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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of August 15, 2012

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Event Detail

Event ID 62596
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Kimberly-Clark Corporation
City Roswell
State GA
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2012-04-27
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Two or more of the following: Email, Fax, Letter, Press Release, Telephone, Visit
Distribution Pattern Nationwide Distribution-including the states of AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, IA, ID, IN, IL, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, ME, MO, MS, NE, NM, OH, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WI and WV.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Kimberly Clark Patient Warming System - Model 1000 Control Unit. Kimberly Clark Patient Warming System - Model 1000 Control Unit and Energy Transfer Pads is a thermal regulating system, indicated for monitoring and controlling patient temperature. Catalogue #01000-01 and 01000-01R, Units with 4-Digit Serial Numbers: Lot #4297, 4324, 4332, 4519, 4559, 4572; Units with 10 Character Serial Numbers: SA08017027, SA08017028, SA08017029, SA08017030, SA08017031, SA08017032, SA08017033, SA08017034, SA08017035, SA08017036, SA08017037, SA08017038, SA08017039, SA08017040, SA08017041, SA08017042, SA08017043, SA08017044, SA08017045, SA08017046, SA08017047, SA08017048, SA08017049, SA08343100, SA11137004, SA11137005, SA11137006, SA11137007, SA11137008, SA08094124, SA08094125, SA08094126, SA08094127, SA08094128, SA08094129, SA08094130, SA08094131, SA08094132, SA08094133, SA08094134, SA08094135, SA08094136, SA08094137, SA08094138, SA08094139, SA08094140, SA08094141, SA08094142, SA08094143, SA08094144, SA08094145, SA08094146, SA08094147, SA08094148, SA08094149, SA08094150, SA08094151, SA08094152, SA08094153, SA09020004, SA09020005, SA09020007, SA09020008, SA09020010, SA09020013, SA11298011, SA11298012, SA11298013, SA11298014, SA11298015, SA11298016, SA11298017, SA11298018, SA11298019, SA08136001, SA08136002, SA08136003, SA08136004, SA08136005, SA08136006, SA08136007, SA08136008, SA08136009, SA08136010, SA09043001, SA09043002, SA09043003, SA09043004, SA09043007, SA09043008, SA09043009, SA09043010, SA09043010, SA09043011, SA09043012, SA09043013, SA09043014, SA09043015, SA09043016, SA09043017, SA09043018, SA09043019, SA09043020, SA08343061, SA08343082, SA08343083, SA08343084, SA08343085, SA08343086, SA08343087, SA08343088, SA08343089, SA08343090, SA08343091, SA08343092, SA08343093, SA08343094, SA08343095, SA08343096, SA10337006, SA10337007, SA10337008, SA10337009 and SA10337010. Class II A defect of the "fuse holder" can lead to a Control Unit failure that may cause the device to lose its ability to warm and maintain set temperature and may also result in excessive heat with the fuse assembly that could lead to the generation of smoke. 129 units Z-2181-2012