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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of March 20, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 61380
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm BioLife Plasma Services L.P.
City Cheyenne
State WY
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2012-01-27
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern California, Austria

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Source Plasma 11CWYD2770; 11CWYD2350; 11CWYC4816; 11CWYC4486; 11CWYC3904; 11CWYC3580; 11CWYC3052; 11CWYC2727; 11CWYC1908; 11CWYC1363; 11CWYC1017; 11CWYC0112; 11CWYB9556; 11CWYB9227; 11CWYB8692; 11CWYB7810; 11CWYB8359; 11CWYC2252; 09CWYA7624; 09CWYA8110; 09CWYA8874; 09CWYA9397; 09CWYB0181; 09CWYB0702; 09CWYB1521; 09CWYB2032; 09CWYB2858; 09CWYB3354; 09CWYC0658; 09CWYC1200; 09CWYC2126; 09CWYC2665; 09CWY3564; 09CWY4102; 09CWYC4978; 09CWYD3431; 09CWYD4255; 10CWY5744; 10CWYD6006; 10CWYD6456; 10CWYD6716; 11CWYA8273; 11CWYA8597; 11CWYA9130; 11CWYA9455; 11CWYB0013; 11CWYB0319; 11CWYB08113; 11CWYB1113; 11CWYB1698; 11CWYB2620; 11CWYB2959; 09CWYA4921; 09CWYA5431; 09CWYC5493; 09CWYC6358; 09CWYC6852; 09CWYC7476; 09CWYC8002; 09CWYC9034; 09CWYC9340; 09CWYD0187; 09CWYD0696; 09CWYD1533; 09CWYD2130; 09CWYD2883; 09CWYD5831; 09CWYD6643; 09CWYD7938; 09CWYD8390; 09CWYD9188; 09CWYE0484; 09CWYE0991; 09CWYE1861; 09CWYE3011; 09CWYE3488; 09CWYE4252; 09CWYE4762; 09CWYE5558; 09CWYE6013; 09CWYE6581; 09CWYE7041; 09CWYE9040; 09CWYE9501; 09CWYF0303; 09CWYF0777; 09CWYF2024; 09CWYF3719; 09CWYF4214; 09CWYF5840; 09CWYF6293; 09CWYF7066; 09CWYF7538; 09CWYF8331; 09CWYF8821; 09CWYG0329; 09CWYG1670; 09CWYG1998; 09CWYG2760; 09CWYG3243; 10CWYA0513; 10CWYA0975; 10CWYA1643; 10CWYA2128; 10CWYA2839; 10CWYA3357; 10CWYA4080; 10CWYA6281; 10CWYA6671; 10CWYA7286; 10CWYA8301; 10CWYA8704; 10CWYB1419; 10CWYB1814; 10CWYB2396; 10CWYB2797; 10CWYB3474; 10CWYB3851; 10CWYB4483; 10CWYB4874; 10CWYB5507; 10CWYB5868; 10CWYB6471; 10CWYB6845; 10CWYB7465; 10CWYB7831; 10CWYB8376; 10CWYB8714; 10CWYB9616; 10CWYC0114; 10CWYC0450; 10CWYC0980; 10CWYC1303; 10CWYC2809; 10CWYC3301; 10CWYC3620; 10CWYC4126; 10CWYC4447; 10CWYC4954; 10CWYC5423; 10CWYC5730; 10CWYC6154; 10CWYC6455; 10CWYC6894; 10CWYC8322; 10CWYC8602; 10CWYC8985; 10CWYC9271; 10CWYC9672; 10CWYD0594; 10CWYD0945; 10CWYD1218; 10CWYD1629; 10CWYD1889; 10CWYD2329; 10CWYD2602; 10CWYD3040; 10CWYD3312; 10CWYD3688; 10CWYD3959; 10CWYD4373; 10CWYD5066; 10CWYD5311; 10CWYD7172; 10CWYD7444; 10CWYD7934; 10CWYD8200; 10CWYE0775; 10CWYE1104; 10CWYE1612; 10CWY2161; 11CWYA0319; 11CWYA0642; 11CWYA1424; 11CWYA1931; 11CWYA2250; 11CWYA2819; 11CWYA3155; 11CWYA3649; 11CWYA3954; 11CWYA5205; 11CWYA5495; 11CWYA5941; 11CWYA6227; 11CWYA6687; 11CWYA6972; 11CWYA7434; 11CWYA7750; 11CWYB3569; 11CWYB3922; 11CWYB4495; 11CWYB5456; 11CWYB5815; 11CWYB7439; 11CWYB7810; 11CWYB8359; 11CWYB8592; 11CWYB9227; 11CWYB9556; 11CWYC0112; 11CWYC1017; 11CWYC1363; 11CWYC1908; 11CWYC2252; 11CWYC2727; 11CWYC3052; 11CWYC3580; 11CWYC3904; 11CWYC4486; 11CWYC4816; 11CWYD2350; 11CWYD2770; 11CWYD3451; 11CWYD3863; 11CWYD4518; 11CWYD4907; 11CWYD5539; 11CWYD5919; 11CWYD6541; 11CWYD6921; 11CWYD7625; 11CWYD8019; 11CWYD8692; 11CWYD9091; 11CWYD9796; 11CWYE0230; 11CWYE0959; 11CWYE1739; 11CWYE2332; 11CWYE3085; 11CWYE3502; 11CWYE5524; 11CWYE6761; 11CWYE7153; 11CWYE7803; 11CWYE8199 Class III Blood products, collected from a donor who was at risk for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), were distributed. 236 units B-0706-13