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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of October 16, 2013

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Product Type Product Description Code Info Classification Reason for Recall Recalling Firm
Devices Draeger Fabius GS Premium, Fabius OS, Fabius Tiro, Fabius Tiro D-M used to administer anesthesia and ventilation to patients during surgical procedures. Part Nos. 8607000 (GS Permium) 8606000 (Fabius OS and Fabius Tiro) 8608400 (Fabius Tiro D-M)ASEC-0055 with lot numbers: ASEC-0186, ASED-0006, ASED-0074, ASED-0291, ASEC-0056, ASEC-0205, ASED-0007, SED-0075 ASED-0292, ASEC-0061, ASEC-0206, ASED-0020, ASED-0079, ASED-0293, ASEC-0062, ASEC-0207, ASED-0021, ASED-0139, ASED-0294, ASEC-0070, ASEC-0208, ASED-0023, ASED-0160, ASED-0295, ASEC-0071, ASEC-0209, ASED-0024, ASED-0161, ASED-0296, ASEC-0112, ASEC-0210, ASED-0025, ASED-0162, ASEE-0021, ASEC-0124,  ...
Class I During final testing of the Draeger Fabius GS Premium, Fabius OS, and Fabius Tiro anesthesia machines, some units did not pass the high voltage test and the minimum clearance between an electrical component and the unit housing was not maintained for some from a specific batch. Draeger Medical, Inc.
Drugs 0.5% Bupivacaine HCl and Epinephrine 1:200,000 Inj., 10 mL, Single-Dose Vial, NDC 0409-9045-01, Hospira, Inc., Lake Forest, IL 60045 Lot 17-400-EV* and 17-401-EV * Note: the lot number may be followed by 01 Class II Lack of Assurance of Sterility; potential for vial breakage Hospira Inc.
Drugs Next Choice" One Dose Emergency Contraceptive (Levonorgestrel Tablet), 1.5 mg, 1 Tablet/Blister Card (NDC 52544-287-54), Manufactured by Watson Laboratories Inc, 132 Business Center Drive, Corona, CA 92880. Lot#: 580974AA and 580975AA. Exp: 09/14 Class II Failed Tablet/Capsule Specifications: Multiple complaints for push through tablet breakage. Watson Laboratories Inc
Drugs Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets, USP, 200 mg, Rx Only, 100 Tablets per bottle, Sandoz Inc., Princeton NJ, 08540, NDC 0781-1407-01. Lot #: BU3417, Exp 06/2014 Class III Failed Tablet/Capsule Specifications: Sandoz is recalling one lot of Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate Tablets, USP, 200mg, due to illegibility of the logo on some tablets. Sandoz Incorporated
Devices Bard LifeStent Solo Vascular Stent, Item Numbers: EX062001CL, EX072001CL, EX062003CL, EX072003CL. The LifeStent Solo Vascular Stent System is intended to improve luminal diameter in the treatment of symptomatic de-novo or restenotic lesions up to 240 mm in length in the native superficial femoral artery (SFA) and in the proximal popliteal artery with reference vessel diameters ranging from 4.0  6.5 mm. Product Code:EX062001CL Lot Numbers: ANVG3284, ANVH2474, ANVJ1379, ANVJ2590, ANVK3364, ANVL2910, ANVG3862, ANVH2475, ANVJ2089, ANVK3149, ANVK3707, ANVH0592, ANVH3715, ANVK3150, ANVL2902. Product Code: EX062003CL Lot Numbers: ANVG3285 ANVH1962 ANVJ1385 ANVK3655 ANVL2915 ANWA1414 ANVG3286 ANVH2125 ANVJ1799 ANVL0001 ANWA0307 ANWA1415 ANVG3287 ANVH2126 ANVJ1800 ANVL0002 ANWA0308 ANWA1416 ANVG3882 ANVH2127 ANVJ1801 ANVL0169 ANWA0458 ANWA1419 ANVG3883 ANVH2185  ...
Class I Bard Peripheral Vascular is recalling specific lots of Bard Lifestent Solo Vascular Stent because they have determined a higher incidence rate of partial stent deployment associated with their use. Bard Peripheral Vascular Inc
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