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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of December 12, 2012

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Event Detail

Event ID 63643
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Invivo Corporation
City Orlando
State FL
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2012-10-15
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution-USA (nationwide) including the states of MO; MS; MA; IL; OH; NY; KS; PA; WI; VA; SD; AZ; FL; OR; TX; MA; MO; FL; MA; MI; CT; CA; NJ; NC; ME; IL; MA; MA; WV; MA; MN; CA; AL; AL; WI; DC; OH; WV; CA; NC; NY; MT; NJ; CA; WA; IN; MI; PA; TX; NC; TN; TX; ID; NM; IL; PA; IN; IL; WA; CO; MN; CA; IN; MD; MI; DC; GA; DE; CO; CT; WA; NJ; MD; TX; TN; MN; WA; CA; FL; OH; PA; NY; IN; OK; ID; IA; NY; WI; VA; CA; HI; MS; TX; HI; CT; TN; OR; WA; PA; NH; CA; MA; LA; IN; PA; AZ; GA; UT; ND; GA; TX; TX; IN; CA; MI; CT; CA; NC; MS; VA; IN; MI; NE; NV; MI; WA; IL; KY; LA; OR; OK; LA; TN; KY; TX; CA; PA; NM; NC; CO; DC; AL; MI; TX; SD; PA; OR; ID; NM; SD; CO; MN; NJ; MI; ND; MN; MT; LA; CT; WA; TX; IA; NJ; WI; SD; and UT, and the countries of Canada, Italy, Thailand, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Singapore, Republic of Korea, Uzbekistan, Iceland, Israel, Austria, United Kingdom, Afganhistan, Japan, South Africa, Germany, Qatar, Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Sweden.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Invivo Corporation Expression MRI Patient Monitoring System. The Expression MRI Patient Monitoring System is intended for use by healthcare professionals to monitor vital signs for patients undergoing MRI procedures. The Patient Monitoring System also provides signals for synchronization to the MR scanner. Model number 865214: (Service Numbers 453564180091, 453564181201). Lot numbers: US00201487, US00201488, US00201489, US00201490, US00201493, US11401510, US11401511, US11401513, US11401514, US11401515, US11401516, US11401531, US11401532, US11401533, US11401546, US11401562, US11401563, US11401564, US11401565, US11401566, US11401567, US11401568, US11401569, US11401570, US11401571, US11401572, US11401573, US11401574, US11401575, US11401576, US11401577, US11401578, US11401579, US11401611, US11401617, US11401618, US11401631, US11401633, US11401634, US11401645, US11401646, US11401647, US11401648, US11401649, US11401651, US11401652, US11401672, US11401673, US11401674, US11401675, US11401712, US11401713, US11401714, US11401715, US11401716, US11401717, US11401718, US11401719, US11401720, US11401721, US11401722, US11401723, US11401724, US11401737, US11401738, US11401739, US11401740, US11401741, US11401742, US11401743, US11401744, US11401745, US11401746, US11401747, US11401775, US11401776, US11401777, US11401778, US11401779, US11401780, US11401781, US11401782, US11401783, US11401784, US11401785, US11401786, US11401799, US11401843, US11401844, US11401845, US11401846, US11401851, US11401871, US11401872, US11401882, US11401883, US11401884, US11401885, US11401886, US11401892, US11401893, US11401903, US11401904, US11401905, US11401916, US11401917, US11401918, US11401969, US11401970, US11401971, US11401972, US11401973, US11401974, US11401975, US13301988, US13301989, US13301990, US13301991, US13301992, US13301993, US13301994, US13301995, US13301996, US13301997, US13301998, US13302000, US13302001, US13302034, US13302035, US13302036, US13302037, US13302039, US13302040, US13302041, US13302042, US13302043, US13302044, US13302050, US13302051, US13302052, US13302054, US13302055, US13302094, US13302095, US13302096, US13302097, US13302098, US13302099, US13302107, US13302108, US13302109, US13302111, US13302112, US13302113, US13302114, US13302115, US13302117, US13302118, US13302119, US13302141, US13302148, US13302175, US13302176, US13302177, US13302178, US13302179, US13302180, US13302182, US13302192, US13302193, US13302194, US13302195, US13302196, US13302197, US13302198, US13302209, US13302210, US13302211, US13302212, US13302247, US13302248, US13302249, US13302250, US13302251, US13302252, US13302254, US13302265, US13302266, US13302267, US13302291, US13302292, US13302293, US13302294, US13302295, US13302296, US13302297, US13302298, US13302300, US13302302, US13302304, US13302346, US13302347, US13302348, US13302349, US13302350, US13302362, US13302363, US13302364, US13302365, US13302366, US13302367, US13302373, US13302378, US13302421, US13302422, US13302423, US13302424, US13302425, US13302427, US13302430, US13302431, US13302432, US13302434, US13302437, US13302438, US13302439, US13302441, US13302445, US13302446, US13302447, US13302449, US13302450, US13302478, US13302485, US13302488, US13302498, US13302501, US13302503, US13302504, US13302505, US13302507, US13302508, US13302509, US13302510, US13302511, US13302512, US13302513, US13302514, US13302515, US13302516, US13302517, US13302519, US13302520, US13302521, US13302522, US13302523, US13302524, US13302525, US13302526, US13302527, US13302528, US13302529, US13302609, US13302610, US13302612, US13302613, US13302614, US13302617, US13302618, US13302619, US13302620, US13302621, US13302622, US13302623, US13302624, US13302625, US13302631, US13302641, US13302642, US13302644, US13302645, US13302646, US13302647, US13302648, US13302649, US13302650, US13302651, US13302652, US13302653, US13302654, US13302656, US13302657, US13302658, US13302701, US13302702, US13302703, US13302704, US13302705, US13302706, US13302708, US13302709, US13302710, US13302713, US13302714, US13302715, US13302716, US13302717, US13302782, US13302783, US13302784, US13302785, US13302786, US13302787, US13302788, US13302789, US13302790, US13302804, US13302805, US13302806, US13302807, US13302808, US13302809, US13302810, US13302811, US13302812, US13302837, US13302852, US13302853, US13302854, US13302855, US13302856, US13302864, US13302865, US13302866, US13302871, US13302872, US13302873, US13302874, US13302875, US13302878, US13302879, US13302880, US13302881, US13302882, US13302883, US13302887, US13302888, US13302914, US13302915, US13302937, US13302938, US13302939, US13302940, US13302941, US13302942, US13302943, US13302944, US13302954, US13302955, US13302956, US13302957, US13302958, US13302959, US13302960, US13302982, US13302983, US13302985, US13302986, US13302987, US13302988, US13302989, US13302990, US13302991, US13302992, US13302993, US13302998, US13302999, US13303000, US13303001, US13303002, US13303048, US13303049, US13303050, US13303051, US13303052, US13303053, US13303054, US13303055, US13303056, US13303057, US13303080, US13303084, US13303085, US13303086, US13303126, US13303127, US13303128, US13303129, US13303130, US13303158, US13303159, US13303160, US13303161, US13303162, US13303163, US13303178, US13303179, US13303180, US13303187, US13303188, US13303203, US13303214, US13303216, US13303217, US13303219, US13303221, US13303222, US13303223, US13303224, US13303238, US13303239, US13303240, US13303241, US13303243, US13303244, US13303245, US13303270, US13303271, US13303272, US13303273, US13303288, US13303298, US13303306, US13303325, US13303326, US13303327, US13303328, US13303329, US13303330, US13303331, US13303332, US13303333, US13303334, US13303347, US13303348, US13303349, US13303350, US13303351, US13303352, US13303380, US13303381, US13303382, US13303383, US13303384, US13303387, US13303388, US13303409, US13303413, US13303414, US13303416, US13303417, US13303418, US13303419, US13303420, US13303421, US13303422, US13303436, US13303462, US13303463, US13303464, US13303465, US13303466, US13303467, US13303468, US13303482, US13303488, US13303489, US13303490, US13303499, US13303500, US13303501, US13303502, US13303503, US13303504, US13303505, US13303506, US13303507, US13303508, US13303509, US13303510, US13303511, US13303512, US13303543, US13303544, US13303573, US13303574, US13303575, US13303576, US13303577, US13303578, US13303579, US13303580, US13303584, US13303585, US13303586, US13303587, US13303588, US13303589, US13303590, US13303591, US13303597, US13303598, US13303601, US13303625, US13303626, US13303627, US13303628, US13303630, US13303631, US13303662, US13303665, US13303666, US13303667, US13303668, US13303671, US13303672, US13303721, US13303722, US13303723, US13303724, US13303725, US13303726, US13303727, US13303733, US13303734, US13303735, US13303738, US13303739, US13303748, US13303749, US13303750, US13303780, US13303781 Class II Invivo Corporation located at 12151 Research Parkway, Orlando, FL 32826 is recalling the Expression MRI Patient Monitoring System because during transport of the systems cart with a docked Display Controller Unit (DCU), a caster (wheel) may become detached. If this occurs, the cart can become unbalanced and may fall. 543 units Z-0468-2013