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U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Enforcement Report - Week of May 15, 2013

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Product Detail

Product Description Red Blood Cells Leukocytes Reduced. The responsible firm listed on the product label is American Red Cross Blood Services.
Recall Number B-1122-13
Classification Class II
Code Info 11KC13068 11KL07945 11KL08058 11LZ28121 11LZ28895 11GP17262 11GP17265 11GP17267 11GP17268 11LE26225 11LC92484 11LC92498 11KL08331 11KL08340 11KL08348 11KL08351 11KL08352 11KL08440 11KL08455 11KL08479 11LQ39167 11LQ39169 11LQ39171 11LQ39175 11LQ39217 11LQ39227 11KE50300 11KE50301 11KE50305 11KE50306 11KE50310 11KE50320 11KE50321 11KE50326 11LE26545 11LE26548 11LE26554 11LE26563 11LE26575 11LE26622 11LE26627 11LE26632 11LE26687 11KY07350 11KY07378 11LE27054 11KV05165 11KV05167 11KV05184 11LE27087 11LE27171 11LE27182 11LE27187 11LE27199 11KV05213 11KV05223 11KV05225 11KV05291 11KY07612 11KY07615 11KY07641 11KY07642 11KY07645 11KY07647 11KY07668 11KY07670 11LC92853 11LC92861 11LE27516 11LE27590 11KY07906 11LE27631 11LE27638 11LE27681 11GK84919 11GK84923 11GK84925 11GK84926 11GK84928 11GK84932 11LC93202 11LC93210 11LC93211 11FK12571 11FK12573 11FK12582 11FK12689 11FK12691 11FK12693 11FK12694 11FK12708 11FK12709 11FK12710 11LJ92818 11LJ92822 11LJ92828 11LJ92830 11LJ92837 11KY08219 11KY08225 11KV06093 11KV06098 11KV06115 11KV06117 11KV06120 11KV06122 11KV06126 11KV06140 11KV06203 11KV06217 11KV06226 11KV08262 11KV06095 11KV06102 11KV06145 11LE27829
Product Distributed Qty 116 units
Reason For Recall Blood products, which were collected in a manner that may have compromised the sterility of the collection system, were distributed.

Event Detail

Event Id 40591
Product Type Biologics
Status Terminated
Recalling Firm American Red Cross Blood Services
City Saint Louis
State MO
Country US
Voluntary / Mandated Voluntary: Firm Initiated
Recall Initiation Date 2005-07-06
Initial Firm Notification of Consignee or Public E-Mail
Distribution Pattern MO, IL, AL, SC, MI, PR, France