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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of March 26, 2014

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Product Type Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Recalling Firm
Biologics Source Plasma 0530394149; 053039394; 0530393697; 0530393535; 0530392892; 0530392693; 0530392001; 0530391617; 0530391505; 0530391141; 0530390944; 0530387218; 0530386449; 0530386279; 0530385856; 0530385694; 0530385242; 0530385039; 0530384740; 0530384530; 0530383951; 0530383876; 0530383451; 053050260; 053050252; 053050223; 053050190; 053050212; 05305146; 053050104; 053050065; 053050039; 053050022; 053041868; 053041922; 053041862; 053041843; 053041815; 053041795; 053041766; 053041746. Class II Blood products, collected from a donor who was at risk for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), were distributed. CSL Plasma
Biologics Platelets Pheresis Leukocytes Reduced 103020207- part 1; 103020207- part 2 Class III Blood products, exposed to unacceptable temperature during storage, were distributed. Blood Systems, Inc.
Biologics Red Blood Cells (Apheresis) Leukocytes Reduced 103363993- part 1; 103363993- part 2; 103363994- part 1; 103363994- part 2 Class III Blood products, exposed to unacceptable temperature during storage, were distributed. Blood Systems, Inc.
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced 103363995; 103363996; 103363997; 103367002; 103367003 Class III Blood products, exposed to unacceptable temperature during storage, were distributed. Blood Systems, Inc.
Devices SL & SLi Series (Mod 15/18/20/25) Linear Accelerator Used for radiation therapy treatments of malignant neoplastics diseases. 105285, 105445, 105305, 105532, 105366, 105403, 105265, 105492, 105273, 105186, 105494, 105481, 105395, 105326, 105467, 105392, 105204, 105382, 105093, 105521, 105154, 105387, 105228, 105126, 105514, 105359, 105279, 105518, 105528, 105210, 105482, 105213, 105466, 105284, 105544, 105260, 105194, 105195, 105515, 105386, 105199, 105475, 105117, 105325, 105127, 105498, 105233, 105187, 105478, 105261, 105166, 105321, 105369, 105363, 105437, 105119, 151370, 151889, 151177, 152420, 152003, 151693, 105664, 151211, 105480, 105570, 105501, 105652, 105608, 105792, 105570, 152188, 151483, 105491, 105801, 151746, 151248, 151052, 152195, 151562, 152354, 105338, 152142, 105316, 152213, 152272, 152434, 151354, 151711, 151685, 151201, 151200, 105376, 151822, 151821, 152389, 105373, 151610, 151651, 151876, 151937, 152020, 151105, 151633, 105684, 151372, 151244, 152283, 152317, 152509, 152516, 152590, 151023, 105810, 153165, 152097, 152286, 105793, 151670, 151153, 105427, 105733, 105223, 105281, 105689, 151065, 105970, 151344, 151859, 105346, 105748, 105760, 105680, 151383, 151417, 151797, 105446, 105870, 105292, 105737, 105714, 151158, 151172, 152216, 152557, 152581, 105920, 151536, 105988, 151028, 151174, 151597, 105229, 151600, 105724, 105301, 105422, 105308, 105535, 151494, 151518, 151586, 151814, 151894, 151723, 105613, 151914, 105752, 152284, 105394, 105674, 151183, 105525, 105531, 105634, 105993, 105620, 152575, 152011, 105592, 105450, 151921, 105896, 152092, 105314, 151701, 151922, 151852, 105595, 105361, 105850, 105923, 105554, 105867, 105353, 105934, 105807, 151996, 152224, 151452, 152869, 152065, 105677, 151034, 151891, 105538, 105602, 105778, 105765, 105903, 151719, 151909, 152002, 152083, 151930, 105687, 105711, 151316, 151318, 151088, 105833, 105946, 151378, 151212, 151596, 151658, 151837, 151762, 151815, 105669, 105966, 105795, 105978, 152398, 152032, 151280, 151150, 151984, 151682, 151656, 151045, 151231, 105504, 151017, 151115, 105975, 105974, 105600, 105414, 105429, 105937, 105838, 105758, 151140, 151101, 105915, 151196, 105968, 105943, 151005, 151982, 151988, 151718, 105615, 105958, 151020, 105860, 105863, 105712, 151829, 105955, 151125, 151144, 151620, 152050, 105550, 152251, 152261, 153343, 151438, 152234, 151121, 152346, 151974, 151046, 151448, 105290, 151351, 105415, 105640, 151090, 105703, 105869, 151175, 151094, 151775, 151462, 151474, 151874, 105575, 105617, 105777, 151089, 151735, 151050, 105695, 105635, 105720, 105138, 105412, 105710, 105619, 105781, 152201, 105906, 105412, 105412, 105721, 151079, 105787, 151022, 105742, 151331, 105811, 151032, 151096, 151004, 151136, 105802, 105957, 151292, 152148, 151332, 151486, 151415, 105874, 151225, 105814, 151092, 151692, 105412, 105864, 151418, 105990, 151674, 151399, 151698, 151522, 105883, 151479, 151443, 151422, 105555, 151340, 151051, 151696, 151616, 151785, 151515, 151765, 105630, 151675, 105929, 151024, 151538, 151523, 151519, 151016, 151432, 151260, 105593, 151371, 151084, 151098, 151530, 151099, 151558, 151789, 105754, 151847, 105647, 105898, 151256, 151154, 151579, 105563, 151250, 151828, 105586, 151683, 151764, 151664, 151751, 105776, 105445, 151545, 151073, 151435, 151861, 151886, 151848, 151430, 151864, 151885, 105759, 105925, 105932, 151933, 151955, 151014, 105890, 152031, 105806, 151104, 105678, 105879, 105859, 105580, 151229, 105564, 105660, 151960, 151969, 151076, 151931, 151961, 151954, 152192, 152200, 152392, 151258, 151159, 151684, 151388, 151216 Class II Customers are resetting the default values outside recommended factory settings. Elekta, Inc.
Food GOKNUR Organic Frozen/IQF Pomegranate Arils. Packed in 10 kg cases. Labeling is bilingual and in English, reads in part:"goknur***Product of Turkey***ORGANIC FROZEN/IQF POMEGRANATE ARILS***Production Date 17.10.2012***Lot No 12-15-13-2-1-O***Net Weight (kg) 10***Crop Year 2012***Expiry Date 17.10.2014***Carton No 8721***". Lot Code 12-15-13-2-1-O Production Date 17.10.2012 Crop Year 2012 Carton No. 8721 Class I Purely Pomegranate, Inc. is voluntarily recalling certain lots of a pomegranate arils due to public concerns about the Hepatitis A Virus. Purely Pomegranate, Inc
Drugs Clalis capsules, 50 mg, 6 -count bottle ( labeling is in foreign language) All lots Class I Marketed without an Approved NDA/ANDA: Laboratory analysis conducted by the FDA has determined that the products was found to contain sildenafil, an undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredient. Fabscout Entertainment, Inc
Drugs Silver Sword capsules, 180 mg, 16-count clamshell tin, UPC 1 234658 970128 12345 (labeling is in foreign language) All lots Class I Marketed without an Approved NDA/ANDA: Laboratory analysis conducted by the FDA has determined that the products was found to contain sildenafil, an undeclared active pharmaceutical ingredient. Fabscout Entertainment, Inc
Veterinary PURINA TEST DIET: Mod PicoLab Mouse w/12 PPM Ivermectin Route of Administration: Oral; Name and Address: Richmond Indiana Test Diet, 1050 Progress Drive, Richmond, IN 47374; Product Code 5D5R Lot number:13JUL19RTD1 Class I A single lot (one 3.065 kg lot) test diet product Mod PicoLab Mouse w/12 ppm Ivermectin was manufactured incorrectly. The Test Diet facility was advised by their customer of a rodent mortality incident and the on-site veterinarian diagnosed Ivermectin toxicity. Investigation confirmed that an employee manufacturing error resulted in a significantly elevated level of Ivermectin in this feed. Land O Lakes Purina LLC
Drugs Marcaine (bupivacaine HCl) injection, USP, 0.25%, 30 mL single-dose vials-preservative free, packaged in 10-count vials per carton, Rx only, Hospira, Inc., Lake Forest, IL 60045, NDC 0409-1559-30. Lot 25-220-DD, Exp 1JAN2015 Class I Presence of Particulate Matter: Units of this lot may have visible metal particles embedded in the vial and in the solution causing the product to be discolored. Hospira Inc.
Devices Dental Abutment labeled in part: "4555 Riverside Drive Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410 USA 1-800-342-5454***EDAZ , EDAZx and ILDExxx***BellaTek Zirconia Abutment Position Number: XX Abutment; Pilier; Abutment; Abutment; Pilastro; Pilar***Rx only***Non-sterile, Sterilize prior to use.***Biomet 3i Dental Iberica S.L.*** Biomet 3i Dental Abutments are intended for use as accessories to endosseous dental implants to support prostheses in edentulous or partially edentulous patients. These are intended for use to support single and multiple tooth prostheses. All lots of products made since April 1, 2011. Catalog model EDAZ, EDAZx and ILDExxx Class II Reports relating to Biomet 3i's BellaTek Zirconia Dental Abutment fractures were received. Biomet 3i, LLC
Food 10" Chocolate Supreme Cake Layers, NET WT. 20 oz. packed in cases of 12. Keep Frozen until ready to use. CSM Bakery Products NA, Inc., Tucker, GA 30084 USA Product is for institutional use. Lot #1328702013 All cases stamped with Lot #1328702013 and also showing a USE BY date of JUL/14/14 along with a 24-hour time stamp between 15:00 and 24:00. For example, a case showing "1328702013 17:36 USE BY JUL/14/14" is subject to the recall while "1328702013 02:14 USE BY JUL/14/14" is not subject to the recall. Also NOT included in the recall would be a case showing an earlier USE BY date along with Lot # 1328702013. For example, "1328702013 15:36 USE BY JUL/13/14" is not subject to the recall. Class II Foreign Material - specifically the product has the potential to contain pieces of a red plastic scoop. CSM Bakery Products North America
Drugs 5% Dextrose Injection, USP, 100 mL Single dose VIAFLEX plastic containers, Rx only, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Deerfield, IL 60015 USA, Product code 2B0089, NDC 0338-0017-38. Lot #: P285288, Exp 11/13 Class I Baxter is issuing a voluntary recall for these IV solutions due to particulate matter found in the solution. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Drugs 0.9% Sodium Chloride Injection, USP, packaged in a) 50 mL Single dose VIAFLEX plastic containers (Product code 2B1308, NDC 0338-0049-31) and b) 100 mL Single dose VIAFLEX plastic containers (Product code 2B1302, NDC 0338-0049-18) and (Product code 2B1309, NDC 0338-0049-38), Rx only, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Deerfield, IL 60015 USA. Lot #: a) P297283, Exp 08/14; b) P292326, Exp 04/14; P293993, Exp 05/14; and P293514, Exp 04/14 Class I Presence of Particulate Matter: Baxter is issuing a voluntary recall for these IV solutions due to particulate matter found in the solution. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Drugs Clinimix 4.25/25 sulfite-free (4.25% Amino Acid in 25% Dextrose) Injection, 1000 mLCLARITY Dual Chamber Container bag, Rx only. Dist: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, One Baxter Parkway, Deerfield, IL 60015. NDC: 0338-1115-04. Lot#: P287045, Exp 6/2014 Class I Presence of Particulate Matter: Particulate matter includes wood, sodium citrate and dextrose. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Drugs Clinimix E 4.25/10 sulfite-free (4.25% Amino Acid with Electrolytes in 10% Dextrose with Calcium) Injection, 2000 mL CLARITY Dual Chamber Container bag, Rx only. Dist: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, One Baxter Parkway, Deerfield, IL 60015. NDC 0338-1115-04. Lot#: P275883, Exp 10/2013 Class I Presence of Particulate Matter: Particulate matter includes wood, sodium citrate and dextrose. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Drugs Clinimix 5/15 sulfite-free (5% Amino Acid in 15% Dextrose) Injection, 2000 mL CLARITY Dual Chamber Container bag, Rx only. Dist: Baxter Healthcare Corporation, One Baxter Parkway, Deerfield, IL 60015. NDC: 0338-1099-04. Lot# P285122, Exp 5/2014 Class I Presence of Particulate Matter: Particulate matter includes wood, sodium citrate and dextrose. Baxter Healthcare Corp.
Food Good Neighbors Specialty Foods Tabouli Salad; 8 oz plastic container; UPC 18561500007 and 14 oz plastic container; 18561500068 B339 Class II Customer found blade inside the salad. Good Neighbors Specialty Foods, LLC
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced W042013052033C Class III Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed. Blood Systems, Inc. DBA United Blood Services
Devices ENDOBON XENOGRAFT GRANULES 0.5 ML (Bovine bone substitute) Endobon is a bone substitute of bovine origin formed from ceramised bone for implantation or transplantation when bone is lost due to trauma or requested during reconstructive surgery. Model # ROX05, Batch # S0171051 Class III Individual pieces of a batch of Biomet's Endobon Xenograft Granules 0.5 ML (Bovine Bone substitute) may have an incorrect label with the wrong batch number. Biomet 3i, LLC
Devices VITROS Chemistry Products White Reference Slides, White Correction Factor Slide (WCF), DT Slides, 25 Slides, Part Number J02315; Made in USA by Ortho- Clinical Diagnostics, Inc. 100 Indigo Creek Drive, Rochester, NY 14626 --- This product is a part/ tool used when performing the correction factors adjustment on the VITROS Chemistry Systems. It does not have a 510(k) number. Because the WCF slide is a part/ tool, and is not a device used for diagnostic testing, there is no Intended Use statement. The following summary is provided as a description/ explanation of the WCF slide. The WCF slide is a part/ tool used in the reflectometer correction factor adjustment procedure in order to optimize the optical calibration of the VITROS 250/350/5,1 FS/4600 Chemistry Systems and the VITROS 5600 Integrated Lot 9052-0045-6358, expiry date 01 Aug 2015 Class II An incorrect assay value (0.3785) was printed on the product carton for the 460 nm wavelength (filter) that may cause a delay in the ability to obtain and report TBIL, Bu, Bc, and derived tests results. The correct assay value is 0.8658. Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced W053513021187 Class III Blood product, which did not meet acceptable product specifications, was distributed. Central Jersey Blood Center, Inc.
Biologics Red Blood Cells W036811129421 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Blood and Blood Products for Reprocessing W036811129421 Class III Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Platelets Pooled Leukocytes Reduced W036813807738 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Fresh Frozen Plasma W036813120047 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced W036813120047 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, were distributed OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Cryoprecipitated AHF, Pooled W333613056988 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor who was at risk for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), were distributed. Mississippi Valley Reg Bld Ctr
Biologics Blood and Blood Products for Reprocessing W333613055388; W333612069481 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor who was at risk for variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), were distributed. Mississippi Valley Reg Bld Ctr
Biologics Source Plasma 0700212145 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. Biomat USA, Inc
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced W036813160797 Class II Blood product, mislabeled as to antigen phenotype, was distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Blood and Blood Products for Reprocessing 002K50984 Class III Blood product, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, was distributed. American Red Cross Blood Services
Biologics Red Blood Cells 2522469 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor for whom donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Cryoprecipitated AHF 2522469 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor for whom donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced W702113004590 Class II Blood product, which did not meet the acceptable product specifications, was distributed. Southern California Permanente Medical Group
Biologics Blood and Blood Products for Reprocessing 02K50984 Class III Blood product, collected from a donor whose suitability to donate was not adequately determined, was distributed. American Red Cross Blood Services
Biologics Platelets Pooled Leukocytes Reduced W044114003315 Class II Blood product, which was collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, was distributed. LifeServe Blood Center
Biologics Red Blood Cells W038113338931 Class II Blood products, routine testing/testing performed, interpreted, or documented incorrectly, was distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Cryoprecipitated AHF, Pooled W038113986219; W038113986203; W038113986180; W038113986151; W038113986204 Class III Blood products, not manufactured in accordance to current Good Manufacturing Practices, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Devices Buzzaround XL scooters' Product Usage: mobility GB 116 and GB146 series, with multiple serial numbers Class II Buzzaround XL scooters' front to rear lockup can become unintentionally disengaged due to possible improper fit of the front alignment cup to the rear alignment screw. Golden Technologies, Inc.
Biologics Platelets Pheresis Leukocytes Reduced W158013703093; W158013703093; W158013703093; W158013703098; W158013703105; W158013703105; W158013703109; W158013703109; W158013703115; W158013703115; W158013703119; W158013703119; W158013703124; W158013703131; W158013703139; W158013703139; W158013703144; W158013703144; W158013703148; W158013703153; W158013703155; W158013703155; W158013703159; W158013703164; W158013703168; W158013703168; W158013703168; W158013703170; W158013703175; W158013703179; W158013703179; W158013703188; W158013703189; W158013703189; W158013703194; W158013703195 Class II Blood products, which did not meet the acceptable product specifications, were distributed. Arup Laboratories, Inc.
Drugs Hydroxyprogesterone Caproate 250mg/ml in Sesame Oil, 1 ml injectable solution, in 3 ml single dose syringes; a multi-ingredient compounded medication in bulk, containing Benzoyl Benzoate USP 0.46 ml/1ml, and Benzyl Alcohol 0.02 ml/1ml; syringe is labeled in part ***FOR INJECTION USE ONLY***RX South LLC DBA RX3 12230 Iron Bridge Rd Chester, VA 23831*** Lot number: 12052013:03 Expiration date: 06/03/2014 Class II Crystallization; visible crystals from the active ingredient formed due to extreme cold temperatures during shipping RX South LLC DBA RX3 Pharmacy
Food Item number T3695, White cheddar jalapeno seasoning powder, 50 lb bags. Lots 34577 and 40257 Class I All American Seasonings is recalling T3695 White cheddar jalapeno seasoning powder, lots 34577 and 40257 after being notified by Elite spice that there was a potential recall for salmonella in the Jalapeno powder they received. All American Seasonings
Devices FreeStyle Blood Glucose Monitors System. For in vitro diagnostic use only. Store at room temperature below 86 degrees F (30 degrees C). Use test strips only within the system operating temperature range as outlined in your Owner's Booklet. Meter made in China; Distributed by Abbott Diabetes Care, Alameda, CA The FreeStyle mete should only be used with FreeStyle Test Strips and FreeStyle Control Solution. Using other brands of test strips and control solutions with the FreeStyle Mete can product inaccurate results. The FreeStyle Glucose meter is incorporated into the OmniPod insulin Management system (manufactured by Insulet Corporation, Bedford, MA and is intended for subcutaneous delivery of insulin. Intended to monitor blood glucose from samples taken from the body. IVD use only, Part number CAT11001-0; all serial numbers Class I Abbott Diabetes Care has identified through internal testing and investigation that all non-applied voltage legacy meters have the potential to produce out of range control solution results and/or erroneously low blood glucose results when used in conjunction with Free Style test strips lots within expiry. Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
Devices FreeStyle Flash Blood Glucose Monitors System. Meter made in China; Distributed by TheraSense, Alameda, CA The FreeStyle Flash meter should only be used with FreeStyle Test Strips and FreeStyle Control Solution. Using other brands of test strips and control solutions with the FreeStyle Meter can product inaccurate results. Intended to monitor blood glucose from samples taken from the body. IVD use only, Catalog Number 17002 NDC 99073-0170-02. All serial numbers Class I Abbott Diabetes Care has identified through internal testing and investigation that all non-applied voltage legacy meters have the potential to produce out of range control solution results and/or erroneously low blood glucose results when used in conjunction with Free Style test strips lots within expiry. Abbott Diabetes Care, Inc.
Food FLOUR TORTILLAS: FAJITA 6" 15 0Z UPC Code 1569602222, HOMESTYLE 8" 24 OZ UPC Code 1569602221, BURRITO 10" 28OZ UPC Code 1569602223, GRANDE 12" 36 OZ UPC Code 1569602224, JUAREZ 8" 24 OZ UPC Code 1569603337, 8" RESTAURANT 23 OZ UPC Code 1569602230, 10" RESTAURANT 28 OZ UPC Code 1569602226. Packaged in clear poly plastic bags. Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 Class II Tortillas Mexico is recalling all tortillas with the Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 due to metal detector malfunction during production and therefore potential for metal in product. Tortillas Mexico Mexico, Incorporated
Food CORN TORTILLAS: 18 CT YELLOW/WHITE 18 OZ USPC Code 1569603333, 36 COUNT YELLOW/WHITE 36 OZ USPC Code 1569603335/4, 75 COUNT WHITE CORN 5 LB,USPC Code 1569603331, 100 COUNT WHITE CORN 100 OZ USPC Code 1569603336, 36 COUNT MINI 24 OZ USPC Code 1569603332, 36 COUNT TAQUITO 23 OZ UPC Code 1569603345, 100 COUNT TAQUITO 4 LB UPC Code 1569603346. Packaged in clear poly plastic bags. Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 Class II Tortillas Mexico is recalling all tortillas with the Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 because a meatal staple was found by a consumer in a baked tortilla. Investigation by the Colorado Health Department found the firm's metal detector was not functioning. Tortillas Mexico Mexico, Incorporated
Food WHEAT TORTILLAS: 9 COUNT, 18 OZ, UPC Code 1569602225. Packaged in clear poly plastic bags. Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 Class II Tortillas Mexico is recalling all tortillas with the Expiration Dates from December 20 to February 27, 2014 because a meatal staple was found by a consumer in a baked tortilla. Investigation by the Colorado Health Department found the firm's metal detector was not functioning. Tortillas Mexico Mexico, Incorporated
Devices Gibralt Spine System Polyaxial Screw Intended to promote fusion of the cervical spine, and the thoracic spine, (C3-T3), the Gibralt Spinal System is indicated for the following: DDD (neck pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies), spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, fracture, dislocation, failed previous fusion and/or tumors. The hooks and rods are also intended to provide stabilization to promote fusion following reduction of fracture/dislocation or trauma in the cervical/upper thoracic (C3-T3) spine. size 3.5mm x 10mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3510, Lot Number #35917001. size 3.5mm x 14mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3514, Lot Number 35917002 and 40023002. size 3.5mm x 20mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3520, Lot Number 35917003. size 3.5mm x 26mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3526, Lot Number 35917004. size 4.0mm x 14mm, Catalog #05-000-20-4014, Lot Number 35917005. size 4.0mm x 20mm, Catalog #05-000-20-4020, Lot Number 35917006. size 4.0mm x 26mm, Catalog #05-000-20-4026, Lot Number 35917007. 1/4 Shank, size 3.5mm x 26mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3526, Lot Number 35917008. 1/4 Shank, size 3.5mm x 30mm, Catalog #05-000-20-3530, Lot Number 35917009. 1/4 Shank, size 4.0mm x 26mm, Catalog #05-000-20-4026, Lot Number 35917010. 1/4 Shank, size 4.0mm x 30mm, Catalog #05-000-20-4030, Lot Number 35917011. Class II The products have been identified to contain springs which have been manufactured with type-304 stainless steel rather than the specified titanium alloy. Exactech, Inc.
Devices Gender Solutions" Natural-Knee® Flex System: N-K FLEX MBACK SZ 0 PAT N-K FLEX MBACK SZ 1 PAT N-K FLEX MBACK SZ 2 PAT Item Numbers 00541800000 00541800001 00541800002 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® N-K II DOMED ALL-POLY PAT, SZ0 N-K II DOMED ALL-POLY PAT, SZ1 Item Number 00591101128 00591101137 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices MOST Options" System (MOST) HINGED TIB INS SZ 1 16MM HINGED TIB INS SZ 4 6MM M HINGED TIB INS SZ 4 9MM M HINGED TIB INS SZ 4 16MM MOST PROX TIB INS 6MM Item Number 502001016 502004006 502004009 502004016 502010006 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II - Unicompartmental Knee Prosthesis: CONG TIB INS SZ1/2 9MM UN CONG TIB INS SZ1/2 11MM U CONG TIB INS SZ1/2 13MM U CONG TIB INS SZ3/4 9MM UN CONG TIB INS SZ3/4 11MM U CONG TIB INS SZ3/4 13MM U CONG TIB INS SZ 5/6 9MM U CONG TIB INS SZ5/6 11MM U CONG TIB INS SZ5/6 13MM U Item Number 611001009 611001011 611001013 611002009 611002011 611002013 611003009 611003011 611003013 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II Unicompartmental Knee System: UNI ALL-POLY TIB SZ 1-7mm UNI ALL-POLY TIB SZ 1-9mm Item Number 613001007 613001009 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee®/Apollo" Knee: M/B PAT SZ0 NATURAL-KNEE M/B PAT SZ1 NATURAL-KNEE M/B PAT SZ2 NATURAL-KNEE Item Number 620001100 620001101 620001102 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® Congruent Tibial Insert with Screw: SF-CON TIB INS LT SZ1/2 1 SF-CON TIB INS RT SZ1/2 9 SF-CON TIB INS RT SZ3/4/5 Item Number 620005819 620005909 620006916 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II System ULTRA CONG INS LT SZA/9MM ULTRA CONG INS LT SZA/13M ULTRA CONG INS LT SZA/19M ULTRA CONG INS RT SZA/9MM ULTRA CONG INS RT SZA/11M ULTRA CONG INS RT SZA/13M ULTRA CONG INS RT SZA/19M ULTRA CONG INS LT SZB/13M ULTRA CONG INS LT SZB/16M ULTRA CONG INS RT SZB/19M ULTRA CONG INS RT SZB/22M NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 9 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 NKII ROT PLTFM U/C INS, 1 ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ00 ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ0/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ0/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ0/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ0/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ1/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ1/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ1/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ1/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ1/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ2/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ3/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ4/ ALL POLY CONG TIB LT SZ4/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ4/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ4/ ALL POLY CONG TIB RT SZ5/ PS TIB INS RT SZ1/2 16MM PS TIB INS RT SZ1/2 19MM PS TIB INS LT SZ00/0 19MM PS TIB INS RT SZ00/0 11MM PS TIB INS RT SZ00/0 16MM Item Number 625001609 625001613 625001619 625001709 625001711 625001713 625001719 625002613 625002616 625002719 625002722 630809510 630811410 630811510 630813410 630813510 630816210 630816410 630816510 630819010 630819110 630819210 630819310 630819410 630819510 635000009 635001009 635001011 635001111 635001116 635002009 635002011 635002109 635002111 635002113 635003009 635003011 635003013 635003016 635003109 635003113 635003116 635004009 635004011 635004016 635004111 635004113 635004119 635005013 635005019 635005111 635005116 635006109 670501916 670501919 670503819 670503911 670503916 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II Constrained Knee System NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-RT NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-RT NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-LF NKII CCK TIB INS SZ3-5 -L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R NKII CCK TIB INS SZ1/2-RT NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-L NKII CCK TIB INS SZ00/0-R Item Number 672009100 672009101 672009103 672009200 672009203 672011101 672011103 672011200 672011201 672011203 672013100 672013101 672013103 672013200 672013203 672016101 672016103 672016200 672016203 672019100 672019101 672019200 672019201 672022101 672022103 672022200 672022201 672025100 672025200 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II Posterior Stabilized (P.S.) Condylar Tibial Inserts: N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS INS TIB SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ N-K II CONS PS TIB INS SZ Item Number 672509100 672509101 672509200 672509203 672511100 672511103 672513101 672513103 672513201 672516103 672519103 672522201 672525103 672525203 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Apollo" Knee System: APOLLO PATELLA SZ0 28MM R Item Number 680001000 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Apollo Knee Tibial Baseplate/Knee Tibial Insert: CONG TIB INS SZ0/19MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ0/22MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ1/9MM APOL CONG TIB INS SZ1/11MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ1/19MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ2/13MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ2/19MM APO CONG TIB INS SZ3/9MM APOL CONG TIB INS SZ3/13MM APO Item Number 681100019 681100022 681101009 681101011 681101019 681102013 681102019 681103009 681103013 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Apollo" Knee System: PS TIB INS SZ0/16MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ0/19MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ0/22MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ1/16MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ2/16M APOLLO PS TIB INS SZ2/22MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ3/16MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ3/19MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ4/9MM APOLLO PS TIB INS SZ4/11MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ4/13MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ4/16MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ4/19MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ4/22MM APOLL PS TIB INS SZ5/9MM APOLLO PS TIB INS SZ5/19MM APOLL Item Number Item Number 681600016 681600019 681600022 681601016 681602016 681602022 681603016 681603019 681604009 681604011 681604013 681604016 681604019 681604022 681605009 681605019 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Apollo" Revision/Constrained Knee System: SZ0-16MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ1-11MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ1-16MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ1-22MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ1-30MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ2-11MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ2-13MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ2-16MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ2-22MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ2-30MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ3-16MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ3-22MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ3-25MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ4-13MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ4-16MM AK CCK TIB INSER SZ5-11MM AK CCK TIB INSER Item Number 682000016 682001011 682001016 682001022 682001030 682002011 682002013 682002016 682002022 682002030 682003016 682003022 682003025 682004013 682004016 682005011 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Natural-Knee® II System: POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ00/9M POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ0/9MM POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ0/19M POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ0/13M POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ0/16M ALL POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ1 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ1 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ2 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ2 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ2 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB LT SZ3 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ3 ALL POLY ULTRA TIB RT SZ5 Item Number 621800809 621801809 621801819 621801913 621801916 621810816 621810909 621820809 621820811 621820911 621830811 621830909 621850916 Class II A complaint was received for a discolored All Poly Tibia. Root cause analysis found that the discoloration was the result of free radical oxidation. The oxidation process was advanced prematurely as a result of the machined component being stored in a transparent container exposed to artificial light for six years prior to inert packaging and sterilization of the device. Zimmer, Inc.
Devices Mar Cor Purification Millenium HX Portable Reverse Osmosis System. Model 3025975. Product Usage: Water Purification System is intended to be used as a dialysis accessory to produce water through reverse osmosis for use with hemodialysis equipment.. Serial Numbers: 1294627, 1298383, 1298386, 1299352, 1299353, 1299354, 1299355, 1299356, 1299486, 1299487, 1299488, 1299489, 1299503, 1299572, 1299712, 1299713, 1299716, 1299718, 1299719, 1299720, 1299740, 1299742, 1299777, 1299779, 1299780, 1299831, 1299835, 1299850, 1299867, 1299868, 1299895, 1299897, 1299992, 1299993, 1299994, 1299996, 1299997, 1300138, 1300224, 1300248, 1300363, 1300364, 1300367, 1300368, 1300558, 1300560, 1300561, 1300562, 1300564, 1300565, 1300621, 1300649, 1300650, 1300700, 1300701, 1301081, 1301116, 1301360, 1301361, 1301386, 1301888, 1301990, 1301992, 1301997, 1302030, 1302032, 1302149, 1302214, 1302226, 1302342, 1302345, 1302346, 1302385, 1302430, 1302447, 1302448, 1302452, 1302456, 1302464, 1302517, 1302555, 1302558, 1302642, 1302696, 1302706, 1302708, 1302748, 1302767, 1302768, 1302810, 1302813, 1302922, 1302923, 1302924, 1302925, 1302926, 1302927, 1302987, 1303005, 1303108, 1303315, 1303316, 1303346, 1303348, 1303351, 1303352, 1303505, 1303516, 1303532, 1303533, 1303534, 1303557, 1303558, 1303625, 1303626, 1303689, 1303690, 1303693, 1303702, 1303711, 1303768, 1303781, 1303799, 1303806, 1303821, 1303872, 1303877, 1303908, 1303920, 1303975, 1303976, 1304070, 1304076, 1304077, 1304081, 1304163, 1304166, 1304167, 1304170, 1304173, 1304174, 1304194, 1304196, 1304203, 1304273, 1304293, 1304294, 1304297, 1304333, 1304340, 1304343, 1304344, 1304346, 1304349, 1304376, 1304381, 1304501, 1304502, 1304503, 1304507, 1304508, 1304551, 1304585, 1304587, 1304724, 1304725, 1304775, 1304778, 1304779, 1304829, 1304870, 1304902, 1304903, 1304929, 1305006, 1305007, 1305038, 1305040, 1305041, 1305087, 1305088, 1305089, 1305131, 1305133, 1305210, 1305238, 1305239, 1305355, 1305363, 1305608, 1305609, 1305650, 1305651, 1305655, 1305698, 1305700, 1305701, 1305717, 1305732, 1305735, 1305750, 1305751, 1305752, 1305795, 1305928, 1305931, 1305932, 1305975, 1305995, 1306007, 1306042, 1306046, 1306078, 1306125, 1306154, 1306178, 1306209, 1306215, 1306226, 1306259, 1306322, 1306341, 1306428, 1306429, 1306430, 1306431, 1306432, 1306654, 1306662, 1306663, 1306664, 1306665. Class II High inlet water pressure beyond specification and the solenoid valve does not meet application which could result in a delay in treatment. Mar Cor Purification
Devices Denlase: Diode Laser Therapy System and Penlase: Dental Laser Therapy System surgical powered. Surgical powered Laser instruments. Denlase and Penlase Dental Laser Systems. Class II Failure to provide calibration procedures to purchasers, as required by 21 CFR 1040.11(a)(2). For example, the user manual did not contain calibration procedures for Denlase or Penlase Lasers China Daheng Group Inc.
Devices Product Brand Name(s): Alere Triage® TOX+MTD Drug Screen, Catalog Number 94400, Lots W56013B and W56035B. 25 individually pouched devices in a labeled kit box. Indications for use: The Alere Triage® TOX Drug Screen is a fluorescence immunoassay to be used with the Alere Triage® Meters for the qualitative determination of the presence of drug and/or the major metabolites above the threshold concentrations of up to 10 distinct drug classes, including assays for acetaminophen/paracetamol, amphetamines, methamphetamines, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, cocaine, methadone, opiates, phencyclidine, THC and tricyclic antidepressants in urine. The acetaminophen/paracetamol assay will yield positive results when acetaminophen/paracetamol is ingested at or above therapeutic doses. This test provides only a preliminary result. Clinical consideration and professional judgment must be applied to any drug of abuse test result, particularly in evaluating a preliminary positive result. In order to obtain a confirmed analytical result, a more specific alternate chemical method is needed. Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS), Liquid Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry/ Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) and High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) are common confirmatory methods. A quantitative serum acetaminophen/paracetamol measurement is the common confirmatory method for preliminary positive acetaminophen/paracetamol results. Catalog Number 94400, Lots W56013B and W56035B Class II Alere San Diego, Inc. is initiating a recall of the Alere Triage® TOX Drug Screen, Catalog Number 94400, Lots W56013B and W56035B because Alere's investigation has shown that these lots have a frequency of false negative results for PCP (Phencyclidine) that is higher than the frequency shown in the package insert. If you have questions about previously reported results. Alere San Diego, Inc.
Biologics Source Plasma TT0306091; TT0307155; TT0307638; TT0305128; TT0305458 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. DCI Biologicals Temple Terrace, LLC
Biologics Source Plasma TT0332120; TT0332466; TT0332926; TT0298638; TT0299019; TT0299579; TT0300059; TT0302035; TT0302785; TT0303087; TT0303804; TT0310875; TT0311187; TT0319719; TT0320023; TT0320584; TT0321162; TT0321623; TT0322549; TT0322679; TT0323400; TT0323655; TT0324230; TT0324464; TT0325344; TT0325718; TT0326545; TT0326954; TT0327595; TT0327837; TT0328375; TT0328664; TT0329243; TT0329742; TT0330045; TT0330481; TT0330841; TT0331263; TT0331645 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. DCI Biologicals Temple Terrace, LLC
Biologics Source Plasma BY0386092; BY0386376; BY0387157; BY0387287; BY0387767; BY0387954; BY0388378 Class III Blood products, collected from a donor who was previously deferred, were distributed. DCI Biologicals, LLC
Biologics Source Plasma TT0297450; TT0297848; TT0298354; TT0298821 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. DCI Biologicals Temple Terrace, LLC
Devices syngo Dynamics Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS). Model numbers 10091804, 10091805, 10091806, 10091807, 10091673 Model nos.10091804, 10091805, 10091806, 10091807, 10091673. syngo Dynamics Version 9.5 using Sensis integration. Class II Potential patient data mixup. Improper error handling could allow for two different patients to be displayed in syngo Dynamics. Images shown for one patient and reporting system shown for a different patient, leading to the potential for misdiagnosis. Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc
Devices Reusable Clip Applier Manufactured by AtriCure, Inc., 6217 Centre Park Drive, West Chester, OH 45069. The Reusable Clip Applier (Applier) is intended to be used to deploy the Gillinov-Cosgrove LAA Clip (Clip). The Gillinov-Cosgrove LAA Clip (Clip) is an implantable device used for occlusion of the left atrial appendage. Lot Number MFR-0424-1 Class II The firm was notified by a customer of a cracked spring in the handle of the RCD1 device. Atricure Inc
Food Creation Special Snack Mix; 25 lb. cardboard carton Lot #s: 13037, 13114, 13309 and 13333. Class II Due to the lack of the ingredient statement the firm failed to declare the following direct allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and yellow #5. The products also lack the declaration that they are packaged in a facility that handles milk and eggs. Dayton Nut Specialties Inc
Food Bar Star Snack Mix; 25 lb. cardboard carton Lot #s: 13013037, 13078, 13114, 13163, 13227, 13288 and 13333. Class II Due to the lack of the ingredient statement the firm failed to declare the following direct allergens: peanuts, tree nuts, soy, wheat, and yellow #5. The products also lack the declaration that they are packaged in a facility that handles milk and eggs. Dayton Nut Specialties Inc
Devices MEDITECH Microbiology; Client Server Releases 5.6, 5.65, 5.66, 5.67, 6.0, 6.05, 6.07, 6.1, 6.13 and 6.14. Integrates requisition, specimen processing, and patient information with data in the healthcare information system (HCIS). Client Server Releases 5.6, 5.65, 5.66, 5.67, 6.0, 6.05, 6.07, 6.1, 6.13 and 6.14. Class II Potential for erroneous result reporting. Medical Information Technology, Inc.
Biologics Source Plasma 3520277021; 3520276367; 3520275784; 3520275235; 3520274652; 3520273706; 3520272384; 3520272017; 3520271116; 3520270771; 3520268608; 3520268234; 3520267426; 3520266968 Class III Blood products, collected from a donor who was previously deferred, were distributed. Talecris Plasma Resources, Inc
Food 4 oz. Heart - Shaped Box of Assorted Chocolates 13344, 13345, 13361, 14010, 14014, 12365, and 13002. Class I Undeclared Allergen - peanut Fannie May Confection Brands Inc
Devices Medline Sterile Foley Catheter 14 fr 5 cc 12 pieces model number DNYD11914 Product Usage:Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices Curion CuriStay Nelaton CH - 14 2-W Hydrogel Coated (Latex) 5- 10 mL Product Usage: Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices SLC 2-way standard Lubricious Coated 14ch/FR 5/10ml/cc Product Usage: Usage: Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices JMS, Japan, 3 WAY, 20 FR 10 mL Product Usage: Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices 'TORAY' Hydrocoat Foley Catheter 12 x10 4.00 mm Fr x mL Product Usage: Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices SLC 3-way standard Lubricious Coated 20Ch/Fr 30 mL/cc Product Usage: Latex Lubricous Coated Foley Catheters The standard catheter essentially consists of a flexible lubricous coated latex tube which incorporates one major drainage lumen and one or two minor lumens constructed in the wall of the tube. One minor lumen is for inflating the retention balloon (available in 2-Way & 3-Way catheters). The second minor lumen (applicable for 3 Way catheters only) is used for bladder irrigation purposes. 540204R001 Class II The lumen of the Medline Sterile Foley Catheter was found to be blocked by excess lubricious coating material. Convatec Inc.
Devices Oxoid Vancomycin 30 mcg, each cartridge contains 50 susceptibility discs, CT0058B. The firm name on the label is Oxoid Ltd., Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. Used in the semi-quantitative agar diffusion test method for in-vitro susceptibility testing. Lot 1174497, exp. 2015/04 Class II Some of the discs may not be impregnated with the antibiotic. Remel Inc
Devices GE Healthcare Optima CT580/Discovery CT590RT scanners running software version 13BW16.3. The Discovery CT 590 RT and Optima CT 580 series of Computed Tomography systems are intended to produce cross-sectional images of the body by computer reconstruction of XRay transmission data taken at different angles and planes, including Axial, Cine, Helical (Volumetric), and Gated (Respiratory and Cardiac) acquisitions in patients of all ages. Mfg Lot or Serial # PA2314840 PA2314841 PA2314842 PA2314843 PA2314844 PA2314845 A1RF3176G A1RF3638GR A2RF1052G B1RF4038GR B3G44377G B3G44511G B3G44515G B3RF4960G C1RF4686G C1RF4793G C1RF4802G C1RF4827GR D2RF2744G D2RF2778GR D2RF2795G D2RF2796G D2RF2797G D2RF2798G D2RF2799G D2RF2814G D2RF2815G D2RF2816G D2RF2817G D2RF2818G D2RF2819G D2RF2820G D2RF2821G D2RF2822G D2RF2823G D2RF2824G D2RF2825G D2RF2826G D2RF2827G D2RF2828G D2RF2829G D2RF2830G D2RF2831G D2RF2832G D2RF2833G D2RF2834G D2RF2835G D2RF2836G D2RF2837G D2RF2838G D2RF2839G D2RF2840G D2RF2841G D2RF2842G D2RF2843G D2RF2844G D2RF2845G D2RF2846G D2RF2847G D2RF2848G D2RF2850G D2RF2851G D3G44977G D3G44983G D3G44984G D3G44985G D43T4071G D43T4072G D43T4073G D43T4074G D43T4075G D43T4076G D43T4077G E1RF5364G E1RF5479GR E1RF5480GR E1RF5599G E3RF5317G E3RF5318G F0RF0134G F0RF0135G F0RF0136G F0RF0140G F0RF0141G F1RF4827GR F1RF5952G F1RF6042GR F1RF6075GR F1RF6079GR F1RF6084GR F1RF6085GR F1RF6086GR F1RF6088GR F1RF6092GR F1RF6097GR F1RF6100GR F1RF6114GR F1RF6118GR F1RF6123GR F1RF6130GR F1RF6227GR F1RF6236G F1RF6236GR F1RF6243GR F1RF6282GR F2G40578G F2G40579G F2G40580G F2G40581G F2G40584G F2G40585G F2G40586G F2G40588G F2G40592G F2G40593G F2G40594G F2G40595G F2G40596G F2G40598G F2G40599G F2G40605G F2G40606G F2G40607G F2G40609G F2G40610G F2G40611G F2G40615G F2G40631G F2G40705G F2G40820G F2G40835G F2RF3572G F2RF3640G F2RF3651G F3G45957G F3G45980G F3G46200G F43S0355G F43S0356G G0RF0516GR G0RF0592GR G0RF0596GR G1RF6518G G1RF6544G G1RF6546G G3G46241G G3G46616G G3G46649G G3G46664G G3G46674G G3G46679G H0RF0607GR H0RF0772G H0RF0845GR H2G41289G H2G41307G H2G41571GR H2G41786G H2G41787G H2RF4002GR J0RF0465G J0RF1103G J1RF7280G J1RF7281G J1RF7282G J1RF7283G J1RF7284G J1RF7285G J1RF7286G J1RF7289G J1RF7290G J1RF7298G J1RF7387G J2G42049G J2G42100GR J33T0400G J43S0499G J43S0503G J43S0504G J43S0506G J43T5719G J43T5720G J43T5727G J43T5731G J43T5799G J43T5801G J43T5810G J43T5812G J43T5813G J43T5814G J43T5815G J43T5827G J43T5831G J43T5832G J43T5877G J43T6078G K1RF7644G K1RF7673G K1RF7674G K1RF7675G K1RF7676G K1RF7678G K1RF7679G K1RF7680G K1RF7681G K1RF7683G K1RF7704G K1RF7925GR K33T0621G K33T1002G K43T6545G L1RF8243G L1RF8254G L1RF8255G L1RF8256G L1RF8258G L1RF8259G L1RF8261G L1RF8263G L1RF8264G L1RF8265G L1RF8267G L1RF8728G L1RF8733G L2G42609G L2G42643G L2G42666G L2G42668G L2G42669G L2G42690G L2G42711G L2G42970G L2RF4373GR L33T1324G M0RF2496G M0RF2562GR M1RF9841G M2G43248G M2RF4686G M33T1729G M33T2293G PA1786357 PA1786438 PA1786439 PA1786440 PA1786441 PA1786442 PA1786443 PA1786444 PA1786445 PA1786446 PA1786447 PA1786448 PA1786449 PA1786450 PA1786451 PA1786452 PA1786453 PA1786454 PA1786456 PA1786457 PA1786458 PA1786461 PA1786462 PA1786494 PA1786495 PA1786496 PA1786497 PA1786498 PA1786499 PA1786500 PA1786501 PA1786502 PA1786503 PA1786504 PA1786505 PA1786530 PA1786531 PA1786532 PA1786533 PA1786534 PA1786535 PA1786536 PA1786537 PA1786538 PA1786539 PA1786540 PA1786541 PA1786542 PA1786543 PA1786544 PA1786545 PA1786546 PA1786547 PA1786548 PA1786549 PA1786677 PA1786678 PA1786679 PA1786680 PA1786681 PA1786682 PA1786683 PA1786684 PA1786685 PA1786686 PA1786687 PA1786688 PA1786689 PA1786690 PA1786691 PA1786692 PA1786693 PA1786694 PA1786695 PA1786696 PA1786697 PA1786698 PA1786699 PA1786700 PA1786701 PA1786702 PA1786703 PA1786704 PA1786705 PA1786706 PA1786707 PA1786708 PA1786709 PA1786710 PA1786711 PA1786712 PA1786713 PA1786714 PA1786715 PA1786716 PA1787000 PA1787001 PA1787002 PA1787003 PA1787004 PA1787005 PA1787006 PA1787007 PA1787008 PA1787009 PA1787010 PA1787011 PA1787079 PA1787080 PA1787081 PA1787082 PA1787083 PA1787084 PA1787085 PA1787086 PA1787087 PA1787088 PA1787351 PA1787352 PA1787353 PA1787354 PA1787355 PA1787356 PA1787357 PA1787478 PA1787479 PA1787480 PA1787481 PA1787482 PA1787483 PA1787484 PA1787485 PA1787561 PA1787562 PA1787563 PA1787564 PA1787565 PA1787566 PA1787567 PA1787568 PA1787569 PA1787570 PA1787571 PA1787572 PA1787573 PA1787574 PA1787575 PA1787576 PA1787577 PA1787578 PA1787579 PA1787580 PA1787581 PA1787582 PA1787583 PA1787584 PA1787585 PA1787586 PA1787587 PA1787588 PA1787589 PA1787590 PA1787591 PA1787592 PA1787593 PA1787594 PA1787595 PA1787596 PA1787597 PA1787598 PA1787599 PA1787600 PA1787601 PA1787602 PA1787603 PA1787604 PA1787605 PA1787606 PA1787607 PA1787608 PA1787609 PA1787610 PA1787611 PA1787612 PA1787613 PA1787614 PA1787615 PA1787616 PA1787617 PA1787618 PA1787619 PA1787620 PA1787621 PA1787622 PA1787623 PA1787624 PA1787625 PA1787626 PA1787627 PA1787628 PA1787629 PA1787630 PA1787631 PA1787632 PA1787633 PA1787634 PA1787635 PA1787636 PA1787637 PA1787638 PA1787639 PA1787640 PA1787641 PA1787642 PA1787643 PA1787644 PA1787645 PA1787646 PA1787647 PA1787648 PA1787649 PA1787650 PA1787651 PA1787652 PA1787653 PA1787654 PA1787655 PA1787656 PA1787657 PA1787658 PA1787659 PA1787660 PA1787661 PA1787662 PA1787663 PA1787664 PA1787665 PA1787666 PA1787667 PA1787668 PA1787669 PA1787670 PA1787671 PA1787672 PA1788113 PA1788114 PA1788115 PA1788116 PA1788117 PA1788146 PA1788147 PA1788148 PA1788149 PA1788150 PA1788151 PA1788152 PA1788153 PA1788154 PA1788155 PA1788156 PA1788157 PA1788158 PA1788159 PA1788160 PA1788161 PA1788162 PA1788163 PA1788164 PA1788165 PA1788166 PA1788167 PA1788168 PA1788169 PA1788170 PA1788171 PA1788172 PA1788173 PA1788174 PA1788175 PA1788176 PA1788177 PA1788178 PA1788179 PA1788180 PA1788310 PA1788311 PA1788312 PA1788313 PA1788314 PA1788315 PA1788316 PA1788317 PA1788318 PA1788319 PA1788320 PA1788321 PA1788322 PA1788323 PA1788324 PA1788325 PA1788326 PA1788327 PA1788328 PA1788329 PA1788330 PA1788331 PA1788332 PA1788333 PA1788334 PA1788335 PA1788336 PA1788337 PA1788338 PA1788339 PA1788360 PA1788361 PA1788362 PA1788363 PA1788364 PA1788365 PA1788366 PA1788367 PA1788368 PA1788370 PA1788371 PA1788372 PA1788373 PA1788375 PA1788378 PA1788379 PA1788380 PA1788381 PA1788382 PA1788384 PA1788407 PA1788408 PA1788409 PA1788410 PA1788411 PA1788412 PA1788413 PA1788414 PA1788415 PA1788416 PA1788417 PA1788418 PA1788419 PA1788420 PA1788421 PA1788422 PA1788423 PA1788424 PA1788425 PA1788426 PA1788427 PA1788428 PA1788429 PA1788430 PA1788431 PA1788432 PA1788433 PA1788434 PA1788435 PA1788436 PA1788471 PA1788472 PA1788473 PA1788474 PA1788475 PA1788476 PA1788477 PA1788478 PA1788479 PA1788480 PA1788481 PA1788482 PA1788483 PA1788484 PA1788485 PA1788486 PA1788487 PA1788488 PA1788489 PA1788490 PA1788491 PA1788492 PA1788493 PA1788494 PA1788495 PA1788496 PA1788497 PA1788498 PA1788499 PA1788500 PA1788501 PA1788502 PA1788503 PA1788504 PA1788505 PA1788506 PA1788507 PA1788508 PA1788509 PA1788510 PA1788511 PA1788512 PA1788513 PA1788514 PA1788515 PA1788516 PA1788517 PA1788518 PA1788519 PA1788520 PA1788521 PA1788522 PA1788523 PA1788524 PA1788525 PA1788526 PA1788527 PA1788528 PA1788529 PA1788530 PA1788531 PA1788532 PA1788533 PA1788534 PA1788535 PA1788625 PA1788626 PA1788627 PA1788628 PA1788629 PA1788630 PA1788631 PA1788632 PA1788633 PA1788634 PA1789287 PA1789288 PA1789289 PA1789290 PA1789291 PA1789292 PA1789293 PA1789294 PA1789295 PA1789296 PA1850116 PA1850117 PA1850118 PA1850119 PA1850120 PA1850121 PA1850122 PA1850123 PA1850124 PA1850125 PA1850126 PA1850127 PA1850128 PA1850129 PA1850130 PA1850131 PA1850132 PA1850133 PA1850134 PA1850135 PA1850136 PA1850137 PA1850138 PA1850139 PA1850140 PA1850141 PA1850142 PA1850143 PA1850144 PA1850145 PA1850146 PA1850147 PA1850391 PA1850392 PA1850393 PA1850394 PA1850395 PA1850396 PA1850397 PA1850398 PA1850399 PA1850400 PA1850401 PA1850402 PA1850403 PA1850404 PA1850405 PA1850406 PA1850407 PA1850408 PA1850409 PA1850410 PA1850411 PA1850412 PA1850413 PA1850414 PA1850415 PA1850416 PA1850417 PA1850418 PA1850419 PA1850420 PA1850421 PA1850422 PA1850423 PA1850424 PA1850425 PA1850426 PA1850427 PA1850428 PA1850771 PA1850772 PA1850773 PA1850774 PA1850775 PA1850776 PA1850777 PA1850778 PA1850779 PA1850791 PA1850792 PA1850793 PA1850794 PA1850795 PA1850796 PA1850797 PA1850798 PA1850897 PA1850898 PA1850899 PA1850900 PA1850901 PA1850902 PA1850903 PA1850904 PA1850905 PA1850906 PA1850907 PA1850908 PA1850909 PA1850910 PA1850911 PA1850912 PA1850913 PA1850914 PA1850915 PA1850916 PA1850917 PA1850918 PA1850919 PA1850920 PA1850921 PA1850922 PA1850923 PA1850924 PA1850925 PA1850926 PA1850927 PA1850928 PA1850929 PA1850930 PA1850931 PA1851412 PA1851413 PA1851414 PA1851415 PA1851416 PA1851829 PA1851830 PA1851831 PA1851832 PA1851833 PA1851834 PA1851835 PA1851836 PA1851837 PA1851838 PA1851839 PA1851840 PA1851841 PA1851842 PA1851843 PA1851844 PA1852084 PA1852085 PA1852086 PA1852087 PA1852088 PA1852089 PA1852090 PA1852091 PA1852092 PA1852093 PA1852094 PA1852095 PA1852096 PA1852097 PA1852098 PA1852099 PA1852138 PA1852139 PA1852140 PA1852141 PA1852142 PA1852143 PA1852144 PA1852145 PA1852146 PA1852147 PA1852148 PA1852149 PA1852150 PA1852151 PA1852152 PA1852153 PA1852154 PA1852155 PA1852156 PA1852157 PA1852158 PA1852159 PA1852160 PA1852161 PA1852162 PA1852163 PA1852164 PA1852165 PA1852166 PA1852167 PA1852168 PA1852169 PA1852170 PA1852171 PA1852172 PA1852173 PA1852174 PA1852175 PA1852176 PA1852177 PA1852178 PA1852179 PA1852180 PA1852181 PA1852182 PA1852183 PA1852184 PA1852185 PA1852186 PA1852187 PA1852188 PA1852189 PA1852190 PA1852191 PA1852192 PA1852193 PA1852194 PA1852195 PA1852196 PA1852197 PA1852198 PA1852199 PA1852200 PA1852201 PA1852202 PA1852203 PA1852204 PA1852205 PA1852206 PA1852207 PA1852208 PA1852209 PA1852210 PA1852211 PA1852212 PA1852213 PA1852214 PA1852215 PA1852216 PA1852217 PA1852218 PA1852219 PA1852220 PA1852221 PA1852222 PA1852223 PA1852224 PA1852225 PA1852226 PA1852227 PA1852228 PA1852229 PA1852230 PA1852231 PA1852232 PA1852233 PA1852234 PA1852235 PA1852236 PA1852237 PA1852409 PA1852410 PA1852411 PA1852412 PA1852413 PA1852414 PA1852415 PA1852416 PA1852417 PA1852418 PA1852419 PA1852420 PA1852421 PA1852422 PA1852423 PA1852424 PA1852425 PA1852426 PA1852427 PA1852428 PA1852429 PA1852430 PA1852431 PA1852432 PA1852433 PA1852434 PA1852435 PA1852436 PA1852437 PA1852438 PA1852439 PA1852440 PA1852441 PA1852442 PA1852443 PA1852444 PA1852445 PA1852446 PA1852447 PA1852448 PA1852449 PA1852808 PA1852809 PA1852810 PA1852811 PA1852812 PA1852813 PA1852814 PA1852815 PA1852816 PA1852817 PA1852818 PA1852819 PA1852820 PA1852821 PA1852822 PA1852823 PA1852824 PA1854656 PA1854657 PA1854658 PA1854659 PA1854660 PA1854661 PA1895455 PA1895456 PA1895457 PA1895458 PA1897813 PA1990824 PA1990825 PA1990826 PA1990827 PA1990828 PA1990829 PA1990830 PA1990831 PA1990832 PA1990833 PA1990834 PA1990835 PA1990836 PA1990837 PA1990838 PA1990839 PA1990840 PA1991403 PA1991404 PA1991405 PA1991406 PA1991407 PA1991408 PA1991409 PA1991410 PA1991411 PA1991412 PA1991413 PA1991414 PA1991415 PA1991416 PA1991417 PA1991418 PA1991419 PA1991440 PA1991442 PA1991635 PA1991851 PA1991852 PA1991853 PA1991854 PA1991855 PA1991856 PA1991857 PA1991858 PA1991859 PA1991860 PA1991861 PA1991862 PA1991863 PA1991864 PA1991865 PA1991866 PA1991867 PA1991868 PA1991869 PA1991870 PA1992005 PA1992006 PA1992007 PA1992008 PA1992112 PA1992113 PA1992114 PA1992115 PA1992116 PA1992117 PA1992118 PA1992119 PA1992120 PA1992121 PA1992122 PA1992123 PA1992124 PA1992125 PA1992126 PA1992127 PA1993645 PA1993646 PA1993647 PA1993648 PA1993649 PA1993650 PA1993651 PA1993652 PA1993653 PA1993654 PA1993655 PA1993656 PA1993657 PA1993658 PA1993659 PA1993660 PA1993661 PA1993662 PA1993663 PA1993664 PA1993665 PA1993666 PA1993667 PA1993668 PA1993860 PA1993861 PA1993862 PA1993863 PA1993864 PA1993865 PA1993866 PA1994201 PA1994202 PA1994203 PA1994204 PA1994205 PA2007158 PA2007159 PA2007160 PA2007161 PA2007162 PA2007163 PA2020375 PA2020376 PA2020377 PA2020378 PA2020379 PA2020380 PA2020381 PA2020382 PA2020383 PA2020384 PA2020385 PA2020386 PA2020387 PA2020388 PA2020389 PA2020390 PA2020391 PA2020392 PA2020458 PA2020459 PA2020460 PA2020461 PA2020462 PA2020463 PA2020464 PA2020465 PA2020466 PA2020467 PA2020468 PA2020469 PA2020470 PA2020471 PA2020472 PA2020473 PA2020474 PA2020475 PA2020476 PA2020477 PA2020478 PA2020479 PA2020480 PA2020481 PA2020482 PA2020505 PA2020506 PA2020507 PA2020508 PA2020509 PA2020510 PA2020511 PA2020512 PA2020513 PA2020514 PA2020515 PA2020516 PA2020517 PA2020518 PA2020519 PA2020520 PA2020521 PA2020522 PA2020523 PA2020524 PA2021288 PA2021289 PA2021290 PA2021291 PA2021292 PA2021293 PA2021294 PA2021295 PA2021296 PA2021297 PA2021806 PA2021807 PA2021808 PA2021809 PA2021810 PA2021811 PA2021812 PA2021813 PA2021814 PA2021815 PA2021816 PA2021817 PA2022029 PA2022030 PA2022032 PA2022034 PA2107909 PA2107910 PA2107911 PA2107912 PA2107913 PA2107914 PA2107915 PA2108512 PA2108513 PA2108514 PA2109592 PA2109593 PA2109594 PA2109595 PA2109596 PA2109597 PA2109598 PA2109599 PA2109600 PA2109601 PA2115014 PA2115015 PA2115016 PA2115017 PA2115018 PA2115019 PA2115020 PA2115021 PA2115022 PA2115023 PA2115024 PA2115025 PA2115026 PA2115027 PA2115028 PA2115029 PA2115030 PA2115031 PA2115032 PA2115033 PA2115034 PA2115035 PA2115036 PA2115037 PA2115038 PA2115039 PA2115040 PA2115041 PA2115042 PA2115043 PA2115044 PA2115045 PA2115046 PA2115049 PA2115212 PA2115213 PA2115214 PA2115215 PA2115216 PA2115217 PA2115218 PA2115219 PA2115220 PA2115221 PA2115222 PA2115232 PA2115233 PA2115234 PA2115235 PA2115236 PA2115237 PA2115309 PA2115310 PA2115311 PA2115312 PA2115313 PA2115314 PA2115315 PA2115316 PA2115317 PA2115318 PA2115319 PA2115320 PA2115321 PA2115322 PA2115323 PA2115327 PA2115329 PA2115330 PA2115331 PA2115332 PA2115333 PA2115334 PA2115335 PA2115336 PA2115337 PA2115338 PA2115347 PA2115348 PA2116026 PA2116027 PA2116028 PA2116029 PA2116030 PA2116031 PA2116032 PA2116033 PA2116034 PA2116035 PA2116036 PA2116037 PA2130461 PA2130462 PA2130463 PA2130464 PA2130465 PA2130466 PA2130467 PA2130468 PA2130469 PA2130470 PA2130471 PA2130472 PA2130473 PA2130474 PA2130475 PA2130476 PA2130477 PA2130478 PA2131319 PA2131320 PA2131321 PA2131322 PA2131323 PA2131324 PA2131325 PA2131326 PA2131327 PA2131328 PA2136382 PA2136383 PA2136384 PA2136385 PA2136386 PA2136387 PA2136388 PA2136391 PA2136398 PA2136399 PA2136408 PA2136409 PA2136549 PA2136550 PA2136551 PA2136552 PA2136553 PA2136558 PA2136559 PA2136560 PA2136561 PA2136562 PA2136563 PA2136584 PA2136585 PA2136586 PA2136587 PA2136588 PA2136589 PA2136590 PA2136591 PA2136592 PA2136593 PA2137621 PA2138188 PA2138189 PA2138190 PA2138191 PA2138208 PA2138248 PA2138280 PA2138337 PA2138338 PA2138339 PA2138340 PA2138341 PA2138342 PA2138343 PA2138344 PA2138345 PA2138346 PA2138347 PA2138348 PA2138349 PA2138388 PA2138389 PA2138390 PA2138391 PA2138392 PA2138393 PA2138394 PA2138395 PA2138396 PA2138397 PA2138398 PA2138399 PA2138400 PA2138401 PA2138402 PA2138403 PA2138404 PA2138405 PA2138406 PA2138407 PA2138408 PA2138409 PA2138410 PA2138411 PA2138412 PA2138413 PA2138414 PA2138415 PA2138416 PA2138417 PA2138418 PA2138419 PA2138420 PA2138421 PA2138422 PA2138423 PA2138424 PA2138425 PA2138427 PA2138428 PA2138429 PA2138430 PA2138431 PA2138432 PA2138433 PA2138434 PA2138435 PA2138436 PA2138437 PA2138438 PA2138439 PA2138440 PA2138441 PA2138442 PA2138443 PA2138444 PA2138445 PA2138446 PA2138447 PA2138448 PA2138449 PA2138450 PA2138451 PA2138452 PA2138453 PA2138514 PA2138515 PA2138516 PA2138517 PA2138518 PA2138519 PA2138520 PA2138521 PA2138522 PA2138822 PA2138823 PA2138824 PA2138825 PA2138826 PA2138827 PA2138828 PA2138829 PA2139335 PA2139336 PA2139337 PA2139338 PA2139339 PA2139340 PA2139341 PA2139342 PA2139343 PA2139344 PA2139345 PA2139346 PA2139347 PA2139348 PA2139349 PA2139350 PA2139351 PA2139352 PA2139353 PA2139354 PA2139355 PA2139356 PA2139357 PA2139358 PA2139359 PA2139360 PA2139361 PA2139493 PA2139494 PA2139495 PA2139496 PA2139497 PA2139498 PA2139499 PA2139500 PA2139501 PA2139502 PA2139503 PA2139504 PA2139505 PA2139506 PA2139507 PA2139508 PA2139509 PA2139510 PA2139511 PA2139512 PA2139513 PA2139514 PA2139515 PA2139516 PA2139517 PA2139518 PA2139519 PA2139520 PA2139521 PA2139522 PA2139523 PA2139524 PA2139525 PA2139526 PA2139527 PA2139528 PA2139529 PA2139530 PA2139531 PA2139532 PA2139533 PA2139534 PA2139535 PA2139536 PA2139537 PA2139538 PA2139539 PA2182814 PA2184843 PA2184844 PA2184845 PA2184846 PA2184847 PA2184848 PA2184849 PA2184850 PA2184851 PA2184852 PA2184853 PA2184854 PA2184855 PA2184856 PA2184857 PA2184858 PA2184859 PA2184860 PA2184933 PA2184943 PA2300038 PA2300039 PA2300040 PA2300041 PA2300042 PA2300043 PA2300044 PA2300045 PA2300046 PA2300047 PA2300048 PA2300049 PA2300050 PA2300051 PA2300097 PA2300098 PA2300099 PA2300100 PA2300101 PA2300102 PA2300103 PA2300104 PA2300105 PA2300106 PA2300107 PA2300108 PA2300109 PA2300110 PA2300111 PA2300112 PA2300113 PA2300114 PA2300115 PA2300116 PA2300117 PA2300118 PA2300119 PA2300120 PA2300121 PA2300122 PA2300123 PA2300124 PA2300125 PA2300126 PA2300127 PA2300128 PA2300129 PA2300130 PA2300131 PA2300132 PA2300133 PA2300134 PA2300135 PA2300136 PA2300137 PA2300138 PA2300139 PA2300140 PA2300141 PA2300142 PA2300143 PA2300144 PA2300145 PA2300146 PA2300147 PA2300148 PA2300149 PA2300150 PA2300151 PA2300152 PA2300153 PA2300154 PA2300155 PA2300156 PA2300157 PA2300158 PA2300159 PA2300160 PA2300161 PA2300162 PA2300163 PA2300164 PA2300165 PA2300166 PA2300167 PA2300168 PA2300169 PA2300170 PA2300171 PA2300172 PA2300173 PA2300174 PA2300175 PA2300176 PA2300177 PA2300178 PA2300179 PA2300180 PA2300181 PA2300182 PA2300183 PA2300184 PA2300185 PA2300186 PA2300187 PA2300188 PA2300189 PA2300190 PA2300191 PA2300192 PA2300193 PA2300194 PA2300195 PA2300196 PA2300197 PA2300198 PA2300199 PA2300200 PA2300201 PA2300202 PA2300203 PA2300204 PA2300205 PA2300206 PA2300207 PA2300208 PA2300209 PA2300210 PA2300211 PA2300212 PA2300213 PA2300214 PA2300215 PA2300216 PA2300217 PA2300218 PA2300219 PA2300220 PA2300221 PA2300222 PA2300223 PA2300224 PA2300225 PA2300226 PA2300227 PA2300228 PA2300229 PA2300230 PA2300231 PA2300232 PA2300233 PA2300234 PA2300235 PA2300236 PA2300237 PA2300238 PA2300239 PA2300240 PA2300241 PA2300242 PA2300243 PA2300244 PA2300245 PA2300246 PA2300247 PA2300248 PA2300249 PA2300250 PA2300251 PA2300252 PA2300253 PA2300254 PA2300255 PA2300256 PA2300257 PA2300258 PA2300259 PA2300260 PA2300303 PA2302321 PA2302322 PA2312695 PA2312696 PA2312697 PA2312698 PA2312699 PA2312700 PA2312701 PA2312702 PA2312703 PA2312704 PA2312705 PA2312706 PA2312707 PA2312708 PA2312709 PA2312710 PA2312711 PA2312712 PA2312713 PA2312714 PA2312715 PA2312731 PA2312732 PA2312733 PA2312734 PA2312735 PA2312736 PA2312737 PA2312738 PA2312739 PA2312740 PA2312741 PA2312743 PA2312744 PA2312745 PA2312746 PA2312747 PA2312748 PA2312749 PA2312750 PA2312751 PA2312752 PA2312753 PA2312754 PA2312755 PA2312756 PA2312757 PA2312758 PA2312759 PA2312760 PA2312761 PA2312762 PA2312763 PA2312764 PA2312765 PA2312766 PA2312767 PA2312768 PA2312769 PA2312770 PA2312771 PA2312772 PA2312773 PA2312774 PA2312775 PA2312776 PA2312777 PA2312778 PA2312779 PA2312780 PA2312781 PA2312782 PA2312783 PA2312784 PA2312785 PA2312786 PA2312787 PA2312788 PA2312789 PA2312790 PA2312791 PA2312877 PA2312878 PA2312879 PA2312880 PA2312881 PA2312882 PA2312883 PA2312884 PA2312885 PA2312886 PA2312887 PA2312888 PA2312889 PA2312890 PA2312891 PA2312892 PA2312893 PA2312894 PA2312895 PA2312896 PA2312897 PA2312898 PA2312899 PA2312900 PA2312901 PA2312978 PA2312979 PA2312980 PA2312981 PA2312982 PA2312983 PA2312984 PA2312985 PA2312986 PA2312987 PA2312988 PA2312989 PA2312990 PA2312991 PA2312992 PA2312993 PA2312994 PA2312995 PA2312996 PA2312997 PA2312998 PA2312999 PA2313000 PA2313001 PA2313002 PA2313003 PA2313004 PA2313005 PA2313006 PA2313007 PA2313008 PA2313009 PA2313010 PA2313011 PA2313012 PA2313013 PA2313014 PA2313015 PA2313016 PA2313017 PA2313018 PA2313019 PA2313020 PA2313021 PA2313022 PA2313023 PA2313024 PA2313025 PA2313026 PA2313027 PA2313137 PA2313340 PA2313341 PA2313342 PA2313343 PA2313344 PA2313345 PA2313346 PA2313347 PA2313348 PA2313349 PA2313350 PA2313351 PA2313558 PA2313559 PA2313560 PA2313561 PA2313562 PA2313563 PA2313564 PA2313565 PA2313567 PA2313568 PA2313569 PA2313570 PA2313571 PA2313620 PA2313621 PA2313653 PA2313658 PA2313659 PA2313660 PA2313661 PA2313662 PA2313663 PA2313664 PA2313665 PA2313666 PA2313667 PA2313668 PA2313669 PA2313670 PA2313671 PA2313672 PA2313673 PA2313674 PA2313675 PA2313676 PA2313677 PA2313678 PA2313740 PA2313741 PA2313742 PA2313743 PA2313744 PA2313745 PA2313746 PA2313747 PA2313748 PA2313749 PA2313750 PA2313751 PA2313752 PA2313754 PA2313755 PA2313756 PA2313757 PA2313760 PA2313761 PA2313763 PA2313765 PA2313766 PA2313767 PA2313768 PA2313769 PA2313770 PA2313771 PA2313772 PA2313773 PA2313774 PA2313775 PA2313776 PA2313777 PA2313778 PA2313779 PA2313780 PA2313781 PA2313782 PA2313783 PA2313784 PA2313785 PA2313786 PA2313787 PA2313788 PA2313789 PA2313808 PA2313809 PA2313810 PA2313811 PA2313812 PA2313813 PA2313814 PA2313815 PA2313816 PA2313817 PA2313818 PA2313819 PA2313820 PA2313821 PA2313822 PA2313823 PA2313824 PA2313825 PA2313826 PA2313827 PA2313828 PA2313829 PA2313830 PA2313831 PA2313832 PA2313833 PA2313834 PA2313835 PA2313836 PA2313837 PA2313838 PA2313839 PA2313840 PA2313841 PA2313842 PA2313843 PA2313844 PA2313845 PA2313846 PA2313847 PA2313848 PA2313849 PA2313850 PA2313851 PA2313873 PA2313874 PA2313875 PA2313876 PA2313877 PA2313878 PA2313879 PA2313880 PA2313881 PA2313882 PA2313883 PA2313884 PA2313885 PA2313886 PA2313887 PA2313888 PA2313889 PA2313890 PA2313891 PA2313892 PA2313893 PA2313894 PA2313895 PA2313896 PA2313897 PA2313898 PA2313899 PA2313900 PA2313901 PA2313902 PA2313903 PA2313904 PA2313905 PA2313906 PA2313907 PA2313908 PA2313909 PA2313910 PA2313911 PA2313912 PA2314190 PA2314191 PA2314192 PA2314193 PA2314194 PA2314195 PA2314196 PA2314197 PA2314198 PA2314199 PA2314200 PA2314201 PA2314202 PA2314203 PA2314204 PA2314205 PA2314206 PA2314207 PA2314208 PA2314209 PA2314210 PA2314211 PA2314212 PA2314213 PA2314214 PA2314215 PA2314216 PA2314217 PA2314218 PA2314219 PA2314416 PA2314417 PA2314418 PA2314419 PA2314420 PA2314421 PA2314422 PA2314423 PA2314424 PA2314425 PA2314434 PA2314435 PA2314436 PA2314437 PA2314438 PA2314439 PA2314498 PA2314499 PA2314500 PA2314501 PA2314502 PA2314503 PA2314504 PA2314505 PA2314506 PA2314579 PA2314580 PA2314581 PA2314582 PA2314583 PA2314584 PA2314585 PA2314586 PA2314587 PA2314588 PA2314589 PA2314590 PA2314591 PA2314592 PA2314593 PA2314594 PA2314595 PA2314596 PA2314597 PA2314598 PA2314599 PA2314600 PA2314601 PA2314602 PA2314603 PA2314604 PA2314605 PA2314606 PA2314622 PA2314625 PA2314626 PA2314690 PA2314751 PA2314831 PA2314832 PA2314833 PA2314934 PA2314935 PA2314936 PA2314937 PA2314938 PA2314939 PA2314940 PA2314941 PA2314942 PA2314943 PA2314944 PA2314945 PA2314946 PA2314947 PA2314948 PA2352514 PA2352515 PA2352551 PA2352554 PA2352555 PA2352582 PA2352583 PA2352584 PA2352585 PA2352592 PA2352593 PA2352594 PA2352595 PA2352596 PA2352597 PA2352598 PA2352599 PA2352600 PA2352601 PA2352602 PA2352603 PA2352604 PA2352605 PA2352606 PA2352607 PA2352608 PA2352609 PA2352610 PA2352611 PA2352612 PA2352613 PA2352614 PA2352615 PA2352616 PA2352617 PA2352618 PA2352619 PA2352625 PA2352626 PA2352627 PA2352628 PA2352629 PA2352630 PA2352631 PA2352632 PA2352633 PA2352634 PA2352635 PA2352636 PA2352637 PA2352638 PA2352639 PA2352640 PA2352641 PA2352642 PA2352643 PA2352644 PA2352645 PA2352646 PA2352647 PA2352648 PA2352649 PA2352650 PA2352651 PA2352652 PA2352653 PA2352654 PA2352655 PA2352656 PA2352657 PA2352658 PA2352659 PA2352660 PA2352661 PA2352662 PA2352663 PA2352664 PA2352665 PA2352666 PA2352667 PA2352668 PA2352669 PA2352670 PA2352671 PA2352672 PA2352673 PA2352674 PA2352675 PA2352676 PA2352677 PA2352678 PA2352679 PA2352680 PA2352681 PA2352682 PA2352683 PA2352684 PA2352685 PA2352686 PA2352687 PA2352688 PA2352689 PA2352690 PA2352691 PA2352692 PA2352693 PA2352694 PA2352695 PA2352696 PA2352697 PA2352698 PA2352699 PA2352700 PA2352701 PA2352702 PA2352703 PA2352704 PA2352705 PA2352706 PA2352707 PA2352708 PA2352709 PA2352710 PA2352711 PA2352712 PA2352713 PA2352714 PA2352715 PA2352716 PA2352717 PA2352718 PA2352719 PA2352720 PA2352721 PA2352722 PA2352723 PA2352724 PA2352725 PA2352726 PA2352727 PA2352728 PA2352729 PA2352730 PA2352731 PA2352732 PA2352733 PA2352734 PA2352735 PA2352736 PA2352737 PA2352738 PA2352739 PA2352740 PA2352741 PA2352742 PA2352743 PA2352744 PA2352745 PA2352746 PA2352747 PA2352748 PA2352749 PA2352750 PA2352751 PA2352752 PA2352753 PA2352754 PA2352755 PA2352756 PA2352757 PA2352758 PA2352759 PA2352760 PA2352761 PA2352762 PA2352763 PA2352764 PA2352765 PA2352766 PA2352767 PA2352768 PA2352769 PA2352770 PA2352771 PA2352772 PA2352773 PA2352774 PA2352775 PA2352776 PA2352777 PA2352778 PA2352779 PA2352780 PA2352781 PA2352782 PA2352783 PA2352784 PA2352788 PA2352789 PA2352790 PA2352791 PA2352792 PA2352793 PA2352794 PA2352795 PA2352796 PA2352797 PA2352798 PA2352799 PA2352800 PA2352801 PA2352802 PA2352803 PA2352804 PA2352805 PA2352806 PA2352807 PA2352808 PA2352809 PA2352810 PA2352811 PA2352812 PA2352813 PA2352814 PA2352815 PA2352816 PA2352817 PA2352818 PA2352819 PA2352820 PA2352821 PA2352822 PA2352823 PA2352824 PA2352825 PA2352826 PA2352827 PA2352828 PA2352829 PA2352830 PA2352831 PA2352832 PA2352833 PA2352834 PA2352835 PA2352836 PA2352837 PA2352838 R3S04450035GA R3S04490127GA R3S04490129GA R3S04490131GA R3S04490133GA R3S04490134GA R3S04490137GA R3S04490138GA R3S04490139GA R3S05020263GA R3S05050286GA R3S05140399GA R3T05072105GA R3T05072110GA R3T05072111GA R3T05072114GA R3T05072120GA R3T05072123GA R3T05162726GA R3T05162733GA R3T05162736GA R3T05162737GA R3T05162738GA R3T05182961GA R3T05182962GA R3T05182963GA R3T05182966GA R3T05182967GA R3T05182969GA R3T05182970GA R3T05253351GA SBH05260052GA SBH05260053GA SBH05260056GA SBH05260057GA SBH05260058GA SBH05260081GA SBH05260108GA SBH05260109GA SBH05260111GA SBH05260112GA SBH05260113GA SBH05260117GA SBH05280122GA SBH05280124GA SBH05280207GA SBH05280212GA SBH05300380GA SBH05300387GA SBH05300388GA SBH05300396GA SBH05440948GA SBH05471036GA SBH05471066GA SBH05471073GA SBH06061578GA SBH06061580GA SBH06091715GA SBH06091716GA SBL06527807GR SBL06527809GR SBL06527811GR SBL06527822GR SBL07017823GR SBL07017892GR SBL07017894GR SBL07017895GR SBL07017901GR SBL07017906GR SBL07027934GR SBL07038115GR SBL07038163GR SBL07038169GR SBL07078548GR SBL07149225GR SBL07149226GR SBL07149227GR SBL07149229GR SBL07149230GR SBM05260121GR SBM05340190GR SBM05370247GR SBM05370253GR SBM05380320GA SBM05390382GR SBM05420430GR SBM05440465GR SBM05440472GR SBM05440478GA SBM06010826GR SBM06391194GA SCZ07200023GR SCZ07240337GR SCZ07240355GR SCZ07240358GR SCZ07361465GR SCZ07361467GR SCZ07361468GR SCZ07361472GR SCZ07361478GR SCZ07412925GR SCZ07423152GR SCZ07494359GR SCZ07494360GR SCZ07494361GR SCZ07494362GR SCZ07494364GR SCZ07504273GR SCZ07504370GR SCZ07504371GR SCZ07524793GR SE408100752GR SE408131482GR SE408131483GR SE408131484GR SE408131488GR SE408131489GR SE408131492GR SE408131509GR SE408131514GR SE408131518GR SE408141585GR SE408141602GR SE408232436GR SE408436627GR SE408456813GR SE408456814GR SE408456816GR SE408456817GR SE408456833GR SE408456835GR SE408456836GR SE408456837GR SE408456838GR SE408456839GR SE408456842GR SE408456843GR SE408456847GR SE408456849GR SE408456852GR SE408456858GR SE408456862GR SE408456863GR SE408456865GR SE408456868GR SE408466997GR SE408487343GR SE408487348GR SE408518061GR SE409119163GR SE409250439GR SE409250466GR SE409260470GR SE409260479GR SE409260481GR SE409341418GA SE409351619GR SE409371947GR SE409371950GR SE409432543GR SE409432638GA SE409432638GR SE409442685GA SE409442799GA SE409442815GA SE409442816GA SE409442817GA SE409442820GA SE409442824GA SE409442829GA SE409442830GA SE409442831GA SE409442832GA SE409442833GA SE409452834GA SE409452835GA SE409452836GA SE409452837GA SE409452838GA SE409452840GA SE409452841GA SE409452846GA SE409452848GA SE409452850GA SE409452851GA SE409452853GA SE409452854GA SE409452855GA SE409452856GA SE409452857GA SE409452858GA SE409452958GA SE409452961GA SE409452972GA SE409463005GA SE409463010GA SE409463015GA SE409463016GA SE409463025GA SE409463027GA SE409463030GA SE409463034GA SE409463035GA SE409463036GA SE409463038GA SE409463041GA SE409463043GA SE409463045GA SE409463046GA SE409463049GA SE409463050GA SE409463056GA SE409463058GA SE409463081GA SE409463089GA SE409463091GA SE409463093GA SE409463094GA SE409463096GA SE409463098GA SE409463103GA SE409463105GA SE409463106GA SE409463107GA SE409463110GA SE409463111GA SE409463116GA SE409463117GA SE409463119GA SE409463131GA SE409473140GA SE409473141GA SE409473142GA SE409473165GA SE409473169GA SE409473177GA SE409473178GA SE409473179GA SE409473182GA SE409473186GA SE409473187GA SE409473188GA SE409473192GA SE409473193GA SE409473196GA SE409473198GA SE409473200GA SE409473211GA SE409473212GA SE409473220GA SE409473222GA SE409473225GA SE409473226GA SE409473227GA SE409473228GA SE409473229GA SE409473230GA SE409473231GA SE409473232GA SE409473233GA SE409473234GA SE409473235GA SE409473236GA SE409473239GA SE409473240GA SE409473241GA SE409473242GA SE409473243GA SE409473244GA SE409473245GA SE409473246GA SE409473252GA SE409473253GA SE409473256GA SE409493288GA SE409493289GA SE409493290GA SE409493291GA SE409493292GA SE409493293GA SE409493294GA SE409493295GA SE409493307GA SE409493315GA SE409493316GA SE409493317GA SE409493318GA SE409493319GA SE409493321GA SE409493322GA SE409493324GA SE409493337GA SE409493338GA SE409493339GA SE409493341GA SE409493342GA SE409493343GA SE409493345GA SE409493346GA SE409493347GA SE409493348GR SE409493349GA SE409493350GA SE409493351GA SE409493352GA SE409493353GA SE409493362GA SE409493363GA SE409493364GA SE409493365GA SE409493371GA SE409493372GA SE409493373GA SE409493374GA SE409493375GR SE409493376GA SE409493378GA SE409493381GA SE409493383GA SE409493384GA SE409493385GR SE409493386GA SE409493388GA SE409493389GA SE409493390GA SE409493391GA SE409493404GA SE409493408GA SE409493409GA SE409493412GA SE409493413GA SE409503416GA SE409503418GA SE409503419GA SE409503420GA SE409503426GA SE409503427GA SE409503450GR SE409503455GA SE409503457GA SE409503459GA SE409503462GA SE409503464GA SE409503467GA SE409503468GA SE409503471GA SE409503473GA SE409503474GA SE409503475GA SE409503476GA SE409503477GA SE409503478GA SE409503479GA SE409503480GA SE409503481GA SE409503483GA SE409503485GA SE409503496GA SE409503499GA SE409503500GA SE409503501GA SE409503503GA SE409503505GA SE409503506GA SE409503508GA SE409503509GA SE409503510GA SE409503511GA SE409503512GA SE409503513GA SE409503514GA SE409503515GA SE409503516GA SE409503519GA SE409503521GA SE409503523GA SE409503524GA SE409503525GA SE409503527GA SE409503531GA SE409503539GA SE409503540GA SE409503544GA SE409503545GA SE409503546GA SE409503547GA SE409503548GA SE409503550GA SE409503554GA SE409503555GA SE409503557GA SE409503571GA SE409503573GA SE409503576GA SE409503577GA SE409503589GA SE409503604GA SE409503605GA SE409503608GA SE409503612GA SE409503614GA SE409503616GA SE409503617GA SE409503618GA SE409503619GA SE409503620GA SE409503624GA SE409503625GA SE409503628GA SE409513637GA SE409513639GA SE409513640GA SE409513642GA SE409513643GA SE409513644GA SE409513650GA SE409513654GA SE409513655GA SE409513658GA SE409513667GA SE409513674GA SE409513680GA SE409513683GA SE409513684GA SE409513687GA SE409513688GA SE409513691GA SE409513709GA SE409513710GA SE409513711GA SE409513712GA SE409513713GA SE409513714GA SE409513715GA SE409513716GA SE409513717GA SE409513718GA SE409513719GA SE409513720GA SE409513721GA SE409513724GA SE409513725GA SE409513726GA SE409513728GA SE409513729GA SE409513731GA SE409513732GA SE409513733GA SE409513734GA SE409513735GA SE409513739GA SE409513741GA SE409513742GA SE409513743GA SE409513743GR SE409513745GA SE409513746GA SE409513746GR SE409513747GA SE409513748GA SE409513749GA SE409513750GA SE409513751GA SE409513752GA SE409513753GA SE409513756GA SE409513757GA SE409513757GR SE409513758GA SE409513759GA SE409513760GA SE409513761GA SE409513762GA SE409513763GA SE409513764GA SE409513765GA SE409513766GA SE409513767GA SE409513767GR SE409513769GA SE409513770GA SE409513771GA SE409513772GA SE409513773GA SE409513774GA SE409513774GR SE409513775GA SE409513776GA SE409513777GA SE409513778GA SE409513779GA SE409513780GA SE409513781GA SE409513782GA SE409513783GA SE409513784GA SE409513785GA SE409513786GA SE409513787GA SE409513788GA SE409513790GA SE409513791GA SE409513792GA SE409513793GA SE409513794GA SE409513795GA SE409513796GA SE409513797GA SE409513798GA SE409513799GA SE409513800GA SE409513801GA SE409513803GA SE409513804GA SE409513807GA SE409513808GA SE409513809GA SE409513810GA SE409513811GA SE409513812GA SE409513813GA SE409513815GA SE409513815GR SE409513817GA SE409513818GA SE409513821GA SE409513822GA SE409513824GA SE409513825GA SE409513826GA SE409513832GA SE409513833GA SE409513834GA SE409513836GA SE409513839GA SE409513839GR SE409513843GA SE409513846GA SE409513848GA SE409513849GA SE409513850GA SE409513851GA SE409513852GA SE409513853GA SE409513854GA SE409513855GA SE409513856GA SE409513857GA SE409513858GA SE409513859GA SE409513860GA SE409513861GA SE409513862GA SE409513863GA SE409513864GA SE409513865GA SE409513866GA SE409513867GA SE409513869GA SE409513870GA SE409513873GA SE409523874GA SE409523875GA SE409523876GA SE409523884GA SE409523885GA SE409523886GA SE409523887GA SE409523888GA SE409523890GA SE409523894GA SE409523896GA SE409523899GA SE409523900GA SE409523901GA SE409523903GA SE409523905GA SE409523907GA SE409523911GA SE409523912GA SE409523914GA SE409523915GA SE409523916GA SE409523917GA SE409523918GA SE409523919GA SE409523920GA SE409523922GA SE409523923GA SE409523934GA SE409523935GA SE409523938GA SE409523939GA SE409523942GA SE409524026GA SE409524030GA SE409524031GA SE409524038GA SE409524039GA SE409534040GA SE409534042GA SE409534043GA SE409534044GA SE409534046GA SE409534047GA SE409534050GA SE409534051GA SE409534053GA SE409534054GA SE410024117GA SE410024140GA SE410024141GA SE410024161GA SE410024162GA SE410024164GA SE410024176GA SE410024177GA SE410024178GA SE410024179GA SE410024180GA SE410024181GA SE410024183GA SE410024184GA SE410024186GA SE410024188GA SE410024191GA SE410024194GR SE410024197GA SE410024198GA SE410024203GA SE410024206GA SE410024212GA SE410024220GA SE410024225GA SE410024227GA SE410024229GA SE410024231GA SE410024234GA SE410024235GA SE410024243GR SE410024245GA SE410024272GA SE410034327GA SE410034330GA SE410034332GA SE410034333GA SE410034337GA SE410034338GA SE410034354GA SE410034391GA SE410034406GA SE410034413GA SE410034420GA SE410034421GA SE410034426GA SE410034430GA SE410034443GA SE410044469GA SE410044473GA SE410044474GA SE410044475GA SE410054491GA SE410054523GA SE410054526GA SE410054528GA SE410054529GA SE410054530GA SE410054531GA SE410054532GA SE410054535GA SE410054536GA SE410054537GA SE410054538GA SE410054539GA SE410054540GA SE410054541GA SE410054542GA SE410054543GA SE410054545GA SE410054546GA SE410054547GA SE410054549GA SE410054557GA SE410054558GA SE410054559GA SE410054560GA SE410054563GA SE410054564GA SE410054565GA SE410054566GA SE410054568GA SE410064571GA SE410064572GA SE410064574GA SE410064578GA SE410064588GA SE410064594GA SE410064595GA SE410064607GA SE410064610GA SE410064615GA SE410064621GA SE410064624GA SE410064626GA SE410064627GA SE410064628GA SE410064629GA SE410064631GA SE410064632GA SE410064641GA SE410064643GA SE410064645GA SE410064647GA SE410064648GA SE410064649GA SE410064650GA SE410064651GA SE410064652GA SE410064653GA SE410064654GA SE410064657GA SE410064658GA SE410074681GA SE410074685GA SE410074687GA SE410084691GA SE410084701GA SE410084709GA SE410084713GA SE410084715GA SE410084718GA SE410084728GA SE410084735GA SE410084739GA SE410084758GA SE410084761GA SE410084767GA SE410084768GA SE410084773GA SE410084776GA SE410084777GA SE410084778GA SE410084781GA SE410084782GA SE410084783GA SE410084785GA SE410084786GA SE410084787GA SE410084788GA SE410084789GA SE410084790GA SE410084793GA SE410084794GA SE410084795GA SE410084796GR SE410084797GA SE410084798GA SE410084799GA SE410084800GA SE410084801GA SE410084802GA SE410084803GA SE410084804GA SE410084805GA SE410084806GA SE410084807GA SE410084808GA SE410084809GA SE410084810GA SE410084811GA SE410084812GA SE410084813GA SE410084814GA SE410084816GA SE410084817GA SE410084818GA SE410084819GA SE410084822GA SE410084823GA SE410084824GA SE410084826GA SE410084827GA SE410084828GA SE410084829GA SE410084831GA SE410084834GA SE410094844GA SE410094849GA SE410094856GA SE410094861GA SE410094869GA SE410094870GA SE410094871GA SE410094877GA SE410094880GA SE410094883GA SE410094886GA SE410094890GA SE410094894GA SE410094895GA SE410094897GA SE410094899GA SE410094901GA SE410094903GA SE410094904GA SE410094905GA SE410094907GA SE410094908GA SE410094909GA SE410094911GA SE410094912GA SE410094914GA SE410094917GA SE410094918GA SE410094921GA SE410094922GA SE410104926GA SE410104927GA SE410104928GA SE410104929GA SE410104930GA SE410104931GA SE410104945GA SE410104952GA SE410104964GA SE410104969GA SE410104971GA SE410104975GA SE410104977GA SE410104978GA SE410114995GA SE410114996GA SE410114999GA SE410115025GA SE410115031GA SE410115033GA SE410115037GA SE410115038GA SE410115039GA SE410115041GA SE410115043GA SE410125044GA SE410125045GA SE410125046GA SE410125047GA SE410125048GA SE410125050GA SE410125056GA SE410125061GA SE410125080GA SE410125081GA SE410125082GA SE410125095GA SE410125096GA SE410125098GA SE410125099GA SE410125104GA SE410125106GA SE410125109GA SE410125110GA SE410125111GA SE410125112GA SE410125114GA SE410135129GA SE410135130GA SE410135131GA SE410135134GA SE410135135GA SE410135140GA SE410135141GA SE410135142GA SE410135143GA SE410135144GA SE410135145GA SE410135146GA SE410135147GA SE410135148GA SE410135149GA SE410135150GA SE410135151GA SE410135157GA SE410135158GA SE410135161GA SE410155164GA SE410155173GA SE410155193GA SE410155196GA SE410155201GA SE410155222GA SE410155232GA SE410155257GA SE410165268GA SE410165276GA SE410165287GA SE410165288GA SE410165291GA SE410165292GA SE410165295GA SE410165296GA SE410165297GA SE410165301GA SE410165302GA SE410165303GA SE410165304GA SE410165305GA SE410165309GA SE410165311GA SE410165318GA SE410165319GA SE410165323GA SE410165331GA SE410175334GA SE410175335GA SE410175337GA SE410175342GA SE410175343GA SE410175345GA SE410175346GA SE410175349GA SE410175350GA SE410175351GA SE410175352GA SE410175355GA SE410175356GA SE410175357GA SE410175358GA SE410175362GA SE410175364GA SE410175365GA SE410175366GA SE410175367GA SE410175368GA SE410175369GA SE410175371GA SE410175372GA SE410175373GA SE410175374GA SE410175375GA SE410175376GA SE410175377GA SE410175378GA SE410175379GA SE410175380GA SE410175381GA SE410175382GA SE410175383GA SE410175384GA SE410175385GA SE410175386GA SE410175387GA SE410175388GA SE410175389GA SE410175391GA SE410175393GA SE410175394GA SE410175395GA SE410175396GA SE410175398GA SE410175400GA SE410175401GA SE410175402GA SE410175403GA SE410175404GA SE410175405GA SE410175408GA SE410175409GA SE410175411GA SE410175412GA SE410175413GA SE410185415GA SE410185416GA SE410185417GA SE410185418GA SE410185419GA SE410185420GA SE410185421GA SE410185423GA SE410185424GA SE410185425GA SE410185427GA SE410185428GA SE410185429GA SE410185430GA SE410185432GA SE410185433GA SE410185435GA SE410185438GA SE410185439GA SE410185440GA SE410185441GA SE410185442GA SE410185448GA SE410185449GA SE410185450GA SE410185451GA SE410185452GA SE410185453GA SE410185454GA SE410185455GA SE410185456GA SE410185457GA SE410185458GA SE410185461GA SE410185465GA SE410235509GA SE410235510GA SE410235511GA SE410235513GA SE410235514GA SE410235515GA SE410235516GA SE410235517GA SE410235518GA SE410235519GA SE410235520GA SE410235521GA SE410235522GA SE410235523GA SE410235525GA SE410235527GA SE410235528GA SE410235529GA SE410235530GA SE410235531GA SE410235532GA SE410235535GA SE410235536GA SE410235538GA SE410235539GA SE410235540GA SE410235541GA SE410235542GA SE410235549GA SE410235550GA SE410235551GA SE410235552GA SE410235554GA SE410235556GA SE410235557GA SE410235558GA SE410235559GA SE410235560GA SE410235562GA SE410235563GA SE410235564GA SE410235565GA SE410235566GA SE410235567GA SE410235568GA SE410235569GA SE410235570GA SE410235571GA SE410235573GA SE410235574GA SE410235583GA SE410235585GA SE410235586GA SE410235587GA SE410235588GA SE410235591GA SE410235592GA SE410235593GA SE410235594GA SE410235604GA SE410235606GA SE410235607GA SE410235636GA SE410235667GA SE410235695GA SE410235696GA SE410235697GA SE410235700GA SE410235701GA SE410235702GA SE410235703GA SE410235705GA SE410235706GA SE410235707GA SE410235708GA SE410235709GA SE410235710GA SE410235711GA SE410235712GA SE410235713GA SE410235714GA SE410235715GA SE410235716GA SE410235717GA SE410235718GA SE410235719GA SE410235720GA SE410235721GA SE410235722GA SE410235723GA SE410245725GA SE410245726GA SE410245728GA SE410245729GA SE410245730GA SE410245731GA SE410245732GA SE410245733GA SE410245734GA SE410245735GA SE410245736GA SE410245737GA SE410245738GA SE410245739GA SE410245740GA SE410245741GA SE410245742GA SE410245743GA SE410245744GA SE410245745GA SE410245746GA SE410245748GA SE410245749GA SE410245750GA SE410245752GA SE410245753GA SE410245754GA SE410245756GA SE410245758GA SE410245759GA SE410245763GA SE410245764GA SE410245768GA SE410245770GA SE410245773GA SE410245774GA SE410245782GA SE410245783GA SE410245784GA SE410245792GA SE410245793GA SE410245794GA SE410245795GA SE410245797GA SE410245798GA SE410245799GA SE410245800GA SE410245801GA SE410245802GA SE410245803GA SE410245805GA SE410245839GA SE410245842GA SE410245852GA SE410245854GA SE410245855GA SE410245857GA SE410245858GA SE410245859GA SE410245860GA SE410245861GA SE410245862GA SE410245865GA SE410245866GA SE410245867GA SE410245869GA SE410245875GA SE410245880GA SE410255886GA SE410255887GA SE410255897GA SE410255898GA SE410255905GA SE410255907GA SE410255911GA SE410255917GA SE410255922GA SE410255923GA SE410255925GA SE410255929GA SE410255951GA SE410265986GA SE410265992GA SE410266009GA SE410266036GA SE410266142GA SE410276264GA SE410296307GA SE410296319GA SE410306431GA SE410306436GA SE410306447GA SE410306452GA SE410306453GA SE410306454GA SE410306455GA SE410306456GA SE410306457GA SE410306458GA SE410306459GA SE410306463GA SE410306464GA SE410306465GA SE410306466GA SE410306467GA SE410306470GA SE410306472GA SE410306474GA SE410306475GA SE410306476GA SE410306478GA SE410306479GA SE410316480GA SE410316481GA SE410316482GA SE410316483GA SE410316484GA SE410316485GR SE410316486GA SE410316487GA SE410316488GA SE410316489GA SE410316490GA SE410316495GA SE410316496GA SE410316497GA SE410316498GA SE410316499GA SE410316502GA SE410316504GA SE410316506GA SE410316507GA SE410316509GA SE410326510GA SE410326511GA SE410326512GA SE410326513GA SE410326514GA SE410326517GA SE410326520GA SE410326525GA SE410326526GA SE410326538GA SE410326591GA SE410326595GA SE410326599GA SE410326601GA SE410326602GA SE410326604GA SE410326605GA SE410326606GA SE410326609GA SE410326611GA SE410326612GA SE410326613GA SE410326614GA SE410326616GA SE410326620GA SE410326624GA SE410326625GA SE410326626GA SE410326629GA SE410326653GA SE410326654GA SE410326655GA SE410326657GA SE410326659GA SE410326701GA SE410326703GA SE410326704GA SE410326705GA SE410326706GA SE410326707GA SE410326708GA SE410326709GA SE410326711GA SE410326712GA SE410326713GA SE410326714GA SE410326718GA SE410326719GA SE410326742GA SE410326744GA SE410326745GA SE410326751GA SE410326752GA SE410326753GA SE410326755GA SE410326757GA SE410326758GA SE410326759GA SE410326760GA SE410346761GA SE410346762GA SE410346763GA SE410346764GA SE410346765GA SE410346766GA SE410346767GA SE410346772GA SE410346773GA SE410346774GA SE410346778GA SE410346780GA SE410346781GA SE410346784GA SE410346785GA SE410346788GA SE410346789GA SE410346790GA SE410346791GA SE410346792GA SE410346793GA SE410346794GA SE410346795GA SE410346796GA SE410346797GA SE410346798GA SE410346799GA SE410346800GA SE410346801GA SE410346808GA SE410346811GA SE410346813GA SE410346814GA SE410346815GA SE410346816GA SE410346817GA SE410346818GA SE410346819GA SE410346820GA SE410366821GA SE410366822GA SE410366823GA SE410366824GA SE410366827GA SE410366829GA SE410366832GA SE410366833GA SE410366834GA SE410366884GA SE410376932GA SE410376946GA SE410376947GA SE410376956GA SE410376964GA SE410376965GA SE410376966GA SE410376970GA SE410376974GA SE410376980GA SE410376981GA SE410376992GA SE410376994GA SE410376997GA SE410376998GA SE410376999GA SE410377002GA SE410377013GA SE410377017GA SE410377018GA SE410387020GA SE410387026GA SE410387038GA SE410387041GA SE410387042GA SE410387044GA SE410387045GA SE410387046GA SE410387050GA SE410387051GA SE410387052GA SE410387054GA SE410387055GA SE410387056GA SE410387058GA SE410387059GA SE410387061GA SE410387062GA SE410387064GA SE410387066GA SE410387068GA SE410387069GA SE410387071GA SE410387072GA SE410387073GA SE410387075GA SE410387076GA SE410387077GA SE410387078GA SE410387079GA SE410387080GA SE410387081GA SE410387082GA SE410387083GA SE410387084GA SE410387085GA SE410387086GA SE410387087GA SE410387088GA SE410387089GA SE410387090GA SE410387091GA SE410387092GA SE410387093GA SE410387094GA SE410387095GA SE410387096GA SE410387097GA SE410387098GA SE410387119GA SE410387120GA SE410387121GA SE410387122GA SE410387123GA SE410387124GA SE410387125GA SE410387126GA SE410387127GA SE410387128GA SE410387129GA SE410387131GA SE410387132GA SE410387133GA SE410387134GA SE410387135GA SE410387138GA SE410387140GA SE410387141GA SE410387142GA SE410387143GA SE410387144GA SE410387146GA SE410387150GA SE410387151GA SE410387154GA SE410387157GA SE410387181GA SE410387190GA SE410387196GA SE410387197GA SE410387200GA SE410387201GA SE410387202GA SE410387203GA SE410387206GA SE410387207GA SE410387208GA SE410387209GA SE410387212GA SE410387213GA SE410387218GA SE410387219GA SE410387223GA SE410387224GA SE410387225GA SE410387227GA SE410387229GA SE410387231GA SE410387232GA SE410387233GA SE410387235GA SE410387240GA SE410387241GA SE410387244GA SE410387245GA SE410387250GA SE410387251GA SE410387252GA SE410387253GA SE410387254GA SE410387255GA SE410397260GA SE410397261GA SE410397262GA SE410397263GA SE410397264GA SE410397265GA SE410397266GA SE410397267GA SE410397268GA SE410397272GA SE410397274GA SE410397276GA SE410397278GA SE410397288GA SE410397291GA SE410397294GA SE410397296GA SE410397299GA SE410397304GA SE410397321GA SE410397326GA SE410397376GA SE410397406GA SE410397424GA SE410407463GA SE410407464GA SE410407467GA SE410407468GA SE410407470GA SE410407474GA SE410407483GA SE410407485GA SE410407486GA SE410407487GA SE410407488GA SE410407489GA SE410407502GA SE410407557GA SE410417598GA SE410417599GA SE410417602GA SE410417604GA SE410417606GA SE410417607GA SE410417622GA SE410427744GA SE410427773GA SE410427774GA SE410427793GA SE410427796GA SE410427797GA SE410427798GA SE410427800GA SE410427802GA SE410457930GA SE410457931GA SE410457960GA SE410457963GA SE410457964GA SE410457965GA SE410457966GA SE410457967GA SE410457971GA SE410457972GA SE410457975GA SE410457976GA SE410457986GA SE410457988GA SE410457989GA SE410457990GA SE410457992GA SE410457993GA SE410457994GA SE410457995GA SE410457996GA SE410457997GA SE410457998GA SE410467999GA SE410468000GA SE410468001GA SE410468002GA SE410468004GA SE410468005GA SE410468006GA SE410468007GA SE410468008GA SE410468009GA SE410468010GA SE410468011GA SE410468013GA SE410468014GA SE410468016GA SE410468017GA SE410468018GA SE410468019GA SE410468020GA SE410468021GA SE410468022GA SE410468023GA SE410468024GA SE410468026GA SE410468027GA SE410468028GA SE410468029GA SE410468030GA SE410468031GA SE410468032GA SE410468033GA SE410468035GA SE410468036GA SE410468037GA SE410468038GA SE410468039GA SE410468040GA SE410468041GA SE410468042GA SE410468043GA SE410468045GA SE410468047GA SE410468054GA SE410468055GA SE410468057GA SE410468058GA SE410468061GA SE410468062GA SE410468064GA SE410468065GA SE410468066GA SE410468067GA SE410468068GA SE410468069GA SE410468070GA SE410468071GA SE410468072GA SE410468074GA SE410468076GA SE410468077GA SE410468078GA SE410468079GA SE410468080GA SE410468081GA SE410468082GA SE410468083GA SE410468084GA SE410468085GA SE410468086GA SE410468087GA SE410468088GA SE410468089GA SE410468090GA SE410468091GA SE410468092GA SE410468093GA SE410468094GA SE410468095GA SE410468096GA SE410468098GA SE410468100GA SE410468101GA SE410468102GA SE410468103GA SE410468104GA SE410468106GA SE410468107GA SE410468108GA SE410468109GA SE410468111GA SE410468113GA SE410468114GA SE410468115GA SE410468118GA SE410468121GA SE410468124GA SE410468127GA SE410468129GA SE410468131GA SE410468132GA SE410468135GA SE410468136GA SE410468137GA SE410468138GA SE410468139GA SE410468140GA SE410468141GA SE410468142GA SE410468143GA SE410468144GA SE410468145GA SE410468146GA SE410468147GA SE410468148GA SE410468149GA SE410468156GA SE410468157GA SE410468158GA SE410468159GA SE410468160GA SE410468161GA SE410468162GA SE410468163GA SE410468164GA SE410468165GA SE410468166GA SE410468167GA SE410468168GA SE410468169GA SE410468181GA SE410468182GA SE410468183GA SE410468184GA SE410468185GA SE410468192GA SE410468193GA SE410468194GA SE410468197GA SE410468198GA SE410468207GA SE410468210GA SE410468212GA SE410468213GA SE410468214GA SE410468216GA SE410478239GA SE410478240GA SE410478241GA SE410478242GA SE410478243GA SE410478245GA SE410478246GA SE410478248GA SE410478250GA SE410478251GA SE410478254GA SE410478255GA SE410478256GA SE410478257GA SE410478258GA SE410478259GA SE410478260GA SE410478261GA SE410478262GA SE410478263GA SE410478264GA SE410478265GA SE410478266GA SE410478267GA SE410478268GA SE410478269GA SE410478270GA SE410478273GA SE410478274GA SE410478275GA SE410478276GA SE410478277GA SE410478278GA SE410478279GA SE410478280GA SE410478281GA SE410478282GA SE410478283GA SE410478284GA SE410478285GA SE410478286GA SE410478288GA SE410478289GA SE410478290GA SE410478291GA SE410478292GA SE410478293GA SE410478294GA SE410478295GA SE410478296GA SE410478297GA SE410478298GA SE410478299GA SE410478300GA SE410478301GA SE410478303GA SE410478307GA SE410478308GA SE410478309GA SE410478313GA SE410478314GA SE410478315GA SE410478316GA SE410478317GA SE410478318GA SE410478319GA SE410478320GA SE410478321GA SE410478322GA SE410478323GA SE410478324GA SE410478325GA SE410478326GA SE410478327GA SE410478328GA SE410478329GA SE410478330GA SE410478331GA SE410478332GA SE410478333GA SE410478334GA SE410478335GA SE410478336GA SE410478337GA SE410478338GA SE410478339GA SE410478340GA SE410478341GA SE410478342GA SE410478343GA SE410478344GA SE410478345GA SE410478346GA SE410478347GA SE410478348GA SE410478349GA SE410478350GA SE410478351GA SE410478352GA SE410478353GA SE410478354GA SE410478355GA SE410478356GA SE410478357GA SE410478358GA SE410478359GA SE410478360GA SE410478361GA SE410478362GA SE410478363GA SE410478364GA SE410478365GA SE410478367GA SE410478368GA SE410478369GA SE410478370GA SE410478371GA SE410478372GA SE410478373GA SE410478374GA SE410478375GA SE410478376GA SE410478377GA SE410478378GA SE410478379GA SE410478380GA SE410478381GA SE410478382GA SE410478384GA SE410478385GA SE410478386GA SE410478387GA SE410478388GA SE410478389GA SE410478390GA SE410478391GA SE410478394GA SE410478396GA SE410478397GA SE410478398GA SE410478398GR SE410478399GA SE410478400GA SE410478403GA SE410478405GA SE410478405GR SE410478406GA SE410478408GA SE410478409GA SE410478412GA SE410478412GR SE410478413GA SE410478415GA SE410478416GA SE410478416GR SE410478417GA SE410478418GA SE410478419GA SE410478420GA SE410478421GA SE410478421GR SE410478422GA SE410478423GA SE410478423GR SE410478424GA SE410478424GR SE410478425GA SE410478427GA SE410478427GR SE410478428GA SE410478429GA SE410478429GR SE410478430GA SE410478431GA SE410478432GA SE410478432GR SE410478433GA SE410478433GR SE410478434GA SE410478435GA SE410478435GR SE410478436GA SE410478437GA SE410478437GR SE410478438GA SE410478439GA SE410478439GR SE410478441GA SE410478442GA SE410478442GR SE410478443GA SE410478443GR SE410478445GA SE410478446GA SE410478446GR SE410478447GA SE410478452GA SE410478453GA SE410478455GA SE410478456GA SE410478457GA SE410478523GA SE410478524GA SE410478531GA SE410478532GA SE410478533GA SE410478534GA SE410478535GA SE410478536GA SE410478537GA SE410478538GA SE410478539GA SE410478540GA SE410478541GA SE410478542GA SE410478546GA SE410478546GR SE410478550GA SE410478551GA SE410478552GA SE410478556GA SE410478559GA SE410478562GA SE410478565GA SE410478567GA SE410478568GA SE410478569GA SE410478570GA SE410478571GA SE410478572GA SE410478573GA SE410478574GA SE410488575GA SE410488576GA SE410488577GA SE410488578GA SE410488582GA SE410488583GA SE410488584GA SE410488585GA SE410488586GA SE410488587GA SE410488589GA SE410488590GA SE410488591GA SE410488592GA SE410488593GA SE410488594GA SE410488595GA SE410488596GA SE410488598GA SE410488600GA SE410488604GR SE410488607GA SE410488611GA SE410488612GA SE410488613GA SE410498616GA SE410498622GA SE410498623GA SE410498624GA SE410498625GA SE410498628GA SE410498629GA SE410498630GA SE410498631GA SE410498632GA SE410498633GA SE410498634GA SE410498639GA SE410498643GA SE410498644GA SE410498645GA SE410498646GA SE410498648GA SE410498649GA SE410498650GA SE410498651GA SE410498653GA SE410498654GA SE410498655GA SE410498656GA SE410498657GA SE410498658GA SE410498659GA SE410498660GA SE410498661GA SE410498662GA SE410498664GA SE410498665GA SE410498666GA SE410498667GA SE410498668GA SE410498669GA SE410498670GA SE410498671GA SE410498672GA SE410498673GA SE410498674GA SE410498675GA SE410498676GA SE410498677GA SE410498678GA SE410498679GA SE410498680GA SE410498681GA SE410498682GA SE410498683GA SE410498684GA SE410498687GA SE410498691GA SE410498692GA SE410498693GA SE410498694GA SE410498696GA SE410498697GA SE410498698GA SE410498707GA SE410498709GA SE410498716GA SE410498726GA SE410498727GA SE410498738GA SE410498762GR SE410498768GA SE410498781GA SE410498782GA SE410498810GA SE410498811GA SE410498813GA SE410498817GA SE410498818GA SE410498819GA SE410498823GA SE410498831GA SE410498832GA SE410498833GA SE410498834GA SE410498835GA SE410508836GA SE410508837GA SE410508838GA SE410508839GA SE410508840GA SE410508843GA SE410508858GA SE410508860GA SE410508863GA SE410508864GA SE410508866GA SE410508867GA SE410508868GA SE410508869GA SE410508870GA SE410508871GA SE410508876GA SE410508877GA SE410508880GA SE410508881GA SE410508883GA SE410508886GA SE410508887GA SE410508890GA SE410508892GA SE410508893GA SE410508894GA SE410508895GA SE410508896GA SE410508897GA SE410508913GA SE410518917GA SE410518919GA SE410518924GA SE410518934GA SE410518936GA SE410518937GA SE410518941GA SE410518942GA SE410518943GA SE410518946GA SE410518948GA SE410518949GA SE410518951GA SE410518953GA SE410518955GA SE410518957GA SE410518958GA SE410518959GA SE410518960GA SE410518961GA SE410518964GA SE410518965GA SE410518966GA SE410518967GA SE410518969GA SE410518971GA SE410518972GA SE410518974GA SE410518976GA SE410518978GA SE410518979GA SE410518980GA SE410518981GA SE410518983GA SE410518985GA SE410518986GA SE410518987GA SE410518990GA SE410518991GA SE410518992GA SE410518994GA SE410518996GA SE410518999GA SE410519000GA SE410519002GA SE410519003GA SE410519005GA SE410519006GA SE410519011GA SE410519013GA SE410519014GA SE410519016GA SE410519017GA SE410519019GA SE410519021GA SE410519024GA SE410519026GA SE410519028GA SE410519029GA SE410519031GA SE410519032GA SE410519034GA SE410519035GA SE410519056GA SE410519057GA SE410519059GA SE410519061GA SE410519063GA SE410519064GA SE410519065GA SE410519068GA SE410519069GA SE410519073GA SE410519074GA SE410519075GA SE410519096GA SE410519097GA SE410519101GA SE410519102GA SE410519108GA SE410519109GA SE410519110GA SE410519112GA SE410519114GA SE410519120GA SE410519121GA SE410519123GA SE410519124GA SE410519126GA SE410519127GA SE410519131GA SE410519135GA SE410519142GA SE410519143GA SE410519144GA SE410519146GA SE410519149GA SE410519150GA SE410519151GA SE410519152GA SE410519153GA SE410519154GA SE410519155GA SE410519156GA SE410519158GA SE410519159GA SE410519162GA SE410519164GA SE410519166GA SE410519167GA SE410519169GA SE410519175GA SE410519177GA SE410519179GA SE410519182GA SE410519184GA SE410519186GA SE410519189GA SE410519190GA SE410519191GA SE410519192GA SE410519193GA SE410519194GA SE410519195GA SE410519198GA SE410519199GA SE410519200GA SE410519201GA SE410519202GA SE410519203GA SE410519205GA SE410519206GA SE410519207GA SE410519209GA SE410519210GA SE410519211GA SE410519214GA SE410519215GA SE410519216GA SE410519217GA SE410519219GA SE410519220GA SE410519221GA SE410519222GA SE410519223GA SE410519224GA SE410519225GA SE410519226GA SE410519227GA SE410519228GA SE410519229GA SE410519230GA SE410519231GA SE410519232GA SE410519233GA SE410519234GA SE410519235GA SE410519236GA SE410519237GA SE410519238GA SE410519239GA SE410519240GA SE410519241GA SE410519242GA SE410519243GA SE410519249GA SE410519251GA SE410519252GA SE410519253GA SE410519255GA SE410519256GA SE410519258GA SE410519259GA SE410519261GA SE410519264GA SE410519269GA SE410519270GA SE410519271GA SE410519276GA SE410519278GA SE410519279GA SE410519281GA SE410519282GA SE410519298GA SE410519299GA SE410519301GA SE410529316GA SE410529319GA SE410529320GA SE410529321GA SE410529322GA SE410529323GA SE410529324GA SE410529325GA SE410529326GA SE410529328GA SE410529329GA SE410529332GA SE410529333GA SE410529335GA SE410529336GA SE410529337GA SE410529338GA SE410529339GA SE410529340GA SE410529343GA SE410529344GA SE410529345GA SE410529347GA SE410529349GA SE410529351GA SE410529353GA SE410529356GA SE410529358GA SE410529361GA SE410529362GA SE410529366GA SE410529367GA SE410529386GA SE410529398GA SE410529403GA SE410529404GA SE410529406GA SE410529420GA SE410529425GA SE410529434GA SE410529441GA SE410529444GA SE410529446GA SE410529447GA SE410529449GA SE410529450GA SE410529451GA SE410529465GA SE410529468GA SE410529472GA SE410529477GA SE410529478GA SE410529480GA SE410529481GA SE410529486GA SE410529488GA SE410529489GA SE410529490GA SE410529491GA SE410529492GA SE410529493GA SE410529495GA SE410529497GA SE410529498GA SE410529500GA SE410529503GA SE410529504GA SE410529505GA SE410529509GA SE410529511GA SE410529514GA SE410529515GA SE410529517GA SE410529518GA SE410529519GA SE410529521GA SE410529525GA SE410529526GA SE410529528GA SE410529529GA SE410529530GA SE410529531GA SE410529534GA SE410529536GA SE410529537GA SE410529538GA SE410529539GA SE410529540GA SE410529543GA SE410529544GA SE410529553GA SE410529554GA SE410529555GA SE410539556GA SE410539557GA SE410539558GA SE410539561GA SE410539562GA SE410539565GA SE410539567GA SE410539568GA SE410539571GA SE410539572GA SE410539577GA SE410539584GA SE410539587GA SE410539591GA SE410539595GA SE410539596GA SE410539604GA SE410539607GA SE410539609GA SE410539612GA SE410539614GA SE410539618GA SE410539620GA SE410539621GA SE410539628GA SE410539632GA SE410539633GA SE410539635GA SE411039637GA SE411039638GA SE411039639GA SE411039640GA SE411039641GA SE411039642GA SE411039644GA SE411039646GA SE411039647GA SE411039648GA SE411039649GA SE411039650GA SE411039651GA SE411039652GA SE411039653GA SE411039654GA SE411039656GA SE411039660GA SE411039672GA SE411039673GA SE411039674GA SE411039675GA SE411039704GA SE411039708GA SE411039715GA SE411039721GA SE411039726GA SE411039727GA SE411039730GA SE411049751GA SE411049752GA SE411049753GA SE411049754GA SE411049755GA SE411049757GA SE411049765GA SE411049766GA SE411049767GA SE411049769GA SE411049770GA SE411049771GA SE411049773GA SE411049775GA SE411049778GA SE411049783GA SE411049788GA SE411049790GA SE411049791GA SE411049792GA SE411049796GA SE411049798GA SE411049800GA SE411049801GA SE411049802GA SE411049804GA SE411049805GA SE411049806GA SE411049818GA SE411049822GA SE411049826GA SE411049828GA SE411049829GA SE411049830GA SE411049831GA SE411049832GA SE411049838GA SE411049839GA SE411049840GA SE411049841GA SE411049847GA SE411049849GA SE411049856GA SE411049857GA SE411049868GA SE411049870GA SE411049871GA SE411049872GA SE411049873GA SE411050022GA SE411050023GA SE411050024GA SE411059877GA SE411059879GA SE411059880GA SE411059881GA SE411059883GA SE411059885GA SE411059886GA SE411059887GA SE411059889GA SE411059890GA SE411059891GA SE411059893GA SE411059894GA SE411059895GA SE411059896GA SE411059897GA SE411059899GA SE411059901GA SE411059902GA SE411059904GA SE411059905GA SE411059906GA SE411059907GA SE411059908GA SE411059909GA SE411059910GA SE411059911GR SE411059912GA SE411059913GA SE411059914GA SE411059915GA SE411059916GA SE411059917GA SE411059921GA SE411059922GA SE411059923GA SE411059925GA SE411059929GA SE411059930GA SE411059931GA SE411059932GA SE411059937GA SE411059939GA SE411059941GA SE411059943GA SE411059947GA SE411059949GA SE411059960GA SE411059964GA SE411059969GA SE411059972GA SE411060002GA SE411060003GA SE411060008GA SE411060009GA SE411060010GA SE411060012GA SE411060015GA SE411060016GA SE411060017GA SE411060019GA SE411060028GA SE411060029GA SE411060030GA SE411060034GA SE411060037GA SE411060039GA SE411060040GA SE411060043GA SE411060045GA SE411060049GA SE411060050GA SE411060051GA SE411060052GA SE411060055GA SE411060056GA SE411060061GA SE411060063GA SE411060064GA SE411060067GA SE411060069GA SE411060070GA SE411060071GA SE411060072GA SE411060074GA SE411060075GA SE411060076GA SE411060077GA SE411060078GA SE411060080GA SE411060082GA SE411069980GA SE411069984GA SE411069987GA SE411069988GA SE411069993GA SE411070086GA SE411070088GA SE411070089GA SE411070090GA SE411070091GA SE411070092GA SE411070094GA SE411070095GA SE411070096GA SE411070097GA SE411070099GA SE411070100GA SE411070101GA SE411070102GA SE411070104GA SE411070105GA SE411070106GA SE411070107GA SE411070108GA SE411070112GA SE411070113GA SE411070124GA SE411070125GA SE411070126GA SE411070127GA SE411070128GA SE411070129GA SE411070130GA SE411070131GA SE411070132GA SE411070133GA SE411070136GA SE411070137GA SE411070142GA SE411070144GA SE411070146GA SE411070148GA SE411070149GA SE411070150GA SE411070152GA SE411070153GA SE411070154GA SE411070155GA SE411070157GA SE411070158GA SE411070159GA SE411070161GA SE411070162GA SE411070163GA SE411070164GA SE411070165GA SE411070166GA SE411070170GA SE411070171GA SE411070179GA SE411070225GA SE411070228GA SE411070229GA SE411070231GA SE411070232GA SE411070244GA SE411070247GA SE411070248GA SE411070250GA SE411070251GA SE411070253GA SE411070261GA SE411070263GA SE411070267GA SE411070269GA SE411080274GA SE411080275GA SE411080278GA SE411080279GA SE411080282GA SE411080283GA SE411080284GA SE411080287GA SE411080288GA SE411080291GA SE411080295GA SE411080297GA SE411080298GA SE411080299GA SE411080303GA SE411080304GA SE411080305GA SE411080309GA SE411080310GA SE411080311GA SE411080312GA SE411080313GA SE411080314GA SE411080315GA SE411080318GA SE411080319GA SE411080320GA SE411080321GA SE411080323GA SE411080324GA SE411080325GA SE411080326GA SE411080327GA SE411080329GA SE411080330GA SE411080331GA SE411080332GA SE411080333GA SE411080335GA SE411080336GA SE411080337GA SE411080338GA SE411080339GA SE411080340GA SE411080343GA SE411080348GA SE411080352GA SE411080361GA SE411080365GA SE411080388GA SE411080389GA SE411080410GA SE411080411GA SE411080417GA SE411080423GA SE411080441GA SE411080443GA SE411080446GA SE411090447GA SE411090449GA SE411090451GA SE411090456GA SE411090462GA SE411090466GA SE411090467GA SE411090471GA SE411090475GA SE411090477GA SE411090480GA SE411090481GA SE411090482GA SE411090483GA SE411090500GA SE411090501GA SE411090502GA SE411090504GA SE411090506GA SE411090508GA SE411090509GA SE411090510GA SE411090511GA SE411090513GA SE411090514GA SE411090516GA SE411090520GA SE411090526GA SE411090532GA SE411090534GA SE411090535GA SE411090536GA SE411090537GA SE411090538GA SE411090540GA SE411090541GA SE411090543GA SE411090544GA SE411090545GA SE411090548GA SE411090550GA SE411090551GA SE411090553GA SE411090554GA SE411090556GA SE411090557GA SE411090558GA SE411090583GA SE411090585GA SE411090586GA SE411090588GA SE411090590GA SE411090591GA SE411090599GA SE411090601GA SE411090605GA SE411090607GA SE411090609GA SE411090610GA SE411090612GA SE411090614GA SE411090618GA SE411090619GA SE411090620GA SE411090622GA SE411090623GA SE411090624GA SE411090626GA SE411090627GA SE411090628GA SE411090630GA SE411090632GA SE411090645GA SE411090647GA SE411090648GA SE411090649GA SE411090650GA SE411090653GA SE411090654GA SE411090658GA SE411100659GA SE411100663GA SE411100664GA SE411100668GA SE411100671GA SE411100674GA SE411100675GA SE411100679GA SE411100682GA SE411100683GA SE411100685GA SE411100688GA SE411100689GA SE411100693GA SE411100698GA SE411100701GA SE411100703GA SE411100704GA SE411100705GA SE411100706GA SE411100737GA SE411100739GA SE411100743GA SE411100744GA SE411100745GA SE411100749GA SE411100754GA SE411100755GA SE411100756GA SE411100757GA SE411100758GA SE411100759GA SE411100760GA SE411100761GA SE411100762GA SE411100763GA SE411100764GA SE411100765GA SE411100766GA SE411100767GA SE411100769GA SE411100772GA SE411100773GA SE411120793GA SE411120795GA SE411120796GA SE411120799GA SE411120811GA SE411120813GA SE411120814GA SE411120817GA SE411120818GA SE411120819GA SE411120820GA SE411120822GA SE411120823GA SE411120824GA SE411120825GA SE411120828GA SE411120831GA SE411120832GA SE411120833GA SE411120835GA SE411120836GA SE411120838GA SE411120839GA SE411120840GA SE411120847GA SE411120849GA SE411120850GA SE411120851GA SE411120855GA SE411120857GA SE411120858GA SE411120859GA SE411120860GA SE411120863GA SE411120864GA SE411120865GA SE411120867GA SE411120868GA SE411120869GA SE411120870GA SE411120880GA SE411120881GA SE411120882GA SE411120883GA SE411120884GA SE411120889GA SE411120890GA SE411120905GA SE411120906GA SE411130914GA SE411130917GA SE411130920GA SE411130921GA SE411130922GA SE411130923GA SE411130928GA SE411130929GA SE411130930GA SE411130931GA SE411130936GA SE411130942GA SE411130943GA SE411130945GA SE411130946GA SE411130949GA SE411130950GA SE411130951GA SE411130953GA SE411130954GA SE411130955GA SE411130957GA SE411130960GA SE411130966GA SE411130971GA SE411130973GA SE411130975GA SE411130982GA SE411130989GA SE411130991GA SE411130995GA SE411131002GA SE411131003GA SE411131011GA SE411131012GA SE411131014GA SE411131015GA SE411131016GA SE411141020GA SE411141021GA SE411141023GA SE411141029GA SE411141031GA SE411141037GA SE411141039GA SE411141044GA SE411141045GA SE411141046GA SE411141050GA SE411141057GA SE411151112GA SE411151116GA SE411151165GA SE411151167GA SE411151168GA SE411151169GA SE411151172GA SE411151173GA SE411151175GA SE411151176GA SE411151180GA SE411151183GA SE411151190GA SE411151194GA SE411151197GA SE411151199GA SE411151201GA SE411151205GA SE411151210GA SE411151215GA SE411151218GA SE411151219GA SE411151220GA SE411151221GA SE411151222GA SE411151225GA SE411151227GA SE411151232GA SE411151234GA SE411151235GA SE411151236GA SE411151241GA SE411151243GA SE411161254GA SE411161267GA SE411161268GA SE411161303GA SE411161304GA SE411161305GA SE411161306GA SE411161395GA SE411171430GA SE411171461GA SE411171462GA SE411171463GA SE411171464GA SE411171465GA SE411171466GA SE411171467GA SE411171469GA SE411171470GA SE411171471GA SE411171472GA SE411171473GA SE411171475GA SE411171476GA SE411171478GA SE411171480GA SE411171481GA SE411171483GA SE411171484GA SE411171485GA SE411171486GA SE411171488GA SE411171489GA SE411171490GA SE411171491GA SE411171492GA SE411171493GA SE411171494GA SE411171496GA SE411171503GA SE411171504GA SE411171505GA SE411171506GA SE411171509GA SE411171511GA SE411171515GA SE411171518GA SE411171519GA SE411171520GA SE411171522GA SE411171525GA SE411181542GA SE411181544GA SE411181546GA SE411181547GA SE411181553GA SE411181555GA SE411181556GA SE411181560GA SE411181562GA SE411181571GA SE411181618GA SE411181619GA SE411191627GA SE411191639GA SE411191640GA SE411191643GA SE411191644GA SE411191645GA SE411191646GA SE411191647GA SE411191678GA SE411191686GA SE411201784GA SE411201840GA SE411201841GA SE411201851GA SE411201856GA SE411201865GA SE411201874GA SE411211913GA SE411211920GA SE411211930GA SE411211933GA SE411211936GA SE411211939GA SE411211940GA SE411211941GA SE411211942GA SE411211943GA SE411211944GA SE411211945GA SE411211946GA SE411211949GA SE411211951GA SE411211952GA SE411211953GA SE411211954GA SE411211955GA SE411221999GA SE411222015GA SE411222017GA SE411222020GA SE411222021GA SE411222023GA SE411222024GA SE411222026GA SE411222027GA SE411222028GA SE411222029GA SE411222030GA SE411222031GA SE411222054GA SE411222055GA SE411222056GA SE411222058GA SE411222060GA SE411222072GA SE411232079GA SE411232083GA SE411242116GA SE411242129GA SE411242131GA SE411242132GA SE411242133GA SE411242135GA SE411242136GA SE411242137GA SE411242138GA SE411242144GA SE411242145GA SE411242146GA SE411242147GA SE411242152GA SE411242153GA SE411242154GA SE411242155GA SE411242156GA SE411242159GA SE411242160GA SE411242161GA SE411242162GA SE411242191GA SE411242196GA SE411242197GA SE411242200GA SE411242203GA SE411242206GA SE411242207GA SE411252219GA SE411252220GA SE411252225GA SE411252228GA SE411252231GA SE411252244GA SE411262276GA SE411262277GA SE411262278GA SE411262279GA SE411262280GA SE411262281GA SE411262282GA SE411262283GA SE411262284GA SE411262285GA SE411262286GA SE411262288GA SE411262289GA SE411262290GA SE411262294GA SE411282300GA SE411282301GA SE411282303GA SE411282322GA SE411282330GA SE411292418GA SE411292443GA SE411292450GA SE411292456GA SE411292457GA SE411292464GA SE411302514GA SE411302539GA SE411302548GA SE411302549GA SE411302556GA SE411302558GA SE411302560GA SE411302568GA SE411302571GA SE411302574GA SE411302576GA SE411302578GA SE411302580GA SE411302584GA SE411302585GA SE411302586GA SE411302587GA SE411302628GA SE411302629GA SE411302630GA SE411302631GA SE411302645GA SE411302646GA SE411302647GA SE411312648GA SE411312649GA SE411312660GA SE411312664GA SE411312665GA SE411312667GA SE411312669GA SE411312672GA SE411312674GA SE411312678GA SE411312680GA SE411312681GA SE411312694GA SE411312703GA SE411312706GA SE411312708GA SE411312711GA SE411312714GA SE411312719GA SE411312720GA SE411312725GA SE411312727GA SE411312728GA SE411312735GA SE411312736GA SE411312737GA SE411312749GA SE411312761GA SE411312762GA SE411312763GA SE411312764GA SE411312765GA SE411312768GA SE411312771GA SE411322773GA SE411322775GA SE411322776GA SE411322777GA SE411322778GA SE411322779GA SE411322780GA SE411322781GA SE411322782GA SE411322783GA SE411322784GA SE411322787GA SE411322788GA SE411322789GA SE411322790GA SE411322791GA SE411322793GA SE411322794GA SE411322795GA SE411322797GA SE411322798GA SE411322800GA SE411322801GA SE411322802GA SE411322803GA SE411322805GA SE411322806GA SE411322807GA SE411322808GA SE411322809GA SE411322811GA SE411322812GA SE411322813GA SE411322814GA SE411322816GA SE411322817GA SE411322818GA SE411322820GA SE411322821GA SE411322823GA SE411322825GA SE411322826GA SE411322832GA SE411322833GA SE411322835GA SE411322838GA SE411322839GA SE411322841GA SE411322850GA SE411322851GA SE411322854GA SE411322862GA SE411322863GA SE411322866GA SE411322867GA SE411322868GA SE411322869GA SE411322870GA SE411322871GA SE411322873GA SE411322875GA SE411322876GA SE411322877GA SE411322878GA SE411322879GA SE411322881GA SE411322882GA SE411322883GA SE411322885GA SE411322886GA SE411322889GA SE411322890GA SE411322891GA SE411322892GA SE411322893GA SE411322894GA SE411322895GA SE411322896GA SE411322897GA SE411322898GA SE411322899GA SE411322900GA SE411322901GA SE411322902GA SE411322903GA SE411332904GA SE411332905GA SE411332906GA SE411332907GA SE411332909GA SE411332910GA SE411332912GA SE411332914GA SE411332917GA SE411332918GA SE411332919GA SE411332920GA SE411332921GA SE411332922GA SE411332925GA SE411332926GA SE411332927GA SE411332929GA SE411332931GA SE411332932GA SE411332933GA SE411332934GA SE411332936GA SE411332938GA SE411332941GA SE411332942GA SE411332943GA SE411332944GA SE411332945GA SE411332946GA SE411332948GA SE411332950GA SE411332951GA SE411332952GA SE411332953GA SE411332954GA SE411332955GA SE411332956GA SE411332957GA SE411332958GA SE411332959GA SE411332960GA SE411332962GA SE411332964GA SE411332967GA SE411332969GA SE411332970GA SE411332972GA SE411332973GA SE411332974GA SE411332975GA SE411332976GA SE411332977GA SE411332978GA SE411332979GA SE411332983GA SE411332984GA SE411332986GA SE411332987GA SE411332988GA SE411332991GA SE411333001GA SE411333003GA SE411343004GA SE411343009GA SE411343010GA SE411343012GA SE411343016GA SE411343017GA SE411343018GA SE411343019GA SE411343020GA SE411343021GA SE411343022GA SE411343023GA SE411343024GA SE411343025GA SE411343026GA SE411343027GA SE411343028GA SE411343029GA SE411343030GA SE411343031GA SE411343033GA SE411343034GA SE411343035GA SE411343036GA SE411343037GA SE411343038GA SE411343039GA SE411343040GA SE411343041GA SE411343042GA SE411343043GA SE411343044GA SE411343045GA SE411343046GA SE411343047GA SE411343048GA SE411343049GA SE411343050GA SE411343051GA SE411343052GA SE411343053GA SE411343054GA SE411343055GA SE411343056GA SE411343057GA SE411343058GA SE411343059GA SE411343060GA SE411343061GA SE411343062GA SE411343063GA SE411343064GA SE411343065GA SE411343066GA SE411343067GA SE411343068GA SE411343069GA SE411343070GA SE411343071GA SE411343072GA SE411343073GA SE411343074GA SE411343075GA SE411343076GA SE411343077GA SE411343078GA SE411343079GA SE411343080GA SE411343081GA SE411343082GA SE411343083GA SE411343084GA SE411343085GA SE411343086GA SE411343088GA SE411343089GA SE411343090GA SE411343091GA SE411343092GA SE411343093GA SE411343094GA SE411343095GA SE411343096GA SE411343097GA SE411343098GA SE411343099GA SE411343100GA SE411343101GA SE411343102GA SE411343103GA SE411343105GA SE411343106GA SE411343107GA SE411343109GA SE411343111GA SE411343112GA SE411343113GA SE411343114GA SE411343115GA SE411343116GA SE411343117GA SE411343118GA SE411363119GA SE411363120GA SE411363121GA SE411363122GA SE411363123GA SE411363124GA SE411363125GA SE411363126GA SE411363127GA SE411363128GA SE411363129GA SE411363130GA SE411363131GA SE411363132GA SE411363133GA SE411363134GA SE411363135GA SE411363136GA SE411363137GA SE411363138GA SE411363139GA SE411363140GA SE411363141GA SE411363142GA SE411363143GA SE411363144GA SE411363146GA SE411363147GA SE411363148GA SE411363149GA SE411363150GA SE411363151GA SE411363152GA SE411363153GA SE411363154GA SE411363155GA SE411363156GA SE411363157GA SE411363158GA SE411363159GA SE411363160GA SE411363161GA SE411363162GA SE411363163GA SE411363164GA SE411363165GA SE411363166GA SE411363167GA SE411363168GA SE411363169GA SE411363170GA SE411363171GA SE411363172GA SE411363173GA SE411363174GA SE411363175GA SE411363176GA SE411363177GA SE411363178GA SE411363179GA SE411363180GA SE411363181GA SE411363182GA SE411363183GA SE411363184GA SE411363185GA SE411363186GA SE411363187GA SE411363188GA SE411363190GA SE411363191GA SE411363192GA SE411363193GA SE411363194GA SE411363195GA SE411363196GA SE411363197GA SE411363198GA SE411363199GA SE411363200GA SE411363201GA SE411363202GA SE411363203GA SE411363204GA SE411363205GA SE411363206GA SE411363207GA SE411363208GA SE411363209GA SE411363210GA SE411363211GA SE411363212GA SE411363213GA SE411363214GA SE411363215GA SE411363216GA SE411363217GA SE411363218GA SE411363219GA SE411363220GA SE411363221GA SE411363222GA SE411363223GA SE411363224GA SE411363225GA SE411363226GA SE411363227GA SE411363228GA SE411363229GA SE411363230GA SE411363231GA SE411363232GA SE411363233GA SE411363234GA SE411363235GA SE411363236GA SE411363237GA SE411363238GA SE411363239GA SE411363240GA SE411363241GA SE411363242GA SE411363243GA SE411363244GA SE411363245GA SE411363246GA SE411363247GA SE411363248GA SE411363249GA SE411363250GA SE411363251GA SE411363252GA SE411363253GA SE411363254GA SE411363255GA SE411363256GA SE411363257GA SE411363258GA SE411363259GA SE411363260GA SE411363261GA SE411363262GA SE411363263GA SE411363264GA SE411363265GA SE411363266GA SE411363267GA SE411363268GA SE411363269GA SE411363270GA SE411363271GA SE411363272GA SE411363273GA SE411363274GA SE411363276GA SE411363277GA SE411363278GA SE411363279GA SE411363280GA SE411363281GA SE411363282GA SE411363283GA SE411363284GA SE411363285GA SE411363286GA SE411363287GA SE411363288GA SE411363289GA SE411363290GA SE411363291GA SE411363292GA SE411363293GA SE411363294GA SE411363295GA SE411363297GA SE411363298GA SE411363301GA SE411363302GA SE411363303GA SE411363307GA SE411363308GA SE411363309GA SE411363311GA SE411363312GA SE411363314GA SE411373315GA SE411373316GR SE411373319GA SE411373320GA SE411373322GA SE411373323GA SE411373324GA SE411373325GR SE411373326GA SE411373327GA SE411373328GA SE411373329GA SE411373330GR SE411373331GA SE411373332GA SE411373333GA SE411373335GA SE411373336GR SE411373337GR SE411373338GR SE411373340GA SE411373342GA SE411373344GA SE411373345GA SE411373346GA SE411373347GA SE411373349GA SE411373351GA SE411373352GA SE411373353GA SE411373355GA SE411373356GA SE411373357GA SE411373358GA SE411373359GA SE411373360GA SE411373362GA SE411373367GA SE411373368GA SE411373369GA SE411373370GA SE411373371GA SE411373373GA SE411373374GA SE411373376GA SE411373378GA SE411373382GA SE411373383GA SE411373386GA SE411373387GA SE411373388GA SE411373389GA SE411373390GA SE411373391GA SE411373392GA SE411373393GA SE411373394GA SE411373395GA SE411373396GA SE411373397GA SE411373398GA SE411373399GA SE411373400GA SE411373401GA SE411373402GA SE411373403GA SE411373404GA SE411373405GA SE411373406GA SE411373407GA SE411373408GA SE411373409GA SE411373411GA SE411373412GA SE411373413GA SE411373414GA SE411373415GA SE411373416GA SE411373417GA SE411373418GA SE411373420GA SE411373421GA SE411373422GA SE411373426GA SE411373427GA SE411373429GA SE411373431GA SE411373440GA SE411373441GA SE411373447GA SE411383463GA SE411383464GA SE411383465GA SE411383468GA SE411383469GA SE411383470GA SE411383473GR SE411383474GA SE411383477GA SE411383484GA SE411383487GA SE411383488GA SE411383489GA SE411383490GA SE411383493GA SE411383494GA SE411383495GA SE411383496GA SE411383498GA SE411383499GA SE411383500GA SE411383501GA SE411383503GA SE411383504GA SE411383505GA SE411383506GA SE411383507GA SE411383508GA SE411383509GA SE411383512GA SE411383514GA SE411383519GA SE411383524GA SE411383526GA SE411383528GA SE411383529GA SE411383536GA SE411383539GA SE411383541GA SE411383542GA SE411383543GA SE411383546GA SE411383547GA SE411383548GA SE411383549GA SE411383569GA SE411393585GA SE411393587GA SE411393588GA SE411393596GA SE411393599GA SE411393601GA SE411393602GA SE411393606GA SE411393613GA SE411393615GA SE411393623GA SE411393625GA SE411393626GA SE411393628GA SE411393629GA SE411393631GA SE411393632GA SE411393636GA SE411393648GA SE411393650GA SE411393651GA SE411393652GA SE411393653GA SE411393655GA SE411393657GA SE411393658GA SE411393659GR SE411393660GA SE411393661GA SE411393662GA SE411393663GA SE411393665GA SE411393666GA SE411393667GA SE411393668GA SE411393674GR SE411393677GA SE411393680GA SE411393689GA SE411393694GA SE411393700GA SE411393702GA SE411393706GA SE411393707GA SE411393708GA SE411403755GA SE411403756GA SE411403757GA SE411403758GA SE411403761GA SE411403766GA SE411403784GA SE411403789GA SE411403790GA SE411403794GA SE411403795GA SE411403799GA SE411403800GA SE411403801GA SE411403802GA SE411403806GA SE411403807GA SE411403808GA SE411403810GA SE411403811GA SE411403812GA SE411403814GA SE411403816GA SE411403818GA SE411403819GA SE411403820GA SE411403821GA SE411403823GA SE411403825GA SE411403826GA SE411403827GA SE411403828GA SE411403829GA SE411403830GA SE411403831GA SE411403832GA SE411403833GA SE411403834GA SE411403835GA SE411403836GA SE411403837GA SE411403839GA SE411403840GA SE411413844GA SE411413845GA SE411413851GA SE411413854GA SE411413856GA SE411413862GA SE411413865GA SE411413879GA SE411413888GA SE411413889GA SE411413891GA SE411413894GA SE411413899GA SE411423914GA SE411423915GA SE411423932GA SE411423933GA SE411423937GA SE411423938GA SE411423943GA SE411423944GA SE411423947GA SE411423950GA SE411423951GA SE411423956GA SE411423968GA SE411423969GA SE411423970GA SE411423971GA SE411423972GA SE411423973GA SE411423974GA SE411423975GA SE411423976GA SE411423978GA SE411423979GA SE411423980GA SE411423981GA SE411423982GA SE411423984GA SE411423985GA SE411423986GA SE411423988GA SE411423989GA SE411423990GA SE411423991GA SE411423992GA SE411423993GA SE411423994GA SE411423995GA SE411433996GA SE411433997GA SE411433998GA SE411433999GA SE411434000GA SE411434001GA SE411434002GA SE411434003GA SE411434006GA SE411434007GA SE411434008GA SE411434009GA SE411434011GA SE411434014GA SE411434015GA SE411434020GA SE411434024GA SE411434025GA SE411434027GA SE411434028GA SE411434029GA SE411434030GA SE411434031GA SE411434032GA SE411434033GA SE411434034GA SE411434035GA SE411434036GA SE411434038GA SE411434039GA SE411434040GA SE411434041GA SE411434042GA SE411434043GA SE411434045GA SE411434047GA SE411454048GA SE411454049GA SE411454050GA SE411454051GA SE411454052GA SE411454053GA SE411454055GA SE411454056GA SE411454058GA SE411454059GA SE411454063GA SE411454068GA SE411454069GA SE411454070GA SE411454072GA SE411454076GA SE411454077GA SE411454078GA SE411454079GA SE411454085GA SE411454086GA SE411454090GA SE411454091GA SE411454093GA SE411454094GA SE411454095GA SE411454098GA SE411454125GA SE411454129GA SE411454130GA SE411454132GA SE411484142GA SE411484143GA SE411484144GA SE411484145GA SE411484146GA SE411484147GA SE411484149GA SE411484150GA SE411484151GA SE411484152GA SE411484153GA SE411484154GA SE411484156GA SE411484157GA SE411484158GA SE411484159GA SE411484160GA SE411484162GA SE411484163GA SE411484164GA SE411484165GA SE411484166GA SE411484167GA SE411484168GA SE411484169GA SE411484170GA SE411484171GA SE411484173GA SE411484175GA SE411484176GA SE411484177GA SE411484178GA SE411484179GA SE411484180GA SE411484181GA SE411484182GA SE411484183GA SE411484184GA SE411484186GA SE411484187GA SE411484188GA SE411484189GA SE411484190GA SE411484192GA SE411484193GA SE411484196GA SE411484197GA SE411484198GA SE411484199GA SE411484200GA SE411484201GA SE411484202GA SE411484204GA SE411484205GA SE411484206GA SE411484207GA SE411484208GA SE411484209GA SE411484210GA SE411484211GA SE411484212GA SE411484213GA SE411484214GA SE411484215GA SE411484216GA SE411484217GA SE411484218GA SE411484219GA SE411484220GA SE411484221GA SE411484222GA SE411484223GA SE411514248GA SE411514249GA SE411514250GA SE411514251GA SE411514252GA SE411514253GA SE411514254GA SE411514255GA SE411514260GA SE411514261GA SE411514264GA SE411514267GA SE411514268GA SE411514269GA SE411514270GA SE411514271GA SE411514274GA SE411514275GA SE411514277GA SE411514278GA SE411514280GA SE411514281GA SE411514282GA SE411514292GA SE411514295GA SE411514296GA SE411514297GA SE411514298GA SE411514299GA SE411514300GA SE411514301GA SE411514302GA SE411514303GA SE411514304GA SE411514305GA SE411514306GA SE411514307GA SE411514308GA SE411514309GA SE411514310GA SE411514311GA SE411514312GA SE411514313GA SE411514314GA SE411514315GA SE411524340GA SE411524341GA SE411524342GA SE411524343GA SE411524344GA SE411524345GA SE411524346GA SE411524347GA SE411524348GA SE411524349GA SE411524350GA SE411524351GA SE411524352GA SE411524353GA SE411524354GA SE411524355GA SE411524356GA SE411524357GA SE411524358GA SE411524359GA SE412014360GA SE412014361GA SE412014362GA SE412014363GA SE412014364GA SE412014365GA SE412014366GA SE412014367GA SE412014368GA SE412014369GA SE412014370GA SE412014372GA SE412014373GA SE412014374GA SE412014375GA SE412014376GA SE412014377GA SE412014378GA SE412014379GA SE412014380GA SE412014381GA SE412014382GA SE412014383GA SE412014384GA SE412014385GA SE412014386GA SE412014387GA SE412014388GA SE412014389GA SE412014390GA SE412014391GA SE412014392GA SE412014393GA SE412014394GA SE412014395GA SE412014397GA SE412014398GA SE412014399GA SE412024400GA SE412024401GA SE412024402GA SE412024403GA SE412024404GA SE412024405GA SE412024406GA SE412024407GA SE412024409GA SE412024410GA SE412024411GA SE412024412GA SE412024413GA SE412024414GA SE412024415GA SE412024416GA SE412024417GA SE412024418GA SE412024419GA SE412024420GA SE412024450GA SE412024460GA SE412024461GA SE412024462GA SE412024463GA SE412054477GA SE412054479GA SE412054480GA SE412054481GA SE412054482GA SE412054483GA SE412054485GA SE412054488GA SE412054489GA SE412054491GA SE412054492GA SE412054493GA SE412054494GA SE412054495GA SE412054496GA SE412054497GA SE412054498GA SE412054499GA SE412064500GA SE412064501GA SE412064502GA SE412064503GA SE412064504GA SE412064505GA SE412064506GA SE412064507GA SE412064508GA SE412064509GA SE412064510GA SE412064511GA SE412064512GA SE412064513GA SE412064514GA SE412064515GA SE412124518GA SE412124519GA SE412124520GA SE412124521GA SE412124522GA SE412124524GA SE412124526GA SE412124527GA SE412124529GA SE412124530GA SE412124531GA SE412124532GA SE412124533GA SE412124534GA SE412124535GA SE412124536GA SE412124538GA SE412124539GA SE412124540GA SE412124541GA SE412124544GA SE412134550GA SE412134552GA SE412134557GA SE412134559GA SE412134560GA SE412134561GA SE412134563GA SE412134564GA SE412134602GA SE412134617GA SE412134619GA SE412134622GA SE412134623GA SE412134624GA SE412134625GA SE412134626GA SE412134627GA SE412134628GA SE412134629GA SE412134630GA SE412134633GA SE412134634GA SE412134635GA SE412134636GA SE412134637GA SE412134638GA SE412134639GA SE412134640GA SE412134641GA SE412134642GA SE412134643GA SE412134644GA SE412134645GA SE412134646GA SE412134647GA SE412134648GA SE412134649GA SE412134650GA SE412134651GA SE412134652GA SE412134653GA SE412134655GA SE412144708GA SE412144709GA SE412144717GA SE412144724GA SE412144726GA SE412144758GA SE412144760GA SE412144762GA SE412144764GA SE412144767GA SE412144768GA SE412144769GA SE412144770GA SE412144771GA SE412144773GA SE412144774GA SE412144775GA SE412144776GA SE412144777GA SE412154805GA SE412154807GA SE412154808GA SE412154812GA SE412154822GA SE412154823GA SE412154826GA SE412154828GA SE412154829GA SE412154830GA SE412154831GA SE412154832GA SE412154833GA SE412154834GA SE412154835GA SE412154836GA SE412154838GA SE412154842GA SE412154843GA SE412154844GA SE412154845GA SE412154846GA SE412154847GA SE412154848GA SE412154849GA SJ811510000GA SJ811510001GA SJ811510002GA SJ811510003GA SJ811510004GA SJ811510005GA SJ811510006GA SJ811510007GA SJ811510008GA SJ811510012GA SJ812150016GA SJ812150017GA SJ812150019GA SJ812150021GA SJ812150022GA SJ812150023GA SJ812150025GA SJ812150026GA SJ812150027GA SJ812150029GA SJ812160031GA SJ812160033GA SJ812160034GA SJ812160036GA SJ812160038GA SJ812160040GA SJ812160041GA SJ812160044GA SJ812160048GA SJ812160049GA SJ812160050GA SJ812160051GA SJ812160052GA SJ812160053GA SJ812160054GA SJ812160055GA SJ812160058GA SJ812160059GA SJ812160060GA SJ812160062GA SJ812160063GA SJ812160064GA SJ812160066GA SJ812160067GA SJ812160068GA SJ812160095GA SJ812160096GA SJ812160098GA SJ812160099GA SJ812160100GA SJ812160101GA SJ812160102GA SJ812160103GA SJ812160104GA SJ812160105GA SJ812160106GA SJ812160107GA SJ812160111GA SJ812160112GA SJ812160113GA SJ812160114GA SJ812160115GA SJ812160116GA SJ812170118GA SJ812170120GA SJ812170121GA SJ812170122GA SJ812170123GA SJ812170124GA SJ812170125GA SJ812170126GA SJ812170127GA SJ812170128GA SJ812170129GA SJ812170130GA SJ812170131GA SJ812170132GA SJ812170133GA SJ812170134GA SJ812170135GA SJ812170136GA SJ812170137GA SJ812170138GA SJ812170139GA SJ812170140GA SJ812170141GA SJ812170142GA SJ812170143GA SJ812170144GA SJ812170145GA SJ812170146GA SJ812170147GA SJ812170148GA SJ812170149GA SJ812170150GA SJ812170151GA SJ812170152GA SJ812170153GA SJ812170154GA SJ812170156GA SJ812170157GA SJ812170158GA SJ812170159GA SJ812170160GA SJ812170161GA SJ812170162GA SJ812170163GA SJ812170164GA SJ812170175GA SJ812170177GA SJ812170178GA SJ812170179GA SJ812170180GA SJ812170181GA SJ812170182GA SJ812170183GA SJ812170184GA SJ812170185GA SJ812170186GA SJ812170187GA SJ812170188GA SJ812170189GA SJ812170190GA SJ812170191GA SJ812170192GA SJ812170193GA SJ812170194GA SJ812170195GA SJ812170196GA SJ812170197GA SJ812170198GA SJ812170199GA SJ812170200GA SJ812170201GA SJ812170202GA SJ812170203GA SJ812170204GA SJ812170205GA SJ812170206GA SJ812170207GA SJ812170208GA SJ812170209GA SJ812170210GA SJ812170211GA SJ812170212GA SJ812170213GA SJ812170214GA SJ812170215GA SJ812170216GA SJ812170217GA SJ812180218GA SJ812180219GA SJ812180220GA SJ812180221GA SJ812180222GA SJ812180223GA SJ812180224GA SJ812180225GA SJ812180227GA SJ812180228GA SJ812180229GA SJ812180230GA SJ812180231GA SJ812180232GA SJ812180233GA SJ812180234GA SJ812180235GA SJ812180236GA SJ812180237GA SJ812180238GA SJ812180240GA SJ812180241GA SJ812180242GA SJ812180243GA SJ812180244GA SJ812180245GA SJ812180246GA SJ812180247GA SJ812180248GA SJ812180249GA SJ812180252GA SJ812180253GA SJ812180254GA SJ812180255GA SJ812180256GA SJ812180258GA SJ812180259GA SJ812180260GA SJ812180261GA SJ812180262GA SJ812180263GA SJ812180264GA SJ812180265GA SJ812180266GA SJ812180267GA SJ812180268GA SJ812180269GA SJ812180270GA SJ812180272GA SJ812180275GA SJ812180277GA SJ812180278GA SJ812180279GA SJ812180282GA SJ812180283GA SJ812180284GA SJ812180285GA SJ812180286GA SJ812180287GA SJ812180288GA SJ812190289GA SJ812190290GA SJ812190291GA SJ812190292GA SJ812190293GA SJ812190294GA SJ812190295GA SJ812190296GA SJ812190298GA SJ812190299GA SJ812190300GA SJ812190301GA SJ812190302GA SJ812190303GA SJ812190304GA SJ812190305GA SJ812190306GA SJ812190307GA SJ812190308GA SJ812190309GA SJ812190310GA SJ812190311GA SJ812190312GA SJ812190313GA SJ812190314GA SJ812190315GA SJ812190317GA SJ812190318GA SJ812190319GA SJ812190320GA SJ812190321GA SJ812190322GA SJ812190323GA SJ812190324GA SJ812190329GA SJ812190333GA SJ812190334GA SJ812190335GA SJ812190336GA SJ812190337GA SJ812190338GA SJ812190341GA SJ812190342GA SJ812190343GA SJ812190344GA SJ812190345GA SJ812190346GA SJ812190347GA SJ812190348GA SJ812190350GA SJ812190351GA SJ812190352GA SJ812190353GA SJ812190354GA SJ812190355GA SJ812190356GA SJ812190357GA SJ812190358GA SJ812280365GA SJ812280369GA SJ812290371GA SJ812290372GA SJ812290373GA SJ812290375GA SJ812290376GA SJ812290377GA SJ812290378GA SJ812290379GA SJ812290380GA SJ812290381GA SJ812290383GA SJ812290384GA SJ812290385GA SJ812290386GA SJ812290387GA SJ812290388GA SJ812290389GA SJ812290390GA SJ812290391GA SJ812290392GA SJ812290393GA SJ812290394GA SJ812300396GA SJ812300397GA SJ812300398GA SJ812300399GA SJ812300400GA SJ812300401GA SJ812300402GA SJ812300404GA SJ812300405GA SJ812300406GA SJ812300407GA SJ812300408GA SJ812300409GA SJ812300411GA SJ812300412GA SJ812300413GA SJ812300414GA SJ812300416GA SJ812300417GA SJ812300418GA SJ812300419GA SJ812300420GA SJ812300421GA SJ812300422GA SJ812300423GA SJ812300424GA SJ812300425GA SJ812310426GA SJ812310427GA SJ812310428GA SJ812310429GA SJ812310430GA SJ812310431GA SJ812310432GA SJ812310433GA SJ812310434GA SJ812310435GA SJ812310436GA SJ812310438GA SJ812310439GA SJ812310440GA SJ812310441GA SJ812310442GA SJ812310443GA SJ812310444GA SJ812310445GA SJ812310446GA SJ812310447GA SJ812310448GA SJ812310449GA SJ812310450GA SJ812310451GA SJ812310452GA SJ812310453GA SJ812310454GA SJ812310455GA SJ812310456GA SJ812310457GA SJ812310458GA SJ812310460GA SJ812310461GA SJ812310463GA SJ812310464GA SJ812310465GA SJ812310466GA SJ812310467GA SJ812310468GA SJ812310470GA SJ812310471GA SJ812310472GA SJ812310473GA SJ812310475GA SJ812310478GA SJ812310481GA SJ812310494GA SJ812310497GA SJ812310501GA SJ812310504GA SJ812320506GA SJ812320507GA SJ812320508GA SJ812320509GA SJ812320510GA SJ812320515GA SJ812320516GA SJ812320517GA SJ812320518GA SJ812320520GA SJ812320523GA SJ812320526GA SJ812320528GA SJ812320529GA SJ812370664GA SJ812370668GA SJ812370669GA SJ812370670GA SJ812370671GA SJ812370672GA SJ812370673GA SJ812380684GA SJ812380685GA SJ812380686GA SJ812380687GA SJ812380688GA SJ812380689GA SJ812380690GA SJ812380691GA SJ812380692GA SJ812380693GA SJ812400752GA SJ812400753GA SJ812410791GA SJ812410792GA SJ812410793GA SJ812410794GA SJ812410795GA SJ812410796GA SJ812410799GA SJ812410804GA SJ812410805GA SJ812410807GA SJ812410815GA SJ812410829GA SJ812410832GA SJ812410833GA SJ812410835GA SJ812410836GA SJ812410837GA SJ812410838GA SJ812410839GA SJ812410840GA SJ812410841GA SJ812410843GA SJ812410850GA SJ812410854GA SJ812410855GA SJ812410856GA SJ812410857GA SJ812410859GA SJ812410860GA SJ812410861GA SJ812410863GA SJ812410866GA SJ812410867GA SJ812410874GA SJ812410875GA SJ812410879GA SJ812420880GA SJ812420881GA SJ812420883GA SJ812420886GA SJ812420887GA SJ812420888GA SJ812420891GA SJ812420908GA SJ812420910GA SJ812420911GA SJ812420912GA SJ812420913GA SJ812420914GA SJ812420917GA SJ812420918GA SJ812420919GA SJ812420920GA SJ812420921GA SJ812420922GA SJ812420923GA SJ812420924GA SJ812420925GA SJ812420926GA SJ812420927GA SJ812420928GA SJ812420929GA SJ812420930GA SJ812420931GA SJ812420932GA SJ812420933GA SJ812420934GA SJ812420935GA SJ812420937GA SJ812420944GA SJ812431060GA SJ812431061GA SJ812431062GA SJ812431063GA SJ812431064GA SJ812431065GA SJ812431066GA SJ812431068GA SJ812431069GA SJ812431070GA SJ812431071GA SJ812431072GA SJ812431074GA SJ812431075GA SJ812431076GA SJ812431077GA SJ812431078GA SJ812431079GA SJ812431081GA SJ812431082GA SJ812431084GA SJ812431086GA SJ812431087GA SJ812431088GA SJ812431089GA SJ812431091GA SJ812431092GA SJ812431094GA SJ812431095GA SJ812431096GA SJ812431098GA SJ812431099GA SJ812431105GA SJ812431106GA SJ812431107GA SJ812431109GA SJ812431110GA SJ812431111GA SJ812431112GA SJ812431113GA SJ812431114GA SJ812431115GA SJ812431116GA SJ812431117GA SJ812431118GA SJ812431119GA SJ812431120GA SJ812431121GA SJ812431122GA SJ812431123GA SJ812431124GA SJ812431125GA SJ812431126GA SJ812431127GA SJ812431128GA SJ812431129GA SJ812431130GA SJ812431131GA SJ812431135GA SJ812431136GA SJ812431137GA SJ812431138GA SJ812431139GA SJ812431140GA SJ812441141GA SJ812441143GA SJ812441144GA SJ812441145GA SJ812441146GA SJ812441147GA SJ812441148GA SJ812441149GA SJ812441151GA SJ812441153GA SJ812441154GA SJ812441155GA SJ812441156GA SJ812441157GA SJ812441158GA SJ812521228GA SJ812521229GA SJ812521230GA SJ812521231GA SJ812521232GA SJ812521233GA SJ812521234GA SJ812521235GA SJ812521236GA SJ812521238GA SJ813001244GA SJ813001245GA SJ813001246GA SJ813001247GA SJ813001248GA SJ813051259GA SJ813051260GA SJ813051261GA SJ813051262GA SJ813051263GA SJ813051270GA SJ813051272GA SJ813051273GA SJ813051274GA SJ813051275GA SJ813051277GA SJ813051278GA SJ813051280GA SJ813051281GA SJ813051282GA SJ813051283GA SJ813051286GA SJ813061290GA SJ813061292GA SJ813061293GA SJ813061294GA SJ813081334GA SJ813081336GA SJ813081337GA SJ813081338GA SJ813081339GA SJ813081340GA SJ813081341GA SJ813081342GA SJ813081343GA SJ813081344GA SJ813081345GA SJ813081346GA SJ813091355GA SJ813091356GA SJ813091358GA SJ813091359GA SJ813091360GA SJ813091361GA SJ813091365GA SJ813091368GA SJ813091371GA SJ813091374GA SJ813091375GA SJ813091376GA SJ813091378GA SJ813091379GA SJ813091380GA SJ813091391GA SJ813091392GA SJ813091393GA SJ813091394GA SJ813091395GA SJ813091396GA SJ813091397GA SJ813091398GA SJ813091399GA SJ813091400GA SJ813091405GA SJ813091406GA SJ813091407GA SJ813101411GA SJ813101412GA SJ813101423GA SJ813101424GA SJ813101427GA SJ813101428GA SJ813101429GA SJ813101430GA SJ813101431GA SJ813101432GA SJ813101433GA SJ813101435GA SJ813101439GA SJ813101440GA SJ813101441GA SJ813101442GA SJ813111445GA SJ813111449GA SJ813111452GA SJ813131454GA SJ813131455GA SJ813131456GA SJ813131457GA SJ813131458GA SJ813131459GA SJ813131460GA SJ813131461GA SJ813131462GA SJ813131463GA SJ813131465GA SJ813131466GA SJ813131467GA SJ813131468GA SJ813131469GA SJ813131470GA SJ813131472GA SJ813141484GA SJ813141485GA SJ813141486GA SJ813141487GA SJ813141488GA SJ813141489GA SJ813141490GA SJ813141491GA SJ813141492GA SJ813141493GA SJ813141494GA SJ813141495GA SJ813141496GA SJ813141498GA SJ813141499GA SJ813141500GA SJ813141501GA SJ813141502GA SJ813141503GA SJ813141505GA SJ813141506GA SJ813141507GA SJ813141508GA SJ813141509GA SJ813141510GA SJ813141512GA SJ813141513GA SJ813141514GA SJ813141517GA SJ813141518GA SJ813151519GA SJ813151520GA SJ813161539GA SJ813161540GA SJ813161541GA SJ813161542GA SJ813161543GA SJ813161544GA SJ813161545GA SJ813161546GA SJ813161547GA SJ813161548GA SJ813161549GA SJ813161550GA SJ813161552GA SJ813161553GA SJ813161555GA SJ813161556GA SJ813161558GA SJ813161559GA SJ813161563GA SJ813161564GA SJ813161565GA SJ813161566GA SJ813171569GA SJ813171570GA SJ813171571GA SJ813171576GA SJ813201587GA SJ813201591GA SJ813201592GA SJ813201594GA SJ813201597GA SJ813201599GA SJ813201600GA SJ813201602GA SJ813201604GA SJ813201605GA SJ813201606GA SJ813201607GA SJ813201610GA SJ813201611GA SJ813201612GA SJ813201613GA SJ813201614GA SJ813201615GA SJ813201617GA SJ813201620GA SJ813201623GA SJ813201625GA SJ813201626GA SJ813201627GA SJ813201628GA SJ813201641GA SJ813201642GA SJ813201643GA SJ813201644GA SJ813201646GA SJ813201647GA SJ813201648GA SJ813201649GA SJ813201650GA SJ813201651GA SJ813201653GA SJ813201654GA SJ813201655GA SJ813221666GA SJ813221667GA SJ813221668GA SJ813221669GA SJ813221670GA SJ813231671GA SJ813231672GA SJ813231673GA SJ813231676GA SJ813231677GA SJ813231678GA SJ813231679GA SJ813261726GA SJ813261727GA SJ813261728GA SJ813261729GA SJ813261730GA SJ813261731GA SJ813261732GA SJ813261733GA SJ813261734GA SJ813261735GA SJ813261736GA SJ813271754GA SJ813331846GA SJ813331847GA SJ813331848GA SJ813341851GA SJ813341852GA SJ813341853GA SJ813341854GA SJ813341855GA SJ813341856GA SJ813341857GA SJ813341858GA SJ813341859GA SJ813341861GA SJ813341862GA SJ813341863GA SJ813341864GA SJ813341865GA SJ813341866GA SJ813341867GA D1RF5130G D1RF5164G M1RF9796G PA2312626 SBH05440960GA SBH05450980GA SBM06261082GA SE410125060GA SE410175359GA SE410427727GA SE410427736GA SE411120829GA SE411120834GA SE411373361GA SE411373424GA SE411373430GA SE411373450GA PA1787323 PA1990529 PA1990530 PA1990531 PA1990532 PA1990533 PA1990534 PA1990535 PA1990536 PA1990537 PA1990902 PA2007151 R3T04490894GA R3T04490895GA R3T04490902GA R3T04490904GA R3T04490905GA R3T04490906GA R3T04490907GA R3T04490908GA R3T04490909GA R3T04490910GA R3T04490911GA R3T04490912GA R3T04490937GA R3T04490941GA R3T04490942GA R3T04490945GA R3T04490946GA R3T04490947GA R3T04490948GA R3T04490949GA R3T04490952GA R3T04490953GA R3T04490954GA R3T04490955GA R3T04490956GA SE410518952GA SE410034381GA A3G44075G SE410296397GA SE410306446GA SE410306448GA SE410084705GA SE410084821GA SE411171508GA SE411171514GA A43T2648G A43T2827G A43T2828G A43T2829G G2RF3761G G2RF3769G J2G42141G J2G42142G J2G42144G J2G42146G J2G42149G J2G42150G L33T1515G L33T1516G L33T1519G L33T1520G L33T1521G L33T1522G L33T1523G L33T1524G L33T1525G L33T1526G L33T1527G L33T1529G L33T1530G L33T1531G L33T1532G L33T1533G L33T1535G L33T1536G L33T1537G PA1786866 PA1787409 PA1787410 PA1787411 PA1787412 PA1787413 PA1787414 PA1787415 PA1787416 PA1787417 PA1787418 PA1787419 PA1787420 PA1787421 PA1787422 PA1787423 PA1787424 PA1787425 PA1787426 PA1787427 PA1787428 PA1787429 PA1787430 PA1787431 PA1787432 PA1787433 PA1853043 PA1853044 PA1853045 PA1853046 PA1853047 PA1853048 PA1853049 PA1853050 PA1853051 PA1853052 PA1853053 PA1853054 PA1853055 PA1853056 PA1853057 PA1853058 PA1853059 PA1853060 PA1853061 PA1853062 PA1853063 PA1853064 PA1853065 PA1853066 PA1853067 PA1853068 PA1853069 PA1853070 PA1853071 PA1853072 PA2138233 PA2138290 PA2139685 PA2139686 PA2139687 PA2139688 PA2139689 PA2139690 PA2139691 PA2139692 PA2139693 PA2139694 R3T04490969GA R3T04490970GA SE409452977GA SE409473201GA SE409473202GA SE409473203GA SE409473204GA SE409473205GA SE409473206GA SE409473207GA SE409473208GA SE409473215GA SE409473216GA SE409473217GA SE409473221GA SE409473237GA SE409473238GA SE409473250GA SE409473257GA SE409473258GA SE409483260GA SE409483261GA SE409483262GA SE409483263GA SE409483265GA SE409493348GA SE409493356GA SE409493361GA SE409493375GA SE409493379GA SE409493382GA SE409493385GA SE409493394GA SE409493401GA SE409493405GA SE409493406GA SE409493411GA SE409503428GA SE409503443GA SE409503446GA SE409503447GA SE409503449GA SE409503456GA SE409503458GA SE409503460GA SE409503482GA SE409503484GA SE410034386GA SE410064659GA SE410064661GA SE410064662GA SE410064663GA SE410064664GA SE410064665GA SE410064666GA SE410064667GA SE410064668GA SE410064669GA SE410074670GA SE410074671GA SE410074672GA SE410074673GA SE410074674GA SE410074675GA SE410074682GA SE410074683GA SE410074686GA SE410084749GA SE410155177GA SE410468097GA SE410468099GA SE410468105GA SE410488599GA SE410488602GA SE411191642GA SE411302542GA SE411302544GA SE411302550GA SE411302564GA SE411302573GA SE411312693GA SE411322865GA SE411322872GA SE411332985GA SE411332992GA SE411332994GA SE411332999GA SE411343032GA SE411373350GA SE411373354GA SE411373363GA SE411373365GA SE411373366GA SE411373377GA SE411373379GA SE411373380GA SE411373384GA SE411373385GA SE411373419GA SE411373423GA SE411373428GA SE411373438GA SE411383486GA SE411383497GA SE411383502GA SE411383534GA SE411383535GA SE411383537GA SE411383538GA SE411383544GA SE411383545GA SE411383550GA SE411383557GA SE411383565GA SE411393687GA SE411393693GA SE411393695GA SE411393704GA SE411393705GA SE411393709GA D1RF4986G SE411141030GA SE409432600GA SE409442784GA SE409442790GA SE409452881GA SE409452883GA SE409452884GA SE409452904GA SE409452910GA SE409452912GA SE409493387GA SE409503502GA SE409503518GA SE409503526GA SE409503528GA SE409503529GA SE409503530GA SE409503532GA SE409503533GA SE409503534GA SE409503536GA SE409503537GA SE409503538GA SE409503541GA SE409503542GA SE409503543GA SE409503551GA SE409503552GA SE409503556GA SE409503572GA SE409503574GA SE409503578GA SE409503579GA SE409503588GA SE409503590GA SE409503591GA SE409503594GA SE409503595GA SE409503596GA SE409503597GA SE409503598GA SE409503599GA SE409503600GA SE409503602GA SE409503603GA SE409503606GA SE409503610GA SE409503613GA SE409503615GA SE409503621GA SE409503622GA SE409503629GA SE409503630GA SE409503631GA SE409503632GA SE409513647GA SE409513648GA SE409513649GA SE409513652GA SE409513660GA SE409513662GA SE409513663GA SE409513664GA SE409513666GA SE409513668GA SE409513669GA SE409513672GA SE409513673GA SE409513675GA SE409513676GA SE409513677GA SE409513723GA SE409523904GA SE409523909GA SE409523913GA SE409523924GA SE409523925GA SE409523926GA SE409523927GA SE409523928GA SE409523929GA SE409523930GA SE409523931GA SE409523936GA SE409523937GA SE409523940GA SE409523943GA SE409523944GA SE409523945GA SE409523946GA SE409523954GA SE409523956GA SE409523958GA SE409523977GA SE409523979GA SE409523980GA SE409523985GA SE409523986GA SE409523991GA SE409523993GA SE409523994GA SE409523995GA SE409534041GA SE409534048GA SE409534055GA SE409534065GA SE409534084GA SE410024201GA SE410024209GA SE410024214GA SE410024241GA SE410024246GA SE410024247GA SE410024248GA SE410024249GA SE410024250GA SE410024251GA SE410024252GA SE410024253GA SE410024254GA SE410024255GA SE410024256GA SE410024257GA SE410024258GA SE410024259GA SE410024260GA SE410024261GA SE410024262GA SE410024263GA SE410024264GA SE410024265GA SE410024266GA SE410024267GA SE410024268GA SE410024269GA SE410024270GA SE410024271GA SE410024274GA SE410024275GA SE410024276GA SE410024277GA SE410024278GA SE410024279GA SE410024280GA SE410024281GA SE410024282GA SE410024283GA SE410024284GA SE410024285GA SE410024286GA SE410024287GA SE410024288GA SE410024289GA SE410024290GA SE410024291GA SE410024292GA SE410024293GA SE410024294GA SE410024295GA SE410024296GA SE410024297GA SE410024298GA SE410024299GA SE410024300GA SE410024302GA SE410024303GA SE410024304GA SE410024305GA SE410024306GA SE410024307GA SE410024308GA SE410024309GA SE410034310GA SE410034311GA SE410034312GA SE410034313GA SE410034314GA SE410034315GA SE410034316GA SE410034317GA SE410034318GA SE410034319GA SE410034320GA SE410034321GA SE410034322GA SE410034323GA SE410034324GA SE410034325GA SE410034326GA SE410034328GA SE410034329GA SE410034331GA SE410034334GA SE410034335GA SE410034336GA SE410034339GA SE410034340GA SE410034341GA SE410034342GA SE410034343GA SE410034344GA SE410034345GA SE410034346GA SE410034347GA SE410034348GA SE410034349GA SE410034350GA SE410034351GA SE410034352GA SE410034353GA SE410034355GA SE410034356GA SE410034357GA SE410034358GA SE410034359GA SE410034360GA SE410034361GA SE410034362GA SE410034364GA SE410034365GA SE410034366GA SE410034367GA SE410034368GA SE410034370GA SE410034371GA SE410034372GA SE410034373GA SE410034374GA SE410034376GA SE410034384GA SE410034385GA SE410034388GA SE410034389GA SE410034390GA SE410034393GA SE410034394GA SE410034396GA SE410034398GA SE410034399GA SE410034400GA SE410034401GA SE410034403GA SE410034404GA SE410034405GA SE410034407GA SE410034410GA SE410034412GA SE410034415GA SE410034417GA SE410034422GA SE410034423GA SE410034433GA SE410034434GA SE410034436GA SE410034439GA SE410034442GA SE410034444GA SE410034445GA SE410034446GA SE410044454GA SE410044455GA SE410044460GA SE410044461GA SE410044465GA SE410044466GA SE410044467GA SE410044485GA SE410054507GA SE410054544GA SE410054548GA SE410054550GA SE410054553GA SE410054567GA SE410054569GA SE410064570GA SE410064573GA SE410064618GA SE410064644GA SE410074676GA SE410074677GA SE410074678GA SE410074679GA SE410074680GA SE410074684GA SE410084697GA SE410084703GA SE410084704GA SE410084751GA SE410084752GA SE410084753GA SE410084759GA SE410084760GA SE410084762GA SE410084763GA SE410084764GA SE410084769GA SE410084770GA SE410084771GA SE410084772GA SE410084774GA SE410084775GA SE410084779GA SE410084780GA SE410084784GA SE410084791GA SE410084792GA SE410104966GA SE410235578GA SE410235652GA SE410245724GA SE410245757GA SE410245781GA SE410245808GA SE410245815GA SE410245816GA SE410245819GA SE410245820GA SE410245821GA SE410245822GA SE410245823GA SE410245824GA SE410245825GA SE410245827GA SE410245830GA SE410245831GA SE410245832GA SE410245834GA SE410245836GA SE410245837GA SE410245838GA SE410245843GA SE410245846GA SE410245848GA SE410245849GA SE410245851GA SE410245853GA SE410265965GA SE410265981GA SE410265990GA SE410266003GA SE410266005GA SE410266011GA SE410266031GA SE410276196GA SE410276197GA SE410276200GA SE410276202GA SE410276203GA SE410276204GA SE410276205GA SE410276206GA SE410276207GA SE410276208GA SE410276209GA SE410276218GA SE410276219GA SE410276220GA SE410276221GA SE410276223GA SE410276224GA SE410276244GA SE410276245GA SE410276246GA SE410276247GA SE410276248GA SE410276249GA SE410276250GA SE410276251GA SE410276252GA SE410276253GA SE410276255GA SE410276256GA SE410276257GA SE410276258GA SE410276259GA SE410276260GA SE410276263GA SE410276265GA SE410276266GA SE410276267GA SE410276268GA SE410276269GA SE410296270GA SE410296271GA SE410296272GA SE410296273GA SE410296274GA SE410296275GA SE410296276GA SE410296277GA SE410296278GA SE410296279GA SE410296280GA SE410296281GA SE410296283GA SE410296285GA SE410296286GA SE410296287GA SE410296288GA SE410296290GA SE410296291GA SE410296292GA SE410296293GA SE410296294GA SE410296295GA SE410296296GA SE410296297GA SE410296298GA SE410296299GA SE410296301GA SE410296302GA SE410296303GA SE410296304GA SE410296305GA SE410296306GA SE410296310GA SE410296311GA SE410296312GA SE410296313GA SE410296314GA SE410296315GA SE410296316GA SE410296317GA SE410296330GA SE410296332GA SE410296333GA SE410296334GA SE410296335GA SE410296354GA SE410306437GA SE410397290GA SE410397409GA SE410407477GA SE410407532GA SE410407537GA SE410407555GA SE410407558GA SE410407564GA SE410407578GA SE410417585GA SE410417603GA SE410417609GA SE410417611GA SE410417612GA SE410417625GA SE410417626GA SE410417627GA SE410417632GA SE410417633GA SE410417634GA SE410417635GA SE410417636GA SE410417637GA SE410417638GA SE410417639GA SE410417640GA SE410417641GA SE410417642GA SE410417643GA SE410417644GA SE410417645GA SE410417647GA SE410417648GA SE410417649GA SE410417650GA SE410417651GA SE410417652GA SE410417653GA SE410417654GA SE410417655GA SE410417656GA SE410417657GA SE410417658GA SE410417659GA SE410417660GA SE410417661GA SE410417662GA SE410417663GA SE410417664GA SE410417665GA SE410417666GA SE410417667GA SE410417668GA SE410417669GA SE410417670GA SE410417671GA SE410417672GA SE410417673GA SE410417674GA SE410417675GA SE410417676GA SE410417677GA SE410417678GA SE410417679GA SE410417680GA SE410417681GA SE410417682GA SE410417683GA SE410417684GA SE410417685GA SE410417686GA SE410417687GA SE410417688GA SE410417689GA SE410417690GA SE410417691GA SE410417692GA SE410417693GA SE410417694GA SE410417695GA SE410417696GA SE410417697GA SE410417698GA SE410417699GA SE410417700GA SE410417701GA SE410417702GA SE410417703GA SE410417704GA SE410417705GA SE410417706GA SE410417707GA SE410417708GA SE410417709GA SE410417710GA SE410417711GA SE410417712GA SE410417713GA SE410417714GA SE410417715GA SE410417716GA SE410417717GA SE410427719GA SE410427720GA SE410427721GA SE410427722GA SE410427723GA SE410427724GA SE410427725GA SE410427726GA SE410427732GA SE410427734GA SE410427735GA SE410427741GA SE410427745GA SE410427780GA SE410427804GA SE410427816GA SE410427817GA SE410427818GA SE410447820GA SE410447822GA SE410447823GA SE410447824GA SE410447825GA SE410447826GA SE410447827GA SE410447828GA SE410447829GA SE410447830GA SE410447831GA SE410447832GA SE410447833GA SE410447834GA SE410447835GA SE410447836GA SE410447837GA SE410447838GA SE410457839GA SE410457840GA SE410457841GA SE410457842GA SE410457843GA SE410457845GA SE410457846GA SE410457847GA SE410457848GA SE410457849GA SE410457851GA SE410457852GA SE410457853GA SE410457854GA SE410457855GA SE410457856GA SE410457857GA SE410457858GA SE410457859GA SE410457860GA SE410457861GA SE410457866GA SE410457870GA SE410457871GA SE410457872GA SE410457873GA SE410457876GA SE410457877GA SE410457878GA SE410457879GA SE410457880GA SE410457885GA SE410457886GA SE410457887GA SE410457888GA SE410457889GA SE410457890GA SE410457892GA SE410457893GA SE410457894GA SE410457895GA SE410457896GA SE410457897GA SE410457898GA SE410457899GA SE410457900GA SE410457901GA SE410457902GA SE410457903GA SE410457904GA SE410457905GA SE410457906GA SE410457907GA SE410457908GA SE410457909GA SE410457910GA SE410457911GA SE410457912GA SE410457913GA SE410457914GA SE410457915GA SE410457916GA SE410457917GA SE410457918GA SE410457919GA SE410457920GA SE410457921GA SE410457922GA SE410457923GA SE410457924GA SE410457925GA SE410457926GA SE410457927GA SE410457928GA SE410457929GA SE410457932GA SE410457933GA SE410457934GA SE410457935GA SE410457936GA SE410457937GA SE410457938GA SE410457959GA SE410457961GA SE410457962GA SE410457968GA SE410457969GA SE410457970GA SE410457974GA SE410457977GA SE410457978GA SE410457979GA SE410457980GA SE410519302GA SE410529385GA SE410529387GA SE410529392GA SE410529412GA SE411060036GA SE411060068GA SE411060079GA SE411060085GA SE411070087GA SE411070135GA SE411070138GA SE411070143GA SE411070227GA SE411070235GA SE411070254GA SE411080273GA SE411080296GA SE411120852GA SE411120886GA SE411130972GA SE411130974GA SE411130984GA SE411130985GA SE411130998GA SE411141017GA SE411141018GA SE411141019GA SE411141022GA SE411141024GA SE411141025GA SE411141026GA SE411141027GA SE411141032GA SE411141033GA SE411141034GA SE411141035GA SE411141036GA SE411141038GA SE411141040GA SE411141041GA SE411141042GA SE411141043GA SE411141047GA SE411141048GA SE411141049GA SE411141051GA SE411141052GA SE411141053GA SE411141054GA SE411141056GA SE411141058GA SE411141060GA SE411141061GA SE411141062GA SE411141063GA SE411141064GA SE411141065GA SE411141066GA SE411141067GA SE411141068GA SE411141069GA SE411141070GA SE411141071GA SE411141072GA SE411141073GA SE411141074GA SE411141076GA SE411141077GA SE411141078GA SE411141079GA SE411141080GA SE411141082GA SE411141088GA SE411141089GA SE411141090GA SE411141091GA SE411141092GA SE411141094GA SE411151101GA SE411151102GA SE411151103GA SE411151105GA SE411151106GA SE411151107GA SE411151111GA SE411151113GA SE411151114GA SE411151115GA SE411151117GA SE411151124GA SE411151177GA SE411151179GA SE411151188GA SE411151192GA SE411151246GA SE411151249GA SE411161253GA SE411161255GA SE411161256GA SE411161257GA SE411161263GA SE411161269GA SE411161271GA SE411161272GA SE411161273GA SE411161281GA SE411171423GA SE411171424GA SE411171425GA SE411171426GA SE411171427GA SE411171429GA SE411171432GA SE411171437GA SE411171439GA SE411171440GA SE411171443GA SE411171450GA SE411171452GA SE411171453GA SE411171454GA SE411171457GA SE411171458GA SE411171459GA SE411171460GA SE411171474GA SE411171477GA SE411171482GA SE411171497GA SE411171498GA SE411171499GA SE411171500GA SE411171501GA SE411171502GA SE411171516GA SE411171517GA SE411171524GA SE411171528GA SE411171529GA SE411171530GA SE411171531GA SE411171532GA SE411171533GA SE411171534GA SE411171535GA SE411171536GA SE411181537GA SE411181538GA SE411181539GA SE411181540GA SE411181541GA SE411181543GA SE411181545GA SE411181548GA SE411181549GA SE411181550GA SE411181551GA SE411181552GA SE411181554GA SE411181559GA SE411181563GA SE411181564GA SE411181565GA SE411181566GA SE411181567GA SE411181569GA SE411181570GA SE411181572GA SE411181573GA SE411181574GA SE411181575GA SE411181576GA SE411181577GA SE411181578GA SE411181581GA SE411181585GA SE411181588GA SE411181616GA SE411181620GA SE411181622GA SE411181623GA SE411191630GA SE411191632GA SE411191634GA SE411191635GA SE411191648GA SE411191649GA SE411191650GA SE411191651GA SE411191652GA SE411191654GA SE411191655GA SE411191656GA SE411191657GA SE411191658GA SE411191663GA SE411191664GA SE411191666GA SE411191669GA SE411191675GA SE411191679GA SE411191692GA SE411191695GA SE411191700GA SE411191701GA SE411191702GA SE411191703GA SE411191705GA SE411191706GA SE411191720GA SE411191721GA SE411191723GA SE411191724GA SE411191725GA SE411191729GA SE411191730GA SE411191732GA SE411191733GA SE411191734GA SE411191735GA SE411191736GA SE411191737GA SE411191738GA SE411191740GA SE411191742GA SE411191745GA SE411191746GA SE411191747GA SE411191748GA SE411191749GA SE411191750GA SE411191751GA SE411191752GA SE411191754GA SE411201756GA SE411201757GA SE411201758GA SE411201759GA SE411201761GA SE411201762GA SE411201763GA SE411201769GA SE411201772GA SE411201773GA SE411201774GA SE411201776GA SE411201781GA SE411201785GA SE411201788GA SE411201804GA SE411201805GA SE411201807GA SE411201809GA SE411201810GA SE411201811GA SE411201819GA SE411201820GA SE411201821GA SE411201831GA SE411201832GA SE411201833GA SE411201834GA SE411201835GA SE411201837GA SE411201838GA SE411201839GA SE411201846GA SE411201848GA SE411201855GA SE411201858GA SE411201881GA SE411211948GA SE411211950GA SE411211956GA SE411211975GA SE411211976GA SE411211977GA SE411211978GA SE411211979GA SE411211980GA SE411211981GA SE411211982GA SE411211983GA SE411211984GA SE411211985GA SE411211986GA SE411211987GA SE411211988GA SE411211989GA SE411221990GA SE411221991GA SE411221992GA SE411221993GA SE411221994GA SE411221995GA SE411221996GA SE411221997GA SE411221998GA SE411222000GA SE411222001GA SE411222002GA SE411222003GA SE411222004GA SE411222005GA SE411222006GA SE411222007GA SE411222008GA SE411222009GA SE411222010GA SE411222011GA SE411222012GA SE411222014GA SE411222016GA SE411222018GA SE411222022GA SE411222033GA SE411222035GA SE411222036GA SE411222037GA SE411222038GA SE411222039GA SE411222040GA SE411222041GA SE411222042GA SE411222043GA SE411222044GA SE411222045GA SE411222046GA SE411222047GA SE411222048GA SE411222049GA SE411222050GA SE411222051GA SE411222052GA SE411222053GA SE411222057GA SE411222059GA SE411222061GA SE411222062GA SE411222063GA SE411222064GA SE411222065GA SE411222066GA SE411222067GA SE411222068GA SE411222071GA SE411222073GA SE411222074GA SE411222075GA SE411222076GA SE411222077GA SE411222078GA SE411232080GA SE411232081GA SE411232082GA SE411232084GA SE411232086GA SE411232087GA SE411232088GA SE411232089GA SE411232090GA SE411242091GA SE411242092GA SE411242093GA SE411242094GA SE411242095GA SE411242096GA SE411242097GA SE411242098GA SE411242099GA SE411242100GA SE411242101GA SE411242102GA SE411242103GA SE411242104GA SE411242105GA SE411242106GA SE411242107GA SE411242108GA SE411242109GA SE411242110GA SE411242111GA SE411242112GA SE411242113GA SE411242115GA SE411242117GA SE411242118GA SE411242119GA SE411242124GA SE411242134GA SE411242139GA SE411242140GA SE411242141GA SE411242142GA SE411242143GA SE411242148GA SE411242192GA SE411242193GA SE411242194GA SE411242195GA SE411242198GA SE411242199GA SE411242201GA SE411242202GA SE411242205GA SE411242213GA SE411242214GA SE411242215GA SE411242216GA SE411242217GA SE411242218GA SE411252229GA SE411252230GA SE411252236GA SE411252245GA SE411252249GA SE411252250GA SE411252251GA SE411252252GA SE411252253GA SE411252254GA SE411252255GA SE411252256GA SE411252257GA SE411252258GA SE411252259GA SE411252260GA SE411252261GA SE411252262GA SE411252263GA SE411252265GA SE411252266GA SE411252267GA SE411252268GA SE411262269GA SE411262270GA SE411262271GA SE411262272GA SE411262273GA SE411262274GA SE411262275GA SE411262287GA SE411262291GA SE411262292GA SE411262293GA SE411262295GA SE411282296GA SE411282297GA SE411282298GA SE411282299GA SE411282302GA SE411282305GA SE411282306GA SE411282307GA SE411282308GA SE411282309GA SE411282310GA SE411282311GA SE411282312GA SE411282313GA SE411282314GA SE411282315GA SE411282316GA SE411282317GA SE411282318GA SE411282319GA SE411282320GA SE411282321GA SE411282323GA SE411282325GA SE411282326GA SE411282327GA SE411282328GA SE411282331GA SE411282332GA SE411282333GA SE411282334GA SE411282335GA SE411282336GA SE411282337GA SE411282338GA SE411282339GA SE411282340GA SE411282341GA SE411282342GA SE411282343GA SE411282344GA SE411282345GA SE411282346GA SE411282348GA SE411282349GA SE411282350GA SE411282351GA SE411282352GA SE411282353GA SE411282354GA SE411282355GA SE411282356GA SE411282357GA SE411282358GA SE411282359GA SE411282360GA SE411282361GA SE411282362GA SE411282363GA SE411282364GA SE411282365GA SE411282366GA SE411282367GA SE411282368GA SE411282369GA SE411282370GA SE411282371GA SE411282372GA SE411282373GA SE411282374GA SE411282375GA SE411282376GA SE411282377GA SE411282378GA SE411282379GA SE411282380GA SE411282381GA SE411282382GA SE411282383GA SE411282384GA SE411282385GA SE411282386GA SE411282387GA SE411292388GA SE411292389GA SE411292390GA SE411292391GA SE411292392GA SE411292393GA SE411292394GA SE411292395GA SE411292396GA SE411292397GA SE411292398GA SE411292399GA SE411292400GA SE411292401GA SE411292402GA SE411292403GA SE411292404GA SE411292405GA SE411292406GA SE411292407GA SE411292408GA SE411292409GA SE411292410GA SE411292411GA SE411292412GA SE411292413GA SE411292414GA SE411292415GA SE411292417GA SE411292419GA SE411292420GA SE411292421GA SE411292422GA SE411292423GA SE411292424GA SE411292425GA SE411292426GA SE411292427GA SE411292428GA SE411292429GA SE411292431GA SE411292432GA SE411292433GA SE411292434GA SE411292435GA SE411292436GA SE411292437GA SE411292438GA SE411292439GA SE411292440GA SE411292441GA SE411292442GA SE411292444GA SE411292445GA SE411292446GA SE411292447GA SE411292448GA SE411292449GA SE411292451GA SE411292452GA SE411292453GA SE411292454GA SE411292459GA SE411292460GA SE411292461GA SE411292462GA SE411292463GA SE411292465GA SE411292466GA SE411292467GA SE411292468GA SE411292469GA SE411292471GA SE411292472GA SE411292473GA SE411292474GA SE411292476GA SE411292477GA SE411292478GA SE411292479GA SE411292480GA SE411292481GA SE411292482GA SE411292483GA SE411292484GA SE411292485GA SE411292486GA SE411292487GA SE411292488GA SE411292489GA SE411292490GA SE411292491GA SE411292493GA SE411292495GA SE411292496GA SE411292497GA SE411292498GA SE411292499GA SE411292500GA SE411292503GA SE411302508GA SE411302516GA SE411302518GA SE411302519GA SE411302521GA SE411302522GA SE411302523GA SE411302525GA SE411302526GA SE411302528GA SE411302529GA SE411302530GA SE411302531GA SE411302533GA SE411302535GA SE411302536GA SE411302537GA SE411302538GA SE411302540GA SE411302541GA SE411302543GA SE411302545GA SE411302546GA SE411302547GA SE411302551GA SE411302552GA SE411302553GA SE411302555GA SE411302575GA SE411302577GA SE411302632GA SE411302633GA SE411302634GA SE411302635GA SE411302636GA SE411302637GA SE411302639GA SE411302640GA SE411302641GA SE411302642GA SE411302643GA SE411312652GA SE411312653GA SE411312654GA SE411312655GA SE411312656GA SE411312657GA SE411312658GA SE411312659GA SE411312661GA SE411312663GA SE411312666GA SE411312668GA SE411312671GA SE411312673GA SE411312675GA SE411312676GA SE411312677GA SE411312682GA SE411312683GA SE411312684GA SE411312687GA SE411312688GA SE411312689GA SE411312691GA SE411312695GA SE411312696GA SE411312697GA SE411312698GA SE411312699GA SE411312700GA SE411312701GA SE411312704GA SE411312705GA SE411312707GA SE411312709GA SE411312712GA SE411312713GA SE411312715GA SE411312716GA SE411312717GA SE411312718GA SE411312721GA SE411312722GA SE411312723GA SE411312724GA SE411312726GA SE411312729GA SE411312731GA SE411312732GA SE411312733GA SE411312734GA SE411312738GA SE411312739GA SE411312740GA SE411312741GA SE411312742GA SE411312743GA SE411312744GA SE411312745GA SE411312746GA SE411312747GA SE411312748GA SE411312751GA SE411312752GA SE411312753GA SE411312754GA SE411312755GA SE411312756GA SE411312757GA SE411312758GA SE411312760GA SE411312767GA SE411312770GA SE411322774GA SE411322785GA SE411322786GA SE411322822GA SE411322829GA SE411322830GA SE411322831GA SE411322834GA SE411322836GA SE411322837GA SE411322840GA SE411322842GA SE411322843GA SE411322844GA SE411322845GA SE411322846GA SE411322847GA SE411322848GA SE411322849GA SE411322852GA SE411322853GA SE411322855GA SE411322856GA SE411322857GA SE411322858GA SE411322859GA SE411322860GA SE411322861GA SE411322864GA SE411363300GA SE411363304GA SE411363305GA SE411363310GA SE411363313GA SE411373317GA SE411373318GA SE411514279GA SE411514286GA SE411514287GA SE411514288GA PA2115152 PA2115153 PA2115154 PA2115155 PA2115156 PA2115157 PA2115158 PA2115159 PA1788369 PA1788374 PA1788376 PA1788377 PA1788383 SE410235660GA SE410235670GA SE410235671GA SE410235672GA SE410235673GA SE410235676GA SE410235688GA SE410235689GA SE410235690GA SE410235691GA SE410235699GA K2RF4175G K2RF4178G SE410518993GA SE410518995GA SE410518997GA SE410519001GA SE410519004GA SE410519010GA SE410519067GA SE410519105GA SE411454060GA SE411454064GA SE411454066GA SE411454073GA SE411039636GA SE411039655GA SE411039658GA SE411039659GA SE411039662GA SE411039663GA SE411039665GA SE411039666GA SE411039667GA SE411039725GA D3G45336G F1RF5992G H2G41398G K2G42406G M1RF9777G M1RF9778G M1RF9779G M1RF9780G M1RF9781G M1RF9782G M1RF9783G M1RF9784G M1RF9786G M1RF9788G M1RF9789G M1RF9790G M1RF9791G M1RF9792G M1RF9793G M1RF9794G M1RF9795G PA1990873 SE409463118GA B1RF4189G C1RF4562G E2G40027G E2G40195G E2G40221G E3G45478G F2G40386G G2G41226G K0RF1603G K33T0744G L0RF2104G M1RF9686G M2RF4773G PA1787318 PA1787319 PA1787320 PA1787321 PA1787322 PA1787325 PA1787327 PA1787328 PA1787329 SBH05330651GA SBH05330654GA SBH05330655GA SE409473171GA SE409473172GA SE409473180GA SE409473181GA SE409473183GA SE409473184GA SE409473185GA SE409473209GA SE409473210GA SE409473213GA SE410084745GA SE410478304GA SE410478306GA SE411049875GA SE411059882GA SE411059918GA SE411059919GA SE411059920GA SE411059926GA SE411059927GA SE411059928GA SE411059942GA SE411383472GA SE411383491GA SE411383492GA SE411383532GA SE411454103GA SE411454104GA SE412144781GA SE412144784GA SE412154792GA SE412154793GA SE412154794GA SE412154795GA SE412154796GA SE412154798GA SE412154799GA SE412154801GA SE412154803GA SE412154804GA SE412154806GA L1RF8303G L2RF4357G SE409463099GA SE410094892GA SE410235658GA SE410235664GA SE410235665GA SE410235666GA SE410235680GA SE410235682GA SE410235684GA SE410235698GA SE410235704GA SE410265988GA SE410376975GA SE410376989GA SE410377003GA SE410407540GA SE410427740GA SE410427758GA SE410519033GA SE410529466GA SE411070141GA SE411151163GA SE411171431GA SE411222069GA SE411252223GA SE411322810GA SE411332947GA SE411383540GA SE411434046GA SE411343108GA SE411363275GA SE409473166GA L1RF8486G M2G43404G F2RF3481G K1RF8071G L1RF8790G L2RF4323G L2RF4329G L2RF4339G L2RF4345G M1RF9467G M1RF9478G M1RF9480G M1RF9492G M1RF9891G M1RF9900G SBH05461009GA SE409524016GA SE409524017GA SE409524021GA SE409524028GA SE409524029GA SE409524034GA SE410024167GA SE410024170GA SE410024185GA SE410024187GA SE410024190GA SE410024192GA SE410024193GA SE410024199GA SE410024204GA SE410024205GA SE410024230GA SE410024232GA SE410024233GA SE410044453GA SE410044456GA SE410044464GA SE410054510GA SE410054511GA SE410054512GA SE410054516GA SE410054518GA SE410064614GA SE410064638GA SE410397312GA SE410397423GA SE410397430GA SE410407538GA SE410407539GA SE410407548GA SE410407549GA SE410407550GA SE410407551GA SE410407552GA SE410407559GA SE410407560GA SE410407561GA SE410407570GA SE410407573GA SE410468056GA SE410498637GA SE410498641GA SE410498642GA SE410498652GA SE411039692GA SE411039693GA SE411039694GA SE411039696GA SE411039698GA SE411039702GA SE411039728GA SE411039731GA SE411039732GA SE411039733GA SE411049749GA SE411049756GA SE411049774GA SE411049787GA SE411050021GA SE411059961GA SE411059974GA SE411059975GA SE411060001GA SE411060032GA SE411060042GA SE411060046GA SE411069996GA SE411070140GA SE411070160GA SE411070172GA SE411070173GA SE411070177GA SE411080294GA SE411080397GA SE411130986GA SE411282347GA SE411312769GA SE411322819GA SE411322880GA SE411332908GA SE411514259GA SJ812160108GA SJ812160109GA SJ812160110GA SJ812160117GA SJ812170155GA SJ812170167GA SJ812410862GA SJ812410864GA SJ813051268GA SJ813051269GA SJ813061291GA SJ813091363GA SJ813091364GA SJ813091366GA SJ813091367GA SJ813091369GA SJ813091370GA PA2139398 SE411049821GA SE411060059GA SE411070168GA D0RF0051GP D2RF3156G DIRF5188G G0RF0588GA G0RF0602G G2G41231G-1 H0RF01718GR H0RF0732G H2G41833GA HDRF0672GR J0RF0939G J0RF310G J2G4212G JA3T5809G M2RF4786G R3T0516274GA R3T05263368GA SBM05260134GA H3G46983G K2G42179G L2G42956G PA1900501 SE411363296GA SE411373410GA G3G46518G J2G42125G PA1788569 PA1788570 PA1788571 PA1789634 PA1789635 PA1789636 PA1789637 PA1789638 PA1789639 PA1789640 PA1789641 PA1789642 PA1789643 PA1789644 PA1789645 PA1789646 PA1789647 PA1789648 PA1789649 PA2006800 PA2006801 PA2006802 PA2006803 PA2006804 PA2006805 SE411049844GA SE410326754GA SE410366828GA SE410366830GA SE410366831GA SE410366837GA SE410366838GA SE410366866GA SE410366872GA SE410366874GA SE410366879GA SE410366881GA SE410376892GA SE410519030GA SE410519066GA SE409503586GA SE411454054GA SE411454057GA SE411454062GA SE411454074GA SE409230186GA SE409240188GA SE409280541GA SE409341429GA SE409382251GA SE409392308GA SE409442761GA SE409452852GA SE409452867GA SE409452871GA SE409452914GA SE409452927GA SE409452935GA SE409452938GA SE409452939GA SE409452940GA SE409452941GA SE409452943GA SE409452946GA SE409452948GA SE409452949GA SE409452950GA SE409452951GA SE409452953GA SE409452959GA SE409463000GA SE410265967GA SE410265987GA SE410265999GA SE410306477GA SE410316491GA SE410316492GA SE410316493GA SE410316494GA SE411191641GA SE411242128GA SE411242150GA SE411242151GA SE411242157GA SE411242158GA SE411373432GA SE411383523GA SE411383554GA SE411383559GA SE411383567GA SE409452842GA SE409452843GA SE409452845GA SE409523897GA SE409523983GA SE409534045GA SE409534049GA SE409534057GA SE409534058GA SE409534059GA SE409534060GA SE409534061GA SE409534062GA SE409534063GA SE409534064GA SE409534066GA SE409534068GA SE409534069GA SE409534070GA SE409534071GA SE409534073GA SE409534074GA SE409534075GA SE409534076GA SE409534077GA SE409534078GA SE409534079GA SE409534080GA SE409534081GA SE409534082GA SE409534083GA SE409534085GA SE409534086GA SE409534087GA SE409534088GA SE409534089GA SE409534090GA SE409534091GA SE409534092GA SE409534093GA SE409534094GA SE409534095GA SE409534096GA SE409534097GA SE409534098GA SE409534099GA SE409534100GA SE409534101GA SE409534102GA SE409534103GA SE409534104GA SE409534105GA SE409534106GA SE409534107GA SE409534108GA SE409534109GA SE410024110GA SE410024111GA SE410024112GA SE410024113GA SE410024114GA SE410024115GA SE410024116GA SE410024118GA SE410024119GA SE410024120GA SE410024121GA SE410024122GA SE410024123GA SE410024124GA SE410024125GA SE410024126GA SE410024127GA SE410024128GA SE410024129GA SE410024130GA SE410024131GA SE410024132GA SE410024133GA SE410024134GA SE410024135GA SE410024136GA SE410024137GA SE410024138GA SE410024139GA SE410024142GA SE410024143GA SE410024144GA SE410024145GA SE410024146GA SE410024148GA SE410024149GA SE410024150GA SE410024151GA SE410024152GA SE410024153GA SE410024154GA SE410024155GA SE410024156GA SE410024157GA SE410024158GA SE410024159GA SE410024160GA SE410024165GA SE410024166GA SE410024168GA SE410024171GA SE410024172GA SE410024173GA SE410024174GA SE410024182GA SE410064611GA SE410064612GA SE410064616GA SE410064619GA SE410064620GA SE410084694GA SE410084695GA SE410084712GA SE410084721GA SE410084727GA SE410094906GA SE410104963GA SE410104965GA SE410125073GA SE410125074GA SE410125075GA SE410125076GA SE410125086GA SE410125087GA SE410125100GA SE410125101GA SE410125103GA SE410155174GA SE410155185GA SE410155187GA SE410155190GA SE410155231GA SE410155233GA SE410155239GA SE410155241GA SE410155247GA SE410155249GA SE410155252GA SE410155253GA SE410155254GA SE410155258GA SE410155261GA SE410165265GA SE410165269GA SE410165270GA SE410165277GA SE410165281GA SE410165285GA SE410165286GA SE410165293GA SE410185443GA SE410245845GA SE410245847GA SE410276198GA SE410306434GA SE410326576GA SE410326583GA SE410326590GA SE410326593GA SE410326594GA SE410346771GA SE410346775GA SE410346777GA SE410346779GA SE410346782GA SE410407465GA SE410478450GA SE410478454GA SE410478458GA SE410478460GA SE410478462GA SE410478463GA SE410478464GA SE410478465GA SE410478468GA SE410478474GA SE410478518GA SE410478525GA SE410478528GA SE410478529GA SE410478530GA SE410478545GA SE410478554GA SE410498617GA SE410498621GA SE410519283GA SE410529334GA SE410529405GA SE411151184GA SE411151206GA SE411312766GA SE411332923GA SE411332924GA SE411332928GA SE411383530GA SE411454105GA SE411454108GA SJ813001242GA H1RF6903G SE409483281GA SE409493308GA SE409493309GA SE409493310GA SE409493311GA SE409493312GA SE409493320GA SE409493323GA SE409493325GA SE409493326GA SE409493329GA SE409493330GA SE409493331GA SE409493332GA SE409513802GA SE409513805GA SE409513806GA SE409513819GA SE409513820GA SE409513828GA SE409513829GA SE409513830GA SE409513831GA SE409513838GA SE409513840GA SE409513841GA SE410024147GA SE410034438GA SE410044477GA SE410044481GA SE410044482GA SE410044484GA SE410044488GA SE410054490GA SE410054493GA SE410054494GA SE410054495GA SE410054496GA SE410054500GA SE410054504GA SE410054506GA SE410054508GA SE410054509GA SE410054520GA SE410054522GA SE410104967GA SE410114989GA SE410114994GA SE410135160GA SE410155165GA SE410155178GA SE410245878GA SE410276262GA SE410306468GA SE410326522GA SE410326527GA SE410326528GA SE410326529GA SE410326530GA SE410326535GA SE410326536GA SE410326539GA SE410326540GA SE410326541GA SE410326543GA SE410326544GA SE410326545GA SE410326546GA SE410326547GA SE410326548GA SE410326549GA SE410326570GA SE410326571GA SE410326572GA SE410326573GA SE410326577GA SE410326578GA SE410326579GA SE410326580GA SE410326584GA SE410326585GA SE410326587GA SE410326588GA SE410387179GA SE409463069GA SE409503417GA SE409503421GA A3RF4908G D3G45197G F1RF6058G F3G46158G J3RF5385G L2G42991G L2G42992G L33T1207G M2RF4710G PA1786861 PA1786862 PA1786863 PA1786864 PA1786865 PA1851812 PA1851813 PA1852107 PA1852108 PA1852109 PA1852110 PA1852111 PA1852112 PA1852113 PA1852114 PA1852115 PA1852116 PA1852117 PA1852118 PA1852119 PA1852120 PA1852121 PA1852122 PA1852123 PA1852124 PA1852125 PA1852126 PA1852127 PA1852128 PA1852129 PA1852130 PA1852131 PA1852132 PA1852133 PA1852134 PA1852135 PA1852136 PA1852137 R3T04501056GA SE410255956GA A2RF1130G C1RF4826G H2G41514G SE410115035GA SE410125053GA SE410125057GA SE410125059GA SE410125065GA SE410125066GA SE410125067GA SE410125068GA SE410125069GA SE410125070GA SE410125071GA SE410125072GA SE410266170GA SE410266171GA SE410266172GA SE410266173GA SE410276213GA SE410276216GA SE411120801GA SE411120802GA SE411120803GA SE411120805GA SE411120806GA SE411120808GA SE411120809GA SE411120810GA SE411120812GA SE411120815GA SE411130956GA SE411130958GA SE411141081GA SE411141083GA SE411141084GA SE411141085GA SE411141086GA SE411141087GA SE411141093GA SE411141095GA SE411141096GA SE411141097GA SE411141098GA SE411141099GA SE411141100GA SE411151104GA SE411151118GA SE411151119GA SE411151122GA SE411151125GA SE411151126GA SE411151127GA SE411151128GA SE411151130GA SE411151132GA SE411151133GA SE411151134GA SE411151141GA SE411151142GA SE411151151GA SE411151152GA SE411151164GA SE411151178GA SE411151185GA SE411393627GA SE411393630GA SE411393635GA SE411393638GA SE411393639GA SE411393640GA SE411393641GA SE411393642GA SE411393643GA SE411393644GA SE411393645GA SE411393646GA SE411393647GA SE411393649GA SE411393654GA SE411393683GA SE411393690GA SE411423935GA SE411423952GA SE411423964GA SE411423965GA SE411423966GA SE411423967GA SE411423983GA SE411423987GA SJ813101414GA SJ813101415GA SJ813101416GA SJ813101417GA SJ813101418GA SJ813101419GA SJ813101420GA SJ813101421GA SJ813101422GA SE411454110GA SE411454122GA SE411454128GA SE411484140GA SE411322772GA A3G43781G A3G43782G A43T2780G F3G46221G G3G46367G PA1992076 PA2312657 SE409463090GA SE409463108GA SE409463112GA SE409463120GA SE409463122GA SE409463137GA SE409523893GA SE410054497GA SE410054498GA SE410054502GA SE410054517GA SE410054525GA SE410054551GA SE410054552GA SE410054554GA SE410054555GA SE410054556GA SE410064575GA SE410064576GA SE410064577GA SE410064579GA SE410064580GA SE410064581GA SE410064582GA SE410064583GA SE410064584GA SE410064585GA SE410064586GA SE410064589GA SE410064590GA SE410064591GA SE410064592GA SE410064593GA SE410064596GA SE410064599GA SE410064600GA SE410064601GA SE410064602GA SE410064603GA SE410084830GA SE410084833GA SE410084836GA SE410084838GA SE410084839GA SE410084840GA SE410084841GA SE410094893GA SE410235629GA SE410498816GA SE410508901GA SE410508905GA SE410508914GA SE410508915GA SE410518918GA SE410518921GA SE410518922GA SE410518923GA SE410518928GA SE410518929GA SE410518930GA SE410518932GA SE410518956GA SE410518968GA SE410518982GA SE410518984GA SE410519020GA SE410519136GA SE410519139GA SE410519145GA SE411484172GA G3G46740G Class II GE Healthcare has recently become aware of a potential safety issue due to a software issue associated with the Head Scan Protocols used on your Optima CT580 or Discovery CT590RT scanner. A potential hazardous situation may occur during a CT head scan causing a novel and rare artifact that may hide pathology. When using the head and large head SFOV, which applies the Iterative Bone Option (IBO), the image clarity between the cranial -brain interface, may not be clinically acceptable. The artifact degrades image quality at the boundary between the cranium and brain surface, but does not affect the bone image quality. No injuries have been reported to date. GE Healthcare, LLC
Biologics Red Blood Cells 2262099; 2365718; 2233002 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Biologics Fresh Frozen Plasma 2233002 Class II Blood products, collected from a donor in which donor suitability was not adequately determined, were distributed. OneBlood, Inc.
Devices Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 28/38 Fr with 1/2" connector, 14.5" (37 cm) long The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 4934 Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 28/38 Fr with 1/2" connector, 14.5" (37 cm) long, with X Coating The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 4934X Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 32/40 Fr with 1/2" connector, 15" (38 cm) long The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 4935 Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 34/46 Fr with 1/2" connector, 15" (38 cm) long The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 4936 Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 34/46 Fr with 1/2" connector, 15" (38 cm) long, with X Coating The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 4936X Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 32/40 Fr with 1/2" flare The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 16472 Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae, 34/46 Fr with 1/2" flare The Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Catheters and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannula are indicated for single-tube venous drainage from the right atrium and vena cava during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery. These devices are indicated for up to 6 hours of use. Catalog Number 16473 Class II During in-process inspection, Terumo Cardiovascular Systems (Terumo CVS) identified exposed basket wire on certain product lots of Sarns Malleable Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae and Sarns Dual-stage Venous Return Cannulae. Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Corporation
Devices Philips HeartStart Home and OnSite (HS1) automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Product Usage: The models M5066A, M5067A, and M5068A are designed for use on a person in sudden cardiac arrest who is: -Unresponsive when shaken -Not breathing normally If in doubt, apply the pads. A training class in CPR/AED use is recommended for anyone who may use the HS1. If the person is an infant or child younger than eight years old or weighs less than 55 lbs (25 kg), use the special infant/child pads. If the child appears older/larger, use the adult pads. Do not delay treatment to determine the child s exact age or weight. If in doubt, use the adult pads. Models M5066A (for HS1 Onsite), M5067A (OnSite) , and M5068A (for HS1 Home). SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS DISTRIBUTED IN THE USA: A13G-00001, A13G-00002, A13G-00003, A13G-00004, A13G-00005, A13G-00006, A13G-00007, A13G-00008, A13G-00009, A13G-00010, A13G-00011, A13G-00012, A13G-00013, A13G-00014, A13G-00015, A13G-00016, A13G-00017, A13G-00018, A13G-00019, A13G-00020, A13G-00021, A13G-00022, A13G-00023, A13G-00024, A13G-00025, A13G-00026, A13G-00027, A13G-00028, A13G-00029, A13G-00030, A13G-00031, A13G-00032, A13G-00033, A13G-00034, A13G-00035, A13G-00036, A13G-00037, A13G-00038, A13G-00039, A13G-00040, A13G-00041, A13G-00042, A13G-00043, A13G-00044, A13G-00045, A13G-00046, A13G-00047, A13G-00048, A13G-00049, A13G-00050, A13G-00051, A13G-00052, A13G-00053, A13G-00054, A13G-00055, A13G-00056, A13G-00057, A13G-00058, A13G-00059, A13G-00060, A13G-00061, A13G-00062, A13G-00063, A13G-00064, A13G-00065, A13G-00067, A13G-00068, A13G-00069, A13G-00070, A13G-00071, A13G-00072, A13G-00073, A13G-00074, A13G-00075, A13G-00076, A13G-00077, A13G-00078, A13G-00079, A13G-00080, A13G-00081, A13G-00082, A13G-00083, A13G-00084, A13G-00085, A13G-00086, A13G-00087, A13G-00088, A13G-00089, A13G-00090, A13G-00091, A13G-00092, A13G-00093, A13G-00095, A13G-00096, A13G-00097, A13G-00098, A13G-00099, A13G-00100, A13G-00101, A13G-00102, A13G-00103, A13G-00104, A13G-00105, A13G-00106, A13G-00107, A13G-00108, A13G-00109, A13G-00110, A13G-00111, A13G-00112, A13G-00114, A13G-00115, A13G-00116, A13G-00117, A13G-00118, A13G-00119, A13G-00120, A13G-00122, A13G-00123, A13G-00124, A13G-00125, A13G-00126, A13G-00127, A13G-00128, A13G-00129, A13G-00130, A13G-00131, A13G-00132, A13G-00133, A13G-00134, A13G-00135, A13G-00136, A13G-00137, A13G-00138, A13G-00139, A13G-00140, A13G-00141, A13G-00142, A13G-00143, A13G-00144, A13G-00145, A13G-00146, A13G-00147, A13G-00148, A13G-00149, A13G-00150, A13G-00151, A13G-00152, A13G-00153, A13G-00154, A13G-00155, A13G-00156, A13G-00157, A13G-00158, A13G-00159, A13G-00160, A13G-00161, A13G-00162, A13G-00163, A13G-00164, A13G-00165, A13G-00166, A13G-00167, A13G-00168, A13G-00169, A13G-00170, A13G-00171, A13G-00172, A13G-00173, A13G-00174, A13G-00175, A13G-00176, A13G-00177, A13G-00178, A13G-00179, A13G-00180, A13G-00181, A13G-00182, A13G-00183, A13G-00184, A13G-00185, A13G-00186, A13G-00187, A13G-00188, A13G-00189, A13G-00190, A13G-00192, A13G-00193, A13G-00194, A13G-00195, A13G-00196, A13G-00197, A13G-00198, A13G-00199, A13G-00201, A13G-00202, A13G-00204, A13G-00215, A13G-00222, A13G-00223, A13G-00258, A13G-00259, A13G-00260, A13G-00261, A13G-00262, A13G-00263, A13G-00264, A13G-00265, A13G-00277, A13G-00288, A13G-00289, A13G-00294, A13G-00325, A13G-00336, A13G-00337, A13G-00338, A13G-00339, A13G-00340, A13G-00341, A13G-00342, A13G-00343, A13G-00344, A13G-00345, A13G-00355, A13G-00356, A13G-00359, A13G-00375, A13G-00376, A13G-00377, A13G-00378, A13G-00379, A13G-00380, A13G-00381, A13G-00403, A13G-00404, A13G-00406, A13G-00407, A13G-00408, A13G-00409, A13G-00410, A13G-00415, A13G-00417, A13G-00418, A13G-00419, A13G-00420, A13G-00421, A13G-00423, A13G-00435, A13G-00444, A13G-00448, A13G-00449, A13G-00450, A13G-00451, A13G-00452, A13G-00453, A13G-00454, A13G-00455, A13G-00456, A13G-00457, A13G-00458, A13G-00459, A13G-00460, A13G-00461, A13G-00462, A13G-00463, A13G-00464, A13G-00465, A13G-00466, A13G-00468, A13G-00469, A13G-00470, A13G-00477, A13G-00478, A13G-00485, A13G-00490, A13G-00493, A13G-00495, A13G-00496, A13G-00497, A13G-00498, A13G-00499, A13G-00500, A13G-00501, A13G-00502, A13G-00503, A13G-00509, A13G-00511, A13G-00513, A13G-00514, A13G-00552, A13G-00554, A13G-00555, A13G-00559, A13G-00561, A13G-00562, A13G-00563, A13G-00565, A13G-00569, A13G-00572, A13G-00573, A13G-00577, A13G-00588, A13G-00610, A13G-00611, A13G-00612, A13G-00614, A13G-00615, A13G-00620, A13G-00621, A13G-00622, A13G-00623, A13G-00624, A13G-00626, A13G-00627, A13G-00633, A13G-00635, A13G-00637, A13G-00639, A13G-00643, A13G-00653, A13G-00659, A13G-00660, A13G-00661, A13G-00662, A13G-00663, A13G-00664, A13G-00674, A13G-00676, A13G-00677, A13G-00678, A13G-00679, A13G-00680, A13G-00681, A13G-00682, A13G-00685, A13G-00686, A13G-00687, A13G-00688, A13G-00689, A13G-00690, A13G-00691, A13G-00692, A13G-00693, A13G-00696, A13G-00697, A13G-00698, A13G-00699, A13G-00705, A13G-00706, A13G-00710, A13G-00713, A13G-00716, A13G-00717, A13G-00719, A13G-00723, A13G-00724, A13G-00726, A13G-00730, A13G-00732, A13G-00733, A13G-00734, A13G-00735, A13G-00737, A13G-00746, A13G-00749, A13G-00750, A13G-00751, A13G-00753, A13G-00754, A13G-00756, A13G-00757, A13G-00770, A13G-00772, A13G-00779, A13G-00782, A13G-00783, A13G-00784, A13G-00785, A13G-00786, A13G-00787, A13G-00788, A13G-00793, A13G-00796, A13G-00797, A13G-00798, A13G-00799, A13G-00804, A13G-00805, A13G-00806, A13G-00811, A13G-00814, A13G-00817, A13G-00818, A13G-00819, A13G-00824, A13G-00826, A13G-00827, A13G-00828, A13G-00829, A13G-00833, A13G-00834, A13G-00835, A13G-00836, A13G-00837, A13G-00838, A13G-00840, A13G-00842, A13G-00843, A13G-00844, A13G-00846, A13G-00847, A13G-00851, A13G-00852, A13G-00853, A13G-00854, A13G-00855, A13G-00856, A13G-00859, A13G-00860, A13G-00861, A13G-00862, A13G-00863, A13G-00865, A13G-00870, A13G-00874, A13G-00875, A13G-00877, A13G-00878, A13G-00880, A13G-00881, A13G-00883, A13G-00884, A13G-00885, A13G-00886, A13G-00887, A13G-00889, A13G-00891, A13G-00892, A13G-00894, A13G-00896, A13G-00897, A13G-00898, A13G-00899, A13G-00900, A13G-00902, A13G-00903, A13G-00904, A13G-00905, A13G-00906, A13G-00907, A13G-00908, A13G-00909, A13G-00910, A13G-00911, A13G-00912, A13G-00913, A13G-00914, A13G-00915, A13G-00916, A13G-00917, A13G-00918, A13G-00919, A13G-00920, A13G-00921, A13G-00922, A13G-00923, A13G-00924, A13G-00925, A13G-00927, A13G-00928, A13G-00929, A13G-00930, A13G-00931, A13G-00932, A13G-00933, A13G-00934, A13G-00935, A13G-00936, A13G-00937, A13G-00938, A13G-00939, A13G-00940, A13G-00943, A13G-00944, A13G-00945, A13G-00946, A13G-00947, A13G-00948, A13G-00949, A13G-00950, A13G-00951, A13G-00952, A13G-00953, A13G-00954, A13G-00955, A13G-00956, A13G-00957, A13G-00958, A13G-00959, A13G-00960, A13G-00961, A13G-00962, A13G-00963, A13G-00964, A13G-00965, A13G-00967, A13G-00968, A13G-00969, A13G-00970, A13G-00971, A13G-00972, A13G-00973, A13G-00974, A13G-00975, A13G-00976, A13G-00977, A13G-00978, A13G-00979, A13G-00980, A13G-00981, A13G-00982, A13G-00983, A13G-00984, A13G-00985, A13G-00986, A13G-00987, A13G-00988, A13G-00989, A13G-00990, A13G-00991, A13G-00992, A13G-00993, A13G-00994, A13G-00995, A13G-00996, A13G-00997, A13G-00998, A13G-00999, A13G-01000, A13G-01001, A13G-01002, A13G-01003, A13G-01004, A13G-01005, A13G-01006, A13G-01007, A13G-01008, A13G-01009, A13G-01010, A13G-01011, A13G-01013, A13G-01014, A13G-01015, A13G-01016, A13G-01017, A13G-01019, A13G-01020, A13G-01021, A13G-01022, A13G-01023, A13G-01025, A13G-01028, A13G-01029, A13G-01031, A13G-01032, A13G-01033, A13G-01035, A13G-01036, A13G-01037, A13G-01038, A13G-01039, A13G-01040, A13G-01041, A13G-01042, A13G-01043, A13G-01044, A13G-01045, A13G-01046, A13G-01047, A13G-01048, A13G-01049, A13G-01050, A13G-01051, A13G-01052, A13G-01053, A13G-01054, A13G-01055, A13G-01056, A13G-01057, A13G-01058, A13G-01059, A13G-01060, A13G-01061, A13G-01062, A13G-01063, A13G-01064, A13G-01065, A13G-01066, A13G-01067, A13G-01068, A13G-01069, A13G-01070, A13G-01072, A13G-01074, A13G-01077, A13G-01081, A13G-01086, A13G-01088, A13G-01090, A13G-01093, A13G-01107, A13G-01108, A13G-01109, A13G-01110, A13G-01111, A13G-01113, A13G-01131, A13G-01134, A13G-01136, A13G-01137, A13G-01138, A13G-01139, A13G-01140, A13G-01141, A13G-01142, A13G-01143, A13G-01144, A13G-01145, A13G-01146, A13G-01147, A13G-01148, A13G-01149, A13G-01150, A13G-01151, A13G-01152, A13G-01153, A13G-01154, A13G-01155, A13G-01156, A13G-01157, A13G-01158, A13G-01159, A13G-01160, A13G-01161, A13G-01162, A13G-01163, A13G-01164, A13G-01165, A13G-01167, A13G-01168, A13G-01169, A13G-01170, A13G-01171, A13G-01172, A13G-01173, A13G-01174, A13G-01175, A13G-01176, A13G-01177, A13G-01178, A13G-01179, A13G-01180, A13G-01181, A13G-01182, A13G-01184, A13G-01185, A13G-01186, A13G-01187, A13G-01188, A13G-01189, A13G-01190, A13G-01191, A13G-01192, A13G-01193, A13G-01194, A13G-01195, A13G-01196, A13G-01197, A13G-01198, A13G-01199, A13G-01201, A13G-01202, A13G-01203, A13G-01204, A13G-01205, A13G-01207, A13G-01208, A13G-01209, A13G-01210, A13G-01211, A13G-01212, A13G-01213, A13G-01214, A13G-01215, A13G-01216, A13G-01217, A13G-01218, A13G-01219, A13G-01220, A13G-01221, A13G-01222, A13G-01223, A13G-01224, A13G-01225, A13G-01226, A13G-01227, A13G-01228, A13G-01229, A13G-01230, A13G-01231, A13G-01232, A13G-01233, A13G-01234, A13G-01235, A13G-01236, A13G-01237, A13G-01238, A13G-01239, A13G-01240, A13G-01241, A13G-01242, A13G-01243, A13G-01244, A13G-01245, A13G-01246, A13G-01247, A13G-01248, A13G-01249, A13G-01250, A13G-01251, A13G-01252, A13G-01253, A13G-01254, A13G-01255, A13G-01256, A13G-01257, A13G-01258, A13G-01259, A13G-01260, A13G-01261, A13G-01262, A13G-01263, A13G-01264, A13G-01265, A13G-01266, A13G-01267, A13G-01268, A13G-01269, A13G-01270, A13G-01271, A13G-01272, A13G-01273, A13G-01274, A13G-01275, A13G-01276, A13G-01277, A13G-01278, A13G-01279, A13G-01280, A13G-01281, A13G-01282, A13G-01284, A13G-01285, A13G-01286, A13G-01287, A13G-01288, A13G-01289, A13G-01290, A13G-01291, A13G-01292, A13G-01293, A13G-01294, A13G-01296, A13G-01297, A13G-01298, A13G-01299, A13G-01300, A13G-01301, A13G-01302, A13G-01303, A13G-01304, A13G-01305, A13G-01306, A13G-01307, A13G-01308, A13G-01309, A13G-01310, A13G-01311, A13G-01312, A13G-01313, A13G-01314, A13G-01315, A13G-01316, A13G-01317, A13G-01318, A13G-01319, A13G-01320, A13G-01321, A13G-01322, A13G-01323, A13G-01324, A13G-01325, A13G-01326, A13G-01327, A13G-01328, A13G-01329, A13G-01330, A13G-01331, A13G-01332, A13G-01333, A13G-01334, A13G-01335, A13G-01336, A13G-01337, A13G-01338, A13G-01339, A13G-01340, A13G-01341, A13G-01342, A13G-01343, A13G-01344, A13G-01345, A13G-01346, A13G-01347, A13G-01348, A13G-01349, A13G-01350, A13G-01351, A13G-01352, A13G-01353, A13G-01354, A13G-01355, A13G-01356, A13G-01357, A13G-01358, A13G-01359, A13G-01360, A13G-01361, A13G-01362, A13G-01363, A13G-01364, A13G-01365, A13G-01366, A13G-01367, A13G-01368, A13G-01369, A13G-01370, A13G-01371, A13G-01372, A13G-01373, A13G-01374, A13G-01375, A13G-01376, A13G-01377, A13G-01378, A13G-01379, A13G-01380, A13G-01381, A13G-01382, A13G-01383, A13G-01384, A13G-01385, A13G-01386, A13G-01387, A13G-01388, A13G-01389, A13G-01390, A13G-01391, A13G-01392, A13G-01393, A13G-01394, A13G-01395, A13G-01397, A13G-01398, A13G-01399, A13G-01401, A13G-01402, A13G-01403, A13G-01404, A13G-01405, A13G-01406, A13G-01407, A13G-01408, A13G-01409, A13G-01410, A13G-01411, A13G-01412, A13G-01413, A13G-01414, A13G-01415, A13G-01416, A13G-01417, A13G-01418, A13G-01419, A13G-01420, A13G-01421, A13G-01423, A13G-01424, A13G-01425, A13G-01426, A13G-01427, A13G-01428, A13G-01429, A13G-01430, A13G-01431, A13G-01432, A13G-01433, A13G-01434, A13G-01435, A13G-01436, A13G-01437, A13G-01438, A13G-01439, A13G-01440, A13G-01441, A13G-01442, A13G-01443, A13G-01444, A13G-01445, A13G-01446, A13G-01447, A13G-01448, A13G-01449, A13G-01450, A13G-01451, A13G-01452, A13G-01453, A13G-01454, A13G-01455, A13G-01456, A13G-01457, A13G-01458, A13G-01459, A13G-01460, A13G-01461, A13G-01462, A13G-01463, A13G-01464, A13G-01465, A13G-01466, A13G-01467, A13G-01468, A13G-01469, A13G-01470, A13G-01471, A13G-01472, A13G-01473, A13G-01474, A13G-01475, A13G-01476, A13G-01477, A13G-01478, A13G-01479, A13G-01480, A13G-01481, A13G-01482, A13G-01483, A13G-01484, A13G-01485, A13G-01486, A13G-01487, A13G-01488, A13G-01489, A13G-01490, A13G-01491, A13G-01492, A13G-01493, A13G-01494, A13G-01495, A13G-01496, A13G-01497, A13G-01498, A13G-01499, A13G-01500, A13G-01501, A13G-01502, A13G-01503, A13G-01505, A13G-01506, A13G-01507, A13G-01508, A13G-01509, A13G-01510, A13G-01511, A13G-01512, A13G-01513, A13G-01514, A13G-01515, A13G-01516, A13G-01517, A13G-01518, A13G-01519, A13G-01520, A13G-01521, A13G-01522, A13G-01523, A13G-01524, A13G-01525, A13G-01526, A13G-01527, A13G-01528, A13G-01529, A13G-01530, A13G-01531, A13G-01532, A13G-01533, A13G-01534, A13G-01535, A13G-01536, A13G-01537, A13G-01538, A13G-01539, A13G-01540, A13G-01541, A13G-01542, A13G-01543, A13G-01544, A13G-01545, A13G-01546, A13G-01547, A13G-01548, A13G-01549, A13G-01550, A13G-01551, A13G-01552, A13G-01553, A13G-01554, A13G-01555, A13G-01556, A13G-01557, A13G-01558, A13G-01559, A13G-01560, A13G-01561, A13G-01562, A13G-01563, A13G-01564, A13G-01565, A13G-01566, A13G-01567, A13G-01568, A13G-01569, A13G-01570, A13G-01571, A13G-01572, A13G-01573, A13G-01574, A13G-01575, A13G-01576, A13G-01577, A13G-01578, A13G-01579, A13G-01580, A13G-01581, A13G-01582, A13G-01583, A13G-01584, A13G-01585, A13G-01586, A13G-01587, A13G-01588, A13G-01589, A13G-01590, A13G-01591, A13G-01592, A13G-01593, A13G-01594, A13G-01595, A13G-01596, A13G-01597, A13G-01598, A13G-01599, A13G-01601, A13G-01602, A13G-01603, A13G-01604, A13G-01605, A13G-01606, A13G-01607, A13G-01608, A13G-01609, A13G-01610, A13G-01611, A13G-01612, A13G-01613, A13G-01614, A13G-01615, A13G-01616, A13G-01617, A13G-01618, A13G-01619, A13G-01620, A13G-01622, A13G-01623, A13G-01624, A13G-01625, A13G-01626, A13G-01627, A13G-01628, A13G-01629, A13G-01630, A13G-01631, A13G-01632, A13G-01633, A13G-01634, A13G-01635, A13G-01636, A13G-01637, A13G-01638, A13G-01639, A13G-01640, A13G-01641, A13G-01643, A13G-01645, A13G-01646, A13G-01647, A13G-01649, A13G-01651, A13G-01653, A13G-01656, A13G-01657, A13G-01658, A13G-01660, A13G-01661, A13G-01662, A13G-01663, A13G-01664, A13G-01665, A13G-01666, A13G-01667, A13G-01668, A13G-01669, A13G-01670, A13G-01671, A13G-01672, A13G-01673, A13G-01674, A13G-01675, A13G-01676, A13G-01677, A13G-01678, A13G-01679, A13G-01680, A13G-01681, A13G-01682, A13G-01683, A13G-01684, A13G-01686, A13G-01722, A13G-01723, A13G-01724, A13G-01725, A13G-01726, A13G-01734, A13G-01735, A13G-01736, A13G-01737, A13G-01738, A13G-01739, A13G-01740, A13G-01741, A13G-01742, A13G-01743, A13G-01744, A13G-01745, A13G-01746, A13G-01747, A13G-01748, A13G-01749, A13G-01751, A13G-01752, A13G-01753, A13G-01754, A13G-01755, A13G-01756, A13G-01757, A13G-01758, A13G-01812, A13G-01813, A13G-01843, A13G-01844, A13G-01847, A13G-01859, A13G-02068, A13G-02076, A13G-02078, A13G-02106, A13G-02123, A13G-02124, A13G-02159, A13G-02160, A13G-02177, A13G-02182, A13G-02188, A13G-02189, A13G-02190, A13G-02201, A13G-02203, A13G-02213, A13G-02215, A13G-02216, A13G-02217, A13G-02220, A13G-02221, A13G-02241, A13G-02242, A13G-02250, A13G-02251, A13G-02252, A13G-02277, A13G-02294, A13G-02303, A13G-02441, A13G-02454, A13G-02831, A13G-02832, A13G-02833, A13G-02834, A13G-02835, A13G-02836, A13G-02837, A13G-02838, A13G-02839, A13G-02840, A13G-02841, A13G-02842, A13G-02843, A13G-02844, A13G-02845, A13G-02846, A13G-02847, A13G-02848, A13G-02849, A13G-02851, A13G-02852, A13G-02853, A13G-02858, A13G-02859, A13G-02860, A13G-02861, A13G-02862, A13G-02864, A13G-02866, A13G-02867, A13G-02868, A13G-02951, A13G-02952, A13G-02953, A13G-02954, A13G-02955, A13G-02956, A13G-02957, A13G-02958, A13G-02959, A13G-02960, A13G-02961, A13G-02962, A13G-02963, A13G-02964, A13G-02965, A13G-02966, A13G-02967, A13G-02968, A13G-02969, A13G-02970, A13G-02971, A13G-02972, A13G-02973, A13G-02979, A13G-02980, A13G-02981, A13G-02982, A13G-02983, A13G-02984, A13G-02985, A13G-02986, A13G-02987, A13G-02988, A13G-02989, A13G-02990, A13G-02991, A13G-02992, A13G-02993, A13G-02994, A13G-02995, A13G-02996, A13G-02997, A13G-02998, A13G-02999, A13G-03000, A13G-03002, A13G-03004, A13G-03005, A13G-03006, A13G-03010, A13G-03013, A13G-03014, A13G-03015, A13G-03016, A13G-03017, A13G-03018, A13G-03020, A13G-03021, A13G-03023, A13G-03024, A13G-03025, A13G-03027, A13G-03028, A13G-03029, A13G-03030, A13G-03031, A13G-03032, A13G-03033, A13G-03034, A13G-03035, A13G-03036, A13G-03037, A13G-03038, A13G-03039, A13G-03040, A13G-03041, A13G-03042, A13G-03043, A13G-03044, A13G-03045, A13G-03046, A13G-03050, A13G-03051, A13G-03052, A13G-03053, A13G-03054, A13G-03055, A13G-03056, A13G-03057, A13G-03058, A13G-03059, A13G-03060, A13G-03061, A13G-03062, A13G-03063, A13G-03064, A13G-03065, A13G-03066, A13G-03067, A13G-03068, A13G-03069, A13G-03070, A13G-03071, A13G-03072, A13G-03073, A13G-03074, A13G-03075, A13G-03076, A13G-03078, A13G-03079, A13G-03080, A13G-03081, A13G-03082, A13G-03083, A13G-03084, A13G-03085, A13G-03086, A13G-03087, A13G-03088, A13G-03089, A13G-03092, A13G-03093, A13G-03094, A13G-03095, A13G-03099, A13G-03101, A13G-03102, A13G-03103, A13G-03104, A13G-03105, A13G-03106, A13G-03107, A13G-03108, A13G-03109, A13G-03110, A13G-03111, A13G-03112, A13G-03113, A13G-03114, A13G-03115, A13G-03116, A13G-03117, A13G-03118, A13G-03119, A13G-03120, A13G-03121, A13G-03122, A13G-03123, A13G-03124, A13G-03125, A13G-03126, A13G-03127, A13G-03128, A13G-03129, A13G-03130, A13G-03131, A13G-03132, A13G-03133, A13G-03134, A13G-03136, A13G-03137, A13G-03140, A13G-03141, A13G-03142, A13G-03143, A13G-03144, A13G-03145, A13G-03149, A13G-03151, A13G-03152, A13G-03153, A13G-03154, A13G-03155, A13G-03156, A13G-03157, A13G-03158, A13G-03159, A13G-03160, A13G-03161, A13G-03162, A13G-03163, A13G-03164, A13G-03165, A13G-03166, A13G-03167, A13G-03168, A13G-03170, A13G-03171, A13G-03172, A13G-03173, A13G-03174, A13G-03175, A13G-03176, A13G-03177, A13G-03178, A13G-03180, A13G-03181, A13G-03182, A13G-03183, A13G-03186, A13G-03190, A13G-03191, A13G-03192, A13G-03193, A13G-03194, A13G-03195, A13G-03196, A13G-03197, A13G-03198, A13G-03203, A13G-03204, A13G-03205, A13G-03206, A13G-03207, A13G-03208, A13G-03209, A13G-03210, A13G-03211, A13G-03212, A13G-03213, A13G-03214, A13G-03215, A13G-03216, A13G-03217, A13G-03218, A13G-03219, A13G-03220, A13G-03221, A13G-03222, A13G-03223, A13G-03224, A13G-03225, A13G-03226, A13G-03227, A13G-03228, A13G-03229, A13G-03231, A13G-03232, A13G-03233, A13G-03234, A13G-03235, A13G-03237, A13G-03238, A13G-03239, A13G-03240, A13G-03241, A13G-03242, A13G-03243, A13G-03244, A13G-03245, A13G-03246, A13G-03247, A13G-03248, A13G-03249, A13G-03250, A13G-03251, A13G-03252, A13G-03253, A13G-03254, A13G-03255, A13G-03256, A13G-03258, A13G-03259, A13G-03260, A13G-03261, A13G-03262, A13G-03263, A13G-03264, A13G-03265, A13G-03266, A13G-03267, A13G-03268, A13G-03269, A13G-03270, A13G-03271, A13G-03272, A13G-03273, A13G-03274, A13G-03275, A13G-03276, A13G-03277, A13G-03278, A13G-03279, A13G-03280, A13G-03281, A13G-03282, A13G-03283, A13G-03284, A13G-03285, A13G-03286, A13G-03287, A13G-03288, A13G-03289, A13G-03290, A13G-03291, A13G-03292, A13G-03293, A13G-03294, A13G-03295, A13G-03296, A13G-03297, A13G-03298, A13G-03299, A13G-03300, A13G-03301, A13G-03302, A13G-03303, A13G-03304, A13G-03305, A13G-03306, A13G-03307, A13G-03308, A13G-03310, A13G-03311, A13G-03312, A13G-03313, A13G-03314, A13G-03315, A13G-03316, A13G-03317, A13G-03318, A13G-03319, A13G-03320, A13G-03321, A13G-03322, A13G-03323, A13G-03324, A13G-03325, A13G-03326, A13G-03327, A13G-03328, A13G-03329, A13G-03330, A13G-03331, A13G-03332, A13G-03333, A13G-03334, A13G-03335, A13G-03336, A13G-03337, A13G-03338, A13G-03339, A13G-03340, A13G-03341, A13G-03342, A13G-03343, A13G-03344, A13G-03345, A13G-03346, A13G-03347, A13G-03348, A13G-03350, A13G-03351, A13G-03352, A13G-03353, A13G-03354, A13G-03355, A13G-03356, A13G-03357, A13G-03358, A13G-03359, A13G-03360, A13G-03361, A13G-03362, A13G-03363, A13G-03364, A13G-03365, A13G-03366, A13G-03367, A13G-03368, A13G-03369, A13G-03370, A13G-03371, A13G-03372, A13G-03373, A13G-03374, A13G-03375, A13G-03376, A13G-03377, A13G-03378, A13G-03379, A13G-03380, A13G-03381, A13G-03382, A13G-03383, A13G-03384, A13G-03385, A13G-03386, A13G-03387, A13G-03388, A13G-03389, A13G-03390, A13G-03391, A13G-03392, A13G-03393, A13G-03394, A13G-03395, A13G-03396, A13G-03397, A13G-03398, A13G-03399, A13G-03401, A13G-03402, A13G-03403, A13G-03404, A13G-03405, A13G-03406, A13G-03407, A13G-03408, A13G-03409, A13G-03410, A13G-03411, A13G-03412, A13G-03413, A13G-03414, A13G-03415, A13G-03416, A13G-03417, A13G-03418, A13G-03419, A13G-03420, A13G-03421, A13G-03422, A13G-03423, A13G-03424, A13G-03425, A13G-03426, A13G-03427, A13G-03428, A13G-03429, A13G-03430, A13G-03431, A13G-03432, A13G-03433, A13G-03434, A13G-03435, A13G-03436, A13G-03437, A13G-03438, A13G-03439, A13G-03440, A13G-03441, A13G-03442, A13G-03444, A13G-03445, A13G-03446, A13G-03447, A13G-03448, A13G-03449, A13G-03451, A13G-03452, A13G-03453, A13G-03454, A13G-03455, A13G-03457, A13G-03458, A13G-03459, A13G-03460, A13G-03461, A13G-03462, A13G-03463, A13G-03464, A13G-03465, A13G-03466, A13G-03467, A13G-03468, A13G-03469, A13G-03470, A13G-03471, A13G-03472, A13G-03473, A13G-03474, A13G-03475, A13G-03476, A13G-03477, A13G-03478, A13G-03479, A13G-03480, A13G-03481, A13G-03482, A13G-03483, A13G-03484, A13G-03485, A13G-03486, A13G-03487, A13G-03488, A13G-03489, A13G-03490, A13G-03491, A13G-03495, A13G-03496, A13G-03497, A13G-03498, A13G-03499, A13G-03500, A13G-03501, A13G-03510, A13G-03512, A13G-03513, A13G-03517, A13G-03518, A13G-03519, A13G-03520, A13G-03521, A13G-03522, A13G-03523, A13G-03524, A13G-03525, A13G-03526, A13G-03527, A13G-03528, A13G-03529, A13G-03530, A13G-03531, A13G-03533, A13G-03534, A13G-03535, A13G-03536, A13G-03537, A13G-03538, A13G-03541, A13G-03542, A13G-03543, A13G-03544, A13G-03545, A13G-03546, A13G-03547, A13G-03548, A13G-03549, A13G-03551, A13G-03552, A13G-03553, A13G-03554, A13G-03557, A13G-03558, A13G-03559, A13G-03560, A13G-03561, A13G-03562, A13G-03563, A13G-03564, A13G-03565, A13G-03566, A13G-03567, A13G-03568, A13G-03569, A13G-03570, A13G-03571, A13G-03572, A13G-03573, A13G-03574, A13G-03575, A13G-03576, A13G-03577, A13G-03578, A13G-03579, A13G-03580, A13G-03581, A13G-03582, A13G-03583, A13G-03584, A13G-03585, A13G-03586, A13G-03587, A13G-03588, A13G-03589, A13G-03590, A13G-03591, A13G-03592, A13G-03594, A13G-03595, A13G-03596, A13G-03597, A13G-03598, A13G-03599, A13G-03600, A13G-03601, A13G-03602, A13G-03603, A13G-03604, A13G-03605, A13G-03606, A13G-03607, A13G-03608, A13G-03609, A13G-03610, A13G-03611, A13G-03612, A13G-03613, A13G-03614, A13G-03615, A13G-03616, A13G-03617, A13G-03618, A13G-03619, A13G-03620, A13G-03621, A13G-03622, A13G-03623, A13G-03624, A13G-03625, A13G-03626, A13G-03627, A13G-03628, A13G-03629, A13G-03630, A13G-03631, A13G-03632, A13G-03633, A13G-03634, A13G-03635, A13G-03636, A13G-03637, A13G-03638, A13G-03639, A13G-03640, A13G-03641, A13G-03642, A13G-03643, A13G-03644, A13G-03645, A13G-03646, A13G-03647, A13G-03648, A13G-03649, A13G-03650, A13G-03651, A13G-03652, A13G-03653, A13G-03654, A13G-03655, A13G-03656, A13G-03657, A13G-03658, A13G-03659, A13G-03660, A13G-03661, A13G-03662, A13G-03663, A13G-03664, A13G-03665, A13G-03666, A13G-03667, A13G-03668, A13G-03669, A13G-03670, A13G-03671, A13G-03672, A13G-03673, A13G-03674, A13G-03675, A13G-03676, A13G-03677, A13G-03678, A13G-03679, A13G-03680, A13G-03681, A13G-03682, A13G-03683, A13G-03684, A13G-03685, A13G-03686, A13G-03687, A13G-03688, A13G-03689, A13G-03690, A13G-03691, A13G-03692, A13G-03693, A13G-03694, A13G-03695, A13G-03696, A13G-03697, A13G-03698, A13G-03699, A13G-03700, A13G-03701, A13G-03702, A13G-03703, A13G-03704, A13G-03706, A13G-03707, A13G-03708, A13G-03709, A13G-03710, A13G-03711, A13G-03712, A13G-03713, A13G-03714, A13G-03715, A13G-03716, A13G-03717, A13G-03718, A13G-03719, A13G-03720, A13G-03721, A13G-03722, A13G-03723, A13G-03724, A13G-03725, A13G-03726, A13G-03727, A13G-03728, A13G-03730, A13G-03731, A13G-03732, A13G-03733, A13G-03734, A13G-03735, A13G-03737, A13G-03738, A13G-03739, A13G-03740, A13G-03741, A13G-03742, A13G-03743, A13G-03744, A13G-03745, A13G-03746, A13G-03747, A13G-03748, A13G-03749, A13G-03751, A13G-03752, A13G-03753, A13G-03754, A13G-03755, A13G-03756, A13G-03757, A13G-03758, A13G-03759, A13G-03760, A13G-03761, A13G-03762, A13G-03763, A13G-03764, A13G-03765, A13G-03766, A13G-03767, A13G-03768, A13G-03769, A13G-03770, A13G-03771, A13G-03777, A13G-03778, A13G-03779, A13G-03780, A13G-03781, A13G-03782, A13G-03783, A13G-03784, A13G-03785, A13G-03786, A13G-03787, A13G-03788, A13G-03789, A13G-03790, A13G-03791, A13G-03793, A13G-03794, A13G-03795, A13G-03796, A13G-03797, A13G-03798, A13G-03799, A13G-03800, A13G-03801, A13G-03802, A13G-03804, A13G-03805, A13G-03806, A13G-03807, A13G-03808, A13G-03809, A13G-03810, A13G-03811, A13G-03812, A13G-03813, A13G-03814, A13G-03815, A13G-03816, A13G-03817, A13G-03818, A13G-03819, A13G-03820, A13G-03821, A13G-03822, A13G-03823, A13G-03824, A13G-03825, A13G-03826, A13G-03827, A13G-03828, A13G-03829, A13G-03830, A13G-03831, A13G-03832, A13G-03833, A13G-03834, A13G-03835, A13G-03836, A13G-03837, A13G-03838, A13G-03839, A13G-03840, A13G-03841, A13G-03842, A13G-03843, A13G-03844, A13G-03845, A13G-03850, A13G-03852, A13G-03853, A13G-03854, A13G-03855, A13G-03856, A13G-03857, A13G-03858, A13G-03859, A13G-03860, A13G-03861, A13G-03862, A13G-03863, A13G-03864, A13G-03871, A13G-03872, A13G-03874, A13G-03877, A13G-03878, A13G-03879, A13G-03880, A13G-03881, A13G-03882, A13G-03885, A13G-03886, A13G-03887, A13G-03888, A13G-03889, A13G-03890, A13G-03891, A13G-03909, A13G-03911, A13G-03914, A13G-03915, A13G-03916, A13G-03917, A13G-03918, A13G-03923, A13G-03924, A13G-03926, A13G-03927, A13G-03928, A13G-03929, A13G-03931, A13G-03937, A13G-03941, A13G-03943, A13G-03944, A13G-03949, A13G-03953, A13G-03954, A13G-03962, A13G-04029, A13G-04034, A13G-04036, A13G-04049, A13G-04050, A13G-04051, A13G-04056, A13G-04057, A13G-04059, A13G-04062, A13G-04066, A13G-04088, A13G-04089, A13G-04090, A13G-04092, A13G-04115, A13G-04116, A13G-04117, A13G-04118, A13G-04119, A13G-04123, A13G-04124, A13G-04207, A13G-04208, A13G-04209, A13G-04210, A13G-04211, A13G-04212, A13G-04213, A13G-04214, A13G-04220, A13G-04221, A13G-04222, A13G-04223, A13G-04224, A13G-04225, A13G-04227, A13G-04228, A13G-04230, A13G-04232, A13G-04233, A13G-04235, A13G-04238, A13G-04242, A13G-04243, A13G-04244, A13G-04245, A13G-04246, A13G-04247, A13G-04248, A13G-04249, A13G-04250, A13G-04251, A13G-04252, A13G-04256, A13G-04259, A13G-04260, A13G-04261, A13G-04262, A13G-04263, A13G-04264, A13G-04265, A13G-04266, A13G-04267, A13G-04268, A13G-04269, A13G-04270, A13G-04271, A13G-04273, A13G-04282, A13G-04297, A13G-04298, A13G-04299, A13G-04300, A13G-04301, A13G-04302, A13G-04303, A13G-04304, A13G-04305, A13G-04306, A13G-04307, A13G-04308, A13G-04309, A13G-04310, A13G-04311, A13G-04312, A13G-04313, A13G-04314, A13G-04315, A13G-04316, A13G-04317, A13G-04318, A13G-04319, A13G-04320, A13G-04321, A13G-04323, A13G-04324, A13G-04325, A13G-04326, A13G-04332, A13G-04333, A13G-04335, A13G-04336, A13G-04337, A13G-04338, A13G-04339, A13G-04340, A13G-04341, A13G-04342, A13G-04344, A13G-04345, A13G-04346, A13G-04347, A13G-04348, A13G-04349, A13G-04362, A13G-04363, A13G-04364, A13G-04365, A13G-04366, A13G-04369, A13G-04370, A13G-04371, A13G-04372, A13G-04374, A13G-04375, A13G-04376, A13G-04377, A13G-04378, A13G-04379, A13G-04380, A13G-04381, A13G-04382, A13G-04383, A13G-04384, A13G-04385, A13G-04386, A13G-04387, A13G-04388, A13G-04389, A13G-04390, A13G-04391, A13G-04392, A13G-04393, A13G-04394, A13G-04395, A13G-04396, A13G-04397, A13G-04398, A13G-04399, A13G-04401, A13G-04402, A13G-04403, A13G-04404, A13G-04405, A13G-04406, A13G-04407, A13G-04408, A13G-04409, A13G-04410, A13G-04411, A13G-04412, A13G-04414, A13G-04415, A13G-04416, A13G-04417, A13G-04418, A13G-04419, A13G-04421, A13G-04422, A13G-04423, A13G-04424, A13G-04425, A13G-04426, A13G-04427, A13G-04428, A13G-04429, A13G-04430, A13G-04431, A13G-04432, A13G-04433, A13G-04434, A13G-04435, A13G-04436, A13G-04437, A13G-04438, A13G-04439, A13G-04440, A13G-04441, A13G-04442, A13G-04443, A13G-04444, A13G-04445, A13G-04446, A13G-04447, A13G-04448, A13G-04449, A13G-04450, A13G-04451, A13G-04452, A13G-04453, A13G-04454, A13G-04455, A13G-04456, A13G-04457, A13G-04458, A13G-04460, A13G-04462, A13G-04463, A13G-04464, A13G-04465, A13G-04466, A13G-04467, A13G-04468, A13G-04469, A13G-04473, A13G-04474, A13G-04475, A13G-04476, A13G-04477, A13G-04483, A13G-04484, A13G-04485, A13G-04486, A13G-04487, A13G-04488, A13G-04489, A13G-04490, A13G-04491, A13G-04493, A13G-04495, A13G-04496, A13G-04497, A13G-04498, A13G-04501, A13G-04502, A13G-04503, A13G-04504, A13G-04505, A13G-04506, A13G-04507, A13G-04508, A13G-04510, A13G-04511, A13G-04512, A13G-04513, A13G-04514, A13G-04515, A13G-04516, A13G-04517, A13G-04518, A13G-04519, A13G-04520, A13G-04521, A13G-04522, A13G-04525, A13G-04526, A13G-04527, A13G-04528, A13G-04529, A13G-04530, A13G-04531, A13G-04532, A13G-04533, A13G-04534, A13G-04535, A13G-04536, A13G-04537, A13G-04538, A13G-04539, A13G-04540, A13G-04541, A13G-04542, A13G-04543, A13G-04544, A13G-04545, A13G-04546, A13G-04547, A13G-04548, A13G-04549, A13G-04551, A13G-04552, A13G-04553, A13G-04554, A13G-04555, A13G-04556, A13G-04561, A13G-04562, A13G-04563, A13G-04565, A13G-04567, A13G-04568, A13G-04569, A13G-04570, A13G-04571, A13G-04572, A13G-04573, A13G-04574, A13G-04575, A13G-04593, A13G-04594, A13G-04595, A13G-04601, A13G-04602, A13G-04603, A13G-04604, A13G-04605, A13G-04606, A13G-04607, A13G-04609, A13G-04610, A13G-05031, A13G-05034, A13G-05035, A13G-05055, A13G-05057, A13G-05059, A13G-05067, A13G-05068, A13G-05069, A13G-05070, A13G-05071, A13G-05073, A13G-05081, A13G-05082, A13G-05083, A13G-05084, A13G-05085, A13G-05090, A13G-05151, A13G-05152, A13G-05153, A13G-05154, A13G-05155, A13G-05156, A13G-05157, A13G-05158, A13G-05160, A13G-05161, A13G-05162, A13G-05163, A13G-05164, A13G-05165, A13G-05166, A13G-05167, A13G-05168, A13G-05169, A13G-05170, A13G-05171, A13G-05172, A13G-05173, A13G-05174, A13G-05180, A13G-05197, A13G-05198, A13G-05199, A13G-05201, A13G-05202, A13G-05203, A13G-05205, A13G-05212, A13G-05214, A13G-05215, A13G-05218, A13G-05221, A13G-05224, A13G-05225, A13G-05227, A13G-05228, A13G-05229, A13G-05230, A13G-05234, A13G-05235, A13G-05236, A13G-05237, A13G-05238, A13G-05239, A13G-05242, A13G-05246, A13G-05247, A13G-05250, A13G-05252, A13G-05253, A13G-05256, A13G-05257, A13G-05261, A13G-05262, A13G-05269, A13G-05270, A13G-05286, A13G-05288, A13G-05290, A13G-05291, A13G-05294, A13G-05296, A13G-05301, A13G-05308, A13G-05312, A13G-05313, A13G-05314, A13G-05316, A13G-05319, A13G-05321, A13G-05322, A13G-05326, A13G-05328, A13G-05329, A13G-05330, A13G-05331, A13G-05334, A13G-05336, A13G-05342, A13G-05343, A13G-05344, A13G-05346, A13G-05347, A13G-05349, A13G-05364, A13G-05365, A13G-05366, A13G-05367, A13G-05372, A13G-05374, A13G-05375, A13G-05386, A13G-05387, A13G-05388, A13G-05389, A13G-05390, A13G-05392, A13G-05393, A13G-05394, A13G-05395, A13G-05396, A13G-05397, A13G-05398, A13G-05406, A13G-05408, A13G-05409, A13G-05410, A13G-05411, A13G-05412, A13G-05420, A13G-05423, A13G-05427, A13G-05428, A13G-05429, A13G-05450, A13G-05451, A13G-05452, A13G-05454, A13G-05455, A13G-05460, A13G-05476, A13G-05489, A13G-05491, A13G-05495, A13G-05496, A13G-05497, A13G-05498, A13G-05499, A13G-05500, A13G-05501, A13G-05502, A13G-05503, A13G-05504, A13G-05507, A13G-05520, A13G-05521, A13G-05522, A13G-05524, A13G-05525, A13G-05526, A13G-05527, A13G-05528, A13G-05545, A13G-05550, A13G-05551, A13G-05552, A13G-05555, A13G-05556, A13G-05557, A13G-05558, A13G-05559, A13G-05560, A13G-05561, A13G-05562, A13G-05563, A13G-05564, A13G-05565, A13G-05566, A13G-05567, A13G-05568, A13G-05569, A13G-05570, A13G-05571, A13G-05572, A13G-05573, A13G-05574, A13G-05575, A13G-05576, A13G-05577, A13G-05578, A13G-05589, A13G-05622, A13G-05623, A13G-05624, A13G-05625, A13G-05626, A13G-05627, A13G-05628, A13G-05629, A13G-05630, A13G-05631, A13G-05634, A13G-05635, A13G-05636, A13G-05637, A13G-05638, A13G-05639, A13G-05640, A13G-05642, A13G-05643, A13G-05644, A13G-05645, A13G-05646, A13G-05647, A13G-05648, A13G-05649, A13G-05732, A13G-05733, A13G-05734, A13G-05735, A13G-05736, A13G-05738, A13G-05739, A13G-05740, A13G-05741, A13G-05742, A13G-06169, A13G-06170, A13G-06171, A13G-06174, A13G-06175, A13G-06176, A13G-06198, A13G-06213, A13G-06214, A13G-06250, A13G-06251, A13G-06252, A13G-06253, A13G-06254, A13G-06255, A13G-06256, A13G-06257, A13G-06258, A13G-06311, A13G-06312, A13G-06313, A13G-06314, A13G-06315, A13G-06316, A13G-06317, A13G-06439, A13G-06440, A13G-06441, A13G-06442, A13G-06443, A13G-06446, A13G-06447, A13G-06448, A13G-06449, A13G-06450, A13G-06451, A13G-06452, A13G-06453, A13G-06455, A13G-06456, A13G-06458, A13G-06461, A13G-06462, A13G-06531, A13G-06534, A13G-06535, A13G-06536, A13G-06537, A13G-06538, A13G-06540, A13G-06541, A13G-06542, A13G-06546, A13G-06547, A13G-06548, A13G-06549, A13G-06551, A13G-06552, A13G-06553, A13G-06555, A13G-06557, A13G-06558, A13G-06559, A13G-06560, A13G-06561, A13G-06562, A13G-06564, A13G-06566, A13G-06567, A13G-06568, A13G-06569, A13G-06570, A13G-06571, A13G-06572, A13G-06573, A13G-06574, A13G-06575, A13G-06576. SERIAL NUMBERS OF UNITS DISTRIBUTED OUTSIDE THE USA: A13G-00066, A13G-00094, A13G-00113, A13G-00191, A13G-00203, A13G-00205, A13G-00206, A13G-00207, A13G-00208, A13G-00209, A13G-00210, A13G-00211, A13G-00212, A13G-00213, A13G-00214, A13G-00216, A13G-00217, A13G-00218, A13G-00219, A13G-00220, A13G-00221, A13G-00224, A13G-00225, A13G-00226, A13G-00227, A13G-00228, A13G-00229, A13G-00230, A13G-00231, A13G-00232, A13G-00233, A13G-00234, A13G-00235, A13G-00236, A13G-00237, A13G-00238, A13G-00239, A13G-00240, A13G-00241, A13G-00242, A13G-00243, A13G-00246, A13G-00247, A13G-00248, A13G-00249, A13G-00250, A13G-00251, A13G-00252, A13G-00253, A13G-00254, A13G-00255, A13G-00256, A13G-00257, A13G-00266, A13G-00267, A13G-00268, A13G-00269, A13G-00270, A13G-00271, A13G-00272, A13G-00273, A13G-00274, A13G-00275, A13G-00276, A13G-00278, A13G-00279, A13G-00280, A13G-00281, A13G-00282, A13G-00283, A13G-00284, A13G-00285, A13G-00286, A13G-00287, A13G-00290, A13G-00291, A13G-00292, A13G-00293, A13G-00295, A13G-00296, A13G-00297, A13G-00298, A13G-00300, A13G-00301, A13G-00302, A13G-00303, A13G-00304, A13G-00305, A13G-00306, A13G-00307, A13G-00308, A13G-00309, A13G-00311, A13G-00312, A13G-00313, A13G-00314, A13G-00315, A13G-00316, A13G-00317, A13G-00318, A13G-00319, A13G-00320, A13G-00321, A13G-00322, A13G-00323, A13G-00324, A13G-00326, A13G-00327, A13G-00328, A13G-00329, A13G-00330, A13G-00332, A13G-00333, A13G-00334, A13G-00335, A13G-00346, A13G-00347, A13G-00348, A13G-00349, A13G-00350, A13G-00351, A13G-00352, A13G-00354, A13G-00358, A13G-00360, A13G-00361, A13G-00362, A13G-00363, A13G-00364, A13G-00365, A13G-00366, A13G-00367, A13G-00368, A13G-00369, A13G-00370, A13G-00371, A13G-00372, A13G-00373, A13G-00374, A13G-00382, A13G-00383, A13G-00384, A13G-00385, A13G-00387, A13G-00388, A13G-00390, A13G-00391, A13G-00392, A13G-00393, A13G-00394, A13G-00395, A13G-00396, A13G-00397, A13G-00399, A13G-00401, A13G-00402, A13G-00405, A13G-00411, A13G-00412, A13G-00413, A13G-00414, A13G-00416, A13G-00422, A13G-00424, A13G-00425, A13G-00426, A13G-00427, A13G-00428, A13G-00429, A13G-00430, A13G-00431, A13G-00432, A13G-00433, A13G-00434, A13G-00437, A13G-00438, A13G-00440, A13G-00441, A13G-00442, A13G-00443, A13G-00445, A13G-00446, A13G-00447, A13G-00467, A13G-00471, A13G-00472, A13G-00473, A13G-00474, A13G-00475, A13G-00476, A13G-00479, A13G-00480, A13G-00481, A13G-00482, A13G-00483, A13G-00484, A13G-00486, A13G-00487, A13G-00488, A13G-00489, A13G-00491, A13G-00492, A13G-00494, A13G-00504, A13G-00505, A13G-00506, A13G-00507, A13G-00508, A13G-00510, A13G-00512, A13G-00515, A13G-00516, A13G-00517, A13G-00518, A13G-00519, A13G-00520, A13G-00521, A13G-00522, A13G-00523, A13G-00524, A13G-00525, A13G-00526, A13G-00527, A13G-00528, A13G-00530, A13G-00531, A13G-00532, A13G-00533, A13G-00534, A13G-00535, A13G-00536, A13G-00537, A13G-00538, A13G-00539, A13G-00540, A13G-00541, A13G-00542, A13G-00543, A13G-00544, A13G-00545, A13G-00546, A13G-00547, A13G-00548, A13G-00549, A13G-00550, A13G-00551, A13G-00553, A13G-00556, A13G-00558, A13G-00566, A13G-00567, A13G-00568, A13G-00571, A13G-00574, A13G-00578, A13G-00579, A13G-00580, A13G-00581, A13G-00582, A13G-00583, A13G-00584, A13G-00585, A13G-00586, A13G-00587, A13G-00589, A13G-00590, A13G-00591, A13G-00592, A13G-00593, A13G-00594, A13G-00595, A13G-00596, A13G-00598, A13G-00599, A13G-00602, A13G-00603, A13G-00604, A13G-00605, A13G-00606, A13G-00607, A13G-00608, A13G-00609, A13G-00616, A13G-00618, A13G-00625, A13G-00628, A13G-00629, A13G-00632, A13G-00634, A13G-00636, A13G-00638, A13G-00640, A13G-00641, A13G-00642, A13G-00644, A13G-00645, A13G-00646, A13G-00647, A13G-00648, A13G-00649, A13G-00650, A13G-00651, A13G-00652, A13G-00654, A13G-00655, A13G-00656, A13G-00657, A13G-00665, A13G-00666, A13G-00667, A13G-00668, A13G-00670, A13G-00671, A13G-00672, A13G-00673, A13G-00675, A13G-00684, A13G-00700, A13G-00701, A13G-00702, A13G-00703, A13G-00704, A13G-00708, A13G-00709, A13G-00711, A13G-00718, A13G-00720, A13G-00721, A13G-00722, A13G-00725, A13G-00727, A13G-00728, A13G-00729, A13G-00731, A13G-00736, A13G-00738, A13G-00739, A13G-00740, A13G-00741, A13G-00742, A13G-00743, A13G-00744, A13G-00745, A13G-00747, A13G-00748, A13G-00752, A13G-00755, A13G-00758, A13G-00759, A13G-00760, A13G-00761, A13G-00762, A13G-00763, A13G-00764, A13G-00765, A13G-00766, A13G-00767, A13G-00768, A13G-00769, A13G-00773, A13G-00774, A13G-00777, A13G-00778, A13G-00790, A13G-00794, A13G-00802, A13G-00803, A13G-00808, A13G-00809, A13G-00813, A13G-00815, A13G-00820, A13G-00821, A13G-00822, A13G-00823, A13G-00825, A13G-00831, A13G-00845, A13G-00848, A13G-00849, A13G-00850, A13G-00866, A13G-00867, A13G-00869, A13G-00871, A13G-00872, A13G-00873, A13G-00876, A13G-00879, A13G-00893, A13G-00895, A13G-00901, A13G-00941, A13G-01024, A13G-01026, A13G-01027, A13G-01071, A13G-01073, A13G-01075, A13G-01076, A13G-01078, A13G-01079, A13G-01080, A13G-01082, A13G-01084, A13G-01085, A13G-01087, A13G-01089, A13G-01091, A13G-01092, A13G-01094, A13G-01095, A13G-01096, A13G-01097, A13G-01098, A13G-01099, A13G-01100, A13G-01101, A13G-01102, A13G-01103, A13G-01104, A13G-01105, A13G-01106, A13G-01112, A13G-01114, A13G-01115, A13G-01116, A13G-01117, A13G-01118, A13G-01119, A13G-01120, A13G-01121, A13G-01122, A13G-01123, A13G-01124, A13G-01125, A13G-01126, A13G-01127, A13G-01128, A13G-01129, A13G-01130, A13G-01132, A13G-01133, A13G-01422, A13G-01654, A13G-01655, A13G-01659, A13G-01687, A13G-01688, A13G-01689, A13G-01690, A13G-01691, A13G-01692, A13G-01693, A13G-01694, A13G-01695, A13G-01696, A13G-01697, A13G-01698, A13G-01699, A13G-01700, A13G-01701, A13G-01702, A13G-01703, A13G-01704, A13G-01705, A13G-01706, A13G-01709, A13G-01710, A13G-01711, A13G-01712, A13G-01713, A13G-01714, A13G-01715, A13G-01716, A13G-01717, A13G-01718, A13G-01719, A13G-01720, A13G-01721, A13G-01727, A13G-01728, A13G-01729, A13G-01730, A13G-01731, A13G-01732, A13G-01733, A13G-01750, A13G-01759, A13G-01760, A13G-01761, A13G-01762, A13G-01763, A13G-01764, A13G-01766, A13G-01767, A13G-01768, A13G-01769, A13G-01770, A13G-01771, A13G-01772, A13G-01773, A13G-01774, A13G-01775, A13G-01776, A13G-01779, A13G-01781, A13G-01782, A13G-01786, A13G-01788, A13G-01790, A13G-01791, A13G-01793, A13G-01794, A13G-01795, A13G-01796, A13G-01797, A13G-01798, A13G-01799, A13G-01801, A13G-01802, A13G-01803, A13G-01805, A13G-01806, A13G-01808, A13G-01810, A13G-01811, A13G-01814, A13G-01816, A13G-01817, A13G-01819, A13G-01820, A13G-01821, A13G-01824, A13G-01825, A13G-01826, A13G-01827, A13G-01828, A13G-01829, A13G-01830, A13G-01831, A13G-01832, A13G-01833, A13G-01834, A13G-01835, A13G-01836, A13G-01837, A13G-01838, A13G-01839, A13G-01840, A13G-01841, A13G-01842, A13G-01845, A13G-01846, A13G-01848, A13G-01849, A13G-01851, A13G-01852, A13G-01853, A13G-01854, A13G-01855, A13G-01856, A13G-01857, A13G-01858, A13G-01860, A13G-01861, A13G-01862, A13G-01863, A13G-01864, A13G-01865, A13G-01866, A13G-01867, A13G-01868, A13G-01869, A13G-01870, A13G-01871, A13G-01872, A13G-01873, A13G-01874, A13G-01875, A13G-01876, A13G-01878, A13G-01879, A13G-01880, A13G-01882, A13G-01883, A13G-01892, A13G-01893, A13G-01894, A13G-01897, A13G-01898, A13G-01899, A13G-01900, A13G-01901, A13G-01902, A13G-01904, A13G-01908, A13G-01916, A13G-01917, A13G-01926, A13G-01929, A13G-01930, A13G-01932, A13G-01934, A13G-01936, A13G-01937, A13G-01938, A13G-01940, A13G-01941, A13G-01942, A13G-01944, A13G-01945, A13G-01946, A13G-01949, A13G-01950, A13G-01953, A13G-01954, A13G-01955, A13G-01956, A13G-01957, A13G-01958, A13G-01959, A13G-01961, A13G-01962, A13G-01963, A13G-01964, A13G-01965, A13G-01966, A13G-01967, A13G-01968, A13G-01969, A13G-01970, A13G-01971, A13G-01972, A13G-01973, A13G-01975, A13G-01976, A13G-01977, A13G-01978, A13G-01979, A13G-01980, A13G-01981, A13G-01982, A13G-01983, A13G-01984, A13G-01985, A13G-01986, A13G-01987, A13G-01988, A13G-01989, A13G-01990, A13G-01991, A13G-01992, A13G-01994, A13G-01995, A13G-01996, A13G-01997, A13G-01998, A13G-01999, A13G-02000, A13G-02001, A13G-02002, A13G-02003, A13G-02004, A13G-02005, A13G-02006, A13G-02007, A13G-02008, A13G-02009, A13G-02010, A13G-02011, A13G-02012, A13G-02013, A13G-02014, A13G-02015, A13G-02016, A13G-02018, A13G-02019, A13G-02021, A13G-02022, A13G-02023, A13G-02025, A13G-02026, A13G-02028, A13G-02029, A13G-02030, A13G-02031, A13G-02032, A13G-02033, A13G-02034, A13G-02035, A13G-02036, A13G-02037, A13G-02038, A13G-02039, A13G-02040, A13G-02043, A13G-02046, A13G-02047, A13G-02048, A13G-02049, A13G-02051, A13G-02052, A13G-02053, A13G-02054, A13G-02055, A13G-02056, A13G-02057, A13G-02058, A13G-02059, A13G-02060, A13G-02061, A13G-02062, A13G-02063, A13G-02064, A13G-02065, A13G-02066, A13G-02067, A13G-02069, A13G-02070, A13G-02071, A13G-02072, A13G-02073, A13G-02074, A13G-02075, A13G-02077, A13G-02079, A13G-02080, A13G-02081, A13G-02082, A13G-02083, A13G-02084, A13G-02085, A13G-02086, A13G-02087, A13G-02088, A13G-02089, A13G-02090, A13G-02091, A13G-02092, A13G-02093, A13G-02094, A13G-02095, A13G-02096, A13G-02097, A13G-02098, A13G-02099, A13G-02100, A13G-02101, A13G-02102, A13G-02103, A13G-02104, A13G-02105, A13G-02107, A13G-02108, A13G-02109, A13G-02111, A13G-02112, A13G-02113, A13G-02114, A13G-02115, A13G-02116, A13G-02117, A13G-02118, A13G-02119, A13G-02120, A13G-02121, A13G-02122, A13G-02125, A13G-02126, A13G-02127, A13G-02128, A13G-02129, A13G-02131, A13G-02132, A13G-02133, A13G-02134, A13G-02135, A13G-02136, A13G-02137, A13G-02138, A13G-02139, A13G-02140, A13G-02141, A13G-02142, A13G-02143, A13G-02144, A13G-02145, A13G-02146, A13G-02147, A13G-02149, A13G-02150, A13G-02151, A13G-02152, A13G-02153, A13G-02154, A13G-02155, A13G-02156, A13G-02157, A13G-02158, A13G-02161, A13G-02162, A13G-02163, A13G-02164, A13G-02165, A13G-02167, A13G-02168, A13G-02169, A13G-02170, A13G-02171, A13G-02172, A13G-02173, A13G-02174, A13G-02176, A13G-02178, A13G-02179, A13G-02180, A13G-02181, A13G-02183, A13G-02184, A13G-02185, A13G-02186, A13G-02187, A13G-02191, A13G-02192, A13G-02193, A13G-02194, A13G-02195, A13G-02196, A13G-02197, A13G-02198, A13G-02199, A13G-02200, A13G-02202, A13G-02204, A13G-02205, A13G-02206, A13G-02208, A13G-02209, A13G-02210, A13G-02211, A13G-02212, A13G-02214, A13G-02218, A13G-02219, A13G-02222, A13G-02223, A13G-02224, A13G-02225, A13G-02226, A13G-02227, A13G-02228, A13G-02229, A13G-02230, A13G-02231, A13G-02232, A13G-02233, A13G-02234, A13G-02235, A13G-02236, A13G-02237, A13G-02238, A13G-02239, A13G-02240, A13G-02243, A13G-02244, A13G-02245, A13G-02246, A13G-02248, A13G-02249, A13G-02253, A13G-02254, A13G-02255, A13G-02256, A13G-02257, A13G-02258, A13G-02259, A13G-02260, A13G-02261, A13G-02262, A13G-02263, A13G-02264, A13G-02265, A13G-02266, A13G-02267, A13G-02268, A13G-02269, A13G-02270, A13G-02271, A13G-02272, A13G-02273, A13G-02274, A13G-02275, A13G-02276, A13G-02278, A13G-02279, A13G-02280, A13G-02281, A13G-02282, A13G-02283, A13G-02284, A13G-02285, A13G-02286, A13G-02287, A13G-02288, A13G-02289, A13G-02290, A13G-02291, A13G-02292, A13G-02293, A13G-02295, A13G-02296, A13G-02297, A13G-02298, A13G-02299, A13G-02300, A13G-02301, A13G-02302, A13G-02304, A13G-02305, A13G-02306, A13G-02307, A13G-02308, A13G-02309, A13G-02310, A13G-02311, A13G-02312, A13G-02313, A13G-02314, A13G-02315, A13G-02316, A13G-02317, A13G-02318, A13G-02319, A13G-02320, A13G-02321, A13G-02322, A13G-02323, A13G-02324, A13G-02325, A13G-02326, A13G-02327, A13G-02328, A13G-02329, A13G-02330, A13G-02331, A13G-02332, A13G-02333, A13G-02334, A13G-02335, A13G-02336, A13G-02337, A13G-02338, A13G-02339, A13G-02340, A13G-02341, A13G-02342, A13G-02343, A13G-02344, A13G-02345, A13G-02346, A13G-02347, A13G-02348, A13G-02349, A13G-02350, A13G-02351, A13G-02352, A13G-02353, A13G-02354, A13G-02355, A13G-02356, A13G-02357, A13G-02358, A13G-02359, A13G-02360, A13G-02361, A13G-02362, A13G-02363, A13G-02364, A13G-02365, A13G-02366, A13G-02367, A13G-02368, A13G-02369, A13G-02370, A13G-02371, A13G-02372, A13G-02373, A13G-02374, A13G-02375, A13G-02376, A13G-02377, A13G-02378, A13G-02379, A13G-02380, A13G-02381, A13G-02382, A13G-02383, A13G-02384, A13G-02385, A13G-02386, A13G-02387, A13G-02388, A13G-02389, A13G-02390, A13G-02391, A13G-02392, A13G-02393, A13G-02394, A13G-02395, A13G-02396, A13G-02397, A13G-02398, A13G-02399, A13G-02400, A13G-02401, A13G-02402, A13G-02403, A13G-02404, A13G-02405, A13G-02406, A13G-02407, A13G-02408, A13G-02409, A13G-02410, A13G-02411, A13G-02412, A13G-02413, A13G-02414, A13G-02415, A13G-02416, A13G-02417, A13G-02418, A13G-02419, A13G-02420, A13G-02421, A13G-02422, A13G-02423, A13G-02424, A13G-02425, A13G-02426, A13G-02427, A13G-02428, A13G-02429, A13G-02430, A13G-02431, A13G-02432, A13G-02433, A13G-02434, A13G-02435, A13G-02436, A13G-02438, A13G-02439, A13G-02440, A13G-02442, A13G-02443, A13G-02444, A13G-02445, A13G-02446, A13G-02447, A13G-02448, A13G-02449, A13G-02450, A13G-02451, A13G-02452, A13G-02453, A13G-02455, A13G-02456, A13G-02457, A13G-02458, A13G-02459, A13G-02460, A13G-02461, A13G-02462, A13G-02463, A13G-02464, A13G-02465, A13G-02466, A13G-02467, A13G-02468, A13G-02469, A13G-02470, A13G-02471, A13G-02472, A13G-02473, A13G-02474, A13G-02475, A13G-02476, A13G-02477, A13G-02478, A13G-02479, A13G-02480, A13G-02481, A13G-02482, A13G-02483, A13G-02484, A13G-02485, A13G-02486, A13G-02487, A13G-02488, A13G-02489, A13G-02490, A13G-02491, A13G-02492, A13G-02493, A13G-02494, A13G-02495, A13G-02496, A13G-02497, A13G-02498, A13G-02499, A13G-02500, A13G-02501, A13G-02502, A13G-02503, A13G-02504, A13G-02505, A13G-02506, A13G-02507, A13G-02508, A13G-02509, A13G-02510, A13G-02511, A13G-02512, A13G-02513, A13G-02514, A13G-02515, A13G-02516, A13G-02517, A13G-02518, A13G-02519, A13G-02520, A13G-02521, A13G-02522, A13G-02523, A13G-02524, A13G-02525, A13G-02526, A13G-02527, A13G-02528, A13G-02529, A13G-02530, A13G-02531, A13G-02532, A13G-02533, A13G-02534, A13G-02536, A13G-02537, A13G-02538, A13G-02539, A13G-02540, A13G-02541, A13G-02542, A13G-02543, A13G-02544, A13G-02545, A13G-02546, A13G-02547, A13G-02548, A13G-02549, A13G-02550, A13G-02551, A13G-02552, A13G-02553, A13G-02554, A13G-02555, A13G-02556, A13G-02557, A13G-02558, A13G-02559, A13G-02560, A13G-02561, A13G-02562, A13G-02563, A13G-02564, A13G-02565, A13G-02566, A13G-02567, A13G-02568, A13G-02569, A13G-02570, A13G-02571, A13G-02572, A13G-02573, A13G-02574, A13G-02575, A13G-02576, A13G-02577, A13G-02578, A13G-02579, A13G-02580, A13G-02581, A13G-02582, A13G-02583, A13G-02584, A13G-02585, A13G-02586, A13G-02587, A13G-02588, A13G-02589, A13G-02590, A13G-02591, A13G-02592, A13G-02593, A13G-02594, A13G-02595, A13G-02596, A13G-02597, A13G-02598, A13G-02599, A13G-02600, A13G-02601, A13G-02602, A13G-02603, A13G-02604, A13G-02605, A13G-02606, A13G-02607, A13G-02608, A13G-02609, A13G-02610, A13G-02611, A13G-02612, A13G-02613, A13G-02614, A13G-02615, A13G-02616, A13G-02617, A13G-02618, A13G-02619, A13G-02620, A13G-02621, A13G-02622, A13G-02623, A13G-02624, A13G-02625, A13G-02626, A13G-02627, A13G-02628, A13G-02629, A13G-02630, A13G-02631, A13G-02632, A13G-02633, A13G-02634, A13G-02635, A13G-02636, A13G-02637, A13G-02638, A13G-02639, A13G-02640, A13G-02641, A13G-02642, A13G-02643, A13G-02644, A13G-02645, A13G-02646, A13G-02647, A13G-02648, A13G-02649, A13G-02651, A13G-02652, A13G-02653, A13G-02654, A13G-02655, A13G-02656, A13G-02657, A13G-02658, A13G-02659, A13G-02660, A13G-02661, A13G-02663, A13G-02665, A13G-02666, A13G-02667, A13G-02668, A13G-02669, A13G-02670, A13G-02671, A13G-02672, A13G-02673, A13G-02674, A13G-02675, A13G-02676, A13G-02677, A13G-02678, A13G-02679, A13G-02680, A13G-02681, A13G-02682, A13G-02683, A13G-02684, A13G-02685, A13G-02686, A13G-02687, A13G-02688, A13G-02689, A13G-02690, A13G-02691, A13G-02692, A13G-02693, A13G-02695, A13G-02696, A13G-02697, A13G-02698, A13G-02699, A13G-02700, A13G-02701, A13G-02702, A13G-02703, A13G-02704, A13G-02705, A13G-02706, A13G-02707, A13G-02708, A13G-02709, A13G-02710, A13G-02711, A13G-02712, A13G-02713, A13G-02714, A13G-02715, A13G-02716, A13G-02717, A13G-02718, A13G-02719, A13G-02720, A13G-02721, A13G-02722, A13G-02723, A13G-02724, A13G-02725, A13G-02726, A13G-02727, A13G-02728, A13G-02729, A13G-02730, A13G-02731, A13G-02733, A13G-02734, A13G-02735, A13G-02736, A13G-02738, A13G-02739, A13G-02740, A13G-02741, A13G-02742, A13G-02743, A13G-02744, A13G-02745, A13G-02746, A13G-02747, A13G-02748, A13G-02749, A13G-02750, A13G-02751, A13G-02752, A13G-02753, A13G-02754, A13G-02755, A13G-02756, A13G-02757, A13G-02758, A13G-02759, A13G-02760, A13G-02761, A13G-02762, A13G-02763, A13G-02764, A13G-02765, A13G-02766, A13G-02767, A13G-02768, A13G-02769, A13G-02770, A13G-02771, A13G-02772, A13G-02773, A13G-02774, A13G-02775, A13G-02776, A13G-02777, A13G-02778, A13G-02779, A13G-02780, A13G-02781, A13G-02782, A13G-02783, A13G-02784, A13G-02785, A13G-02786, A13G-02787, A13G-02788, A13G-02789, A13G-02790, A13G-02791, A13G-02792, A13G-02793, A13G-02794, A13G-02795, A13G-02796, A13G-02797, A13G-02798, A13G-02799, A13G-02800, A13G-02801, A13G-02802, A13G-02803, A13G-02804, A13G-02805, A13G-02806, A13G-02807, A13G-02808, A13G-02809, A13G-02810, A13G-02811, A13G-02812, A13G-02813, A13G-02814, A13G-02815, A13G-02816, A13G-02817, A13G-02818, A13G-02819, A13G-02820, A13G-02821, A13G-02822, A13G-02823, A13G-02824, A13G-02825, A13G-02826, A13G-02827, A13G-02828, A13G-02829, A13G-02830, A13G-02854, A13G-02855, A13G-02856, A13G-02857, A13G-02863, A13G-02865, A13G-02869, A13G-02870, A13G-02871, A13G-02872, A13G-02873, A13G-02874, A13G-02875, A13G-02876, A13G-02877, A13G-02878, A13G-02879, A13G-02881, A13G-02882, A13G-02883, A13G-02884, A13G-02885, A13G-02886, A13G-02887, A13G-02888, A13G-02889, A13G-02890, A13G-02891, A13G-02892, A13G-02893, A13G-02894, A13G-02895, A13G-02896, A13G-02897, A13G-02898, A13G-02899, A13G-02900, A13G-02901, A13G-02902, A13G-02903, A13G-02904, A13G-02905, A13G-02906, A13G-02907, A13G-02908, A13G-02909, A13G-02910, A13G-02911, A13G-02913, A13G-02914, A13G-02915, A13G-02916, A13G-02917, A13G-02918, A13G-02919, A13G-02920, A13G-02921, A13G-02922, A13G-02923, A13G-02924, A13G-02925, A13G-02926, A13G-02927, A13G-02928, A13G-02929, A13G-02930, A13G-02931, A13G-02932, A13G-02933, A13G-02934, A13G-02935, A13G-02936, A13G-02937, A13G-02938, A13G-02939, A13G-02940, A13G-02941, A13G-02942, A13G-02943, A13G-02944, A13G-02945, A13G-02946, A13G-02947, A13G-02948, A13G-02949, A13G-02950, A13G-02974, A13G-02975, A13G-02976, A13G-02977, A13G-02978, A13G-03001, A13G-03003, A13G-03007, A13G-03008, A13G-03009, A13G-03011, A13G-03012, A13G-03022, A13G-03047, A13G-03048, A13G-03049, A13G-03090, A13G-03091, A13G-03096, A13G-03097, A13G-03098, A13G-03138, A13G-03139, A13G-03147, A13G-03148, A13G-03169, A13G-03184, A13G-03188, A13G-03200, A13G-03257, A13G-03503, A13G-03506, A13G-03507, A13G-03508, A13G-03511, A13G-03514, A13G-03516, A13G-03540, A13G-03773, A13G-03774, A13G-03775, A13G-03776, A13G-03846, A13G-03847, A13G-03848, A13G-03849, A13G-03851, A13G-03875, A13G-03876, A13G-03892, A13G-03893, A13G-03894, A13G-03895, A13G-03896, A13G-03897, A13G-03898, A13G-03899, A13G-03900, A13G-03901, A13G-03902, A13G-03903, A13G-03904, A13G-03905, A13G-03906, A13G-03907, A13G-03908, A13G-03910, A13G-03919, A13G-03920, A13G-03921, A13G-03922, A13G-03925, A13G-03930, A13G-03932, A13G-03933, A13G-03934, A13G-03935, A13G-03936, A13G-03938, A13G-03939, A13G-03940, A13G-03945, A13G-03946, A13G-03950, A13G-03951, A13G-03952, A13G-03963, A13G-03964, A13G-03965, A13G-03966, A13G-03967, A13G-03968, A13G-03969, A13G-03970, A13G-03971, A13G-03972, A13G-03973, A13G-03974, A13G-03975, A13G-03976, A13G-03977, A13G-03978, A13G-03979, A13G-03980, A13G-03981, A13G-03982, A13G-03983, A13G-03988, A13G-03989, A13G-03991, A13G-03993, A13G-03994, A13G-03995, A13G-03996, A13G-03997, A13G-03998, A13G-03999, A13G-04000, A13G-04001, A13G-04002, A13G-04003, A13G-04004, A13G-04005, A13G-04006, A13G-04007, A13G-04008, A13G-04009, A13G-04010, A13G-04011, A13G-04012, A13G-04013, A13G-04014, A13G-04015, A13G-04016, A13G-04017, A13G-04018, A13G-04019, A13G-04020, A13G-04021, A13G-04023, A13G-04024, A13G-04025, A13G-04026, A13G-04027, A13G-04030, A13G-04032, A13G-04033, A13G-04035, A13G-04037, A13G-04038, A13G-04039, A13G-04040, A13G-04041, A13G-04042, A13G-04043, A13G-04044, A13G-04045, A13G-04046, A13G-04052, A13G-04058, A13G-04061, A13G-04065, A13G-04067, A13G-04070, A13G-04073, A13G-04074, A13G-04075, A13G-04076, A13G-04077, A13G-04078, A13G-04079, A13G-04080, A13G-04081, A13G-04082, A13G-04083, A13G-04084, A13G-04085, A13G-04086, A13G-04087, A13G-04091, A13G-04093, A13G-04094, A13G-04095, A13G-04096, A13G-04097, A13G-04098, A13G-04099, A13G-04100, A13G-04101, A13G-04102, A13G-04103, A13G-04104, A13G-04105, A13G-04106, A13G-04107, A13G-04108, A13G-04109, A13G-04110, A13G-04111, A13G-04112, A13G-04113, A13G-04120, A13G-04121, A13G-04122, A13G-04127, A13G-04128, A13G-04129, A13G-04130, A13G-04131, A13G-04132, A13G-04133, A13G-04134, A13G-04136, A13G-04137, A13G-04138, A13G-04139, A13G-04140, A13G-04141, A13G-04142, A13G-04143, A13G-04144, A13G-04145, A13G-04146, A13G-04147, A13G-04148, A13G-04149, A13G-04151, A13G-04152, A13G-04153, A13G-04154, A13G-04155, A13G-04156, A13G-04158, A13G-04159, A13G-04160, A13G-04161, A13G-04162, A13G-04163, A13G-04164, A13G-04165, A13G-04166, A13G-04167, A13G-04168, A13G-04169, A13G-04170, A13G-04172, A13G-04173, A13G-04174, A13G-04175, A13G-04176, A13G-04177, A13G-04178, A13G-04179, A13G-04180, A13G-04181, A13G-04182, A13G-04183, A13G-04184, A13G-04185, A13G-04186, A13G-04187, A13G-04189, A13G-04191, A13G-04192, A13G-04194, A13G-04195, A13G-04196, A13G-04197, A13G-04198, A13G-04199, A13G-04200, A13G-04202, A13G-04203, A13G-04204, A13G-04205, A13G-04206, A13G-04215, A13G-04216, A13G-04217, A13G-04218, A13G-04219, A13G-04226, A13G-04229, A13G-04231, A13G-04234, A13G-04236, A13G-04239, A13G-04240, A13G-04253, A13G-04254, A13G-04255, A13G-04257, A13G-04258, A13G-04272, A13G-04275, A13G-04280, A13G-04281, A13G-04283, A13G-04284, A13G-04285, A13G-04287, A13G-04288, A13G-04289, A13G-04290, A13G-04291, A13G-04292, A13G-04293, A13G-04294, A13G-04295, A13G-04296, A13G-04322, A13G-04327, A13G-04329, A13G-04330, A13G-04331, A13G-04334, A13G-04343, A13G-04352, A13G-04353, A13G-04354, A13G-04355, A13G-04356, A13G-04357, A13G-04358, A13G-04359, A13G-04360, A13G-04361, A13G-04367, A13G-04368, A13G-04400, A13G-04492, A13G-04494, A13G-04557, A13G-04558, A13G-04559, A13G-04560, A13G-04566, A13G-04576, A13G-04577, A13G-04578, A13G-04579, A13G-04580, A13G-04581, A13G-04582, A13G-04583, A13G-04584, A13G-04585, A13G-04586, A13G-04587, A13G-04588, A13G-04589, A13G-04590, A13G-04591, A13G-04596, A13G-04597, A13G-04598, A13G-04599, A13G-04600, A13G-04611, A13G-04612, A13G-04613, A13G-04614, A13G-04615, A13G-04616, A13G-04617, A13G-04618, A13G-04619, A13G-04620, A13G-04621, A13G-04622, A13G-04623, A13G-04624, A13G-04625, A13G-04626, A13G-04627, A13G-04628, A13G-04629, A13G-04630, A13G-04631, A13G-04632, A13G-04633, A13G-04634, A13G-04635, A13G-04636, A13G-04637, A13G-04638, A13G-04639, A13G-04640, A13G-04641, A13G-04642, A13G-04643, A13G-04644, A13G-04645, A13G-04646, A13G-04647, A13G-04648, A13G-04649, A13G-04650, A13G-04651, A13G-04652, A13G-04653, A13G-04654, A13G-04655, A13G-04656, A13G-04657, A13G-04658, A13G-04659, A13G-04660, A13G-04661, A13G-04662, A13G-04663, A13G-04664, A13G-04665, A13G-04666, A13G-04667, A13G-04668, A13G-04669, A13G-04670, A13G-04671, A13G-04672, A13G-04673, A13G-04674, A13G-04675, A13G-04676, A13G-04677, A13G-04678, A13G-04679, A13G-04680, A13G-04681, A13G-04682, A13G-04683, A13G-04684, A13G-04685, A13G-04686, A13G-04687, A13G-04688, A13G-04689, A13G-04690, A13G-04691, A13G-04692, A13G-04693, A13G-04694, A13G-04695, A13G-04696, A13G-04697, A13G-04698, A13G-04699, A13G-04700, A13G-04701, A13G-04702, A13G-04703, A13G-04704, A13G-04705, A13G-04706, A13G-04707, A13G-04708, A13G-04709, A13G-04710, A13G-04711, A13G-04712, A13G-04713, A13G-04715, A13G-04717, A13G-04718, A13G-04719, A13G-04720, A13G-04721, A13G-04722, A13G-04723, A13G-04724, A13G-04725, A13G-04726, A13G-04727, A13G-04728, A13G-04729, A13G-04730, A13G-04731, A13G-04732, A13G-04733, A13G-04734, A13G-04735, A13G-04736, A13G-04737, A13G-04738, A13G-04739, A13G-04740, A13G-04742, A13G-04743, A13G-04744, A13G-04745, A13G-04746, A13G-04747, A13G-04748, A13G-04749, A13G-04751, A13G-04752, A13G-04753, A13G-04754, A13G-04755, A13G-04756, A13G-04757, A13G-04758, A13G-04759, A13G-04760, A13G-04761, A13G-04762, A13G-04763, A13G-04764, A13G-04765, A13G-04766, A13G-04767, A13G-04768, A13G-04769, A13G-04770, A13G-04771, A13G-04772, A13G-04773, A13G-04774, A13G-04775, A13G-04776, A13G-04778, A13G-04779, A13G-04780, A13G-04781, A13G-04782, A13G-04783, A13G-04784, A13G-04785, A13G-04786, A13G-04787, A13G-04788, A13G-04789, A13G-04790, A13G-04791, A13G-04792, A13G-04793, A13G-04794, A13G-04795, A13G-04796, A13G-04797, A13G-04798, A13G-04799, A13G-04800, A13G-04801, A13G-04802, A13G-04803, A13G-04804, A13G-04805, A13G-04806, A13G-04807, A13G-04808, A13G-04809, A13G-04810, A13G-04811, A13G-04812, A13G-04813, A13G-04815, A13G-04816, A13G-04817, A13G-04818, A13G-04819, A13G-04820, A13G-04821, A13G-04822, A13G-04823, A13G-04824, A13G-04825, A13G-04826, A13G-04827, A13G-04828, A13G-04829, A13G-04830, A13G-04831, A13G-04832, A13G-04833, A13G-04834, A13G-04835, A13G-04836, A13G-04837, A13G-04838, A13G-04839, A13G-04840, A13G-04841, A13G-04842, A13G-04843, A13G-04844, A13G-04845, A13G-04846, A13G-04847, A13G-04848, A13G-04849, A13G-04850, A13G-04851, A13G-04852, A13G-04853, A13G-04854, A13G-04855, A13G-04856, A13G-04857, A13G-04858, A13G-04859, A13G-04860, A13G-04861, A13G-04862, A13G-04863, A13G-04864, A13G-04865, A13G-04866, A13G-04867, A13G-04868, A13G-04869, A13G-04870, A13G-04871, A13G-04872, A13G-04873, A13G-04874, A13G-04875, A13G-04876, A13G-04877, A13G-04878, A13G-04879, A13G-04881, A13G-04882, A13G-04883, A13G-04884, A13G-04885, A13G-04886, A13G-04887, A13G-04888, A13G-04889, A13G-04890, A13G-04892, A13G-04893, A13G-04894, A13G-04895, A13G-04896, A13G-04897, A13G-04901, A13G-04902, A13G-04903, A13G-04904, A13G-04906, A13G-04907, A13G-04908, A13G-04909, A13G-04910, A13G-04911, A13G-04912, A13G-04913, A13G-04914, A13G-04915, A13G-04916, A13G-04917, A13G-04918, A13G-04919, A13G-04920, A13G-04921, A13G-04922, A13G-04923, A13G-04924, A13G-04951, A13G-04952, A13G-04953, A13G-04954, A13G-04955, A13G-04956, A13G-04957, A13G-04958, A13G-04959, A13G-04960, A13G-04961, A13G-04962, A13G-04963, A13G-04964, A13G-04965, A13G-04966, A13G-04967, A13G-04968, A13G-04969, A13G-04970, A13G-04971, A13G-04974, A13G-04975, A13G-04976, A13G-04977, A13G-04978, A13G-04980, A13G-04983, A13G-04985, A13G-04987, A13G-04988, A13G-04989, A13G-04990, A13G-04993, A13G-04996, A13G-04997, A13G-04999, A13G-05000, A13G-05001, A13G-05002, A13G-05003, A13G-05004, A13G-05005, A13G-05007, A13G-05008, A13G-05009, A13G-05010, A13G-05011, A13G-05012, A13G-05013, A13G-05014, A13G-05015, A13G-05016, A13G-05017, A13G-05019, A13G-05020, A13G-05021, A13G-05023, A13G-05024, A13G-05025, A13G-05030, A13G-05041, A13G-05042, A13G-05043, A13G-05044, A13G-05045, A13G-05046, A13G-05047, A13G-05048, A13G-05049, A13G-05050, A13G-05051, A13G-05053, A13G-05054, A13G-05060, A13G-05061, A13G-05063, A13G-05064, A13G-05065, A13G-05076, A13G-05078, A13G-05079, A13G-05080, A13G-05086, A13G-05087, A13G-05088, A13G-05089, A13G-05091, A13G-05092, A13G-05093, A13G-05094, A13G-05095, A13G-05096, A13G-05097, A13G-05098, A13G-05099, A13G-05100, A13G-05101, A13G-05102, A13G-05103, A13G-05104, A13G-05105, A13G-05106, A13G-05107, A13G-05108, A13G-05109, A13G-05110, A13G-05111, A13G-05112, A13G-05113, A13G-05114, A13G-05115, A13G-05116, A13G-05118, A13G-05119, A13G-05120, A13G-05121, A13G-05122, A13G-05123, A13G-05124, A13G-05125, A13G-05127, A13G-05128, A13G-05129, A13G-05130, A13G-05131, A13G-05132, A13G-05133, A13G-05134, A13G-05136, A13G-05137, A13G-05138, A13G-05139, A13G-05140, A13G-05141, A13G-05142, A13G-05143, A13G-05144, A13G-05145, A13G-05146, A13G-05147, A13G-05148, A13G-05149, A13G-05150, A13G-05159, A13G-05175, A13G-05181, A13G-05182, A13G-05184, A13G-05185, A13G-05186, A13G-05187, A13G-05188, A13G-05192, A13G-05193, A13G-05194, A13G-05195, A13G-05207, A13G-05208, A13G-05209, A13G-05210, A13G-05211, A13G-05213, A13G-05220, A13G-05222, A13G-05226, A13G-05231, A13G-05232, A13G-05241, A13G-05249. Class II Philips is recalling HeartStart Home and OnSite (HS1) automated external defibrillators (AEDs) because one or both contact pins may be contaminated by residue from the soldering process. This contamination could prevent an adequate connection between the pads cartridge and the AED. If poor contact between the pads cartridge and AED occurs, the device may be unable to deliver therapy in an emergency. Philips Medical Systems North America Inc.
Drugs Advil PM Caplets, (Ibuprofen, 200 mg /Diphenhydramine citrate, 38 mg) 120 count bottle, OTC, Pfizer, Madison, NJ 07940 USA. NDC 0573-0164-43 G85041 Class III Subpotent Drug: This lot is being recalled because of out-of-specification test results for Diphenhydramine citrate. Pfizer Us Pharmaceutical Group
Devices Part 475620 Intramedullary Bone Saw CAM Assembly Size 12mm, A unique and exclusive clinical instrument used to correct leg length, or rotational discrepancies in the femur. Lot 669420 Class II Incorrect labeling on specific lots of the Intramedullary Bone Saw.The Saw Blade Assembly was identified as CAM Assembly. Biomet, Inc.
Devices Part 475625, Intramedullary Bone Saw, Cam Assembly Size 13 mm, The Biomet Intramedullary Bone Saw is a unique and exclusive clinical instrument that is used to correct leg length, or rotational discrepancies in the femur. Lot 239430, 239450 Class II Incorrect labeling on specific lots of the Intramedullary Bone Saw. The Saw Blade Assembly was identified as CAM Assembly. Biomet, Inc.
Devices Part 475630, Intramedullary Bone Saw, Cam Assembly Size 14 mm, The Biomet Intramedullary Bone Saw is a unique and exclusive clinical instrument that is used to correct leg length, or rotational discrepancies in the femur. Lot 239470, 457450 Class II Incorrect labeling on specific lots of the Intramedullary Bone Saw. The Saw Blade Assembly was identified as CAM Assembly. Biomet, Inc.
Devices Philips HeartStart FR3 Automated External Defibrillator (AED), models 861388 and 861389. The HeartStart FR3 is a battery powered automated external defibrillator (AED) designed for use by responders who have been trained in Basic Life Support (BLS), Advanced Life Support (ALS), or another physician-authorized emergency medical response program. The HeartStart FR3 is used to treat suspected victims of ventricular fibrillation (VF), the most common cause of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA), and certain ventricular tachycardia (VTs). Both models are used with disposable defibrillator pads applied to potential victims of SCA with the following symptoms: -Unresponsiveness -Absence of normal breathing If in doubt, apply the pads. The HeartStart FR3 is intended for adults and children over 55 pounds (25 kg) or 8 years old. Both models 861388 and 861389 are also intended for children under 55 pounds (25 kg) or 8 years old when used with the optional Infant/Child Key. If the Infant/Child Key is not available, or you are uncertain of the child's age or weight, do not delay treatment. Serial numbers of units distributed in the USA: C13A-00592, C13C-00131, C13C-00150, C13C-00270, C13C-00679, C13C-00681, C13C-00769, C13D-00048, C13D-00197, C13E-00088, C13E-00168, C13E-00234, C13E-00242, C13E-00245, C13E-00326, C13E-00340, C13E-00368, C13E-00372, C13E-00380, C13E-00382, C13E-00390, C13E-00406, C13E-00495, C13E-00507, C13E-00511, C13E-00516, C13E-00526, C13E-00537, C13F-00011, C13F-00012, C13F-00013, C13F-00022, C13F-00024, C13F-00027, C13F-00031, C13F-00032, C13F-00033, C13F-00035, C13F-00038, C13F-00043, C13F-00047, C13F-00053, C13F-00054, C13F-00059, C13F-00071, C13F-00077, C13F-00078, C13F-00102, C13F-00104, C13F-00110, C13F-00114, C13F-00118, C13F-00126, C13F-00131, C13F-00137, C13F-00138, C13F-00140, C13F-00143, C13F-00146, C13F-00148, C13F-00168, C13F-00172, C13F-00173, C13F-00174, C13F-00180, C13F-00181, C13F-00198, C13F-00202, C13F-00212, C13F-00214, C13F-00215, C13F-00217, C13F-00218, C13F-00224, C13F-00225, C13F-00227, C13F-00232, C13F-00233, C13F-00236, C13F-00238, C13F-00239, C13F-00240, C13F-00244, C13F-00246, C13F-00250, C13F-00255, C13F-00266, C13F-00273, C13F-00274, C13F-00275, C13F-00278, C13F-00284, C13F-00291, C13F-00294, C13F-00307, C13F-00309, C13F-00318, C13F-00321, C13F-00322, C13F-00323, C13F-00329, C13F-00330, C13F-00331, C13F-00332, C13F-00336, C13F-00348, C13F-00353, C13F-00468, C13F-00543, C13F-00559, C13F-00567, C13F-00578, C13F-00590, C13F-00593, C13F-00595, C13F-00599, C13F-00604, C13F-00607, C13F-00651, C13F-00778, C13G-00008, C13G-00010, C13G-00035, C13G-00056, C13G-00057, C13G-00282, C13G-00284, and C13H-00062. Serial numbers of units outside the USA: C13C-00004, C13C-00256, C13C-00305, C13C-00323, C13C-00608, C13C-00639, C13E-00009, C13E-00021, C13E-00036, C13E-00048, C13E-00057, C13E-00058, C13E-00065, C13E-00163, C13E-00250, C13E-00265, C13E-00273, C13E-00311, C13E-00323, C13E-00328, C13E-00339, C13E-00341, C13E-00345, C13E-00346, C13E-00349, C13E-00350, C13E-00351, C13E-00358, C13E-00393, C13E-00395, C13E-00404, C13E-00407, C13E-00409, C13E-00424, C13E-00437, C13E-00441, C13E-00452, C13E-00454, C13E-00455, C13E-00499, C13E-00503, C13E-00518, C13E-00527, C13E-00535, C13E-00548, C13F-00010, C13F-00280, C13F-00286, C13F-00293, C13F-00298, C13F-00302, C13F-00303, C13F-00305, C13F-00306, C13F-00316, C13F-00317, C13F-00343, C13F-00345, C13F-00346, C13F-00358, C13F-00363, C13F-00369, C13F-00371, C13F-00381, C13F-00385, C13F-00391, C13F-00400, C13F-00420, C13F-00424, C13F-00428, C13F-00436, C13F-00473, C13F-00498, C13F-00539, C13F-00565, C13F-00579, C13F-00580, C13F-00583, C13F-00586, C13F-00587, C13F-00606, C13F-00619, C13F-00627, C13F-00629, C13F-00649, C13F-00666, C13F-00668, C13F-00677, C13F-00678, C13F-00682, C13F-00685, C13F-00687, C13F-00726, C13F-00742, C13F-00746, C13F-00748, C13F-00755, C13F-00758, C13F-00760, C13F-00782, C13F-00797, C13F-00815, C13F-00870, C13F-00889, C13F-00896, C13F-00938, C13G-00026, C13G-00039, C13G-00084, C13G-00126, C13G-00132, C13G-00142, C13G-00237, C13G-00247, C13G-00293, C13G-00315, C13G-00331, C13G-00337, C13G-00345, C13G-00407, C13G-00435, C13G-00451, and C13H-00035. Class II Philip's is recalling HeartStart FR3 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) because the Printed Circuit Board (PCB), which contains the circuitry that supplies energy to the device, could become separated from the electrical contact points that hold the board in place. In the event the PCB becomes separated from the electrical contact points, the AED may not be ready to deliver a shock in the event of an emergency. Philips Medical Systems North America Inc.
Devices Rusch Brochopart and Rusch Brochopart White The Rush Endobronchial Tube set is indicated for uses commonly associated with oral endobronchial tubes, including, but not limited to, thoracic surgery, bronchospirometry, administration of endobronchial anesthesia, etc. The endobronchial tube allows ventilation and selective inflation or deflation of either lung. Product Code - 116200260, Batch 09LE51, 10GE31, 11LE42, 12DE17, 12IE37, 13CT26, 13DT32; Product Code - 116200280 - Batch 09HE34, 09JE41, 10BE07, 11HE33, 11JE41, 13ET12; Product Code - 116200350 - Batch 0918M, 0915M, 09JE43, 09JE42, 0917M, 11AE03, 11DE15, 11GE27, 09HE34, 11JE43, 11JE42, 12AE02, 12BE07, 12DE17, 12EE19, 12GE27, 12HE33, 13AE01, 13CT26, 13DT33, 13ET12; Product Code 116200370 - Batch 0915M, 0917M, 0914M, 09JE41, 09JE43, 11DE15, 11EE20, 11GE27, 11JE42, 11HE32, 11JE43, 11IE39, 12AE01, 12AE03, 12GE31, 12BE06, 12DE18, 12IE39, 12JE44, 13AT44, 13BT44, 13AE01, 12LE49, 13DT33; Product Code 116200390 - Batch 0914M, 0922M, 0917M, 09JE44, 09FE23, 09HE35, 09JE42, 10GE29, 10AE02, 09JE43, 09KE46, 09LE51, 10AE01, 10CE11, 10DE18, 10EE19, 10JE41, 10EE20, 11DE15, 11KE42, 11GE30, 11HH33, 11IE37, 11IE38, 11IE39, 13AT36, 13BT25, 13BT29; Product Code 116200410 - Batch 0922M, 0915M, 0918M, 09IE36, 09JE43, 10AE05, 10BE06, 10DE16, 10GE28, 10JE41, 11DE15, 11GE27, 11HE34, 11JE43, 13BT44, 13DT32; Product Code 116201350 - Batch 0921M, 09JE40, 09FE23, 13GT05; Product Code 116201370 - Batch 0922M, 0915M, 13AE01, 13ET18, 13HT12, 09FE24; Product Code 116201390 - Batch 09JE44, 10CE10; Product Code 116201410 - Batch 10KE47 Class II The product may fail to achieve seal of right lung due to the cuff inflating to one side Teleflex Medical
Drugs Guaifenesin USP, 50 Kg Drums, CAS No. 93-14-1, Reg. No. 05436, Caution: For Manufacturing, Processing, or Repacking, Delta Synthetic Co., Ltd. 15, Minsheng St., Tucheng Dist., New Taipei City, 23679, Taiwan (ROC), NDC 60203-1001 211J3291 211J3292 211K3293 211K3294 211K3295 211K3297 211K3298 211K3299 211K3301 211K3302 211K3315 211K3321 211K3322 Class II Presence of Foreign Matter: Guaifenesin API powder is being recalled due to the possibility that the product contains polyethylene fibers from a screen used to sift the Guaifenesin. Traxx International Corp
Food Starbuck's brand Greek Yogurt Raspberry & Lemon Parfait; 6.1 oz single serve plastic cups, sold as individual unit. Finished product label is affixed to the top of the cup; nutritional labeling is located on the side of the cup, along with the printed code which appears on a white sticky label. UPC 6211198649. "Enjoy by 03 05", which represents March 5th, 2014. Class I Gretchen's Shoebox Express is recalling Greek Yogurt Raspberry & Lemon Parfait cups sold under the Starbucks brand due to undeclared egg. Gretchen's Shoebox Express
Devices Philips Model EPIQ 5 Ultrasound System. Intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis. Catalogue numbers 795200 / 795201 / 795202 / 795204 / 795205 / 795206 EPIQ is intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis. The collection of Doppler velocity results values are used to assist in diagnosing the existence, location and severity of cardiac or vasculare stenosis. All systems below software v1.1.2 Which includes software v1 and v 1.1 (All lot codes shipped prior to 2/28/2014). Class II A problem has been detected with Philips Model EPIQ 5 and 7 Ultrasound System. The system will report incorrect Doppler velocities if you use High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF) with multiple sample volume gates. While in High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF) in Display Zoom Velocity Scale using manual spectral Doppler trace, the velocities in the velocity results table may be overstated by 25-75%, depending on the scale value. Philips Medical Systems North America Inc.
Devices Philips Model EPIQ 7 Ultrasound System. Intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis. Catalogue numbers 795200 / 795201 / 795202 / 795204 / 795205 / 795206 EPIQ is intended for diagnostic ultrasound imaging and fluid flow analysis. The collection of Doppler velocity results values are used to assist in diagnosing the existence, location and severity of cardiac or vasculare stenosis. All systems below software v1.1.2 Which includes software v1 and v 1.1 (All lot codes shipped prior to 2/28/2014). Class II A problem has been detected with Philips Model EPIQ 5 and 7 Ultrasound System. The system will report incorrect Doppler velocities if you use High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF) with multiple sample volume gates. While in High Pulse Repetition Frequency (HPRF) in Display Zoom Velocity Scale using manual spectral Doppler trace, the velocities in the velocity results table may be overstated by 25-75%, depending on the scale value. Philips Medical Systems North America Inc.
Devices DeRoyal(R) LIMB HOLDERS, COTTON ADJUSTABLE, UNIVERSAL, REF M2017 Product Usage: Limb holders are intended for mildly to moderate agitated or disoriented patients who disrupt medical treatment and/or cause harm to themselves and/or others lot numbers 1143442 and 1161762 Class II Moldy smell in product DeRoyal Industries Inc
Devices Halogen Lamp component in RetCam 3 System - Clarity Medical Systems, Inc; Pleasanton, CA. General ophthalmic imaging including retinal, corneal and external imaging. Photo-documentation of pediatric ocular diseases including retinopathy of prematurity. Screening for Type-2 re-threshold retinopathy of prematurity or treatment requiring ROP. Lot of Halogan Lamp Component is #020612C. RetCam 3, Part number 21-100500. RetCam 3 affected serial numbers: RC3066 RC3079 RC6013 RC6033 RC6034 RC6035 RC6036 RC6037 RC6038 RC6039 RC6040 RC6041 RC6043 RC6044 RC6045 RC6047 RC6049 RC6050 RC6053 RC6054 RC6055 RC6056 RC6057 RC6058 RC6059 RC6060 RC6063 RC6064 RC6066 RC6067 RC6068 RC6069 RC6070 RC6071 RC6072 RC6073 RC6074 RC6075 RC6076 RC6077 RC6078 RC6079 RC6080 RC6081 RC6082 RC6083 RC6084 RC6085 RC6086 RC6087 RC6088 RC6089 RC6090 RC6092 RC6093 RC6094 RC6095 RC6096 RC6098 RC6099 RC6101 RC6102 RC6103 RC6104 RC6105 RC6106 RC6107 RC6108 RC6109 RC6110 RC6111 RC6112 RC6113 RC6301 RC6302 RC6303 RC6304 RC6305 RC6306 RC6307 RC6309 RC6310 RC6311 RC6312 RC6313 RC6314 RC6315 RC6316 RC6317 RC6318 RC6319 RC6320 RC6321 RC6322 RC6323 RC6324 RC6325 RC6326 RC6327 RC6328 RC6329 RC6330 RC6331 RC6332 RC6333 RC6334 RC6335 RC6336 RC6337 RC6338 RC6339 RC6340 RC6341 RC6342 RC6343 RC6344 RC6364 Class II One lot of Halogen lamps have the potential to fail sooner than the expected life of the lamp which could result in damage limited to the internal electrical components inside the RetCam 3 computer module. Clarity Medical Systems Inc
Biologics Cornea 126688OSC; Class III Human cornea, recovered from a donor whose donor eligibility determination failed to ensure that the donor was free from risk factors for, and clinical evidence of infection due to relevant communicable disease agents and diseases, was distributed. San Diego Eye Bank
Biologics Reagent Red Blood Cells V139824; V139825 Class III Misbranded Reagent Red Blood Cells were distributed. Alba Bioscience Limited
Drugs Daytrana (methylphenidate) transdermal system patch, Delivers 20 mg over 9 hours (2.2mg/hr), 1 patch per pouch , packaged in 30-count patches per box, Rx Only. Manufactured for Noven Therapeutics, LLC, Miami, FL 33186, By Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Miami, FL 33186. NDC 68968-5554-3. Lot #69618, Exp. 09/14 Class II Defective Delivery System: Out of Specification (OOS) results for the z-statistic value, which relates to the patients and caregiver ability to remove the release liner from the patch adhesive prior to administration, were obtained. Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Drugs Daytrana (methylphenidate) transdermal system patch, Delivers 30 mg over 9 hours (3.3mg/hr), 1patch per pouch , packaged in 30-count patches per box, Rx Only.Manufactured for Noven Therapeutics, LLC, Miami, FL 33186, By Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Miami, FL 33186. NDC 68968-5555-3. Lot #70132, Exp. 09/14 Class II Defective Delivery System: Out of Specification (OOS) results for the z-statistic value, which relates to the patients and caregiver ability to remove the release liner from the patch adhesive prior to administration, were obtained. Noven Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Food High Mowing Organic Sprouting Seeds Ancient Eastern Blend , 4 oz. resealable plastic bag UPC Code: 872724005445 Lot code: MUM19-10 Class II Contains undeclared wheat High Mowing Organic Seed
Drugs Perrigo, Clindamycin Palmitate Hydrochloride for Oral Solution, USP, 75mg/5mL, 100 ml, NDC 0574-0129-01 2013313915 Exp 08/15, 2013374398 Exp 09/15, 2013323969 Exp 08/15, 2013364336 Exp 09/15, 2013323971 Exp 08/15, 2013364334 Exp 09/15, 2013313913 Exp 08/15 Class II Presence of Particulate Matter Perrigo is recalling seven lots of Clindamycin Palmitate Hydrochloride for Oral Solution 75mg/5ml. Paddock Laboratories, LLC
Drugs Venlafaxine Hydrochloride, Extended Release Capsules, 150 mg, UD-100 Tablets per Box (10 x 10), Rx Only, Manufactured by: Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, 1090 Horsham Rd, North Wales, PA 19454, NDC 63739-0512-10 Lot #: 91357 Class III Failed Dissolution Specification: Out of Specification dissolution results at 12 month interval. McKesson Packaging Services
Devices 2.5MM Aggressive Blade Known as a Sinuscopic Shaver Blade, this device is composed of a metal cutter and plastic drive shaft that goes into a metal housing supported by a plastic hub. ENT Precision Cutter, Aggressive, ESSxlHUMMER 4, Rx Only It is used for ENT procedures and functions by means of rotation when adapted to a handpiece and console. Through the rotation, the necessary tissue is resected as required by the user. The blade housing has an etching line guide that starts with a straight line and along with a scale from 1cm to 7cm in 1cm increments that serves the doctor as a guide by indicating how far the device is being introduced into the surgical area. P/N 5290-628-000, Lot #13280CG2 Class II Stryker Instruments is voluntarily recalling the single use 2.5MM Aggressive Blade because the line on the affected part (P/N 5290-928-000, Lot #13280CG2) was a straight line without a number scale or logo. The line required for this part number includes a number scale that goes from 1cm  7cm. Stryker Instruments Div. of Stryker Corporation