590, 084J93628, 084J93737, 084J93788, 084J93934, 084J93944, 084J93986, 084J94119, 084J94159, 084J94233, 084J95325, 084J95736, 084J95750, 084J95753, 084J95768, 084J95772, 084J95773, 084J95775, 084J95860, 084J95879, 084J95919, 084J96012, 084J96044, 084J96193, 084J96203, 084J96305, 084J96421, 084J96427, 084J96445, 084J96586, 084J96600, 084J96808, 084J96814, 084J96824, 084J96838, 084J96917, 084J96922, 084J96928, 084J96994, 084J97027, 084J97038, 084J97072, 084J97087, 084J97090, 084J97104, 084J97239, 084J97279, 084J97881, 084J97918, 084J97919, 084J97920, 084J97938, 084J97990, 084J97994, 084J98127, 084J98149, 084J98154, 084J98443, 084J98730, 084J98802, 084K53296, 084K54411, 084K54674, 084K54925, 084K54934, 084K55012, 084K55035, 084K55037, 084K55071, 084K55110, 084K55112, 084K55148, 084K55271, 084K55291, 084K55409, 084K55446, 084K55572, 084K55796, 084K55799, 084K55808, 084K55818, 084K55976, 084K56130, 084K56135, 084K56146, 084K56153, 084K56542, 084K56547, 084K56651, 084K56668, 084K56683, 084K56719, 084K56795, 084K57116, 084K57155, 084K57158, 084K57496, 084K57534, 084K57545, 084K58086, 084K58150, 084K58285, 084K58300, 084K58334, 084K58534, 084K58611, 084K58646, 084K59007, 084K59099, 084K59390, 084K59722, 084K60017, 084K60018, 084K60027, 084K60051, 084K60056, 084K60074, 084K60106, 084K60201, 084K60250, 084K60259, 084K60270, 084K60278, 084K60293, 084K60417, 084K60428, 084K60531, 084K60623, 084K60725, 084K60750, 084K60944, 084K60958, 084K60960, 084K60981, 084K61004, 084K61005, 084K61126, 084K61195, 084K61234, 084K61288, 084K61335, 084K61448, 084K61972, 084K62033, 084K62318, 084K62375 , 084K62516, 084K62532, 084K62610, 084K62616, 084K62672, 084K62945, 084K62947, 084K63201, 084K63260, 084K63639, 084K63737, 084K63760, 084K63928, 084K63964, 084K64080, 084K64367, 084K64374, 084K64432, 084K64661, 084KM38335, 084KM38383, 084KM38835, 084KM39579, 084KM40257, 084KM40353, 084KM40653, 084KM40659, 084KM40663, 084KM40684, 084KM41595, 084KM43219, 084KM43445, 084KM43745, 084KM43949, 084KM44089, 084KM44177, 084KM44412, 084KM44415, 084KM44719, 084KM45124, 084KM45247, 084KM45282, 084KM45476, 084KM45693, 084KM45695, 084KM45712, 084KM46065, 084KM46526, 084KM47102, 084KM47112, 084KM47178, 084KM47202, 084KM47232, 084KM47241, 084KM47823, 084KM47894, 084KM47934, 084KM48345, 084KM48359, 084KM48468, 084KM48478, 084KM48486, 084KM48540, 084KM48605, 084KM48614, 084KM48703, 084KM50080, 084KM50693, 084KM51158, 084LJ00235, 084LJ00296, 084LP36947, 084LP36970, 084LP36972, 084LP37219, 084LP37220, 084LP37254, 084LP37261, 084LP37500, 084LP37590, 084LP37591, 084LP37600, 084LP37605, 084LP37618, 084LP37623, 084LP37626, 084LP37697, 084LP37707, 084LP37742, 084LP37743, 084LP37744, 084LP37747, 084LP37751, 084LP37757, 084LP37769, 084LP37810, 084LP37882, 084LP37884, 084LP37889, 084LP37900, 084LP37917, 084LP37930, 084LP37961, 084LP38185, 084LP38342, 084LP38343, 084LP38345, 084LP38609, 084LP38653, 084LP38657, 084LP38669, 084LP38670, 084LP38827, 084LP38892, 084LP38925, 084LP38997, 084LP39138, 084LP39169, 084LP39175, 084LP39505, 084LP39620, 084LP39789, 084LP39814, 084LP39998, 084LP40056, 084LP40094, 084LP40275, 084LP40349, 084LP40381, 084LP41023, 084LP41119, 084LP41122, 084LP41154, 084LP41333, 084LP41432, 084LP41554, 084LP41561, 084Q10660, 084Q11952, 084Q11955, 084Q11965, 084Q12253, 084Q12272, 084Q12572, 084Q12573, 084Q12578, 084Q12580, 084Q12594, 084Q12597, 084Q12609, 084Q12655, 084Q12661, 084Q12667, 084Q12685, 084Q12691, 084Q12701, 084Q12720, 084Q12721, 084Q12730, 084Q12731, 084Q12738, 084Q12757, 084Q12770, 084Q12952, 084Q12961, 084Q12975, 084Q13021, 084Q13092, 084Q13135, 084Q13144, 084Q13239, 084Q13246, 084Q13268, 084Q13441, 084Q13539, 084Q13609, 084Q13628, 084Q13749, 084Q13762, 084Q14044, 084Q14155, 084Q14251, 084Q14483, 084Q14856, 084Q15716, 084Q15726, 084Q15998, 084Q16018, 084Q16382, 084Q16394, 084Q16497, 084Q16521, 084Q16621, 084Q16876, 084Q17880, 084Q18021, 084Q18200, 084Q18206, 084Q18656, 084Q18688, 084Q18793, 084Q18799, 084Q18814, 084Q18818, 084Q18878, 084Q18894, 084Q19083, 084Q19181, 084Q19225, 084Q19301, 084Q19312, 084Q19343, 084Q19416, 084Q19454, 084Q19472, 084Q19473, 084Q19477, 084Q19539, 084Q19664, 084Q19771, 084Q19815, 084Q20223, 084Q20377, 084Q20378, 084Q20388, 084Q20393, 084Q20399, 084Q20626, 084Q20811 , 084Q20893 , 084Q20996, 084Q21042, 084Q21073, 084Q21171, 084Q21396, 084Q21426, 084Q21427, 084Q21548, 084Q21720, 084Q21760, 084Q21785, 084Q21796, 084Q21805, 084Q21996, 084Q22035, 084Q22038, 084Q22106, 084Q22117, 084Q22139, 084Q22147, 084Q22386, 084Q22504, 084Q22583, 084Q22607, 084Q23224, 084Q23250, 084T13976, 084T14483, 084T14785, 084T15134, 084T15358, 084T15568, 084T15863, 084T15883, 084T15980, 084T15983, 084T15987, 084T15988, 084T16024, 084T16029, 084T16063, 084T16069, 084T16076, 084T16084, 084T16110, 084T16113, 084T16244, 084T16262, 084T16355, 084T16483, 084T16484, 084T16486, 084T16490, 084T16494, 084T16510, 084T16515, 084T16525, 084T17057, 084T17062, 084T17446, 084T17562, 084T18567, 084T18568, 084T19296, 084T19507, 084T19562, 084T19581, 084T19942, 084T19944, 084T19963, 084T20058, 084T20132, 084T20590, 084T20891, 084T20903, 084T20913, 084T20914, 084T20994, 084T21128, 084T21165, 084T21265, 084T21300, 084T21311, 084T21318, 084T21404, 084T21664, 084T21678, 084T21855, 084T21857, 084T21867, 084T21911, 084T22224, 084T22271, 084T22275, 084T22577, 084T22677, 084T22790, 084T22947, 084T23189, 084T23223, 084T23229, 084T23231, 084T23890, 084T23899, 084T24112, 084T24136, 084T24145, 084T24173, 084T24396 , 084T24506, 084T24573, 084T24925, 084T24957, 084T25012, 084T25095, 084T25367, 084W61337, 084W61342, 084W61718, 084W61722, 084W61944, 084W61951, 084W61964, 084W61978, 084W62039, 084W62054, 084W62062, 084W62272, 084W62288, 084W62331, 084W62393, 084W62394, 084W62396, 084W62404, 084W62416, 084W62418, 084W62552, 084W62555, 084W62706, 084W62869, 084W62872, 084W62893, 084W62980, 084W63133, 084W63886, 084W63931, 084W63959, 084W64007, 084W64175, 084W64182, 084W64340, 084W64386, 084W64401, 084W64558, 084W64580, 084W64950, 084W65141, 084W65393, 084W65458, 084W65475, 084W65851, 084W65885, 084W66026, 084W66191, 084W66283, 084W66311, 084W66353, 084W66417, 084W66805, 084W66817, 084W66821, 084W66825, 084W66887, 084W66889, 084W66922, 084W66938, 084W66958, 084W67003, 084W67021, 084W67025, 084W67363, 084W67369, 084W67372, 084W67565, 084W67643, 084W67652, 084W67653, 084W67699, 084W67781, 084W67791, 084W68377, 084W68384, 084W68425, 084W68436, 084W68483 , 084W68521 , 084W68616 , 084W68626 , 084W68717, 084W68830, 084W68987, 084W68996, 084W68999, 084W69048, 084W69058, 084W69313, 084W69342, 084W69352, 084W69511, 084W69570, 084W69626, 084W69789, 084W69825, 084W69865, 084W70224, 084Z83316, 084Z83353, 084Z84246, 084Z84585, 084Z84598, 084Z84614, 084Z84672, 084Z84687, 084Z84688, 084Z84697, 084Z84703, 084Z84742, 084Z84754, 084Z84756, 084Z84862, 084Z84878, 084Z85046, 084Z85056, 084Z85201, 084Z85259, 084Z85324, 084Z85512, 084Z85573, 084Z85626, 084Z86198, 084Z86358, 084Z86651, 084Z86693, 084Z86727, 084Z86728, 084Z86731, 084Z86763, 084Z86906, 084Z86994, 084Z87308, 084Z87351, 084Z87550, 084Z87580, 084Z87679, 084Z87715, 084Z87819, 084Z87871, 084Z87964, 084Z87989, 084Z88001, 084Z88037, 084Z88043, 084Z88091, 084Z88182, 084Z88225, 084Z88244, 084Z88251, 084Z88337, 084Z88344, 084Z88463, 084Z88553, 084Z88569, 084Z88604, 084Z89320 , 084Z89397, 084Z89432 , 084Z89499, 084Z89537, 084Z89573, 084Z89589, 084Z89746, 084Z89759, 084Z89835, 084Z89869, 084Z89886, 084Z89979, 084Z90070, 084Z90155, 084Z90224, 084Z90864, 211LE53095, 211LE54987, 211LE55166, 211LE55504, 211LE62607 Class II Blood products, lacking proper documentation of antigen phenotyping, were distributed. 960 B-2289-12