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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of May 1, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Fresh Frozen Plasma
Recall Number B-1034-13
Classification Class II
Code Info 11FH00941, 11FH00942, 11FH00955, 11FH00958, 11FH00961, 11FH00963, 11FH01346, 11FH01868, 11FH01869, 11FH01876, 11FH01877, 11FH01878, 11FH03712, 11FJ10894, 11FJ10969, 11FJ11726, 11FL31438, 11FL31441, 11FL31442, 11FL31444, 11FL31448, 11FM93604, 11FM94288, 11FM94295, 11FM94301, 11FM95390, 11FM95940, 11FM95942, 11FM95943, 11FM95946, 11FM95948, 11FM95949, 11FM96243, 11FM96248, 11FM96250, 11FM97437, 11FM97440, 11FM97443, 11FM97447, 11FM97465, 11FM97473, 11FM97475, 11FM97742, 11FM97756, 11FM97757, 11FM97760, 11FM97995, 11FM97997, 11FM98001, 11FM98015, 11FM99410, 11FM99414, 11FM99685, 11FM99686, 11FM99692, 11FM99694, 11FM99698, 11FM99699, 11FM99700, 11FS27705, 11FS27718, 11FS27719, 11FS28052, 11FS32238, 11FS32239, 11FS32244, 11FS32639, 11FS32642, 11FS32644, 11FS32651, 11FS35184, 11FS35187, 11FS35197, 11FT12763, 11FT12779, 11FW14604, 11FW14608, 11FW14690, 11FW14700, 11FW14701, 11FW14705, 11FW14708, 11FW14717, 11FW14775, 11FW14862, 11FW15543, 11FW15551, 11FW15563, 11FW15601, 11FW15615, 11FW15628, 11FW15638, 11FW15657, 11FW15658, 11FW15662, 11FW15664, 11FW15666, 11FW15672, 11FW15674, 11FW15675, 11FW15676, 11FW15678, 11FW15679, 11FW15682, 11FW16022, 11FW16035, 11FW16037, 11FW16058, 11FW16061, 11FW16065, 11FW16068, 11FW16073, 11FW16074, 11FW16250, 11FW16257, 11FW16352, 11FW16353, 11FW16358, 11FW16361, 11FW16659, 11FW17436, 11FW17448, 11FW17451, 11FW17453, 11FW17455, 11FW18293, 11FW18687, 11FW20230, 11FW20234, 11FW20239, 11FW20240, 11FW20241, 11FW20242, 11FW20244, 11FW20251, 11FW20254, 11FW20794, 11FW20795, 11FW20797, 11FW20808, 11FW20809, 11FW21450, 11FW21454, 11FW21548, 11FW21557, 11FW21558, 11FW21564, 11FW21678, 11FW23320, 11FW25174, 11FW25175, 11FW25177, 11FX00432, 11FX00655, 11FX00671, 11FX00675, 11FX00685, 11FX00699, 11FX00702, 11FX00705, 11FX00709, 11FX00710, 11FX00713, 11FX00716, 11FX00718, 11FX00719, 11FX00810, 11FX00813, 11FX00828, 11FY24514, 11FY24516, 11FY24521, 11FY24526, 11FY24532, 11FY24533, 11FY24534, 11FY24540, 11FY24544, 11FY26625, 11FY26627, 11FY26630, 11FY29571, 11FY29589, 11FZ57275, 11FZ57277, 11FZ57284, 11FZ58073, 11FZ58083, 11FZ58087, 11FZ58089, 11FZ58095, 11FZ58104, 11FZ58108, 11FZ58927, 11FZ58931, 11FZ58936, 11FZ58943, 11FZ58973, 11FZ58988, 11FZ59148, 11FZ59150, 11FZ59156, 11FZ60061, 11FZ60062, 11FZ60072, 11FZ61033, 11FZ61035, 11FZ61041, 11FZ61171, 11FZ61177, 11FZ61184, 11FZ61327, 11FZ61330, 11FZ61343, 11FZ61344, 11FZ61346, 11FZ61349, 11FZ61350, 11FZ61355, 11FZ61756, 11FZ61771, 11FZ61772, 11FZ61777, 11FZ61778, 11FZ61784, 11FZ62639, 11FZ62641, 11FZ62642, 11FZ62643, 11FZ62646, 11FZ62647, 11FZ62648, 11FZ62650, 11FZ62652, 11FZ62653, 11FZ62656, 11FZ62657, 11FZ62696, 11FZ63068, 11FZ63069, 11FZ63070, 11FZ63071, 11FZ63072, 11FZ63074, 11FZ63076, 11FZ63078, 11FZ63085, 11FZ63106, 11FZ63107, 11FZ64081, 11FZ64090, 11FZ64153, 11FZ64195, 11FZ64288, 11FZ64297, 11FZ64300, 11FZ64310, 11FZ64336, 11FZ65042, 11FZ65043, 11FZ65044, 11FZ65045, 11FZ65047, 11FZ65049, 11FZ65052, 11FZ65059, 11FZ65391, 11GE86387, 11GE86388, 11GE86398, 11GE86418, 11GE86442, 11GE86452, 11GE88600, 11GE88601, 11GE88603, 11GE88606, 11GE88617, 11GE88619, 11GE88622, 11GG33614, 11GG33615, 11GG33617, 11GG33619, 11GG33622, 11GG33631, 11GG33635, 11GG33638, 11GG33652, 11GG33653, 11GG33832, 11GG33847, 11GG33849, 11GG33856, 11GG33861, 11GG37388, 11GG37400, 11GG40662, 11GG40663, 11GJ61559, 11GJ63167, 11GJ63168, 11GJ63173, 11GJ63196, 11GJ63198, 11GJ63470, 11GJ63471, 11GJ63477, 11GJ63488, 11GJ63492, 11GJ65095, 11GJ65098, 11GJ65101, 11GJ66878, 11GJ66880, 11GJ66883, 11GJ66898, 11GJ67553, 11GJ67554, 11GK75236, 11GK75240, 11GK75251, 11GK75254, 11GK75261, 11GK79417, 11GK79420, 11GK79426, 11GK79427, 11GK79430, 11GK79432, 11GK79433, 11GK79435, 11GK79436, 11GK79438, 11GK79441, 11GK79442, 11GK79443, 11GK79448, 11GK79449, 11GK80973, 11GK80975, 11GK80976, 11GK80988, 11GK80991, 11GK83607, 11GK83611, 11GK83612, 11GK83614, 11GK83621, 11GM77659, 11GM77665, 11GM77678, 11GM82627, 11GM82629, 11GM82880, 11GM82881, 11GM83012, 11GM83014, 11GM83017, 11GM83020, 11GM83023, 11GM83040, 11GM83059, 11GM83064, 11GM83068, 11GM83069, 11GM83096, 11GM84883, 11GM84887, 11GM85296, 11GM86470, 11GM86472, 11GM86479, 11GM86481, 11GM86554, 11GM86638, 11GM86644, 11GM89772, 11GM89774, 11GM89776, 11GM90568, 11GM90569, 11GM90639, 11GM90640, 11GM91286, 11GM91904, 11GM91905, 11GM91906, 11GM91909, 11GM91984, 11GN71022, 11GN71029, 11GN71032, 11GN71033, 11GN71595, 11GN72223, 11GN72238, 11GN72269, 11GN72274, 11GN72279, 11GN72284, 11GN72292, 11GN72301, 11GN72304, 11GN72318, 11GN73053, 11GN73056, 11GN73058, 11GN73060, 11GN73061, 11GN73063, 11GN73086, 11GN75665, 11GN75670, 11GN75673, 11GN75674, 11GN76493, 11GN76503, 11GN76507, 11GN76512, 11GN76513, 11GN76527, 11GN77223, 11GN77228, 11GN78121, 11GN78407, 11GN78433, 11GN78434, 11GN79129, 11GN80077, 11GN80081, 11GN80082, 11GN80085, 11GN80087, 11GN80090, 11GN80123, 11GN80128, 11GN80129, 11GP17015, 11GQ65740, 11GQ65743, 11GQ65747, 11GQ65752, 11GQ65770, 11GQ65773, 11GQ65780, 11GQ70863, 11GQ70865, 11GQ70867, 11GQ70869, 11GQ70872, 11GQ70873, 11GQ70876, 11GQ70880, 11GQ70892, 11GQ71807, 11GQ71814, 11GR55072, 11GR55075, 11GR55076, 11GR55081, 11GR55084, 11GR58265, 11GR58266, 11GR58267, 11GR59586, 11GR59591, 11GR59594, 11GR59600, 11GR59648, 11GR59650, 11GR59664, 11GR59672, 11GR62164, 11GR62182, 11GR62207, 11GR62210, 11GR62316, 11GR62351, 11GR62352, 11GR62366, 11GR62387, 11GR62400, 11GR62417, 11GR64972, 11GR64974, 11GR64985, 11GR66973, 11GR66974, 11GR66975, 11GR66977, 11GR66979, 11GR66980, 11GR67242, 11GR67244, 11GR67245, 11GR67257, 11GR67258, 11GR67260, 11GR68111, 11GS76565, 11GS77575, 11GS77585, 11GS77592, 11GS77596, 11GS77607, 11GS77637, 11GS77645, 11GS77730, 11GS77733, 11GS77750, 11GS78508, 11GS78510, 11GS78517, 11GS78518, 11GS78530, 11GS78536, 11GS78538, 11GS78539, 11GS78542, 11GS78544, 11GS78549, 11GS78552, 11GS78560, 11GS78657, 11GS78665, 11GS78676, 11GS78677, 11GS78682, 11GS78711, 11GS78716, 11GS79194, 11GS79195, 11GS79196, 11GS79198, 11GS79199, 11GS79200, 11GS79202, 11GS79206, 11GS79209, 11GS79212, 11GS80175, 11GS80181, 11GS81662, 11GS82867, 11GS82871, 11GS82875, 11GS82898, 11GS83142, 11GS83257, 11GS83259, 11GS83262, 11GS83265, 11GS83266, 11GS83278, 11GS83281, 11GS83287, 11GS83692, 11GS83693, 11GS83696, 11GS83724, 11GS84092, 11GS84093, 11GS84100, 11GS85842, 11GT58855, 11GT58859, 11GT58869, 11GT58871, 11GT58874, 11GV60875, 11GV68457, 11GY35074, 11GY35084, 11GY35085, 11GY35089, 11GY35387, 11GY35389, 11GY35820, 11GY35821, 11GY35824, 11GY35826, 11GY35836, 11GY35837, 11GY35839, 11GY35841, 11GY37558, 11GY37559, 11GY37582, 11KF17036, 11KF17038, 11KH02834, 11KL07741, 11KN05978, 11KN05983, 11KN06172, 11KN06174, 11KN06175, 11KN06176, 11KN06177, 11KN06179, 11KN06180, 11KN06397, 11KN06403, 11KN06823, 11KX06630, 11KY07816, 11KY07826, 11KY07827, 11KY07829, 11LR00684, 11LR00721, 11LZ28398, 11LZ28921, 11LZ28943, 11LZ28962, 11FS32637, 11FW21458, 11FL31447, 11FM99695
Product Distributed Qty 620 units
Reason For Recall Blood products, collected from donors whose arm scrub may have been performed incorrectly, were distributed.

Event Detail

Event Id 40757
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm American National Red Cross (The)
City Saint Louis
State MO
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2005-08-11
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public Telephone
Distribution Pattern Nationwide (including MO, IL, PR, AR, SC, GA, TN, MI, AL, OK, TX)