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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of July 17, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 65227
Product Type Food
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Chs Inc
City Inver Grove Heights
State MN
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-05-16
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Two or more of the following: Email, Fax, Letter, Press Release, Telephone, Visit
Distribution Pattern Nationwide. Product was shipped from the Israel facility to the following countries. This product did not come into the U.S. before shipment to the following countries: Canada, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Mauritius, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, Uruguay, and Vietnam

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Contex - Textured Soy Protein Concentrates Item No. / Item Description: 3411112 / Contex 120 Textured Soy Protein, 3411124 / Contex 25 Textured Soy Protein, 3411129 / Contex 31 CL Textured Soy Protein, 3411142 / Contex 120CL IP Textured Soy Protein, 3411144 / Contex 240 Textured Soy Protein, 3411161 / Contex 25 CLH, 51026 / Contex 25 Textured NGMO Soy Protein, 52031 / Contex 31 GMO Textured Soy Protein, 52032 / Contex 31 CL GMO Textured Soy Protein, 52034 / Contex 31PV GMO Textured Soy Protein, 52035 / Contex 31NP GMO Textured Soy Protein, 52121 / Contex 120CL IP Textured Soy Protein, and 52248 / Contex 240CL GMO Textured Soy Protein. Item No. 3411112, Batch Codes: C120031012, C120080413, C120080911, C120110213, C120110213/1, C120161111/1, C120171111, C120180412, C120190112, C120221012, C120240811, C120270612, C120280612, C120300512, C120310512. Item No. 3411124 , Batch Code: C25190911 Item No. 3411129 , Batch Codes: C31CL051212, C31CL150113/1 Item No. 3411142, Batch Code NC120CL230611 Item No. 3411144, Batch Codes: C240060512, C240220512, C240261112 Item No. 3411161 Batch Code PDC25CLH240512 Item No. 51026, Batch Codes: NC25070911, NC2522061, NC25251212. Item No. 52031, Batch Codes: 7100712, C31081111, C31090212, C31120112, C31170111, C31200512, C31200911, C31210611, C31240712, C31250911, C31251112, C31270911. Item No. 52032, Batch Code: C31CL271112 Item No. 52034, Batch Codes: C31PV050511, C31PV140611, C31PV150611, C31PV160611. Item No. 52035, Batch Codes: C31NP030511, C31NP110511, C31NP160611, C31NP180711, C31NP220511, C31NP220511/C31NP110511. Item No. 52121, Batch Codes: NC120CL160212, NC120CL170511, NC120CL200612, NC120CL230611. Item No. 52248, Batch Code: C240CL070212, C240CL070512, C240CL240512, C240CL260712, C240CL261112, C240CL281012. Class II Certain Soy-based products produced at the Ashdod Israel production facility have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella 651,225 kilograms F-1641-2013
Solcon S Functional Soy Protein Concentrates. Item No. / Item Description: 3232212 / Solcon S 110 GMO, and 32211 / Solcon S110 GMO Item No. 3232212, Batch Codes: SS110010113, SS110030113, SS110111212/1, SS110271212. Item No. 32211, Batch Codes: SS110150812, SS110160712, SS110170712, SS110180712, SS110210612, SS110220612, SS110280812. Class II Certain Soy-based products produced at the Ashdod Israel production facility have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella 161,400 killograms F-1640-2013
Solcon Soy Protein Concentrates. Item No. / Item Description: 12110 / Solcon F GMO, 3112030 / Solcon F Soy Protein Concentrate, 12100 / Solcon GMO, and 3112002 / Solcon GMO Soy Protein Concentrate Item No. 12110, Batch Codes: SF011111, SF040811, SF121111, SF130112, SF131111, SF131212, SF140112, SF180712, SF190612, SF210512, SF240112, SF251011, SF251112, , SF310511. Item No. 3112030, Batch Codes: SF190911, SF200313, SF251112, SF270113, SF270711/1. Item No. 12100, Batch Codes: S010812, S020612, S020712, S020812, S021211, S030412, S030612, S040412, S050112, S050712, S060212, S060612, S061211, S080512, S080812, S090812, S100312, S110312, S120812, S120912, S130912, S140811, S150112, S150512, S150912, S151211, S160112, S160512, S160812, S161012, S170512, S180612, S181012, S200512, S200612, S210512, S210612, S220312, S220712, S230712, S240412, S240612, S240712, S250512, S250612, S250712, S260412, S260612, S270312, S270412, S270612, S280512, S280612, S281012, S300312, S300712, S310512. Item No. 3112002, Batch Codes: S011112, S041112, S050213, S051112, S051112/1, S060213, S061112, S061212, S061212/1, S070213, S071112/1, S071212, S101112, S111012, S111212, S111212/1, S121012, S121112, S130912/1, S131112, S151112, S151112/1, S161112, S191212, S200512, S201012, S201212, S201212/1, S221012, S230113, S230113/1, S231012, S231012/1, S241012, S241112, S251012, S251112, S261012, S261112, S281012/1, S291112, S300113, S301112. Class II Certain Soy-based products produced at the Ashdod Israel production facility have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella 2,536,725 kilograms F-1639-2013
Solbar Q Soy Protein Isolates. Item No. / Item Description: 22843 / Solbar Q 843 GMO, 22910 / Solbar Q 910 GMO, 22942 / Solbar Q 842 GMO, 22943 / Solbar Q 842 NGMO, 3323912 / Solbar Q 910, 3323920 / Solbar Q 920, 3323932 / Solbar Q 842, and 3323973 / Solbar Q 842 IP Item No.22843, Batch Code: PDSP843040712 Item No. 22910, Batch Codes: SP910031212, SP910071212, SP910090812, SP910201112, SP910260612, SP910270412, SP910270612, SP910300712. Item No. 22942, Batch Codes: sp842010113, SP842010512, SP842010712, SP842030812, SP842040212, SP842040812, SP842041111, SP842050812, SP842071111, SP842090212, SP842090712, SP842100212, SP842100712, SP842140212, SP842141112, SP842160112, SP842160212, SP842170112, SP842180112, SP842190712, SP842200212, SP842200712, SP842201111, SP842220712, SP842220912, SP842230612, SP842230912, SP842260112, SP842270112, SP842270412, SP842280112, SP842290112, SP842290412, SP842300412. Item No. 22943, Batch Codes: NSP842080412, NSP842280312, NSP842280312/1, NSP842280312/2. Item No. 3323912, Batch Codes: SP910241012/2, SP910251112, SP910271212, SP910281212.SP910311212. Item No. 3323920, Batch Codes: SP920090812, SP920200313, SP920211012/1, SP920220512, SP920221012, SP920290512. Item No. 3323932, Batch Codes: SP842010113, SP842010113/1, SP842010313, SP842030213/1, SP842030812, SP842031112, SP842040212/R, SP842040213, SP842040213/1, SP842041112, SP842061112/1, SP842070213, SP842071111/2, SP842071112, SP842071112/1, SP842080213, SP842080413/2, SP842081112/1, SP842090213, SP842090413/2, SP842090413/3, SP842091112, SP842091112/1, SP842101112, SP842110213, SP842110213/1, SP842120213, SP842120213/1, SP842121112, SP842130213, SP842131112, SP842131112/1, SP842140213, SP842141112, SP842141112/3, SP842150213, SP842160213, SP842161112, SP842170213, SP842171112, SP842171112/1, SP842200912, SP842240113, SP842250612, SP842260213, SP842270213, SP842270213/1, SP842280113/1, SP842280213, SP842280213/1, SP842280213/2, SP842290113, SP842290113/2, SP842290113/3, SP842290113/4, SP842290113/5, SP842311212/1, SP842311212/2. Item No. 3323973, Batch Codes: NSP842120113, NSP842120113/1, NSP842120113/2, NSP842130113, NSP842140113, NSP842140113/1, NSP842170113/1, NSP842190113. Class I Certain Soy-based products produced at the Ashdod Israel production facility have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella 1,671,960 kilograms F-1638-2013