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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of December 11, 2013

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Event Detail

Event ID 66896
Product Type Devices
Status Ongoing
Recalling Firm Sunrise Medical (US) LLC
City Fresno
State CA
Country US
Voluntary/Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2013-11-11
Initial Firm Notification of
Consignee or Public
Distribution Pattern Worldwide Distribution-USA (nationwide) and the countries of Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, and China.

Product Detail

Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Product Quantity Recall Number
Sunrise Brand Zippie Voyage, Chair with Casters, Early Intervention Device (Stroller), Model: EIZ14; Product is manufactured and distributed by Sunrise Medical (US) LLC., Fresno, CA. Used by a person to move from one place to another while sitting. Serial Numbers: ZV-001563 ,ZV-001672 ,ZV-001691 ,ZV-001737 ,ZV-001740 ,ZV-001423 ,ZV-001537 ,ZV-001557 ,ZV-001604 ,ZV-001746 ,ZV-001749 ,ZV-001761 ,ZV-001669 ,ZV-001682 ,ZV-001722 ,ZV-001755 ,ZV-001711 ,ZV-001415 ,ZV-001634 ,ZV-001716 ,ZV-001615 ,ZV-001521 ,ZV-001589 ,ZV-001617 ,ZV-001618 ,ZV-001627 ,ZV-001683 ,ZV-001702 ,ZV-001763 ,ZV-001773 ,ZV-001491 ,ZV-001531 ,ZV-001534 ,ZV-001562 ,ZV-001560 ,ZV-001569 ,ZV-001575 ,ZV-001720 ,ZV-001772 ,ZV-001635 ,ZV-001659 ,ZV-001777 ,ZV-001712 ,ZV-001487 ,ZV-001526 ,ZV-001574 ,ZV-001759 ,ZV-001595 ,ZV-001555 ,ZV-001603 ,ZV-001775 ,ZV-001520 ,ZV-001485 ,ZV-001519 ,ZV-001460 ,ZV-001687 ,ZV-001515 ,ZV-001614 ,ZV-001465 ,ZV-001742 ,ZV-001767 ,ZV-001685 ,ZV-001628 ,ZV-001785 ,ZV-001407 ,ZV-001408 ,ZV-001507 ,ZV-001658 ,ZV-001663 ,ZV-001511 ,ZV-001532 ,ZV-001545 ,ZV-001778 ,ZV-001568 ,ZV-001585 ,ZV-001607 ,ZV-001631 ,ZV-001629 ,ZV-001650 ,ZV-001654 ,ZV-001675 ,ZV-001717 ,ZV-001769 ,ZV-001430 ,ZV-001570 ,ZV-001559 ,ZV-001475 ,ZV-001488 ,ZV-001489 ,ZV-001490 ,ZV-001542 ,ZV-001578 ,ZV-001583 ,ZV-001656 ,ZV-001728 ,ZV-001714 ,ZV-001652 ,ZV-001653 ,ZV-001536 ,ZV-001676 ,ZV-001355 ,ZV-001366 ,ZV-001483 ,ZV-001594 ,ZV-001701 ,ZV-001709 ,ZV-001554 ,ZV-001735 ,ZV-001463 ,ZV-001638 ,ZV-001580 ,ZV-001695 ,ZV-001726 ,ZV-001443 ,ZV-001474 ,ZV-001486 ,ZV-001508 ,ZV-001598 ,ZV-001606 ,ZV-001608 ,ZV-001692 ,ZV-001696 ,ZV-001782 ,ZV-001619 ,ZV-001664 ,ZV-001424 ,ZV-001433 ,ZV-001451 ,ZV-001457 ,ZV-001493 ,ZV-001512 ,ZV-001516 ,ZV-001543 ,ZV-001564 ,ZV-001581 ,ZV-001590 ,ZV-001602 ,ZV-001613 ,ZV-001641 ,ZV-001667 ,ZV-001671 ,ZV-001668 ,ZV-001680 ,ZV-001679 ,ZV-001684 ,ZV-001751 ,ZV-001593 ,ZV-001756 ,ZV-001535 ,ZV-001470 ,ZV-001539 ,ZV-001565 ,ZV-001624 ,ZV-001662 ,ZV-001752 ,ZV-001753 ,ZV-001647 ,ZV-001670 ,ZV-001704 ,ZV-001747 ,ZV-001660 ,ZV-001681 ,ZV-001783 ,ZV-001431 ,ZV-001434 ,ZV-001447 ,ZV-001482 ,ZV-001524 ,ZV-001550 ,ZV-001553 ,ZV-001586 ,ZV-001677 ,ZV-001734 ,ZV-001750 ,ZV-001770 ,ZV-001774 ,ZV-001784 ,ZV-001632 ,ZV-001459 ,ZV-001533 ,ZV-001518 ,ZV-001541 ,ZV-001538 ,ZV-001620 ,ZV-001467 ,ZV-001454 ,ZV-001546 ,ZV-001566 ,ZV-001477 ,ZV-001705 ,ZV-001505 ,ZV-001718 ,ZV-001719 ,ZV-001504 ,ZV-001609 ,ZV-001762 ,ZV-001724 ,ZV-001573 ,ZV-001600 ,ZV-001665 ,ZV-001694 ,ZV-001745 ,ZV-001517 ,ZV-001636 ,ZV-001582 ,ZV-001597 ,ZV-001612 ,ZV-001623 ,ZV-001439 ,ZV-001710 ,ZV-001754 ,ZV-001771 ,ZV-001510 ,ZV-001513 ,ZV-001523 ,ZV-001540 ,ZV-001599 ,ZV-001601 ,ZV-001640 ,ZV-001661 ,ZV-001699 ,ZV-001727 ,ZV-001766 ,ZV-001441 ,ZV-001764 ,ZV-001506 ,ZV-001744 ,ZV-001715 ,ZV-001757 ,ZV-001571 ,ZV-001674 ,ZV-001655 ,ZV-001414 ,ZV-001633 ,ZV-001732 ,ZV-001458 ,ZV-001509 ,ZV-001693 ,ZV-001547 ,ZV-001551 ,ZV-001639 ,ZV-001686 ,ZV-001725 ,ZV-001466 ,ZV-001649 ,ZV-001700 ,ZV-001438 ,ZV-001588 ,ZV-001730 ,ZV-001529 ,ZV-001530 ,ZV-001591 ,ZV-001626 ,ZV-001469 ,ZV-001468 ,ZV-001576 ,ZV-001579 ,ZV-001587 ,ZV-001596 ,ZV-001630 ,ZV-001689 ,ZV-001707 ,ZV-001713 ,ZV-001723 ,ZV-001736 ,ZV-001738 ,ZV-001410 ,ZV-001690 ,ZV-001484 ,ZV-001616 ,ZV-001729 ,ZV-001765 ,ZV-001556 ,ZV-001452 ,ZV-001478 ,ZV-001637 ,ZV-001657 ,ZV-001642 ,ZV-001651 ,ZV-001525 ,ZV-001522 ,ZV-001548 ,ZV-001698 ,ZV-001584 ,ZV-001739 ,ZV-001741 ,ZV-001622 ,ZV-001697 ,ZV-001743 ,ZV-001760 ,ZV-001678 ,ZV-001527 ,ZV-001528 ,ZV-001721 ,ZV-001788 ,ZV-001605 ,ZV-001572 ,ZV-001446 ,ZV-001549 ,ZV-001748 ,ZV-001409 ,ZV-001703 ,ZV-001644 ,ZV-001708 ,ZV-001444 ,ZV-001473 ,ZV-001645 ,ZV-001442 ,ZV-001552 ,ZV-001648 ,ZV-001787 ,ZV-001437 ,ZV-001643 ,ZV-001688 ,ZV-001706 ZV-001611. Class II There is a remote possibility for the plastic latch to deform over the lifetime of use. When this happens there is the possibility for the seat to become dislodged from the base. And when not using the positioning strap, there is a risk that the occupant could slide out of the seat and sustain injury. 316 units in US, 29 units international Z-0453-2014