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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of May 1, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Cryoprecipitated AHF
Recall Number B-1032-13
Classification Class II
Code Info 11FH01557, 11FH02075, 11FH02076, 11FH02097, 11FH02100, 11FH02131, 11FH02138, 11FH02141, 11FH02148, 11FH02149, 11FH02154, 11FH02943, 11FH02944, 11FH02950, 11FH03172, 11FH03601, 11FJ12078, 11FJ12079, 11FJ12349, 11FJ12381, 11FJ12429, 11FJ12495, 11FJ12498, 11FL23592, 11FL23594, 11FL23599, 11FL23600, 11FL23619, 11FL23621, 11FL23625, 11FL23627, 11FL23630, 11FL29150, 11FL29155, 11FL29156, 11FL29714, 11FL29716, 11FL29717, 11FL29719, 11FL29728, 11FL29730, 11FL29732, 11FL31966, 11FL31967, 11FL31968, 11FL31971, 11FL31973, 11FL31979, 11FL31980, 11FL31984, 11FL31986, 11FL31987, 11FM92804, 11FM92806, 11FM92808, 11FM93036, 11FM93038, 11FM93043, 11FM93044, 11FM93046, 11FM93047, 11FM93051, 11FM93055, 11FM93347, 11FM93348, 11FM93349, 11FM93351, 11FM93353, 11FM93354, 11FM93364, 11FM93366, 11FM93368, 11FM93381, 11FM96260, 11FM96261, 11FM96263, 11FM96292, 11FM96293, 11FM96304, 11FM96307, 11FM96747, 11FM96749, 11FM96758, 11FM96761, 11FM96764, 11FM96765, 11FM96767, 11FM96770, 11FM96771, 11FM96938, 11FM96940, 11FM96941, 11FM96942, 11FM96943, 11FM96945, 11FM96947, 11FM96948, 11FM96949, 11FM97672, 11FM97674, 11FM97675, 11FM97677, 11FM99246, 11FM99248, 11FM99249, 11FM99250, 11FR05111, 11FR05113, 11FR05114, 11FS29671, 11FS29673, 11FS29677, 11FS29681, 11FS29688, 11FS29689, 11FS29693, 11FS29694, 11FS30550, 11FS30552, 11FS30553, 11FS30558, 11FS30561, 11FS30567, 11FT12785, 11FT12786, 11FT12788, 11FT12797, 11FT12871, 11FT13056, 11FT13059, 11FT13293, 11FT13301, 11FW14468, 11FW14474, 11FW16527, 11FW16528, 11FW16541, 11FW16544, 11FW17392, 11FW17393, 11FW17395, 11FW17396, 11FW17399, 11FW17400, 11FW17403, 11FW17405, 11FW17408, 11FW17607, 11FW17620, 11FW17623, 11FW17623, 11FW17632, 11FW17648, 11FW17650, 11FW17659, 11FW17660, 11FW17665, 11FW17670, 11FW17674, 11FW18208, 11FW18218, 11FW18222, 11FW18224, 11FW18225, 11FW18227, 11FW18228, 11FW18279, 11FW18284, 11FW18287, 11FW18288, 11FW18291, 11FW20134, 11FW20136, 11FW20138, 11FW20149, 11FW20151, 11FW20862, 11FW20863, 11FW20865, 11FW20868, 11FW20869, 11FW20871, 11FW20873, 11FW20878, 11FW20884, 11FW21646, 11FW21649, 11FW21651, 11FW21655, 11FW21656, 11FW21658, 11FW21666, 11FW21669, 11FW22313, 11FW22327, 11FW22331, 11FW22338, 11FW22339, 11FW22340, 11FW22342, 11FW22343, 11FW22344, 11FW22346, 11FW23192, 11FW23198, 11FW23212, 11FW23929, 11FW23931, 11FW23934, 11FW23936, 11FW23938, 11FW23942, 11FW23947, 11FW23953, 11FW23955, 11FW24313, 11FW24316, 11FW24317, 11FW24321, 11FW24329, 11FW24336, 11FW24337, 11FW24797, 11FW24798, 11FW24801, 11FW24802, 11FW24803, 11FW24804, 11FW24807, 11FW24809, 11FW24811, 11FW24812, 11FW24815, 11FW24821, 11FW24910, 11FW24918, 11FW24920, 11FW24923, 11FW24932, 11FW25667, 11FW25678, 11FW25701, 11FW25707, 11FX00672, 11FX00673, 11FX00689, 11FX00693, 11FX00698, 11FX00700, 11FX00704, 11FX00715, 11FY25029, 11FY25035, 11FY25044, 11FY26208, 11FY26210, 11FY26211, 11FY26218, 11FY26222, 11FY26223, 11FY26226, 11FY26229, 11FY26393, 11FY26397, 11FY26400, 11FY27205, 11FY27207, 11FY27220, 11FY27221, 11FY27223, 11FY27491, 11FY27497, 11FY27673, 11FY27857, 11FY27874, 11FY27875, 11FY28120, 11FY28128, 11FY28131, 11FY28140, 11FY28141, 11FY28142, 11FY28145, 11FY28147, 11FY28149, 11FY28154, 11FY28577, 11FY28582, 11FY28586, 11FY28598, 11FY28601, 11FY28602, 11FY28605, 11FY28810, 11FY28812, 11FY28818, 11FY28820, 11FY28822, 11FY28838, 11FZ57095, 11FZ57100, 11FZ57881, 11FZ57890, 11FZ57898, 11FZ57905, 11FZ57907, 11FZ57915, 11FZ57918, 11FZ57919, 11FZ57925, 11FZ57926, 11FZ58608, 11FZ58613, 11FZ58616, 11FZ58617, 11FZ58837, 11FZ58845, 11FZ58847, 11FZ58849, 11FZ59018, 11FZ59162, 11FZ59164, 11FZ59184, 11FZ59502, 11FZ59508, 11FZ59510, 11FZ59512, 11FZ59515, 11FZ59940, 11FZ59941, 11FZ59945, 11FZ59946, 11FZ59948, 11FZ59949, 11FZ59952, 11FZ59958, 11FZ59961, 11FZ59962, 11FZ60026, 11FZ60032, 11FZ60130, 11FZ60144, 11FZ60146, 11FZ61253, 11FZ61255, 11FZ61256, 11FZ61258, 11FZ61260, 11FZ61261, 11FZ61497, 11FZ61498, 11FZ61501, 11FZ61504, 11FZ61534, 11FZ61536, 11FZ61543, 11FZ61546, 11FZ61918, 11FZ61919, 11FZ62278, 11FZ62279, 11FZ62720, 11FZ62721, 11FZ62723, 11FZ62725, 11FZ62727, 11FZ62734, 11FZ62735, 11FZ62737, 11FZ62739, 11FZ62743, 11FZ62772, 11FZ62775, 11FZ65011, 11FZ65012, 11FZ65013, 11FZ65021, 11FZ65028, 11FZ65385, 11FZ65405, 11FZ65416, 11FZ65551, 11FZ65553, 11FZ65565, 11FZ65572, 11GC70414, 11GC70416, 11GC70420, 11GC70434, 11GC70435, 11GC70437, 11GG39469, 11GG39475, 11GG39476, 11GG39477, 11GG39478, 11GG39480, 11GJ63675, 11GJ63676, 11GJ63678, 11GJ63680, 11GJ63681, 11GJ63682, 11GJ63696, 11GJ63702, 11GJ63704, 11GJ63705, 11GJ65119, 11GJ65122, 11GJ65123, 11GJ65128, 11GJ65579, 11GJ65586, 11GJ65608, 11GJ65638, 11GJ65646, 11GJ65651, 11GJ65657, 11GJ65658, 11GJ65876, 11GJ65883, 11GJ65884, 11GJ65888, 11GJ65903, 11GJ65909, 11GJ65911, 11GJ65914, 11GJ65917, 11GJ65928, 11GJ66606, 11GJ66607, 11GJ66609, 11GJ66611, 11GJ66614, 11GJ66616, 11GJ66621, 11GJ66625, 11GJ66631, 11GJ66632, 11GJ66633, 11GJ66636, 11GJ66637, 11GJ66640, 11GK75166, 11GK75167, 11GK75172, 11GK75179, 11GK75183, 11GK75184, 11GK75190, 11GK75316, 11GK75321, 11GK76602, 11GK76605, 11GK76606, 11GK76616, 11GK78073, 11GK78076, 11GK78077, 11GK78079, 11GK78089, 11GK78096, 11GK78103, 11GK80658, 11GK80659, 11GK80662, 11GK80663, 11GK80664, 11GK80665, 11GK84981, 11GK84982, 11GK84985, 11GL89285, 11GL89286, 11GL89288, 11GL89290, 11GL89293, 11GL89306, 11GL89307, 11GL89310, 11GL89312, 11GL89314, 11GL89316, 11GL89319, 11GL89321, 11GL90612, 11GL90631, 11GL90634, 11GL90637, 11GM79197, 11GM79200, 11GM79201, 11GM79203, 11GM79204, 11GM79276, 11GM79278, 11GM79282, 11GM79283, 11GM79284, 11GM79285, 11GM80577, 11GM80578, 11GM80580, 11GM80583, 11GM80952, 11GM80954, 11GM80955, 11GM80956, 11GM80958, 11GM80964, 11GM81489, 11GM81492, 11GM81493, 11GM81503, 11GM81505, 11GM81509, 11GM81511, 11GM81514, 11GM81516, 11GM83447, 11GM83453, 11GM83456, 11GM83457, 11GM83459, 11GM88415, 11GM88417, 11GM88418, 11GM89943, 11GM89945, 11GM89956, 11GM89961, 11GN70811, 11GN72051, 11GN72054, 11GN72055, 11GN72059, 11GN72062, 11GN72063, 11GN72064, 11GN72068, 11GN72074, 11GN72075, 11GN73450, 11GN73451, 11GN73453, 11GN73457, 11GN73459, 11GN73465, 11GN73466, 11GN73467, 11GN78112, 11GN78407, 11GN78411, 11GN78426, 11GN78428, 11GN79104, 11GN79108, 11GN79121, 11GN79122, 11GN79123, 11GN80353, 11GN80357, 11GN80360, 11GN81474, 11GN81479, 11GN81483, 11GN81485, 11GN81489, 11GN81490, 11GN81493, 11GN81494, 11GN81497, 11GN81498, 11GN81499, 11GN81500, 11GN81727, 11GN81730, 11GN81736, 11GN81739, 11GN81745, 11GN81749, 11GN81756, 11GQ66271, 11GQ66285, 11GQ66286, 11GQ68442, 11GQ68444, 11GQ68447, 11GR54869, 11GR54872, 11GR67209, 11GR67210, 11GR67212, 11GR67213, 11GR67214, 11GR67215, 11GR67216, 11GR67217, 11GR67218, 11GR67221, 11GR67222, 11GR67223, 11GR67227, 11GR67228, 11GR67229, 11GR67230, 11GR67231, 11GR67235, 11GR67236, 11GR67450, 11GR67451, 11GR67452, 11GR67453, 11GR67454, 11GR67455, 11GR67457, 11GR67464, 11GR67465, 11GR67466, 11GR67474, 11GR67475, 11GR67918, 11GR67922, 11GR67924, 11GR67925, 11GR67927, 11GR67928, 11GR67930, 11GS77673, 11GS77676, 11GS77683, 11GS77684, 11GS77699, 11GS77700, 11GS77709, 11GS77715, 11GS77716, 11GS77722, 11GS78289, 11GS78293, 11GS78295, 11GS78328, 11GS78599, 11GS78602, 11GS78611, 11GS78613, 11GS78614, 11GS78621, 11GS78626, 11GS78632, 11GS78636, 11GS78722, 11GS78724, 11GS78980, 11GS78983, 11GS78991, 11GS78994, 11GS78998, 11GS79000, 11GS79003, 11GS79004, 11GS79006, 11GS80433, 11GS80434, 11GS80450, 11GS80452, 11GS80455, 11GS80649, 11GS80653, 11GS80654, 11GS80656, 11GS80657, 11GS80665, 11GS81083, 11GS81086, 11GS81088, 11GS81089, 11GS81099, 11GS81101, 11GS81104, 11GS81107, 11GS82405, 11GS82406, 11GS82407, 11GS82421, 11GS83106, 11GS83108, 11GS83112, 11GS83119, 11GS83122, 11GS83124, 11GS83129, 11GS83132, 11GS83133, 11GS84361, 11GS84362, 11GS84367, 11GS84379, 11GS84381, 11GX76089, 11GX76138, 11GX76140, 11GX76199, 11GY34362, 11GY34363, 11GY34368, 11GY34369, 11GY34370, 11GY34372, 11GY34378, 11GY34379, 11GY34381, 11GY36054, 11GY36058, 11GY36061, 11GY36062, 11GY36064, 11GY36067, 11GY36068, 11GY36071, 11GY37175, 11GY37185, 11KN03648, 11KN03649, 11KN03653, 11KN03655, 11KN03658, 11KN03660, 11KN03666, 11KN06081, 11KN06084, 11KN06086, 11KN06090, 11KN06108, 11KN06110, 11KN06800, 11KN06802, 11KN06803, 11KN06805, 11KN06809, 11KN06810, 11KN06811, 11KN06816, 11KN06819, 11GS78298, 11FZ62730, 11GG39474, 11FX00711
Product Distributed Qty 748 units
Reason For Recall Blood products, collected from donors whose arm scrub may have been performed incorrectly, were distributed.

Event Detail

Event Id 40757
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm American National Red Cross (The)
City Saint Louis
State MO
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2005-08-11
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Telephone
Distribution Pattern Nationwide (including MO, IL, PR, AR, SC, GA, TN, MI, AL, OK, TX)