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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of March 6, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 59131
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm BioLife Plasma Services L.P.
City Fayetteville
State AR
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2011-06-03
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern CA

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Source Plasma 10YARC6463; 10YARC6649; 10YARC7602; 10YARC7997; 10YARC8564; 10YARC8999; 10YARC9824; 10YARD0379; 10YARD0820; 10YARD1483; 10YARD2609; 10YARD2996; 10YARD3383; 10YARD3870; 10YARD4242; 10YARD4759; 10YARD5107; 10YARD5628; 10YARD1365; 10YARD1705; 10YARE1949; 10YARF0643; 10YARF1015; 11YARB3565; 11YARB4376; 10YARC9496; 10YARC9904; 10YARD0475; 10YARD0879; 10YARD1312; 10YARD1719; 10YARD2873; 10YARD3239; 10YARD3603; 10YARD4100; 10YARD4448; 10YARD4957; 10YARD5309; 10YARD5868; 10YARD6565; 10YARD6974; 10YARD7627; 10YARD7968; 10YARD8487; 10YARD9356; 10YARD9839; 10YARE0037; 10YARE0793; 10YARE1578; 10YARE2041; 10YARE2465; 10YARE2943; 10YARE3369; 10YARE4038; 10YARE4643; 10YARE4930; 10YARE5449; 10YARE6650; 10YARE7108; 10YARF0317; 11YARA0118; 11YARA0748; 11YARA1257; 11YARA2002; 11YARA2427; 11YARA2821; 11YARA3340; 11YARA3926; 11YARA4563; 11YARA4909; 11YARA5591; 11YARA6691; 11YARA7433; 10YARD7376; 10YARC7106; 10YARC8148; 10YARC9173; 10YARC9524; 10YARD0472; 10YARD3556; 10YARD4413; 10YARD4973; 10YARD8372; 10YARD9585; 10YARE3188; 10YARE6979; 10YARF0941; 11YARA9062; 11YARB0739; 11YARB1424; 10YARC9951; 10YARC9539; 10YARD0027; 10YARD1108; 10YARD1511; 10YARD2467; 10YARD5835; 10YARD6814; 10YARD7183; 10YARD8128; 10YARD8186; 10YARD9912; 10YARE0677; 10YARE4011; 10YARE4435; 11YARA0504; 10YARC9723; 10YARD1134; 10YARD1943; 10YARD5238; 10YARD5533; 10YARD6069; 10YARD6606; 10YARD8759; 10YARD9292; 10YARD9603; 10YARE0275; 10YARE0763; 10YARE1540; 10YARE1781; 10YARE2381; 10YARE2864; 10YARE3295; 10YARE4301; 10YARD1942; 10YARD2925; 10YARD3295; 10YARD3967; 10YARD4787; 10YARD5179; 10YARD5730; 10YARD6070; 10YARD6826; 10YARD9242; 10YARD9802; 10YARE0320; 10YARC6499; 10YARC6795; 10YARD1600; 10YARD1993; 10YARD2493; 10YARD2985; 10YARD3493; 10YARD3817; 10YARD4315; 10YARD4814; 10YARD5592; 10YARE2596; 10YARE3487; 10YARE4335; 10YARE5224; 10YARE6139; 10YARE6215; 11YARA0886; 11YARA1613; 11YARA2419; 11YARA2699; 11YARA3480; 11YARA3995; 11YARA4475; 11YARA4754; 11YARA5027; 11YARA5566; 11YARA5883; 11YARA6423; 11YARA6995; 11YARA7603; 11YARA8134; 11YARA8743; 11YARA9335; 11YARB0548; 11YARB1709; 11YARB2117; 11YARB2867; 10YARD1839; 10YARD2135; 10YARD2765; 10YARD3120; 10YARD3511; 10YARD3982; 10YARD4364; 10YARD4846; 10YARD5228; 10YARD5735; 10YARD6133; 10YARD6925; 10YARD7393; 10YARD7810; 10YARD8461; 10YARD9330; 10YARC6381; 10YARC6988; 10YARD6686; 10YARD7282; 10YARD7575; 10YARC6392; 10YARC6708; 10YARC7348; 10YARC7936; 10YARC8312; 10YARC8944; 10YARC9265; 10YARC9584; 10YARC9984; 10YARD0577; 10YARD0964; 10YARD4841; 10YARD5412; 10YARD5959; 10YARD6299; 10YARD6702; 10YARD7078; 10YARD7946; 10YARD8478; 10YARD8816; 10YARD9291; 10YARD9668; 10YARD0017; 10YARD1381; 10YARD1774; 10YARD2328; 10YARD2690; 10YARD3044; 10YARD4696; 10YARD4817; 10YARD5705; 10YARE6457; 10YARE6708; 10YARE7206; 10YARE7737; 10YARE8216; 10YARE8769; 10YARE9182; 10YARF0062; 10YARF0534; 10YARF1167; 11YARA0011; 11YARA0972; 11YARA1346; 11YARA1968; 11YARA2609; 11YARA2835; 11YARA4161; 11YARA4285; 11YARA4693; 11YARA5262; 11YARA5523; 11YARA6085; 11YARA6430; 11YARA6999; 11YARA7431; 11YARA7906; 11YARA8315; 11YARA8913; 10YARD1532; 10YARD2866; 10YARD3007; 10YARD3801; 10YARD3872; 10YARD4652; 10YARD4776; 10YARD5505; 10YARD5647; 10YARD6386; 10YARD7163; 10YARD7346; 10YARD8022; 10YARD8175; 10YARD8900; 10YARD9049; 10YARD9730; 10YARD9916; 10YARE0653; 10YARE0724; 10YARE1437; 10YARE1635; 10YARE2295; 10YARE2477; 10YARE3408; 10YARE4770; 10YARE5260; 10YARE6161; 10YARE6689; 10YARE8786; 10YARE9716; 10YARC9894; 10YARD0245; 10YARD0876; 10YARD1190; 10YARD1810; 10YARD2140; 10YARD2707; 10YARD3266; 10YARD3666; 10YARD4136; 10YARD4674; 10YARD5224; 10YARC9515; 10YARC9991; 10YARD1986; 10YARD2309; 10YARD3022; 10YARD3464; 10YARD2013; 10YARD2149; 10YARD2839; 10YARD3771; 10YARD4614; 10YARD5991; 10YARD6376; 10YARD7159; 10YARD7458; 10YARD8018; 10YARD9742; 10YARE0223; 10YARE0583; 10YARE5222; 10YARE5409; 10YARE8851; 10YARE9338; 10YARE9923; 10YARF0204; 11YARA9464; 11YARB1848; 11YARB2130; 10YARC5715; 10YARC6152; 10YARC6875; 10YARC7245; 10YARC7832; 10YARC8263; 10YARC8862; 10YARC9269; 10YARC9465; 10YARD0363; 10YARD0894; 10YARD1547; 10YARD2039; 10YARD3393; 10YARD3793; 10YARD4282; 10YARD5649; 10YARD6221; 10YARD6818; 10YARD7130; 10YARD7725; 10YARD8539; 10YARD8915; 10YARD9395; 10YARE5842; 10YARE6183; 10YARE6696; 10YARE7190; 10YARE7696; 10YARE8404; 10YARE8747; 10YARE9437; 10YARE9773; 10YARF0619; 10YARF0979; 11YARA0024; 11YARA0422; 11YARA1827; 11YARA2011; 11YARA2659; 11YARB0574; 10YARC5908; 10YARC6882; 10YARC5922; 10YARC6151; 10YARC6493; 10YARC7435; 10YARC8572; 10YARD1029; 10YARD5919; 10YARC6405; 10YARC6747; 10YARC7381; 10YARC7968; 10YARC8339; 10YARC8975; 10YARC9633; 10YARD0038; 10YARD0630; 10YARD0996; 10YARD2152; 10YARE3714; 10YARE4077; 10YARE4673; 10YARC9784; 10YARD0348; 10YARD0994; 10YARC9912; 10YARC9967; 10YARD0670; 10YARD1739; 10YARD2079; 10YARD3588; 10YARD4517; 10YARE5646; 10YARC9970; 10YARD0004; 10YARD0343; 10YARD2455; 10YARE6901; 10YARD1137; ; 10YARD3046; 10YARD3789; 10YARD4294; 10YARD1140; 10YARD1763; 10YARD2092; 10YARD2708; 10YARD3126; 10YARD3670; 10YARD4003; 10YARD5195; 10YARD6869; 10YARD7361; 10YARD9824; 10YARE0535; 10YARE1560; 10YARD1815; 10YARD6294; 10YARD6692; 10YARD7065; 10YARD7590; 10YARD1748; 10YARD2032; 10YARD2878; 10YARD4642; 10YARD5020; 10YARD7567; 10YARD8127; 10YARD8992; 10YARD9259; 10YARE1548; Class II Blood products, collected from donors with incomplete physical examination, were distributed. 437 B-0636-13