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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of March 6, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 64389
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Philips Medical Systems (Cleveland) Inc
City Cleveland
State OH
Country US
Recall Initiation Date 2012-12-19
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution - USA including AL, AR, CA, FL, GA, IL, IN, KY, MI, MS, NC, NJ, NV, NY, OH, PA, PR and VA.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
The MX 16-Slice CT Scanner System can be used as a whole-body computed tomography X-ray system featuring a continuously rotating X-ray tube and detector array with multi-slice capability up to 16 slices simultaneously. System Code #, 728131, Serial #: EP16E090001, EP16E090002, EP16E090003, EP16E090004, EP16E090006, EP16E090007, EP16E090008, EP16E090009, EP16E090010, EP16E090011, EP16E090012,EP16E090013, EP16E090015, EP16E100001, EP16E100004, EP16E100006, EP16E100008, EP16E100010, EP16E100011, EP16E100012, EP16E100013, EP16E100015, EP16E100016, EP16E100017, EP16E100018, EP16E100019, EP16E100020, EP16E100021, EP16E100022, EP16E100023, EP16E100024, EP16E100025, EP16E100026, EP16E100027, EP16E100028, EP16E100029, EP16E100030, EP16E100031, EP16E100032, EP16E100033, EP16E100034, EP16E100035, EP16E100036, EP16E100037, EP16E100038, EP16E100039, EP16E100041, EP16E100043, EP16E100044, EP16E100045, EP16E100046, EP16E100047, EP16E100048, EP16E100049, EP16E100051, EP16E100052, EP16E100055, EP16E100056, EP16E100057, EP16E100058, EP16E100059, EP16E100060, EP16E100061, EP16E100062, EP16E100063, EP16E100067, EP16E100069, EP16E100070, EP16E100071, EP16E100072, EP16E100073, EP16E100074, EP16E100075, EP16E100076, EP16E100077, EP16E100078, EP16E100079, EP16E100080, EP16E100081, EP16E100082, EP16E100083, EP16E100084, EP16E100085, EP16E100086, EP16E100087, EP16E100088, EP16E100090, EP16E100091, EP16E100092, EP16E100093, EP16E100094, EP16E100095, EP16E100096, EP16E100099, EP16E100100, EP16E100101, EP16E100102, EP16E100103, EP16E100105, EP16E100106, EP16E100107, EP16E100108, EP16E100109, EP16E100110, EP16E100111, EP16E100112, EP16E100113, EP16E110003, EP16E110005, EP16E110006, EP16E110007, EP16E110008, EP16E110009, EP16E110011, EP16E110012, EP16E110013, EP16E110014, EP16E110015, EP16E110017, EP16E110018, EP16E110019, EP16E110020, EP16E110021, EP16E110023, EP16E110024, EP16E110025, EP16E110026, EP16E110027, EP16E110028, EP16E110029, EP16E110030, EP16E110031, EP16E110032, EP16E110033, EP16E110034, EP16E110035, EP16E110037, EP16E110038, EP16E110039, EP16E110042, EP16E110043, EP16E110044, EP16E110045, EP16E110046, EP16E110047, EP16E110048, EP16E110049, EP16E110050, EP16E110051, EP16E110052, EP16E110054, EP16E110055, EP16E110056, EP16E110057, EP16E110058, EP16E110060, EP16E110062, EP16E110063, EP16E110064, EP16E110067, EP16E110069, EP16E110070, EP16E110074, EP16E110075, EP16E110077, EP16E110078, EP16E110080, EP16E110083, EP16E110084, EP16E110085, EP16E110089, EP16E110090, EP16E110091, EP16E110092, EP16E110093, EP16E110095, EP16E110096, EP16E110097, EP16E110099, EP16E110100, EP16E110101, EP16E110102, EP16E110104, EP16E110105, EP16E110106, EP16E110107, EP16E110108, EP16E110109, EP16E110110, EP16E110111, EP16E110115, EP16E110117, EP16E110118, EP16E110119, EP16E120003, EP16E120004, EP16E120005, EP16E120006, EP16E120007, EP16E120008, EP16E120009, EP16E120010, EP16E120011, EP16E120013, EP16E120014, EP16E120015, EP16E120016, EP16E120017, EP16E120019, EP16E120021, EP16E120023, EP16E120024, EP16E120025, EP16E120026, EP16E120027, EP16E120029, EP16E120030, EP16E120031, EP16E120032, EP16E120033, EP16E120034, EP16E120035, EP16E120036, EP16E120037, EP16E120039, EP16E120040, EP16E120041, EP16E120042, EP16E120043, EP16E120044, EP16E120045, EP16E120046, EP16E120047, EP16E120048, EP16E120050, EP16E120051, EP16E120052, EP16E120055, EP16E120056, EP16E120058, EP16E120059, EP16E120060, EP16E120061, EP16E120063, EP16E120065, EP16E120067, EP16E120068, EP16E120070, EP16E120071, EP16E120072, EP16E120074, EP16E120075, EP16E120076, EP16E120078, EP16E120081, EP16E120083, EP16E120088, EP16E120089, EP16EB110003, EP16EB110004, EP16EB110005, EP16EB110006, P16C080001, P16C080002, P16C100001, P16C100002, P16C100003, P16C100004, P16C100005, P16C100007, P16C100008, P16C100009, P16C100010, P16C100011, P16C100012, P16C100013, P16C100014, P16C100015, P16C100017, P16C100018, P16C110001, P16C110002, P16C110003, P16C110004, P16C110005, P16C110006, P16C110007, P16C110008, P16C110011, P16C110012, P16C110013, P16C110014, P16C110015, P16C110016, P16C110017, P16C110018, P16C110019, P16C110020, P16C110021, P16C110022, P16C110023, P16C110024, P16C110025, P16C110026, P16C110027, P16C110028, P16C110029, P16C110030, P16C110031, P16C110032, P16C110033, P16C110034, P16C110035, P16C110036, P16C110037, P16C120001, P16C120002, P16C120003, P16C120006, P16C120007, P16C120008, P16C120009, P16C120011, P16C120012, P16C120014, P16C120016, P16C120017, P16C120018, P16C120019, P16C120020, P16C120021, P16C120022, P16C120023, P16C120024, P16C120025, P16C120026, P16C120027, P16C120029, P16C120030, P16E080007, P16E080008, P16E090002, P16E090003, P16E090004, P16E090005, P16E090006, P16E090008, P16E090009, P16E090010, P16E090011, P16E090012, P16E090013, P16E090014, P16E090015, P16E090016, P16E090017, P16E090018, P16E090019, P16E090020, P16E090021, P16E090024, P16E090025, P16E090026, P16E090027, P16E090028, P16EF80010, P16EM08003, P16EM09002, P16EM09003, P16EM09004 System Code #, 728132, Serial #: EP16E100005, EP16E100007, EP16E110066, EP16ER100003, EP16ER100004, EP16ER100005, EP16ER100007, EP16ER100008, EP16ER110003, EP16ER110004, EP16ER110005, EP16ER110006, EP16ER110007, EP16ER110008, EP16ER110009, EP16ER110010, EP16ER110011, EP16ER110012, EP16ER110013, EP16ER110014, EP16ER110015, EP16ER110016, EP16ER110017, EP16ER110018, EP16ER110019, EP16ER110020, EP16ER110021, EP16ER110022, EP16ER110023, EP16ER120005, EP16ER120006, EP16ER120007, EP16ER120008, EP16ER120009, EP16ER120010, EP16ER120011, EP16ER120012, EP16ER120013, EP16ER120015, EP16ER120016 , EP16ER120017, EP16ER120018 Class II Philips and Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. received a report from the field stating the four screws that secure the patient table top to the carrier became loose, which caused the table top to detach. 412 Units Z-0899-2013