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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of July 18, 2012

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Event Detail

Event ID 62112
Product Type Devices
Status Completed
Recalling Firm GE OEC Medical Systems, Inc
City Salt Lake City
State UT
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated FDA Mandated
Recall Initiation Date 2006-09-15
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution - US (nationwide)

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
InstaTrak with Multiple Dataset Navigation, 892.2050 System, Image Processing System, Model Number IT3500 Plus. Product Usage: Usage: The system is an aid to locate anatomical structures during open or percutaneous surgical procedures. It is indicated for use in medical conditions that may benefit from the use of stereotactic surgical technique. The system provides a reference to rigid anatomical structures such as sinus, skull, long bone, or vertebra, which are visible on medical images such as CT, MR, or X-ray. IT35050P, IT35071, IT35129, IT35133, IT35134, IT35139, IT35140, IT35143P-RC, IT35144P, IT35145P-RC, IT35146, IT35147P-RC, IT35148, IT35150, IT35153P, IT35156, IT35161, IT35162P-RC, IT35164, IT35169P-RC, IT35170G-RC, IT35175, IT35182G-RC, IT35183P-RC, IT35186P, IT35187P, IT35189P, IT35192P, IT35193P, IT35194P, IT35195P, IT35200P, IT35201P, IT35207P, IT35208P, IT35209P, IT35211P-RC, IT35214P, IT35215P, IT35220P, IT35222P, IT35223P, IT35225P, IT35228P, IT35231P, IT35232P, IT35234P, IT35236P, IT35237P, IT35240P, IT35242P, IT35245P, IT35248P, IT35251P, IT35252P, IT35253P, IT35263P, IT35265P, IT35269P, IT35270P, IT35271P, IT35273P, IT35274P, IT35277P, IT35280P, IT35284P, IT35285P, IT35290P, IT35293P, IT35294P, IT35295P, IT35296G, IT35297P, IT35299P, IT35300P, IT35302P, IT35303P, IT35304P, IT35309G, IT35310P, IT35311P, IT35312P, IT35315P, IT35316P, IT35322P, IT35323P, IT35324P, IT35330P, IT35331P, IT35334P, IT35341G, IT35342G, IT35344, IT35348P, IT35350P, IT35351P, IT35352P, IT35360P, IT35364P-RC, IT35365P, IT35367P, IT35372P, IT35377P, IT35380P, IT35383P. Class I On October 11, 2006, GE Healthcare recalled GE OEC InstaTrak 3500 Plus System with Software version 5.2, the surgical Navigation and Visualization Application due to software related issues. 86 units Z-1985-2012