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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of May 1, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 64715
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Teleflex Medical
City Durham
State NC
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-03-28
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution - USA and the countries of Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, Japan and Australia.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Belly Bag Urine Collection Bag with Hip Belt. The product is a sterile urine collection device that collects urine by mechanical means when attached to an indwelling Foley or suprapubic catheter. CATALOG NO. B1000 - 02A1100488, 02A1100489, 02A1100490, 02A1100491, 02A1100492, 02A1101420, 02A1101421, 02A1102009, 02A1102010, 02A1102049, 02A1102050, 02A1103180, 02A1103181, 02A1103182, 02A1201862, 02A1201868, 02A1201869, 02A1201870, 02A1201871, 02A1202372, 02A1202373, 02A1202374, 02A1202376, 02A1202377, 02A1202378, 02A1202603, 02A1202632, 02A1202633, 02A1202634, 02A1202783, 02A1202784, 02A1202785, 02A1202786, 02A1202787, 02A1202788, 02A1202789, 02A1202790, 02A1202791, 02A1202792, 02A1203552, 02A1203553, 02A1203554, 02A1203555, 02A1203556, 02A1204179, 02B1100522, 02B1100523, 02B1100524, 02B1101000, 02B1101001, 02B1101002, 02B1102328, 02B1102329, 02B1103007, 02B1200105, 02B1200106, 02B1200107, 02B1201685, 02B1201686 02B1201687, 02B1201688, 02B1201689, 02B1202029, 02B1202508, 02B1202509, 02C1000808, 02C1000910, 02C1000911, 02C1000912, 02C1001699, 02C1001725, 02C1002642, 02C1002655, 02C1002656, 02C1002657, 02C1002990, 02C1003816, 02C1003817, 02C1003818, 02C1100328, 02C1100329, 02C1100330, 02C1100331, 02C1103877, 02D1000274, 02D1000982, 02D1000983, 02D1002061, 02D1002062, 02D1002063, 02D1002753, 02D1002754, 02D1002755, 02D1200734, 02D1200735, 02D1200736, 02D1200737, 02D1203071, 02D1203072, 02D1203073, 02D1203074, 02D1203075, 02D1203084, 02E1002077, 02E1002746, 02E1002747, 02E1102105, 02E1102106, 02E1102107, 02E1102346, 02E1102347, 02E1102348, 02E1102349, 02E1102350, 02E1103220, 02E1103221, 02E1103222, 02E1103223, 02E1103225, 02E1200137, 02E1200138, 02E1200139, 02E1200140, 02E1200141, 02E1200142, 02E1200143, 02E1200144, 02E1201212, 02E1201234, 02E1201235, 02E1201236, 02E1201237, 02E1201238, 02E1201811, 02E1201812, 02E1201813, 02E1201983, 02E1201984, 02E1201985, 02E1201986, 02E1201987, 02E1201988, 02E1201989, 02F1000379, 02F1000380, 02F1001044, 02F1001045, 02F1001046, 02F1001801, 02F1001802, 02F1002742, 02F1002743, 02F1002744, 02F1003780, 02F1003781, 02F1003782, 02F1101266, 02F1102102, 02F1102107, 02F1102108, 02F1103126, 02F1103127, 02F1103128, 02F1103129, 02F1103566, 02F1103567, 02F1103568, 02F1103569, 02F1201733, 02F1202628, 02F1203156, 02F1203157, 02G1000133, 02G1000134, 02G1001110, 02G1001111, 02G1001112, 02G1001113, 02G1001114, 02G1001571, 02G1001572, 02G1002676, 02G1002677, 02G1002678, 02G1100575, 02G1100576, 02G1100577, 02G1100578, 02G1100579, 02G1200760, 02G1200771, 02G1200772, 02G1200773, 02G1200774, 02G1200775, 02G1201730, 02G1201731, 02G1201732, 02G1201733, 02G1201734, 02G1201736, 02G1202202, 02G1202203, 02G1202204, 02G1202205, 02G1202206, 02G1202207, 02G1202821, 02G1202822, 02G1202823, 02G1202824, 02G1202825, 02G1202826, 02H1000671, 02H1000672, 02H1000673, 02H1000674, 02H1000720, 02H1000721, 02H1000722, 02H1000723, 02H1001458, 02H1001459, 02H1001460, 02H1002831, 02H1002832, 02H1002833, 02H1100924, 02H1100925, 02H1100926, 02H1101672, 02H1101673, 02H1101674, 02H1101675, 02H1101676, 02H1102339, 02H1102340, 02H1102625, 02H1102626, 02H1102627, 02H1200264, 02H1200265, 02H1200267, 02H1200272, 02H1200275, 02H1201461, 02H1201462, 02H1201463, 02H1201464, 02H1201465, 02H1201466, 02H1201803, 02H1201804, 02H1201805, 02H1201806, 02H1201807, 02H1201809, 02H1202365, 02H1202367, 02H1203113, 02H1203114, 02H1203115, 02J1000130, 02J1000131, 02J1000132, 02J1000133, 02J1001054, 02J1001055, 02J1001056, 02J1001459, 02J1001460, 02J1001461, 02J1001662, 02J1001792, 02J1001793, 02J1002994, 02J1002995, 02J1003183, 02J1003184, 02J1003947, 02J1003948, 02J1101101, 02J1101102, 02J1101103, 02J1101104, 02J1101105, 02J1101766, 02J1101767, 02J1101768, 02J1101769, 02J1102135, 02J1102519, 02J1102520, 02J1102521, 02J1102524, 02J1103393, 02J1103394, 02J1103395, 02J1103396, 02J1103397, 02J1201479, 02J1201481, 02K1000440, 02K1000441, 02K1001417, 02K1001418, 02K1002226, 02K1002227, 02K1002623, 02K1003132, 02K1003133, 02K1003134, 02K1003595, 02K1100719, 02K1100720, 02K1100721, 02K1100722, 02K1100723, 02K1101650, 02K1101651, 02L1000684, 02L1000685, 02L1000686, 02L1000687, 02L1000688, 02L1001189, 02L1001190, 02L1002404, 02L1002405, 02L1002406, 02L1003281, 02L1003282, 02M1000051, 02M1000060, 02M1001023, 02M1001024, 02M1001025, 02M1001026, 02M1001573, 02M1001574, 02M1001575, 02M1002665, 02M1002666, 02M1002667, 02M1002668, 02M1002669, 02M1003205, 02M1003206, 02M1003207, 02M1102661, 02M1102662 CATALOG NO. B1000P - 02A1100494, 02A1101101, 02A1102052, 02A1103184, 02A1201872, 02A1202793, 02B1101418, 02B1103009, 02B1202770, 02C1001701, 02C1002644, 02C1002993, 02C1201165, 02C1201848, 02C1202407, 02C1203284, 02D1002064, 02D1002756, 02E1200414, 02F1001047, 02F1001803, 02F1002745, 02F1100453, 02F1100454, 02F1203169, 02G1201452, 02G1202827, 02H1000675, 02H1001461, 02H1002834, 02H1102629, 02J1000134, 02J1003949, 02J1102523, 02K1002158, 02K1002624, 02K1101653, 02L1001192, 02L1002407, 02L1003284, 02L1101573, 02L1101575, 02M1000052, 02M1001027, 02M1001577, 02M1002671, 02M1003210, CATALOG NO. B1000CT - 02A1100493, 02A1101100, 02A1102051, 02A1103183, 02B1101417, 02B1103008, 02E1201810, 02E1202328, 02E1202889, 02F1100452, 02G1101973, 02G1200493, 02G1200494, 02G1200495, 02G1201735, 02G1202208, 02G1202828, 02H1100292, 02H1102628, 02J1001061, 02J1001463, 02K1000442, 02K1001419, 02K1002228, 02L1001191, 02M1001576, 02M1002670, 02M1003209 Class II Sterile packaging may be compromised. 190,103 Z-1158-2013